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Quick-Start Guide to Profitable B2B Content Writing

Writing B2B content is a lucrative part of the B2B world … except most writers just focus on sales materials and miss this income stream entirely. Why make that mistake? Let award-winning B2B content expert Gordon Graham guide you through the 12 most popular forms of B2B content – including what to charge, how to finish fast, and even how to easily get clients to say “Yes!” to extra projects from you.

Free Training Event: Five Steps to a 10-Minute Workday

Email expert Ben Settle has built an incredible “email-driven business” that lets him earn upwards of half a million dollars a year – writing just 10 minutes a day! And on Tuesday, January 24th Ben will reveal his “Five Steps to a 10-Minute Workday” Formula during an exclusive free training event for AWAI Members only.

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