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3 Surefire Tips for Getting Your First Web Copywriting Clients

Writing for the Web offers tremendous opportunities for achieving the writer's life. But how do you find clients? Nick Usborne offers 3 surefire tips.

Are You Ready to Tap Into a $300 BILLION Opportunity?

Interested in tapping into the opportunities a $300 billion market provides? One that’s growing at least 20% every year? Learn how…

2 Ways a Money-Making Website Will Help Grow Your Freelance Writing Business

Money-Making Websites offer an easy income stream without clients. They also bring you two other advantages for building your dream writer’s life.

3 Proven Success Tips for Your Money-Making Website

A Money-Making Website is a simple way to achieve the writer's life without chasing clients. Nick Usborne reveals 3 proven tips to maximize success.

3 Secrets to Choosing the Best Topic for Your Own Money-Making Website

A Money-Making Website is a lucrative way to build passive income. But what should that website be about? Learn Nick Usborne’s secrets for choosing.

How to Create a Powerful Source of Passive Income By Writing Your Own Money-Making Website

Passive income is anything but passive. It's a great way to achieve the writer's life. Nick Usborne tells us how to create rewarding passive income.

Let Me Introduce You to My Mistress

Writing is more than a career. It’s a source of great pleasure. Here’s how to get the pleasure and without having to chase around after clients.

What is Your Philosophy of Life? What is Sacred to You? Here is Mine

Do you love to write? Best-selling author James Altucher tells us why he loves to write… and how your love can lead you to the writer's life.

Tapping into What’s Most Important to Your Prospect

Your brain harbors a system that can make you a successful copywriter… if you understand it. Joshua Boswell gives you the secret to using that system.

Why Black Friday Shopping is the Perfect Time to Find Your Ideal Writing Niche

Writing for a living is not “one size fits all.” Learn why Black Friday is the ideal day to scout the most popular and lucrative writing niches.

Power Your Quest for Copywriting Success with the Secret of Peer Perspective

Discovering your strengths is a crucial first step to achieving the writer's life. How can you discover your strengths? Here’s Joshua Boswell’s answer.

A. T. Stewart & Co. Hidden Secret of “Known Demand”

How can the experiences of a young Irish merchant from the mid-1800s help you understand how to achieve the writer's life? Joshua Boswell can tell you.

How Becoming an “Anti-Client” Copywriter Will Make You a Success

Most copywriters want to be known as “A-Listers.” Not Ben Settle. He’s got an entirely different, contrarian view.

Just 4 Strategic Steps to Your 10 Minutes Per Day, No-Client Writer's Life

Ben Settle has leveraged being a “slacker” into a seven-figure career writing 10 minutes a day without clients. Learn his 4 strategic steps to success.

Release the Writing Kraken on Your Lifestyle

Does achieving the writer's life by writing less than an hour a day appeal to you? Email Master Copywriter gives his strategies for doing this.

How to Live The Writer's Life Without Having Any Clients

If you want to achieve the writer's life, you must get clients, right? Maybe not. You can discover strategies to make money writing without clients.

How to Find Your Best Web-Writing Niche in a World of Crazy Abundance

Choosing the best niche can be a challenge. And, surprisingly, the greater the number of choices, the harder it can be to find your perfect niche.

To Market Your Freelance Business Effectively, Try Being a Little Provocative

Has your quest for the writer's life come to a grinding halt because you’re not using a strong self-marketing message? Try Nick Usborne’s strategy.

What the Potatoes and Carrots of Ecuador Have to Do with Setting Achievable Writing Goals

Achieving the writer's life takes commitment. But it takes more than that, too. COS member Les Worley tells how sometimes it takes potatoes and carrots.

Four FREE Secrets on Writing Success from Best-Selling Author Alexander Green

Best-selling author Alex Green directs The Oxford Club Communique. He’s eager to give you four secrets he uses to ramp up your writing success.

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