Heather Lloyd-Martin:
Industry Leader in Search Engine Optimization Copywriting

“Remember, at the end of the day, you’re writing for your prospects. Even though there are all sorts of things we can do from a search engine optimization perspective – tweak and massage and see if we can make a difference by adding a few more key phrases or doing a few more things – you never want to do anything that will compromise the sales message.”

— Heather Lloyd-Martin


HEATHER LLOYD-MARTIN began writing copy for websites in 1998. She connected with Jill Whalen and the two of them began writing the Rank Right Newsletter. Together the two of them helped companies write code and content that would get their websites better rankings on search engines.

Not long after, Danny Sullivan invited Heather to speak at a Search Engine Strategies web conference. From then on her status as a top SEO copywriter was solidified and she's been writing SEO copy ever since.

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  • What really makes SEO copywriting profitable — and how that puts you in a desirable position.
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  • The “mind-reading tool” that reveals what your prospects are thinking so you can write SEO copy that instantly draws them to your client’s website.
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  • SEO Copywriting examples — like home pages, services pages, and product pages — that show exactly what should be included on each of these common web pages.

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Heather even guides you through the “how-much-do-I-charge” minefield. She’s broken it down so well, you’ll be able to figure out your fee range in no time flat!

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