Meet the Experts Behind Our World-Class Copywriting Training Programs

AWAI copywriting career programs are unique because they’re designed and written by masters of the trade … people who are living the life that you aspire to … people whose livelihood depends on the very craft you’re learning.

No matter which AWAI copywriting or business-building program you join — from online writing classes to live events — you’ll receive expert, step-by-step guidance that breaks down the entire process into small, easy-to-do steps.

AWAI’s experts rank as some of the world’s best and highest-paid professionals. Click on the names below to learn more about their credentials.

Andrew Palmer

Andrew Palmer: Teaching Copywriters the Importance of Creating Value Online

Andrew Palmer is an online marketing expert who teaches copywriters how to write and succeed in the online market.

Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner: A Driving Force in the Direct-Response Industry

Bill Bonner is the founder and president of Agora Publishing, one of the world’s most successful consumer newsletter publishers.

Bob Bly

Bob Bly: “The Copywriter’s Copywriter”

Bob Bly is an independent copywriter, consultant, and author of more than 80 books on copywriting and marketing.

Bob Cox

Bob Cox: Teaching Success Seekers to Live a Life of Relaxed Accomplishment

Bob Cox co-founded the Home Shopping Network has mentored over 3,000 men and women since 2006.

Brian Clark

Brian Clark: Founder of Copyblogger

Brian Clark is founder of Copyblogger and CEO of Copyblogger Media, a serial entrepreneur, and a recovering attorney.

Carline Anglade Cole

Carline Anglade-Cole: Million-Dollar Copywriter

Carline Anglade-Cole is a direct response copywriter with 16+ years of experience writing multi-year controls for the health industry and was instrumental in the launch of O Magazine.

Casey Demchak

Casey Demchak: Opportunity Abounds for B2B Copywriters

Casey Demchak is an author, speaker, and recognized expert at writing high-impact B2B marketing materials.

Casey Hibbard

Casey Hibbard: Using Customer Stories as a Powerful Marketing Asset

Casey Hibbard has written and managed more than 1,000 customer case studies that have delivered powerful results for her clients.

Chris Marlow

Chris Marlow: Helping Copywriters to Find Their Niche

Chris Marlow helps copywriters land more clients, make more money, and find more satisfaction by niche marketing.

Clayton Makepeace

Clayton Makepeace: Direct Response Copywriting Legend

Clayton Makepeace is a direct response copywriting legend with more than 40 years of experience, creating promotions responsible for well over $1.5 billion-worth of sales.

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy: Prospering as a Copywriter

Dan Kennedy has worked as a copywriter for the past 30 years and is one of the highest paid copywriters in the world.

Don Hauptman

Don Hauptman: 30 Years of Award-Winning, Record-Breaking Copywriting

Don Hauptman has been an award-winning direct-response copywriter and creative consultant for more than 30 years.

Don Mahoney

Don Mahoney: Cabinet Maker Turned Six-Figure Copywriter

Don Mahoney is a Co-Founder of AWAI and one of the top copywriters working today, as well as a copywriting mentor.

Donna Doyle

Donna Doyle: A Leading Alternative Health and Self-Help Copywriter

Donna Doyle is a leading copywriter in the health and self-improvement industries, and a sought-out copywriting coach.

Ed Gandia

Ed Gandia: It’s a Great Time to Be a B2B Content Marketer

Ed Gandia is a sought-after B2B copywriter, author, speaker and coach and author of a number of popular AWAI programs.

Gary Scott

Gary and Merri Scott: Self-Made Millionaires – Publishing to a Small Audience for a Big Income

Gary and Merri Scott are 40-year veterans of self-publishing and self-made millionaires many times over.

Gordon Graham

Gordon Graham: Help Your B2B Clients Tell Their Stories

Gordon Graham, “That White Paper Guy,” is an award-winning writer with 30+ years of experience, mainly in technology.

Heather Lloyd Martin

Heather Lloyd-Martin: Industry Leader in Search Engine Optimization Copywriting

Heather Lloyd-Martin is an expert in SEO copywriting and considered one of the original pioneers in the industry.

Herschell Gordon Lewis

Herschell Gordon Lewis: A Copywriting Legend … and the Undisputed “King” of Slasher Movies

Herschell Gordon Lewis is arguably the best-known direct-response writer and consultant in the United States.

Ilise Benun

Ilise Benun: Master Networking and Self-Promotion Consultant

Ilise Benun is a self-promotion and marketing expert, national speaker, coach, and author of seven books.

Jay White

Jay White: The Secrets to Crafting Sizzling Hot Autoresponder Email Copy

Jay White is a master at writing relationship-driven email copy and developing successful email marketing campaigns.

Jen Stevens

Jennifer Stevens: World Adventurer, Top Travel Writer and Successful Copywriter

Jennifer Stevens is a leader in the travel writing industry and the creator of AWAI's premier travel writing program.

Jessica Kizorek

Jessica Kizorek: Using Online Video Marketing to Make a Bigger Impact

Jessica Kizorek is skilled online video marketer who helps copywriters use the latest online marketing techniques.

Jim Turner

Jim Turner: Social Media Expert, Copywriter, and Marketing Strategist

Jim Turner is a copywriter and marketing strategist who helps home-based business owners sell more of their products online.

Joe Sugarman

Joe Sugarman: Building a Legacy of Helping People Live Healthy and Long Lives

Joe Sugarman’s accomplishments in marketing innovation alone give him the right to be called a legend.

Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale: The Master Behind “Hypnotic Copywriting”

Joe Vitale is a legendary copywriter, sought-out speaker, and the mastermind behind hypnotic copywriting.

John Forde

John Forde: A Master at Writing More Controls More Often

John Forde has been writing winning controls for over 20 years, generating millions in the financial, health, and travel industries.

Joshua Boswell

Joshua Boswell: Building a Big Income Working with Small Businesses Online

Joshua Boswell is an online copywriting expert and secret weapon technology companies turn to for marketing success.

Katie Yeakle

Katie Yeakle: Helping People Turn Their Passions Into Careers

Katie Yeakle is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of AWAI with over 30 years of direct marketing and publishing experience.

Lori Allen

Lori Allen: Director of Great Escape Publishing

Lori Allen is the Director of Great Escape Publishing and has helped thousands of budding travel writers get their start.

Lori Haller

Lori Haller: An Unparalled Expert in Direct Response Design

Lori Haller is a direct response graphic-design expert with numerous control-beating designs to her name.

Lorrie Morgan Ferrero

Lorrie Morgan Ferrero: Lifetime Writer and Author

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero founded Red Hot Copy in 1999 an effort to work anywhere, raise her family, and still make a good living.

Mark Everett Johnson

Mark Everett Johnson: Loving the Writer’s Life

Mark Everett Johnson has been writing successful direct-response copy for nearly 30 years and is the author of one of the most successful letters in the mail today.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford: Not Your Typical Businessman

Mark Ford has been directly involved in the generation of over one billions dollars of sales through the mail and online.

Matthew Turner

Matthew Turner, Esq.: General Counsel, Agora Inc.

Matthew Turner, Esq. is one of the most seasoned attorneys in the newsletter business, and focuses on making copy safe.

Melanie Rembrandt

Melanie Rembrandt: Discover a Career in Public Relations

Melanie Rembrandt is a public relations and SEO copywriting expert helping businesses boost awareness, credibility, and sales.

Michael Katz

Michael Katz: A Predictable, Recurring Income for Writers

Michael Katz, founder and Chief Penguin at Blue Penguin Development, specializes in developing email newsletters for professional services firms.

Mike Palmer

Mike Palmer: Shaping the Next Generation of Financial Copywriters

Mike Palmer helped grow Stansberry Research into the biggest financial newsletter publisher in the world today.

Nick Usborne

Nick Usborne: Master Online Copywriter

Nick Usborne is an online copywriter, author, and site optimization expert with over 25 years in the marketing industry.

Pam Foster

Pam Foster: Teaching Web Writers How to Delight Their Clients for Repeat and Referral Business

Pam Foster is a Certified SEO Copywriter and web content consultant for multi-page sites and online promotions.

Paul Hollingshead

Paul Hollingshead: From No Money and No Future to Living a Dream Lifestyle

Paul Hollingshead is a Co-Founder of AWAI and leads a truly transformed life as one of today’s most sought-after copywriters.

Pete Savage

Pete Savage: Feeding a Hungry Market

Pete Savage is a B2B marketing consultant who has helped dozens of corporations improve their marketing results.

Rebecca Matter

Rebecca Matter: Connecting People with Profitable Work at Home Careers

Rebecca Matter is the President of AWAI and marketer with over 15 years of direct-response experience.

Richard Armstrong

Richard Armstrong: A Leader Among the Nation’s Copywriters

Richard Armstrong is one of the nation’s leading freelance copywriter, specializing in publishing, membership and fundraising.

Sandy Franks

Sandy Franks: Insights From Someone Who Hires Copywriters Every Day

Sandy Franks has over two decades of publishing experience, and is an expert at what gets a copywriter hired.

Steve Slaunwhite

Steve Slaunwhite: Winner of the Promo Marketing Gold Award

Steve Slaunwhite is a respected author and sought-after speaker on the subject of building a successful B2B copywriting career.

Valerie Young

Valerie Young: When Life is Rich, Success is That Much Sweeter

Valerie Young is a consultant and public speaker who helps people to dream big and then reach those dreams.

Will Newman

Will Newman: Freelance Copywriter, Editor and Coach

Will Newman is a freelance copywriter and copywriting coach who also oversees the training programs in AWAI’s Circle of Success.