Michele Cherney

Michele Cherney
Hartford, WI

Copywriter, Researcher, Social Media Expert

B-to-B, Health, Web/Internet


I write therefore I am. You reap the benefits.

AWAI’s educational material and my desire to understand the big picture guarantees I’ll craft you the most compelling content and persuasive call to action.

My tagline, “The Perfect Freelance Partner Writing for Your Competitive Edge”, is my promise to be that friendly and easy to work with partner you wish you had met 5 years ago.

Beyond writing, I served in operational and financial leadership roles in a large healthcare network. I was accountable to contributing to our vision, designing strategic plans, and rolling out operational initiatives. All of which had to be “sold” to each Board of Directors in our system.

Yet, I don’t like to sell. I love to deliver that aha moment your prospects will feel when we prove your services deliver the benefits they desire.

Please don’t wait another 5 years. I’m as eager to be of service as you are in finding that perfect partner.


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