Copywriting Jobs:
New Opportunities
for Copywriters and Designers

  • Senior Entrepreneurial Assistant (a Full-time Social Media job)
    We're a fast-growing, well-funded B2B SaaS Startup looking for a natural problem solver that truly cares about helping people and making sure they reach their potential. Apply today!
  • B2B Marketing Copywriter
    We are currently seeking a full time B2B Marketing Copywriter at our office in downtown Austin. Approximately 50% of this position will involve the writing new web pages and improving existing web pages on our website. Roughly 30% involves writing outlines and scripts for 15-20 minute long training videos, sales sheets and white papers. The remaining 20% revolves around Google AdWords and social media management. Apply here!

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  • Content Copywriter
    You’re more than a mere “writer.” You’re a wordsmith. You can take a scattershot collection of words and transform them into clean, elegant messages. You’d never shy away from a fight over the proper usage of the ampersand. As a member of our Seattle-based pursuit team, you’ll help create proposals for new business—writing and editing copious amounts of copy, curating content, and elevating the our digital brand. Apply today!
  • Associate Social Media Copywriter
    New directions and new ideas are what motivate you. Flawless execution is what satisfies you. You’re clever, efficient, and something else that people can’t quite put their finger on, but whatever it is … It’s awesome and it needs to create cool stuff. Apply here!

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