Michaeline June Frost

Michaeline June Frost
Webster, TX

Copywriter, Researcher

I know my way around the written word . . . I'm a former community newspaper and magazine editor, reporter, and photographer of publications in the Houston area. From investigative reporting and the police beat, to feature, society, and man-on-the-street stories, to local politics and even sports, I've researched, interviewed, and written hundreds of stories for weekly and monthly community publications.
After approximately a decade of writing about community events, I decided to go deeper and help people in the community by becoming a Houston Police Officer. I later promoted to Detective, Master Peace Officer, and ultimately retired as a Sergeant Of Police. During that 20-year career, I composed thousands of written reports about criminal incidents and in-depth investigations which deeply impacted the lives of both victims and criminals. I testified in court numerous times, as well.
I know how to communicate effectively, and am embarking on a new and improved career as a copywriter!

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