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Lessons Learned from a Gray-Striped Cat

What can you learn about writing from a cat? Two valuable lessons according to COS member Kate Stelmaszek.

The Most Important Thing You Must Do to Achieve The Writer's Life

If you want to achieve the writer's life, you have to study, read books, take programs. But you will not achieve your goal if you don't do this one thing.

Overcoming the Biggest Barrier to Achieving The Writer's Life

In working to achieve the writer's life, you'll face many obstacles. But one — the biggest one you'll face — can stop you dead before you get started.

Do Your Headlines Rouse Curiosity? Or Do They Befuddle and Confuse?

Great headlines rouse curiosity. But if not done right, that curiosity could kill your prospect's interest.

Adopting the Mindset That Lets You Write Great Copy

Achieving the writer's life is about more than just writing great copy. It's about adopting a mindset that lets you write that great copy.

“I Can Improve the Quality of My Books and Enhance My Financial Status… All While Helping Causes I’m Proud to Support.”

After 30 years of teaching in medical school, and more years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Jerry Levin decided to become a copywriter. Find out why.

The Only Person Who Can Really Tell You About Your Prospect

Demographics and psychographics are a good starting place for getting to know your prospect as a real person. But there's only one person who can fill out the picture completely.

How to Break Free of the 'Fear and Greed' Trap

'Fear and greed' become a trap for you when you assume they’re the only emotions to target in your prospect. Here’s how to break free from that trap.

Don’t Be Fooled by the ‘Big Lie’ of Copywriting

Many so-called copywriting experts will lead you astray, feeding you misinformation about capturing your prospect’s emotions. Don’t fall for this ‘big lie.’

Ignore This Essential Copywriting ‘Rule’ From Mark Ford and Risk the Success of Your Copy

Many writers of all stripes make a serious error that dilutes the effectiveness of their writing. But for a copywriter, this error can be deadly.

Penny Hunt's Secret Sauce for Success

Today, Friday the 13th, is a lucky day for us… thanks to COS member Penny Hunt. She wants to pass on to us her “secret sauce for success.”

How Motivation, Connection, and Association Can Bring You The Writer's Life

Sarah Sloan was stuck in a career as a cosmetologist… a career she disliked intensely. But she found ways to break away.

Is Sarah’s Story Like Yours? Breaking Away from a Hated Career

Sarah Sloan was stuck in a career as a cosmetologist… a career she disliked intensely. But she found ways to break away.

Need a College Degree to Be a Copywriter? Don’t Tell Steve Agin

Connection and association. These twin pillars of success fuel your drive for the writer’s life. Today, we visit with Steve Agin, who’s finding those pillars with other members.

The Invisible Ingredient of Success

Study. Read. Write. Learn. These are crucial parts to claiming the writer’s life for yourself and your family. But there’s an invisible ingredient of copywriting success.

What a 16-Year-Old Can Teach You about Success

Lessons in success come from many places … some obvious, some not so obvious. Today, let’s learn from my 16-year-old “chosen Grandson.”

The Most Important Video You May Ever See

Mike Palmer trains million-dollar copywriters for Stansberry Research. Today, he shares the secret psychology behind successful copywriting.

What a Belief in Lifelong Learning … and a Willingness to Work … Has Brought Jon Stoltzfus

Jon Stoltzfus is eager to grasp the writer’s life… just like you. He’s taken some steps and he’s on his way. Here’s his story… and it could be yours.

A Belief You Already Have That’s Essential for Claiming The Writer’s Life

I owe my mother a huge debt of gratitude. She instilled in me a belief that’s had more to do with success than any learning I’ve done. You have this belief, too.

How Long Should a Sales Letter Be?

The debate is as strong now as when I started writing copy. “Which is better, long copy or short copy?” Mark Ford gives an answer that may surprise you.

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