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Want to Write an Effective Story Lead? Follow These Four Surefire Strategies

Leading a promo with a compelling story can capture your reader's attention quickly. But not all stories will work. Here are four strategies to ensure yours will.

Did You Hear the Story about … ? Power Stories to Persuade and Sell

Numbers and statistics can sometimes tell a powerful story. But you know what? Nothing catches and keeps attention as effectively as a good story.

To Master Copywriting, Learn to Listen — to Yourself

Marcia Yudkin — one of the "few genuine thought leaders in copywriting” — shares the secret of one person you must listen to so you can master copywriting.

Using Katie Yeakle's Secret for Reducing Stress: How Slowing Down Has Helped Me Get More Done

The right kind of stress can energize you … help you achieve the writer’s life. The wrong kind can stop you in your tracks. Here's how I learned to tame the wrong kind of stress.

How a Legendary Copywriter Dead for 88 Years Will Help You Achieve The Writer's Life

The two most essential secrets of copywriting evolved over 100 years ago. Knowing how they evolved will make you a more successful copywriter.

The “Rogues Gallery” Secret for Writing Emails People Eagerly Look Forward to Reading and Buying From

In a good story, the hero needs a strong villain to challenge him. Master email copywriter Ben Settle says you should apply this concept to writing emails as well.

Make $10,000 a Month Selling E-books

Bob Bly's published over 80 books — a good number of them e-books. Today, he's going to let you know his secrets to making money with e-books.

Good Reads … and How They'll Fuel Your Drive for The Writer's Life

The single most important thing you must do to achieve the writer’s life is write. But every single successful writer does one additional thing to improve her or his writing.

Legendary Copywriter — The Man Responsible for Making Me a Copywriter

It isn't often that someone gets to meet the person who inspired their career. I've not only gotten to meet that person, I've developed a good friendship with him.

How Belief Can Power Your Drive to Become a Copywriter

The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.

Why Go It Alone? How to Get Maximum Benefit From a Copywriting Coach/Mentor

Achieving the writer's life can be a lonely pursuit sometimes. It's so much easier when someone is there with you.

Three Simple Steps for Writing Effective Insert Ads

Insert ads provide a great opportunity for writers to achieve the writer's life. Mark Ford's three-step formula makes writing successful ones easy.

Unraveling the Mystery of Copywriter’s Voice and Tone

Master Copywriters say one of the secrets of success is developing tone and voice. Easy advice to give... but hard to follow until you learn exactly what tone and voice are.

The Importance of “Deep Reading”

The most important thing you can do to achieve the writer's life is to write. The second most important?

The Story Behind The Highest-Paid Copywriter Today and What He Can Tell You about Achieving The Writer's Life

Today’s “highest-paid copywriter” didn't start out that way. In fact, if you'd asked his high school chemistry teacher, he would've said Clayton Makepeace would be a failure.

Copywriting Exercises: Are You a Better Speller Than Will Newman? (It's Not That Hard!)

As writers, our greatest allies are words. But they can also be demons when they refuse to spell themselves correctly. Here's a fun look at frequently misspelled words.

Build Your Skills and Self-Confidence as a Respected Writer and Publisher

Having a Money-Making Website is a great way to get started on the writer's life. But it provides far more than just money.

Write E-books to Drive Traffic to Your Money-Making Website

E-books can be the best way to drive traffic to your Money-Making Website. They are easy to write. And they're a great source of passive income.

Make Money Writing: Powering Your Passive Writing Income with AdSense

You want to share your passion with the world. And make money writing about it. You can do it with your Money-Making Website and AdSense. Here's how.

3 Ways to Make a Passive Income From Your Own Authority Website

Most newly minted copywriters feel you have to get a client to start making money writing copy. It doesn't have to be that way. Nick Usborne tells us how.

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