Susan Kuse

Susan Kuse
Atlanta, GA


B-to-B, Fundraising, Health, Self-Help, Web/Internet

I have over 20 years experience in technology. In my first career, I designed and installed multi-room audio, video and home theater systems. My projects were published in industry magazines, and I was quoted as an expert. I co-founded the trade association CEDIA and acted as PR Chair.
In my second career, I was in communications and software for Siemens, BellSouth, and Siebel Systems. I was a leading salesperson in all three companies.
My third career saw me switch to the spa industry. I owned a medical spa, then became a sales rep for spa products and medical devices. I called on luxury resorts, day spas, and medical spas in the SouthEast.
Freelance writing is my current career. I wish I'd found this 3 careers ago! I'm writing for the spa/med spa industry, health, wellness, self-help niches, and B2B. Having been both a business owner and a company rep, I have a unique perspective which helps me to communicate effectively between manufacturers and retail/service companies.

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