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This Will Help You Succeed As a Writer and in Life

Do these four simple things each day and you’ll find yourself feeling a LOT better about yourself, your life, and your career as a freelance writer.

How to Banish the Fear of Getting Started

One of the big obstacles new freelancers face is the fear of getting started. Uncover the process that needs to happen for you to achieve your goals.

How to Unlock the Rich Rewards of the Writer’s Life

If you want to live the writer’s life — and unlock the freedom and financial rewards that come with it — then this one tip will help you do it.

Don’t Let This Fear Keep You From Writing Success

Discover three easy steps to start on the path toward getting really good as a writer — and blast past the fear of “there’s too much competition.”

How to Overcome One of the Most Common Fears of Succeeding As a Writer

Succeeding as a writer and living the writer’s life is doable. These 3 easy steps will help you overcome one of the most common obstacles most writers face.

Key Message Copy Platforms: How to Price Them and Make Great Money

Discover how you can consistently make $200 to $300 per hour on all of your Key Message Copy Platform copywriting projects—without your clients ever questioning your fee!

Key Message Copy Platforms: How to Close the Deal with Prospects

Learn to master five proven closing lines that make it easier than you think to consistently land lucrative Key Message Copy Platform projects year after year.

Key Message Copy Platforms: How to Identify Prospects Who Need Them Now!

Learn to recognize situations that are ideal opportunities to market your Key Message Copy Platform copywriting service with a high expectation of success.

Key Message Copy Platforms: The Nuts and Bolts of How to Write Them

Learn the simple steps to writing Key Message Copy Platforms and you’ll generate much more revenue for your copywriting business—and become your client’s “content hero.”

Key Message Copy Platforms: A Must-Have Copywriting Service Every Company Needs

To build a successful freelance business, you should know how to write and sell Key Message Copy Platforms—because every company needs them.

A 10-Minute Marketing Upsell Shortcut Guaranteed to Get Results

There’s no need to guess what marketing strategy will get results. Use this simple 10-minute shortcut to make upsell recommendations guaranteed to work.

Three Upsells You Can Prescribe That Will Increase Your Client’s Income

The best way to create ongoing assignments is to get results for your client. Use these three sure-fire strategies to increase your client’s income.

How to Consistently Make Impressive Recommendations for Your Clients

Discover four ways to make effective, efficient, and impressive recommendations that not only improve your clients’ results but help close business.

The Secret to Upselling Your Services That Most People Miss

It’s always a good idea to offer an upsell to your clients. Use this 3-step method to confidently create the right upsell offer every time.

The Key to Expanding Your Writing Income Without Having to Add More Clients

Discover how to earn more from your existing clients, or expand your income instantly when you land a new one, using this often overlooked method.

The Ultimate Secret Sauce for Becoming a Winning Copywriter

There’s a secret ingredient to landing high-paying clients and making it big as a writer. It’s already within you. You just have to activate it.

How to Be a Professional in the Eyes of Your Clients

Clients want to work with professionals. Even if you’re a newbie, you probably have the characteristics they’re looking for… know-how and dependability.

How to Choose Your Best Marketing Method

Discover three ways to approach potential clients directly and convince them to hire you. They include direct response and expert status.

How to Be Sure You’re Offering Clients What They Want

Now that you’ve chosen a niche and you know who you’ll be talking with, it’s time to figure out what to offer. Make a list of “known demand” services.

Wanna Succeed As a Writer? Start Here…

Get started on your writer’s life journey now. Here’s the first step for building a super-solid foundation for your copywriting business.

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