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How to Make Great Clients Call You First

Steve Coombes shares several proven ways you can become recognized as an expert. Apply these tips and you’ll be well on your way to earning six figures.

How to Become an Overnight Expert

Steve Coombes covers another important secret behind earning six figures as a copywriter in the next 12 months… how to double your income in one day.

All Clients Are Not Created Equal

Discover a big secret about the types of clients you should work with and which you shouldn’t. Use this to start earning six figures earlier rather than later.

How Good Must You Be to Earn 6 Figures?

Steve Coombes defines “good” as it pertains to earning a six-figure writing income. Learn the secret to reaching an amazing level of success right out of the gate.

Are There Now Too Many Writers?

Steve Coombes reveals one of the big open secrets in the industry – and one you can take to heart if your goal is a six-figure income as a writer.

6 Fast Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door with Dream Clients

Learn six more ways to get your foot in the door and create mutually profitable relationships. They’re great if you want to get in fast with a bit less effort.

Use the New Idea Method to Get Your Foot in the Door with Dream Clients

Rebecca Matter reveals the best practices for coming up with and presenting new ideas to prospective clients, aimed at helping them achieve their goals.

Use the Basic Audit Method to Get Your Foot in the Door with Dream Clients

Doing a basic audit for potential clients is a great way to get your foot in the door. Here are the key things to do before you reach out to prospects.

Use a Money-Making Website to Get Your Foot in the Door with Dream Clients

Having a money-making website on a topic relevant to your niche offers you big opportunities to practice your craft and connect with prospective clients.

How to Get Your Foot in the Door with Clients

Not having clients is only a problem if you’re not doing anything to land them. First, you need to understand the four main goals you want to accomplish.

5 Days to Your First Client: How to Find the Lowest-Hanging Fruit…

Jay White finishes up his 5-day series by showing you where to send your prospecting emails and how to pinpoint clients with the best chance of hiring you.

5 Days to Your First Client: How to Email Your Way to a Copywriting Gig…

Learn the four main elements to focus on when crafting a client prospecting email. Leading email copywriter Jay White presents a simple template to follow.

5 Days to Your First Client: My Sneaky Little 2-Word Subject Line Trick…

This simple subject-line strategy works like gangbusters to get your prospecting emails opened, so you’ll have more opportunities for paid copywriting gigs.

5 Days to Your First Client: How to Pull Projects Out of Thin Air…

Jay White reveals the three key questions to ask yourself in order to ensure you’re the one-and-only choice for your potential client’s copywriting needs.

5 Days to Your First Client: 19,755 Potential Clients Looking for You…

Leading email copywriter Jay White explains the Reactive Marketing Method and how to leverage existing copywriter-wanted ads to land the best writing gigs.

Buckle Your Seatbelts: Transitions Can Get a Little Bumpy!

As you proceed through any business transition, you’ll likely experience bumps, some bigger than others. Here’s what to do if you encounter a rough patch.

Big Transitions Require a Leap of Faith

Big transitions don’t come with a roadmap. They often require a leap of faith that can be scary. Ed Gandia shares what he learned about the growth process.

Transitions Can’t Be Rushed

Change can take a long time and often involves very small steps, so you may feel like you’re not moving forward. That’s why it helps to track your progress.

Transitions Require Time and Space, So You Can Think

As Dianna Huff explains, when in a transition, you need to create time and space for reflection, so you can begin to hear your inner voice.

Business Transitions: The Bumpy, Scary, Thrilling Path to Self-Discovery

As marketing consultant Dianna Huff explains, personal and business transitions can be complex, because they often put us on a path of self-discovery.

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