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From Part-Time to Five-Figure Copywriter in Two Years

Retainer success came to COS member Sherri Caldwell before she expected. But when it happened, she grabbed it. Here’s the latest chapter in her story.

Wallets, Bank Cards, and Your Success in The Writer's Life

Ordering online recently, Will discovered how vital emails can be in developing lasting customer relationships. And for building a lucrative career.

Social Media Writing is the Gateway Gig to a Lot More Work with Every Client

Phenomenal growth… in an industry begging for trained copywriters… doing easy work. What’s not to love? Learn more about this fantastic opportunity.

How to Combine the Flexibility and Opportunity of the Freelance Life with the Security of Full-Time Work

A steady, reliable income… month after month. Not having to worry about paying your bills. Sound like something you’d like to learn more about?

If This “Dunce” in School Can Become a Master Social Media Copywriter, So Can You

Is social media copywriting just a flash in the pan? Not according to Master Web Copywriter Nick Usborne. He says right now, it's in its “sweet spot.”

Don't State Your Opinions as Facts When in Fact They Aren’t

Your greatest allies in convincing your prospect are facts. But some copywriters play fast and loose with them, destroying credibility and success.

The Day I Lost $5,000 is the Day My Success Finally Began…

Does rejection drive you into depression and non-action? Or can you turn it into opportunity like Joshua Boswell did?

How a “Dream Team” Made Me the Copywriter I Am Today

Isolated. Frustrated. Unsuccessful. This is how I felt in my early copywriting career. That is, until I met my "Dream Team."

Don’t Stifle Your Success Making the Mistake I Made

There are times when "less is more." That's seldom true, though, when it comes to having clients. Here’s how one copywriter learned the hard way.

How to Raise Your Rates with Existing Clients

Many beginning copywriters start their careers asking for bargain rates. But what can you do when it’s time to ask for what you’re worth?

The Seven People Who Can Launch Your Copywriting Career

AWAI guest writer Stacy Fox introduces you to people who may help launch your copywriting career. Just one can turn you into a full-time writer!

Creating a Buyer Persona for Your B2B Client

Creating the perfect persona helps you write great copy for your client, faster and more easily. Expert B2B copywriter Steve Slaunwhite shows you how.

Why is Writing for B2B So Great? Let Me Count the Ways...

Writing for B2B companies offers many great opportunities. Off the top of his head, B2B copy expert Steve Slaunwhite counts 10 ways…

B2B Was My Lucky Break. Could It Be Yours?

Steve Slaunwhite “backed into” a lucrative career that doesn’t involve hours of researching the prospect, her emotions, or the Big Idea. How’d he do it?

Where to Find an Avalanche of Hidden (Plus Lucrative) Writing Projects

Why would copywriters consider taking short B2B projects paying less than long-form sales letters? Because one B2B project often means many lucrative ones.

Hate Writing Long Sales Copy? Great! You’re Perfect for This Lucrative Opportunity

Is your pursuit of the writer's life stalled because you hate writing long sales copy? Then, you're perfectly suited for this lucrative opportunity.

This AWAI Member Doesn’t Like Writing Long-Form Sales Copy. What’s His Secret to Achieving The Writer's Life So Quickly?

John Brewer doesn’t like writing long-form sales copy. But in just two short years, he’s already living the writer's life. What’s his secret?

5 Ways to Know You’re Ready For A Full-Time Career in Copywriting

Before you switch from part-time writer to a full-time career in copywriting, AWAI guest writer Eric Borger helps you do a readiness gut check.

Why Self-Reliance is Overrated in Copywriting Success

Self-reliance can be a valuable asset when working to achieve the writer's life. But it can also be a trap that stalls success.

Embrace the Lick of elBenbo's Whip, Copywriters

“Tone” can spell the difference between wild success and dismal failure. Study Ben Settle’s tone to see this copywriting truth in action.

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