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The Very Best Way to Grab and Hold a Reader’s Attention

Can reading fiction make you a better, more skilled copywriter? You bet it can. Find out how… and what you should read for the best results.

In Just 20 Minutes a Day, You Can Turn Yourself Into the Kind of Idea Machine Marketers Love to Work With

Marketers look for copywriters who deliver great ideas. Your next great idea could be just a few minutes — and few pages of reading — away.

The Easiest Way to Become an Industry Insider

Learn a secret method to becoming an established, expert copywriter in the niche industry of your choice… just by reading 20 minutes a day.

Great Teachers Are Just Waiting for You to Find Them

Reading advice from great copywriters is an excellent way to put yourself on the fast-track to great writing. Here are tips for choosing the best resources.

Improve Your Writing by Reading the Right Things

Great writers are also great readers. The same is true for copywriters. One way to quickly improve your skills is by reading samples of great copy.

The Final Step to Working With Your Dream Client

Find out the final step in pitching to your dream client, and what you should do after you’ve hit the “send” button.

Putting Together Your Irresistible Pitch

Discover the proven formula for creating an irresistible pitch, so you have the best chance of landing a paying contract.

How to Impress Your Dream Clients

Description: Find out what makes your dream client’s customers tick, so you can come up with the perfect angle for your pitch.

How to Fulfill Your Dream Client’s Needs

Uncover exactly what your dream client is looking for so you can come up with targeted, business-boosting ideas to pitch to them.

The Secret to Writing for Your Dream Clients

Discover how you can take control of your writing career by identifying your dream clients and generating ideas to pitch to them.

5 Easy Ways to Get Noticed by a Hiring Client

If you want to make a living writing, try these 5 easy strategies for getting noticed by clients. Get paid for your writing, and build long-term relationships.

How to Present Yourself As a Writing Authority

If you want to make money writing, you need to present yourself as an authority online. Follow these 4 tips to look professional and get noticed by clients.

Understand Content Marketing Strategy with These Two Examples

As a writer, if you understand content marketing strategy, you can make big profits. Read two winning examples and launch your content writing business.

4 Questions to Help You Get Started As a Content Writer

You can make an impressive income as a writer when you hit the ground running as a content marketing specialist. Find out how and discover what to do first.

This Power Shift in Writing Means More Income for Writers

Find out why content marketing is taking the business world by storm. Understanding content strategy translates into much more income for you as a writer.

This Will Help You Succeed As a Writer and in Life

Do these four simple things each day and you’ll find yourself feeling a LOT better about yourself, your life, and your career as a freelance writer.

April Great Books Club Selection: Win Your Case: How to Present, Persuade, and Prevail — Every Place, Every Time

The April selection for the Great Books Club is Win Your Case: How to Present, Persuade, and Prevail — Every Place, Every Time by Gerry Spence. The discussion will take place on April 17.

How to Banish the Fear of Getting Started

One of the big obstacles new freelancers face is the fear of getting started. Uncover the process that needs to happen for you to achieve your goals.

How to Unlock the Rich Rewards of the Writer’s Life

If you want to live the writer’s life — and unlock the freedom and financial rewards that come with it — then this one tip will help you do it.

Don’t Let This Fear Keep You From Writing Success

Discover three easy steps to start on the path toward getting really good as a writer — and blast past the fear of “there’s too much competition.”

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