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Free Webinar: 3 Simple Steps for Landing Clients

The only difference between dreaming about the writer’s life and actually living it is having good, high-paying clients. And on Thursday, February 18th, Rebecca Matter and Joshua Boswell will host a FREE webinar where they’ll reveal the secrets and strategies for getting great clients … the kind who pay you very well for your services.

Are You “Wired” to Be a Published Author?

If you’ve always wanted to write and publish your very own novel, our brand-new, comprehensive program, Write Your First Novel Now!, has a proven formula for writing a successful novel from start to finish. Award-winning author Donna Baier Stein will guide you through every phase of the novel-writing process with simple, concise instruction.

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Meet AWAI Members Living the Writer’s Life


Former Barista Conquers Fear, Triples Income

“Figure out what you want to be. If you’re not there yet, it’s because of fear. The thing you are fearing is what you need to be doing.”

Read Guillermo’s Case Study


In a Day’s Work for Idaho Mom: Homeschooler, Freelancer, Novelist

“My kids are only this age for so long. Because of that, I’ve never been willing to put in more than a certain amount of work. One of the big things about freelancing for me is that I can homeschool my kids through sixth grade.”

Read Heather’s Case Study


Bootcamp Brings $100K Starter Year for Florida Copywriter

“Now I have the time and the income to travel. If I had to be somewhere during normal business hours, I wouldn’t be able to live this kind of life.”

Read Susan’s Case Study

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One Final Secret to Becoming the Best Online Copywriter

Web writing guru Nick Usborne shares his secret for the fastest way to develop your skillset and become a top-shelf copywriter.

Improve Your Writing by Reading the Right Things

Great writers are also great readers. The same is true for copywriters. One way to quickly improve your skills is by reading samples of great copy.

5 Red Flags That Signal a Problem

While the vast majority of prospects make wonderful clients, there are some you’d rather avoid. Here are five red flags to look for.

How to Build a Web Copywriting Portfolio FAST

Successful web writer Sid Smith shows you how to quickly build a web copywriting portfolio that can be used to land clients.

Are You Using Enough Types of Content on Your Website?

You can make your client’s website work better in terms of lead generation, audience engagement, and overall sales by using more types of content.

Sharing Your Writer’s Life with Your Family

One of the best ways to make your dreams of being a writer come true is sharing your goals with someone close in your life. They can help make you accountable for making those dreams come true.

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What's the best way to make a living as a writer?

A: There are numerous ways to make a good living – actually a REALLY good living as a writer. The "best path" though depends on your financial goals, what you enjoy writing and reading about, and how much you want to work. Read more …

How much money can copywriters make?

A: One of the biggest benefits of learning to write copy is that it opens you up to numerous writing opportunities, all of which pay very well. From $300 online content assignments to $1,500 case studies, and $2,000 social media campaigns to $10,000 sales letters, there's a wide range of fees. And how much you make will depend on which assignments you decide to take on. Read more …

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