William Batten

William Batten
Canberra, Australia

Copywriter, Graphic Designer, SEO Expert

Health, Self-Help, Web/Internet


Inspire More Than Just Your Customers!

The life worth living - and the business worth building - both face threats. There's competition from others - bigger, faster, wealthier actors in the field. Rivals looking to leave you in the dust. Customers you can't reach and can't inspire.

I offer a unique blend of skills to provide you with the solutions you need:

* Find Your Market - my market research services will locate your ideal customers, no matter who they are.

* Be Visible - place yourself where your customers are looking, thanks to the power of SEO.

* Be Understood - let your message resonate: hire someone certified by the International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists.

Due to the power of my skillset, I won't work with everyone. I only help businesses that offer real value to their customers. If you believe in your product, then it deserves the most effective support available. You owe it to your customers to work with the best.

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