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Four Steps to Breakthrough Copy Bliss

How do you connect with your prospect so he knows you really understand his problems? Million-dollar copywriter Clayton Makepeace uses these four steps.

The Astonishing Power of Powerlessness

Million-dollar copywriter Clayton Makepeace advises us to look at our prospect’s sense of powerlessness as a core emotion to target. Here's how…

How Rush Limbaugh Can Lead You to Breakthrough Bliss

Offering benefits to your prospect is crucial for writing successful copy. Or is it? One multimillion-dollar copywriter has a slightly different take on the idea.

An Innovative, Easy Way to Get Started in The Writer's Life

You can enjoy the writer's life writing promotions, emails, B2B copy, web copy. Possibilities are almost limitless. But here’s one niche few copywriters know about.

How to Break the Beginning Copywriter "I Don't Have Any Experience So Who's Going to Hire Me?" Vicious Cycle

“I have no experience and no portfolio. Who’s going to hire me with no experience.” Here’s how to break the “no experience vicious cycle.”

How to Capture the Magic of Simplicity: Two Strategies for Conversational Copy

“Write like you talk.” Easier said than written. But two simple strategies will take you 90% of the way there.

Alfred Hitchcock's Secret to Copywriting Success

What can Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense, teach us about copywriting?

Freelance Writer Jobs Are On The Top-Paying Work-At-Home List for 2016

AWAI reveals rates for a variety of freelance writer jobs, one of the “10 Top-Paying Work-At-Home Jobs in America,” according to

What to Do When the Client Says “Change This”

Every time you send copy off to a client, you want him to say, “This is perfect.” But that almost never happens. Bob Bly offers 4 foolproof answers.

Social Media Writers Smile More and Probably Live Longer!

Who are the happiest copywriters today? Would you like to join their ranks? Nick Usborne has the answers if you want this to be your writer’s life.

Social Media is the Perfect Gateway Gig for Picking Up More Work

Looking for more copywriting work? Here’s the best person to tell you the secret of the perfect gateway gig for getting more work… or your first job.

Mark Twain, Copywriter? Here’s What You Can Learn from Him

Mark Twain is one of America’s most influential writers. But does he have anything to teach you about copywriting? Surprisingly… a great deal.

The Golden Thread that Pulls Your Prospect Toward Saying “Yes”

Your prospect buys when you capture his emotions with a powerful promise/benefit combo that follows a “golden thread” through your entire promotion.

Master Copy-Strengthening Secrets: Little Words that Make Your Copy Fat

Successful writing is lean writing — writing with all “fat” removed. Here are five strategies for putting your copy on a diet.

Nothing Calms a Freelancer’s Mind More Than the Promise of a Monthly Retainer

Want to have the calmness a steady monthly income brings? You can if you follow social media expert Nick Usborne’s path to the writer's life.

If You Want a Reliable Income as a Writer, Go Where the Growth is

What can a notorious bank robber teach you about achieving the writer's life? More than you may imagine. Social media expert Nick Usborne explains.

Roadblocks or Bridges? Keeping These Crucial Copy Elements from Crushing Response

Strong subheads help your reader move easily through your copy. Learn a simple “cheat” to help you write subheads that do their job.

Copywriting Clients Out of Mid-Air: How to Skip the Frustration and Start Getting More Gigs NOW

Here’s how you can put an end to the frustration of not getting enough clients to keep your writer’s life alive and well.

Why Would You Want to Make Your Copy Look Uninviting? Here's a Simple Solution for Websites and Written Copy

Your prospect wants your copy to be easy to read. But she also wants it to look easy to read. There's a simple solution for your written copy and your websites.

Are These Writer’s Website Mistakes Killing Your Career?

Your freelance writer’s website is a “billboard” advertising your skills. Is your billboard attractive and professional? Or does it signal you’re not professional?

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