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Millennials Are Changing the Face of Business-to-Business Copywriting and How Those Changes Impact Your Success

Millennials are changing the face of Business-to-Business copywriting by how they research and purchase B2B products. Learn how that impacts you.

Don’t Let Your Words Accidentally Rile — or Amuse — Your Reader

The only time you want your writing to rile your prospect is when you rile him on purpose. Never let the words you use amuse or upset him by accident.

Are You Wasting Your Time with Frustrating Web Searches?

Successful promotions rest on rock solid credibility. How do you build credibility? Start with research. Here are some tools to make research easier.

The Secret of Deeper Benefits and How They’ll Get You The Writer's Life Faster

Many copywriters understand that benefits — not features — sell. Digging deeper than superficial benefits makes you a more successful copywriter.

The 50-Year-Old Secret of What Really Makes Your Prospect Buy

Why does your prospect buy your product? Is it the pretty color? Or the strength of the supplement? These dead-end ideas won’t work in B2C marketing.

Why You Should Break the ‘2nd Commandment’ of Copywriting

Prospects buy because you highlight product benefits that touch their emotional core. But how do you figure out which product benefits to highlight?

NFL Great Jerry Rice Holds the Secret to Long-Term Copywriting Success. It’s as Easy as Grabbing Pen and Paper

Jerry Rice is one of the all-time greatest National Football League players. But what does he know about achieving the writer's life? Plenty!

Most Copywriters Are Afraid to Take This One, Simple Step to Ensure Successful Promotions

The best way to know your prospect as a real, flesh-and-blood person is to talk to a real flesh-and-blood person. This can seem scary. But it doesn't have to be.

How to Talk to Your Prospect to Build a Winning 3-D Image and Promo — Without Ever Talking to Him

Demographics and psychographics don't give enough info for a 3-D prospect image. You must talk to him. Here’s how to do that without talking to him.

Get to Know the One Person Who Can Make Your Writing a Success …

"Know your prospect" is the first commandment of successful copywriting. But how do you start?

The Lesson That Kept Me from Quitting Copywriting — Ignore It and Risk Being a Mediocre Copywriter

Struggling and new copywriters take on each assignment as a job to sell something. But their careers won’t advance until they learn this useful lesson.

Are You Putting The Writer’s Life on Hold? Les Worley Did and Almost Lost His Dream

AWAI member Les Worley decided to seize the writer’s life in 2005. But circumstances almost kept him from his dream life. Is this happening to you?

Just For Fun: Do You Know These “Everyday Holdovers”?

Do you get blank stares from people under 25 when you say things like “you sound like a broken record.” Let’s take a fun look at “everyday holdovers.”

When to Use a Deceptive Headline or Subject Line to Gain Your Reader’s Attention

Provocative headlines and subject lines grab attention. When can you slide over the border from provocative to deceptive?

The Call that Ramps Up Your Promotion’s Chances of Success

Thinking your client wants you to know everything when he first hires you is a rookie mistake. Here’s how to avoid it … and improve your success.

Why “How Do I Find Clients?” is the Wrong Question

Savvy copywriters know big paydays don’t come from the first contract … but from all the ones that follow.

Afraid to Dive In? The Writer’s Island Life Style is Waiting for You

One copywriter wanted to live the writer’s island life. To achieve her goal, she committed 100% to AWAI and found confidence from learning and doing.

Learning Styles That Help You Achieve The Writer’s Life in the Fastest Time Possible

You may yearn for the writer's life and believe you’re a writer, but you still must learn the basics. What’s the best way to learn?

The Second Essential Key to Success that Keeps You Moving Toward The Writer’s Life

Adopting an attitude of success is crucial for achieving the writer's life. But it’s NOT enough unless you take this essential step.

Use These Four Keys to Reach Your Quest of Living The Writer’s Life

If you're serious about achieving the writer's life, your first and most important step has nothing to do with writing. Here's what that it must be.

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