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AWAI’s 2015
FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair
Delray Beach, Florida
October 14-17, 2015

Bootcamp is intense and it’s fun. You learn so much about what’s working in copywriting today – and you’ll have a good time too!

Listening to master copywriters … using our peer review process … participating in networking breakfasts … you’ll get feedback on your copywriting career – and make new friends in the process.

A special feature of our annual copywriting conference is the Job Fair where you’ll meet dozens of marketers from top mailers like Nightingale-Conant, Healthier You and The Motley Fool, who are looking to hire AWAI-trained copywriters. In just 3 days you’ll accelerate your copywriting career by …

  • Mingling with the MASTERS (both onstage and off).
  • Discovering the SECRETS TO SUCCESS in the hottest direct-response areas today.
  • Learning how to deliver WINNING PACKAGES offline and online.
  • Creating an EASY SECOND INCOME STREAM from your copywriting skills.
  • Connecting with actual representatives from dozens of the industry’s biggest direct-response companies and meeting with REAL CLIENTS to find out exactly what they want.

Where: Delray Beach, Florida
When: October 14-17, 2015

Registration: $1,995>

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Krista J. “I landed my first paid copywriting assignment two months after I attended AWAI’s FastTrack to Success. Six months later, I had all the work I could handle.”

— Krista J.
Roswell, GA

Marcella A.

“I’ve been to the AWAI Bootcamp for the past two years and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Every year I learn more than the year before. I meet new contacts and greet old friends. But most of all, each year Bootcamp becomes the launching pad for new projects, new clients, and most of all, better copy … Thank you again for an outstanding conference with more high-quality content than I could keep up with!”

— Marcella A.
Cincinnati, OH

“By mid-day on day one, I had already gotten my money’s worth. The breadth of the material presented was amazing. I was (and continue to be) blown away by the openness, friendliness and complete availability that the presenters and staff constantly displayed. Where in the world did you find so many experts who are such great teachers and great people?”

— Robert A.
Mechanicsville, VA

“The best part of the entire experience was the chance to meet the experts. They are knowledgeable, experienced, successful, and very, very generous with what they know. I am confident I can do this.”

— MaryBeth S.
Shoreham, NY

Malcolm S.

“My first Bootcamp was what really got my career moving. I made tremendous contacts there … I also landed a spec assignment from the Job Fair that turned into a second assignment. And I still go back to the handouts and notes from that Bootcamp … 2-1/2 years later. It’s more than paid for itself several times over.”

— Malcolm S.
Lake Worth, FL

“The thing I enjoy most is getting together with friends I’ve made in the past and forming new friendships. I enjoy a power network of support with the friends I’ve made at each Bootcamp … and that support network gets bigger each year.”

— Vicky H.
Denton, TX

Cherie R.

“To any fence-sitters out there: If you’re debating the merits of attending AWAI’s Bootcamp, sign up right now. It was, without doubt, the turning point of my graphics/writing career and worth every penny. I met my mentor there, and I made lifetime, quality contacts with both attendees and staff. Go for all the gusto you can get. You only go ’round once in life!”

— Cherie R.
Ft. Myers, FL

Caroline M.

“WOO HOO!!! Not the most professional way to begin my note, but I wanted to let you know how excited I am about the results of my first spec assignment from Bootcamp. I submitted my spec assignment to The Taipan Group on November 22nd, and it has already landed me a paying assignment from them! As you can imagine, I’m very excited! Thanks again for a GREAT Bootcamp — the confidence I gained just by being there and rubbing elbows’ with so many experienced copywriters has boosted my career already!”

— Caroline M.
Wayzata, MN

Josh B.

“Several significant things happened to me there in Florida. First of all, I met a number of fellow AWAI members — several who I am now working with. Our collective mission is to more effectively promote our services. To do that, we are drawing on each other’s strengths to create an awesome synergy. I am confident that this effort will bring in clients and money for everyone.

Second, the Job Fair was a smashing success for me. From the contacts that I made there, I was able to pick up 4 brand-new clients and 5 new assignments! Finally, I am now working with one of the speakers from Bootcamp on a project that’s going to be worth enormous wealth to me in the coming years.

I just can’t tell you folks over there at AWAI ‘thank you’ enough. My life has been radically changed for the better! Thank you!”

— Joshua B.
Spanish Fork, UT

Jim T.

“It scares me when I consider where my career might be today if I hadn’t attended my first Bootcamp. My motivation received a huge boost … Just a passing conversation with any one of the people you’ll meet at Bootcamp could light a fire under your career and send your business soaring — as it did for mine.”

— Jim T.
Hopewell Junction, NY

Pam F.

I was also able to connect with many working copywriters … including some of the copywriting ‘masters’ I’d been reading about since joining AWAI. And it was easy, not to mention painless! This level of connection and support can only be found in person through a handshake or a conversation … and for me these opportunities could be found only at an AWAI Bootcamp.”

— Pam F.
Scarborough, ME

“My expectations for the fall Bootcamp were that I’d learn loads, get psyched up, be exhausted by the end, and meet plenty of eager AWAI members, generous seminar leaders and Bootcamp coordinators. I was not disappointed in any of those expectations … What I did not go expecting, even though I’ve read these stories myself, was to walk away with a paid assignment from this Bootcamp … but I did! Networking happens, whether you consciously do it or not (unless you talk to absolutely no one while you’re there). Let it take you where it will, because you’ll be thrilled when it does. And, when you get home and the phone rings the next day with another paid assignment, you can grin, make the deal, then hang up and scream and jump for joy. Go ahead. Expect it all. It happens.”

— Susie H.
Shakopee, MN