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Quick-Start Guide to Buying a Domain for Your Writing Business

If you’re serious about the paid writer’s life, you’ve got to get yourself online. Find out how to choose and buy a domain in just 20 minutes.

A Low-Pressure Approach to Choosing Your Writing Niche

Discover a low-pressure way to pick your writing focus, so you can get your paid writing career up and running as fast as possible.

Why You Should Drop Preconceived Ideas About Your Ability to Write

Discover the five essential steps for launching a paid writing career at hyper speed — including what to do right away and what to forget immediately.

The Secret of the Double Pipeline

Discover how to create a client-filled pipeline with twice as many paid writing opportunities as your schedule allows you to handle.

The Single Most Important Key to Your Success as a Freelance Copywriter

The key element of success in the long run isn’t promotion… or choosing a niche… or generating leads… or closing leads… or customer service. It’s this…

How to Compete with All the Newbie Copywriters

No matter where you are in your career, a big pool of newbie copywriters is fighting for the work. These key strategies can help you beat out your competition.

How to Compete with the Top Pros in Freelance Copywriting

Here are some tips for competing with top-level freelance copywriters who may have much more experience and better credentials than you.

What it Takes to Make it as a Freelance Copywriter in 2015

There are many factors that go into making it as a freelance copywriter today. But these three items are essential to your success.

Promote Your Copywriting With the Format(s) You Want to Write

Create promotions in the same format(s) you want B2B clients to pay you to write. That way, they get to know you and see your skills in action.

Decide Which B2B Formats Appeal to You Most

B2B content comes in many types and sizes. Here’s how to pick two or three formats that interest you most, and learn more about them.

The Most Popular Types of B2B Content

Here are some of the most popular formats of B2B content, from blog posts to white papers, and what you can earn writing them.

B2B Content Can Make Your Dreams Come True

B2B content writing is big, interesting and wide-open. It’s the ideal market for you to earn a good living and make your copywriting dreams come true.

Your Writing Career Starts with a Dream

Everything starts with a dream, including the careers of most successful writers. Take your dreams seriously, and they’ll have a better chance of coming true.

How to Schmooze with the Big Dogs – Even Though You’re a Pup!

Being in the right place – at the right time – can catapult your freelance career!

How to Get Clients to Believe You’re an EXPERT in Your Industry

Discover how to turn yourself into an instant expert and boost your freelance income overnight.

How to Put Your Freelance Career on the Fast Track!

These two strategies will help you launch your freelance copywriting business. But they also work for just about any industry.

NOW is the Best Time to Launch Your Freelance Career!

Discover three reasons why NOW is the time to launch your freelance career. Plus, these success stories will inspire you to make the leap.

Still Dreaming of Being a Freelance Writer?

Discover how to conquer – even embrace – your fears and turn your dream of having a freelance writing career into a reality.

Why Travel Writing Is the Perfect Complement to Any Profitable Writing Career

If you’d like to make travel writing a long-term part of your writing career but still want to make a fantastic living as a writer, you can do both.

Why Travel Writing Opens the Door to Countless Writing Opportunities

If you’d like to be a travel writer but don’t want to limit yourself in opportunity, discover how travel writing opens more doors than you’d think.

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