Debbie Di Vetta

Debbie Di Vetta
Airdrie, AB



Hi! From furthest back, selling encyclopedias, long distance telephone and photography packages door to door opened my mind up to the benefits of listening to the common folk interact...and how best to guide the conversation to get the sale.

From then - jumping over 6 years of tech support in telecommunications that challenged my mind to think analytically without actually seeing the problem -

...and after achieving an honorary diploma in aesthetics... I iistened to clients critique their outer appearance (and their inner aches and pains) for 15 years as an owner/operator of an aesthetic business.

Golden insights that provide me with a close understanding of their deep and very private personal concerns. They spoke as though I was their doctor.

And for the last 12 years, being a student of online business and content creation with AWAI and other top name companies, is experience that will go to work for you when conveying your message to get the response.

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