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Eating Frogs and Your Success in Achieving The Writer's Life

Is procrastination slowing your progress toward the writer's life? Success guru Brian Tracy has a strange but effective solution.

How Being Predictable Can Ruin Your Copywriting Success

If your writing is so structured your reader knows what’s coming next, he may decide to stop reading. That destroys your sale… and maybe your success.

How to Achieve The Writer's Life by NOT Selling

Believe it or not, your success as a copywriter may depend on not selling your client’s product. Here’s why.

How Embracing Failure Can Lead You to The Writer's Life

Many people might say failure is a roadblock to success. They're wrong! And here's why.

Three Enormous, "Accidental" Boosts to My Copywriting Career that You Can Benefit From

Are you like me? You like to "go it alone" as much as possible? Early in my copywriting career, I discovered how dangerous this attitude can be.

What Will Your Marketing Message Be?

Marketing yourself can be tough. Prospects say “no” and you feel badly. Nick Usborne tells us how he’s eliminated rejection and kept his spirits high.

Who Says You Can’t Do That?

Is anyone giving you the message you can’t achieve the writer's life? Nick Usborne singles out the most important person doing this in your life.

Stop Trying to Sell Your Skills to Potential Clients! There's a Smarter, More Effective Way

When you try to attract new clients by listing your copywriting skills, you’ve got a lot of competition. Here's a better way from Nick Usborne.

Show Me the Money! Hitting the Richest Lodes in B2B Copywriting

Business-to-Business: A “super-niche” where you can write many types of projects about many different types of products. But where are richest lodes?

An Insider’s Look at Why a Single B2B Copywriting Project Can Easily Grow into Dozens

B2B copywriting can be a steady road to the writer's life. One reason is that a single B2B job can easily grow into dozens of well-paying assignments.

7 Strategies to Make Your Client Pay What You’re Worth

If I charge too much, the client won't hire me. If I charge too little, I won't be paid what I'm worth. Here are Steve Slaunwhite’s strategies for avoiding this common dilemma.

The One Headline Type that (Almost) Always Fails in B2B and the One that (Almost) Always Succeeds

Many copywriters think headlines that tease the reader are the peak of creativity. Truth is: These headlines can kill success in B2B — and in all niches.

The Secret Psychology of Becoming a Great Copywriter

Mike Palmer hit a point in his career where he almost gave up. And so might you. Understanding the psychology behind this makes you more successful.

The “Hinckley Buzzard Strategy” for Achieving Copywriting Success

What can you learn from the buzzards of Hinckley, Ohio? Dan Kennedy says you can learn how to build a solid copywriting career… quickly.

7 Keys for Cutting Your Writing Time in Half … While Doubling Your Income

Writing good copy takes up a lot of time, right? Carline Anglade-Cole says no. Here are her keys for cutting writing time in half while doubling income.

How Email Marketing Helped Copywriter Rachel Karl Break the Feast-or-Famine Cycle

Copywriter Rachel Karl went from feast or famine to steady retainers and clients by focusing on one main area. Learn how she built her writer’s life.

Urgent Alert! Are These 7 Email Marketing Errors Killing Your Success?

You’ve convinced your client to mount an email marketing campaign. You know it'll be huge! So don't let these seven common errors kill that campaign.

1.47 Million Reasons to Love Email Marketing

In the United States, 1.47 million marketing emails get sent every month. Somebody has to write and produce those emails. Why not you?

Four Steps to Breakthrough Copy Bliss

How do you connect with your prospect so he knows you really understand his problems? Million-dollar copywriter Clayton Makepeace uses these four steps.

The Astonishing Power of Powerlessness

Million-dollar copywriter Clayton Makepeace advises us to look at our prospect’s sense of powerlessness as a core emotion to target. Here's how…

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