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Creating the Central Image of Your Freelance Business

Just as most jigsaw puzzles have a central image that ties the whole thing together, the middle of your writer’s life puzzle is your freelance website.

Assembling the Framework for Your “Writer’s Life” Puzzle

Choosing a niche is like putting the side pieces in place as you build your own personal writer’s life puzzle. It gives you a framework for your business.

The First Step in Building Your Own Personal “Writer’s Life”

A solid plan is vital to success. Knowing the basics of persuasive writing is like putting the corner pieces of your writer’s life “puzzle” into place.

The Key to Staying Focused on Success in the Freelancing World

As you charge forward in your freelance writing career, armed with all these hard-won secrets for success, keep an eye out for Number One (you, of course).

How to Make Pleasure a Priority in Your Writing Career

Answering these three questions will help you go after your “dream clients” and piece together a successful writing career you’re really happy with.

The Proof, Promise, and Payoff of Your Writing Career

You’re much more likely to accomplish your goals if they’re highly specific. It’s important to visualize the proof, promise, and payoff you’d like to see.

Ways to Make Your Writing Career More Mindful

Freedom has a lot to do with being fully present in the moment. These 3 mindfulness guidelines will help shape and build your freedom-filled writer’s life.

How to Create the Freedom-Filled Writer’s Life of Your Dreams

Mindy McHorse reveals how Bootcamp reignites her excitement for writing and realigns her goals with the very real possibilities out in the writing world.

Putting Your Writing to Work

Heather Robson reveals four things you can and should do with your online articles, which can quickly lead to thousands of dollars in writing projects.

A 7-Point Checklist to Top-Tier Editing

Smooth writing is critical to keep your reader engaged. Heather Robson helps you fix one of the biggest problems she sees as a web-writing editor – turbulence.

The Big Benefits for Writing Fast

With these simple strategies for switching off your internal editor, you’ll tap into better writing, bigger ideas, and more inspirational moments.

Organizing Your Thoughts

Once you figure out what your online audience wants to talk about, it’s time to organize your ideas on that subject. Heather Robson reveals four simple steps.

Listening to Your Audience

Heather Robson reveals the simple secrets to writing an online article. It’s one of the easiest projects and it’s a great way to get your foot in the door.

Make Your Willpower Work for You…

Discover a special tried-and-true way to ensure you make dramatic forward progress on your personal projects and goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

The Easy Way to Block Distracting Temptations

We all have distractions that tempt us as we work, causing us to be less productive. Here are some online tools to make it easy to stay focused and on task.

The Secret Power of Tomatoes for Writers…

This technique isn’t fancy, and it may even sound a bit silly. But it’s an effective way to organize your time by tapping into some pretty advanced brain secrets.

Why it’s Good to be a “Chunky” Writer…

Jen Adams shows you how to reclaim up to 40% of your productive power each day, using an easy “brain hack” organizer that helps you get more done in less time.

The Most Important Direct Mail Copy You Will Ever Write

Remember that your cover letter is also a form of direct mail copy, and is probably the most important as it’s the first copy a potential client sees.

An Extra 100 Words in Just 10 Minutes…

The faster you are at this particular skill, the more productive you’ll be as a writer. That means happier clients, faster paydays and, of course, more free time!

Your Ticket to a Better Life

When you create a quality, actionable info product, people will know you’re the real deal. You’ll be able to create passive income by selling it to your target market.

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