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Turning Technical Lingo Into Readable Content Spells Copywriter Success

Engineering companies value this B2B copywriter because she knows their industry and can create effective white papers and other marketing copy for their prospects.

AWAI Member Doubles Income and Achieves Copywriter Success

AWAI Member Les Worley more than doubled his income and achieved even more copywriting success after Web Intensive, including a $5,000 retainer contract.

Wanted: 60 Writers, No Experience Necessary

Get hands-on experience with some of the BEST experts in the business at this year’s Web Copywriting Intensive. But if you're serious act fast - only 60 writers can attend and seats are already halfway filled! Get all the details here and sign up now!

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Candice Lazar

Attorney Candice Lazar felt something was missing from her career. Looking for a creative outlet, she discovered the fun — and freedom — of freelance copywriting.

Be a Paid Writer, Without Clients — Last Call!

Create a website writing about the things you love and get paid for months on end. Nick Usborne will show you how...but hurry - today's your last chance to save $150 AND take advantage of some special bonuses!

Get Paid to Build Your Money-Making Website

Register today for the Money-Making Website program and you’ll save $150, get access to the 7-part training series and get to participate in our Incentive Program. Get the details here.

The Copywriting Job with No Clients That Brings in

Over the next few months a unique online writing business can generate thousands of dollars a month with just a few hours of work — or less — …

December Issue: Watch Movies to Write Better

The December Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

Six-figure Copywriting Job with a Retainer Agreement

Tom Meitner is a financial copywriter with a retainer agreement with his clients. It’s the recipe for a six-figure annual income.

A Different “No-Client” Path to The Writer’s Life

Imagine being able to create a stream of income from writing about your hobbies and passions and hobbies, and by creating a website, this income stream can increase just from visitors who share the same interests as you - without you having to do a thing...let Nick Usborne show you how with Money-Making Websites, now available for $150 off!

24 Hour Sale: Content Mastery - A Breaking 2017 SHOCKER For Writers

With a new year approaching, you'll find that content writing is where it's at...and if you act fast, you can take advantage of AWAI's Flash Sale - 50% on Content Mastery through midnight ET tonight, November 30th!

Free Training: Create Ongoing Revenue Streams Writing About Your Hobbies, Interests, and Passions — Without Any Clients!

Writing about what you're passionate about can generate revenue for your freelance writing career. And on Nick Usborne's FREE webinar, these AWAI members will show you how they made their hobbies a source of steady income. Get all the details and sign up here.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Li Vasquez-Noone

Li Vasquez-Noone was stuck in a frustrating corporate job until she made a change that led to a new career – at double the pay.

Multiple Copywriting Jobs Thanks to Effective Self-Marketing

This AWAI member was struggling to find copywriting jobs. But insight from a mentor helped her kick her writing business into high gear.

A Mentor Proves Key to Copywriter Success

B2B copywriter Gidget Hall is on her way to achieving the writer’s life and copywriter success thanks to the guidance of a mentor.

LinkedIn Tool for Freelancers Connects AWAI Member with New Client One Project In, and They’re Ready to Hire Her for More Copywriting Jobs

AWAI member Patricia Moyer took Joshua Boswell's challenge and was able to get a client before Bootcamp. And right now is a great time to work with Joshua - find out how you can sign up for his Simple Path to Success, on sale now through November 28th!

Yilda Rivera Uses a Three-Step Process for Her Copywriter Success

AWAI member Yilda Rivera has formed a long-term relationship with a major client. She found copywriter success by communicating with the client effectively, picking a niche, and more.

Email Marketing Leads to Copywriting Job for AWAI Member

Thanks to an effective client-getting strategy, Richard Rowlands is building his freelance business and landing copywriting jobs

Landing a Copywriting Job Thanks to an Effective Mentor

Bert Botta got some breakthrough advice from his mentor, Joshua Boswell, that led to him landing a high-paying copywriting job.

Black Friday Sale: 50% Off All Niche Copywriting Programs

Sometimes narrowing down your niche is just the boost you need in your copywriting success. And this year for Black Friday, AWAI is offering 50% some of their most popular niche market programs - get all the details here!

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