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One Fast Track to Six Figures

Michelle Durham recounts some advice she received from Joshua Boswell and how it can help make your career.

How to Build a Web Copywriting Portfolio FAST

Successful web writer Sid Smith shows you how to quickly build a web copywriting portfolio that can be used to land clients.

Discover Your Secret Writing Super Power

Christy Goldfeder shows you how to tap into your personal super power (you have one, even if you don’t know it) to launch your writing career faster.

#1 Secret to Copywriting Success

Will Newman revisits a secret he revealed in his first article for The Golden Thread, and with good reason.

Finding Your Perfect Niche as an Online Copywriter

Nick Usborne zeros in on the advantages of choosing a niche, or a specialty.

The Web Turns 25… So, What’s Next for Web Writers?

Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web! Learn how the exponential growth of the web over the past 25 years will impact your web writing business.

This Daily Habit is Vitally Important

Your self-belief and confidence is vitally important to your success as a copywriter. If you want to be a copywriter, start acting like one. Do things copywriters would do.

The First Step is to Draw a Line in the Sand

Commit to your goal 100%. Make your goals public by telling your friends and family what your goals are so they can hold you to them.

3-Step Roadmap to the Life You've Always Desired

What are your long-term goals? Come up with a plan on how you’re going to achieve them, and then start taking action steps every day to work towards your goals.

Formula for a Profitable Freelance Business

Have you chosen a niche yet? Decide whether you want to specialize in copywriting, web writing, resume writing, or travel. And get started on building your business.

The Writer’s Life

Break Free from the Chains of Isolation: How to Live the Full Writer’s Life

Living the full writer’s life is possible when you break free from the chains of isolation – Steve Roller shares how.

Cleansing and Fasting: Not Just for Health Nuts

Steve Roller has a diet for your brain that will get you running at peak performance.

The Only Sure Way to Make Real Progress This Year

Setting goals is the only sure way to make real progress this year, and Cindy Cyr shares how to set them and stick with them.

A Little-Known, Yet Powerful 11-Step Action Plan for Leading a Successful, Happy Life

John Wood reveals his 11-step action plan. Follow it and it will help you lead a successful, happy life.

The Art of the Client Interview

That first client interview is a stress many people will never understand. Luck for you, Steve Roller has been there and has some great tips to make sure you ace it.

Four Reasons Why You NEED a Mastermind Group

Rae Robinson has four reasons why a mastermind group will help accelerate your successful copywriting career.

How to Tap Into AWAI’s Culture of Shared Success

The AWAI family is a great support system for new and advanced copywriters. Share your experiences and advice with other members and learn from those around you.

Be Happier and Accomplish More by Living Your Life With a Sense of Purpose...

John Wood shares how living your life with a sense of purpose can help you be happier and accomplish more and gives tips on how to start doing so.

Become the Leading Expert in Something

Michael Katz tells a great story of turning what may just be an interesting fact into a profitable focus for a freelance business.

How to Determine Your Value in the Marketplace

Landing a client is half the battle. Steve Roller walks us through the other half, working out the specifics of the deal.

The Golden Thread

The Power of One — One Big Idea

Today, Michael Masterson gets at the very heart of powerful, persuasive writing.

How to Write Well: The World’s Simplest Formula

Michael Masterson’s definition of good writing can be applied to every sort of non-fiction writing like books, magazine articles, direct-mail sales letters, business correspondence, telemarketing scripts, and speeches. Learn this simple rule that will help you write well.

This Web Will Free Up Your Writing

Outlining helped Will Newman all through school, but failed him miserably at copywriting. Find out what he did to overcome.

#1 Secret to Copywriting Success

Will Newman revisits a secret he revealed in his first article for The Golden Thread, and with good reason.

From “I Can’t” to “I Can!” – 5 Easy Ways to Gain Confidence As an Aspiring Copywriter

No doubt, starting out as a copywriter can be downright frightening. The good news is, you can calm these fears down, and become a competent, confident copywriter in no time flat. Just follow one (or more!) of these five confidence boosters.

How to Get the Most out of Creative Conferences: A Nifty Tool for Getting the Background Information You Need from Your Clients … Every Time, Part 1

Part 1 of master copywriter Don Hauptman’s checklist for obtaining the background information you need from your client before beginning a new copywriting project.

10 Steps to Escaping the Job World and Creating the Life You Really Want

Changing Course creator, Valerie Young, shares ten step that will set you on the path toward the life and career you really want.

How to Improve the Clarity of Your Writing

Michael Masterson shares a valuable writing tool that can help you improve your writing clarity.

How The Writer's Life Helped Me Reclaim My Life

Steve Roller gives five quick tips to help you reach the writer’s life even when you are currently holding a full-time job.

Using Daily Task Lists to Accomplish Your Goals

Michael Masterson explains how a daily task list can help you achieve your goals.

Wealthy Web Writer

How to Build a Web Copywriting Portfolio FAST

Successful web writer Sid Smith shows you how to quickly build a web copywriting portfolio that can be used to land clients.

5 Simple Strategies to Impress Every Web-Writing Client

Explaining web marketing opportunities to clients can be tricky. Christina shares her go-to techniques for conveying the importance of marketing tactics.

Self-Promotion Through Content Curation

Janice Sakata-Schultze provides you with three simple ways you can start curating content as a surprisingly effective self-marketing tool.

Go From Busy to Productive in 3 Easy Steps

Become more organized and more productive with these 3 great tips from Michele Peterson.

Why the Opportunity for Web Writers Has Never Been Bigger

Nick Usborne provides you with some areas to focus on that will put yourself firmly on the way to landing clients and growing your business at a rapid pace.

You’re a Bitter Disappointment to Your Loved Ones and Yourself

Joshua Boswell shares how you can attract clients that are willing to pay you a ton of money, right now.

12 Simple Tips for Working Less and Earning More

If you’re interested in working fewer hours — or increasing your hourly rate — use these tips from Christina Gillick to maximize your working hours.

The Case of the Disappearing Fees: 6 Tricks to Take Control of Your ​Business and Income

Mandy Marksteiner tells you how to change your behavior in a few key ways so you can remain in control when navigating situations where payment terms seem up for debate.

Let Your Clients Taste the Wine … And Other Things the Wine Industry Can Teach Web Writers

Wine tasting has a highly-effective sales model, and one that web writers can adopt as well. Michele Peterson explains.

Social Bookmarking – A Social Media Marketing Mystery Solved

Janice Sakata-Schultze guides you in using social bookmarking sites to increase your online marketing reach.

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