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Single Most Important Person for Your Success

The desire to succeed is powerful and necessary. But remember, you’re in for the long haul. There’s one person who has the greatest impact on your success.

4 Productivity Tips to Keep You Successful and Sane

The better your productivity, the faster you’ll achieve success. Here are four key productivity strategies that relate directly to your writing.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Really Know Your Prospect

Your imagination can help you flesh out the real person you’re writing to. But it can’t tell you exactly how she thinks or feels. Here’s how to do that.

Two Crucial Steps to Getting to Know Your Prospect

Delve more deeply into the first quality of empathy. Discover how to develop a realistic understanding of your prospect’s core complex.

Jay Abraham’s Key Secret to Copywriting Mastery

Developing empathy for your prospect will make you a much more successful copywriter. Empathy is broken down into three heartfelt parts.

Wrapping Up Your First Paid Content Project

Discover how simple it is to take your outlined idea and turn it into a paying article for your client. (It’s as easy as filling in the blanks.)

A Simple Template for Faster Content Writing

Writing content is a great path for becoming a freelance writer. In this article, discover a template for writing faster and keeping writer’s block away.

3 Simple Ways to Generate More Paying Ideas

When writing articles, how do you come up with ideas? Learn how to brainstorm dozens of article topics that will get you hired over and over!

How to Search (and Find) Paid Content Writing Jobs

Article writing is a simple – practically risk-free – way to launch a successful writing career. Learn how to find your first paying project.

A Quick Route to Paid Writing Projects

Here’s a quick and easy route to paying projects for any aspiring writer. It’s something you can start right away, even while working a full-time job.

One Thing Every Successful Copywriter Does

When it comes to building your business, doing this almost guarantees you will reach your goal.

3-Step Checklist for Writing Clear and Exciting Copy

Sometimes, when you’re writing, your copy may not feel right. This checklist will help you keep your writing clear and exciting.

How to Start Any Writing Project

These three steps will make it easy to organize your ideas, and ensure that your writing flows.

An Easy Way to Find New Clients

This often-overlooked source is an easy way to get your first clients, along with the experience and testimonials you need to build your business.

How to Face Your Fears and Find Solutions

Feeling fear is natural when you’re building a freelance business. This step will help you get past fear and reach your goals.

Living Proof: Guillermo Rubio Reveals How Being Scared to Be a Writer Proved It Was the Perfect Choice for Him

If the writer’s life seems a bit scary as well as fascinating, you’re on the right track. Guillermo Rubio shows you how to use fear as the ultimate guidepost.

Living Proof: Krista Jones Reveals How Writing Let Her Ditch Her Office Life for Good

You don’t have to be stuck in an office. If you love the outdoors, Krista Jones’ story will show you a way to use writing to escape to the outside for good.

Living Proof: Peter Fogel Reveals How Copywriting and Acting Can Combine for a Profitable Career

Why be a struggling actor or a starving artist? Here, Peter Fogel shares how combining creative fields can lead to greater success in both worlds.

Living Proof: Author Pat McCord Reveals How Copywriting Boosts Her Bottom Line

Fiction writers often need to “keep their day job.” Pat McCord found she can pay all her bills by combining book writing with copywriting for the best results.

Living Proof: AWAI Member Steve Coombes on His Writer’s Life

Steve Coombes built a successful six-figure career as a copywriter to spend more time with his family. See how he did it and how you can follow in his footsteps.

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