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Newest AWAI Member Case Study: John Torre

New Jersey native, John Torre always wrote creatively on the side, but never thought he could make enough of a living to support his family. Find out the eye-opening writing projects John found that opened the door to making a great living – writing.

Resume Writing Provides Some Serious Glicken for this COS Member and Her Family

This Circle of Success member's family benefited greatly from the information, techniques and skills learned from the Pro Resume Writer program.

Kick Your Writing Income Into High Gear

The REAL secret of being remarkably creative in your writing is connectivity — not creativity. Katie Yeakle explains why here.

Are You A “Million-Dollar” Writer In Waiting?

The copywriting industry is in need of good writers, and Clayton Makepeace wants to give you the training needed to help meet the insane demand of our growing industry.

Just Announced: Seven $1,000 Spec Challenges for 2015 Bootcamp Attendees

Bootcamp registrants can choose from seven different products for their spec submission, with no limit on competing in multiple categories. Get more details here!

Real Writer’s Life Questions Answered at Bootcamp by AWAI Members … [video]

Are you still debating whether or not to come to this year’s Bootcamp? If so, check out this video from last year’s event. It may help you decide once and for all!

Lock in B2B Writing Success Membership for Only $29

Until July 31st: Join B2B Writing Success for only $29 and lock in this discounted rate forever. Learn more about the valuable resource here.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Janet Grosshandler

Retired high school guidance counselor and teacher, Janet Grosshandler found a nice retirement income and a way to exercise her dormant writing muscles with freelance copywriting.

Look Over Dan Kennedy’s Shoulder

Get behind-the-scenes knowledge from Dan Kennedy with his monthly Look Over My Shoulder experience. From raw copy to results, you get to see the copy his is writing for his clients.

One Day Only: Get 16 Essential Business Templates for Your Copywriting Business for $79

Learn how to run your writing business like a true professional by always submitting high-quality proposals, invoices and agreements to clients.

Two Days Only: Save 50% on Health Writing

Health copywriting is a red-hot, profitable niche with a high demand for writers. Join this lucrative niche today and save 50% when you order by July 16.

Free Training: How to Make a Living as a Christian Writer

Get free access to a teleseminar that covers how to break into the Christian copywriting industry, land these clients and make a very good living as a Christian Copywriter.

Your Dream Team of B2B Writing Coaches

Check out the incredible lineup of B2B copywriting experts we've assembled to transform YOU into a B2B pro in just four weeks at the 4 Weeks to B2B Pro Virtual Workshop.

Last Chance to Get Paid to Build Your Money-Making Website

Today is the last day to register for the Money-Making Website program, save $150, get access to the 7-part LIVE training series and participate Incentive Program. Get the details here.

Master the 8 Most Lucrative B2B Copywriting Assignments

Join Bob Bly on July 14th as he kicks off the 4 Weeks to B2B Pro Virtual Workshop by sharing his secrets for writing emails that trigger a ton of clicks and landing pages that convert like crazy.

Live: The Barefoot Writer July Issue

The July Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

Just Announced! 4 Weeks to B2B Pro Virtual Workshop Let Our Dream Team of Top B2B Copywriters Train YOU to Write the Eight Most In-Demand B2B Copy Projects You Need to Know — In Just Four Weeks

Join us for the first-ever 4 Weeks to B2B Pro Virtual Workshop and learn how to master the most in-demand B2B projects from some of the world's best B2B copywriters.

Effective Self-Marketing, a “Go-For-It” Attitude, and Hard-Earned Copy Skills Helped this New Copywriter Get a Great Start to His Copywriting Career

In his first six months of copywriting, this member landed three big clients that have given him a great income and an even greater sense of accomplishment.

Reserve Your Seat at the 2015 Copywriting Bootcamp for Only $448

Until June 30th: Save $200 on your Bootcamp registration and reserve your seat for only $448.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Catherine Cairns-O’Keefe

When Catherine Cairns-O’Keefe was 19 and out of high school, she tried a number of jobs – housekeeping, night cleaning and waiting tables – but her heart wasn’t in any of them. Find out how in just a few short years later she found freedom and fulfillment as a well-paid freelance copywriter.

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