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Defining Your “Super-Objective” That Connects All the Elements of Your Writing Together

In copywriting, your “super-objective” is to decide what “big promise” you’re making to your prospect. This overarching theme ties your entire piece together.

The Secret to Becoming Your “Role” As a Writer

Just as actors portray a role, incorporating your product’s story, history and other details into your writing will help you generate a hugely compelling piece.

The #1 Rule for Creating a Powerful Performance As a Writer

The next step in creating your show-stopping performance as a writer is perhaps the most important exercise of all. Dig deeply to get to know your audience.

How “Setting” Impacts Your Writing

Robert Rice dives into a first major step of the acting process – understanding your external world – and how to use this technique to write compelling copy.

The Surprising Connection Between Great Acting and Copywriting

Discover insider tips and strategies for how actors prepare for compelling performances, and how you can use them to gain a big advantage in your copy.

How to Stay on Track for Freelance Writing Success

Becoming the “Total Package” for your clients and earning a heck of a lot more money than you do now, while working LESS, is doable. But it takes time.

A Simple Way to Boost Your Writing Income This Year

By staying on top of what’s working in our industry, you’ll be the person your client calls on to write it when the time comes (and you’ll charge accordingly).

Why Every Freelance Writer Should Know Marketing “Math”

Knowing a few key marketing numbers could make you look like an instant genius in your client’s eyes. These are the numbers that matter to any serious business.

How to Bring 10x More Value to Your Clients

Take this essential step to become instantly more valuable and earn 10x the fees. Plus, you’ll be one step closer to being the “Total Package” to your clients.

How to Earn More As a Writer and Quickly Live the Writer’s Life

Clayton Makepeace’s tips for being the “Total Package” are revealed. Essential step #1 is to get really GOOD at these four key elements of persuasive writing.

Using a Money-Making Website for Retirement

Here’s a way to take living the writer’s life a step further. You can generate a full-time income from something you love so much you’d do it for free.

Use Your Writing Skills to Preserve Knowledge for Future Generations

As AWAI member David Guthrie discovered, a website is an easy way to use your writing skills to preserve knowledge and information for future generations.

Fight Back and Promote a Cause You Believe in... Just Like Santa Did

In addition to generating passive income, having a Money-Making Website is a way for you to help bring attention to a cause that’s close to your heart.

Use Your Writing Skills to Get Clients to Come to You

Here’s an easy way to build instant credibility. Have prospects come to you, instead of having to spend time marketing yourself and chasing down clients.

Make Other People’s Lives Better with Your Writing

John Wood highlights an AWAI member who found a way to help improve the lives of others by sharing her knowledge on a subject she feels passionately about.

How to Make Great Clients Call You First

Steve Coombes shares several proven ways you can become recognized as an expert. Apply these tips and you’ll be well on your way to earning six figures.

How to Become an Overnight Expert

Steve Coombes covers another important secret behind earning six figures as a copywriter in the next 12 months… how to double your income in one day.

All Clients Are Not Created Equal

Discover a big secret about the types of clients you should work with and which you shouldn’t. Use this to start earning six figures earlier rather than later.

How Good Must You Be to Earn 6 Figures?

Steve Coombes defines “good” as it pertains to earning a six-figure writing income. Learn the secret to reaching an amazing level of success right out of the gate.

Are There Now Too Many Writers?

Steve Coombes reveals one of the big open secrets in the industry – and one you can take to heart if your goal is a six-figure income as a writer.

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