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Habit 5: Get Really, Really Good

Steve Slaunwhite reveals the one habit that has contributed most to his success. And it concerns the number one thing copywriting clients want from you.

Habit 4: Relentlessly Focus on Ideal Prospects

To be successful as a freelance copywriter, you must have a relentless focus on identifying ideal prospects and turning them into clients.

Habit 3: Treat Your Business Like a Business

Today’s habit has to do with the mindset of treating your business like a business. As B2B expert Steve Slaunwhite explains, copywriters who do so, do better.

Habit 2: Give Hard Work a Try

B2B expert Steve Slaunwhite shares another habit that, without exception, every successful copywriter has. It’s a willingness to work hard when needed.

5 Habits of Successful B2B Copywriters

Great copywriters – especially in B2B – have similar habits that consistently keep them on top. Steve Slaunwhite shares a valuable tip for creating momentum

You’re Now Ready to Become a Superstar

Now that you can plan and produce quality content, you’re ready to take the next big step in your career: becoming an authority in your field of expertise.

The World is Ready for You

Businesses are desperate for people who can write great content. And the more you do it for yourself and put yourself out there, the better you’ll become.

An Elementary School Trick to Set You Apart

Understanding what makes great content gives you an advantage working with clients. The freelancer who can reliably create quality content gets the most work.

You’re Already Half Way There

Robert Rice shows you the next step in turning your passion into a lucrative freelance business. All you have to do is be willing to learn and ready to write.

Your Favorite Hobby Could Bring You Success as a Writer

As long as you have an interest in a topic, there’s a market for you to start your freelance writing business. Robert Rice shows how easy it is to get started.

Are You Feeling Comfortable?

You may be nervous about working with your first client, but, as Maureen Lauder explains, the best stuff happens when you’re just outside your comfort zone.

Do This to “Wow” Your Clients…

When you ask good questions about your client’s business, you’re demonstrating that you know how to identify (and solve) their most pressing problems.

When a Good Plan Goes Wrong…

During a client inquiry, you don’t need to prepare exactly what you’re going to say. But you do need to prepare enough to sound confident and professional.

How to Create Instant Authority…

Having clear policies and expectations can help you demonstrate your authority, allowing you to establish fruitful partnerships with your clients.

You Know More Than You Think…

The fear of being under-qualified holds many copywriters back. Learn how to beat that fear, so you can interact with clients professionally and confidently.

When it Comes to “Easy,” This Trumps All Else

For making the writer’s life easier, here’s the one thing you can’t afford not to do. For copywriter and author Pat McCord, it made all the difference.

Plug in to Make it Easy

Here’s an overlooked way to make any job easier. As copywriter and author Pat McCord explains, if you learn to do this, you’ll never feel in over your head.

The “No-Marketing” Marketing System

Copywriter and author Pat McCord reveals a no-angst way to market your services, especially if you’re trying to navigate a dual career

Don’t Do it Alone – It’s Easier That Way

Pat McCord explains how you can make your writing life easier by forming a mastermind group, even if you don’t know a single writer.

Make Copywriting Easy

Copywriter and author Pat McCord shares her insights on how to make the writer’s life easier, especially if you’re trying to navigate a dual career.

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