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The Most Important Video You May Ever See

Mike Palmer trains million-dollar copywriters for Stansberry Research. Today, he shares the secret psychology behind successful copywriting.

What a Belief in Lifelong Learning … and a Willingness to Work … Has Brought Jon Stoltzfus

Jon Stoltzfus is eager to grasp the writer’s life… just like you. He’s taken some steps and he’s on his way. Here’s his story… and it could be yours.

A Belief You Already Have That’s Essential for Claiming The Writer’s Life

I owe my mother a huge debt of gratitude. She instilled in me a belief that’s had more to do with success than any learning I’ve done. You have this belief, too.

How Long Should a Sales Letter Be?

The debate is as strong now as when I started writing copy. “Which is better, long copy or short copy?” Mark Ford gives an answer that may surprise you.

How Social Media Writing Opens the Door to More and More Work

Retainer deals and steady, dependable income. Social media offers wide-open opportunities for you. Here’s Nick Usborne telling us about what may be the best one of all.

Is Your Social Media Copy as Strong and Persuasive as It Must Be? Here’s How to Make That Happen

Writing for social media is often easier and quicker than writing other types of copy. But you must choose the strongest, most effective words to be your most persuasive.

Why Retainer Deals Are the Holy Grail of Freelancing

Hustle. Scramble. Look for more clients. This can be the life of a beginning copywriter… but it doesn’t have to be yours. Web-writing guru Nick Usborne tells why.

Why I Hated Social Media and Why I’m Learning to Love It

I used to be proud to say I hated social media. That’s all changed, and here’s why.

Master Web Copywriter Nick Usborne: Why Choose the Dead Donkey When You Can Have the Thoroughbred?

Who’s the Master Web Copywriter? Ask 10 top web writers; they’ll tell you Nick Usborne. Today, Nick reveals why he writes web copy… and why you should, too.

Are These 4 Dangerous Myths Delaying Your Web Copywriting Success?

The Web offers huge opportunities for making money. But because anybody can proclaim themselves ‘expert,’ it teems with misleading myths about web copywriting.

What’s Your 2:57 Moment?

Fulfillment comes from many places. For base jumper Jeb Corliss, it comes from soaring in his flight suit. For me, it comes from writing good copy. How about you?

Someone Has to Take Advantage of This … Why Not You?

Ten years ago, direct marketing was a lucrative but expensive proposition. The Internet has changed all that, adding dimensions — and opportunities — un-dreamed of back then.

Want to Grow by Leaps and Bounds? Learn How to Crawl First

Today we hear from AWAI member Steve, who’s really close to making the leap to the writer’s life. How’d he do it? By learning to crawl first.

My Emergence from the Dark Ages into Today’s Internet World

It’s taken this old dog a long time, but he’s ready to venture into the world of web copywriting. And he’s not kicking and screaming. It looks right for him.

How to Write Well: The World’s Simplest Formula — Part 2 Clarity of Expression

Do you yearn for the writer’s life? Today, the author of over a dozen books and million-dollar copywriter Mark Ford tells us Part 2 of his simple formula for writing well.

How to Write Well: The World’s Simplest Formula — Part 1

The surest path to the writer’s life? Writing well! Today, the author of over a dozen books and million-dollar copywriter Mark Ford and tells us Part 1 of his simple formula.

Wrapping Up Your Conversation with Potential Clients So They Ask You for More

When it comes time to actually speak with a prospective client, what will you say? Here are suggestions based on years of experience to keep you on track.

Starting the Conversation with Potential Clients So You Look Like a Pro The First Time … Every Time

Speaking to clients in person can be nerve-wracking. But it doesn’t have to be when you know what to say.

How Much Should I Charge? The Industry Expert’s Answer May Surprise You

Members’ most frequent questions are about finding clients. The second most frequent? How much to charge? Industry expert Ilise Benun provides some surprising answers to both.

Throttling Self-Study Challenges

Self-study has many benefits… but it comes with challenges. Today, we look at our final two Self-Study Success Secrets for helping you grab the writer’s life.

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