Jim MacDonald

Jim MacDonald
Columbus, OH

Copywriter, Social Media Expert

Christian, Health, Self-Help, Web/Internet


I have worked nearly 30 years in the retail grocery industry along with 8 years selling insurance products. I have a degree in engineering where I worked as a designer building several different nuclear power plants.
My passions include: love for Jesus Christ, my wife, 4 children and currently 3 grand children. I love reading self help and motivation type books along with books on the founding of this great nation.
I have written a book that breaks down the Declaration of Independence and Constitution in a "readers digest" version for an easier understanding of the Founder's original intent. In this book, I also explain how God impacted the lives and decisions of our Founders. It will be published in the next couple months.
I enjoy working out, riding bicycles and recently taken an interest in photography.

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