Christiane Marshall

Christiane Marshall

Copywriter, Researcher, SEO Expert, Travel Writer

B-to-B, Christian, Health, Web/Internet

My husband sometimes wonders if it's possible to turn my brain off, or even just "down" a little. Since he can't handle the creative flow of new ideas, I save it all for my clients!

I'm also a special education teacher, but no longer in the classroom. My special ed background and two M.Eds (Special Education, and Curriculum & Instruction) give me unique insights into creating clear, compelling copy that anyone can understand!

After all, there are brilliant consumers and people in business who have reading and comprehension problems. You want them to get your message too!

There are other areas my teaching background helps with too. For example, white papers and case studies are tools we use to teach our clients something important about our products or services. The way these are crafted can make or break your marketing efforts. Who better to create these important documents than a teacher!

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