AWAI Live Training Events

The Makepeace Method for Writing Million-Dollar Sales Letters in 7 Days or Less
Denver, Colorado
August 10-13, 2016

Clayton Makepeace

QUADRUPLE your income by learning Clayton Makepeace’s speedwriting secrets and discover the techniques for writing up to FOUR sales letters in a month — making you a fortune!

During this one-of-a-kind event, you’ll …

  1. Learn Clayton’s entire speedwriting process. This is the same process he’s used to write winning copy in record time — earning him over $25 million since 1995.
  2. Get feedback from Clayton. You’re going to be writing a LOT at this workshop. That’s why you’ll have an opportunity to get feedback from Clayton, so you can improve and quickly master his process for writing copy fast.
  3. Receive feedback from 10 of the best copywriters in America today. These are ALL Clayton’s friends — including a few copywriters earning a million dollars or more each and every year.
  4. Get very critical bonus training sessions BEFORE the event. When you register, you will be invited to attend a series of webinars that will get you writing a “first draft” of a sales page. This way, you will arrive in Denver with copy in hand, ready for you to further polish and perfect.
  5. Leave with a system for writing sales letters QUICKLY, that will let you significantly boost your income. It’s one of the simplest secrets for increasing your income — write bigger winners, more often. Considering a typical copywriter takes a month to write a sales page, you’ll be able to knock one out in just seven days. At that rate, you’ll be four times as productive as a copywriter working WITHOUT Clayton’s process.

Where: Denver, CO
When: August 10 – 13, 2016

Registration: $5,000 $4,250

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Great Escape Publishing Presents …

Holland Travel Video Expedition
With Tom Reissmann

September 20-26, 2016

Learn to Shoot Travel Videos You Can Sell for $200-$4,000 …

While you wander the canal-lined streets … dine in charming cafés … taste magnificent cheeses … and explore the quaint villages of the Netherlands … with professional travel videographer Tom Reissmann as your guide.

This coming September in Holland you can …

  • Learn from a professional videographer the techniques he uses to shoot travel videos that sell for $200 – $4,000 …
  • Get hands-on practice applying your new skills while you explore Holland with a professional videographer by your side …
  • See the country in a way you never could as a tourist with an insider’s knowledge on where to eat, what to see and what to shoot …
  • Find out how easy it can be to capture the beauty and essence of Holland on video and in photographs …
  • Learn how to shoot and edit video like a pro … while on the go
  • Learn how to sell your videos to tourism companies, so you can turn a profit from your trips right away … and start planning your next vacation
  • Kick-start your earnings by capturing video that you can sell online and directly to travel agencies and tour companies …
  • And much, much more!

If you’re intrigued by the idea of getting paid to travel … and you long for an exciting and fulfilling way to see the world … then Holland this fall is, hands down, the best place to start your adventure.

Where: Amsterdam and Volendam, Holland
When: September 20-26, 2016
Registration: $3,898 Early Bird Price

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AWAI’s 2016
FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair
Delray Beach, Florida
October 19-22, 2016

Bootcamp is intense and it’s fun. You’ll learn so much about what’s working in copywriting today – and you’ll have a good time too!

Listening to Master Copywriters … using our peer review process … participating in networking breakfasts … you’ll get feedback on your copywriting career – and make new friends in the process.

A special feature of our annual copywriting conference is the Job Fair where you’ll meet dozens of marketers from top mailers like Agora, Inc., International Living, NewsMax and Stansberry & Associates who are looking to hire AWAI-trained copywriters.

In just 3 days you’ll accelerate your copywriting career by …

  • Mingling with the MASTERS (both onstage and off).
  • Discovering the SECRETS TO SUCCESS in the hottest direct-response areas today.
  • Learning how to deliver WINNING PACKAGES offline and online.
  • Creating an EASY SECOND INCOME STREAM from your copywriting skills.
  • Connecting with actual representatives from dozens of the industry’s biggest direct-response companies and meeting with REAL CLIENTS to find out exactly what they want.

Where: Delray Beach, Florida
When: October 19-22, 2016

Registration: $2,495 $1,995

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Great Escape Publishing Presents …

Writing to Heal Retreat
With Melissa Broughton
October 3-8, 2016

Join writer and author Melissa Broughton for 5 days of guided writing and healing at a luxurious lodge in Wyoming’s Grand Tetons and come away with your own memoir … and the healing that comes with it. You’ll learn how to write a full book memoir and find your voice through writing while you relax in the mountains, visit Yellowstone National Park, make s’mores by the campfire, enjoy a luxurious custom spa treatment, and more …

Melissa will be by your side to guide you through:

  • Reflection and meditation exercises you can use to center your thoughts
  • Guided writing prompts for clarity, awareness, and healing
  • Writing exercises for deeper understanding and healing
  • How to fully engage in processing your grief through writing
  • How to allow your writing to reveal what’s going on in your heart, mind, spirit
  • How to notice details that you hadn’t before and let go of stress and anxiety
  • How to express your thoughts and feelings in a safe way while gaining clarity
  • What memoir writing is all about
  • Beginning steps to writing memoir (whether you want to publish or not)

This is your chance to put your emotions and feelings on paper … free your mind … and finally let yourself heal.

Where: Spring Creek Ranch, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
When: October 3-8, 2016
Registration: $3,799 Early Bird Price

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