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Ask These 3 Questions and Watch Your Income Soar

When you control the conversation, you also control your destiny. These three questions put you in the driver seat of living the writer’s life.

Use This 7-Point Checklist to Get Clients to Say, “Yes”

Finding clients to hire you to write for them is easy as long as you’re using this proven 7-point check list that answers their most pressing questions.

Your Success Lies in Finding the Ideal Client

The first step in being a sought after copywriter is choosing the right company to write for. Find that company and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you succeed.

A Secret Formula for Landing High Paying Projects

There’s one thing you need to do when working with a client that could easily mean the difference between one project or multiple ones: Ask a lot of questions.

Why the Best Way to Generate a Steady Stream of Income is Having ONE Client

The secret to making the most money as a freelance writing is working with the same client and getting one project after another. The most profitable marketing work you will ever do is with the clients you already have.

You Don’t Have to be a Master to Master this Medium

Writers express themselves with words, but a way to boost your creativity and enhance your writing is by doing something artistic like painting.

What You and Great Scientists Have in Common

Like scientists who live their lives doing experiments, finding your perfect writing niche requires a little bit of trial and error. The best way to discover your niche is to not waste time on markets that don’t interest you.

How Past Experiences Can be the Clue to Your Future Writing Career

How scrutinizing your own work and examining the works of others whose writing you admire could make a dramatic difference in helping you improve your writing skills.

Use Math to Figure out Your Secret Formula for Success

How using a few simple formulas can kick your writing career into high gear, landing you more clients and higher income.

Are Your Words Meshing With Your Client?

Your written idea can easily be confusing to your reader UNLESS you write with crystal clarity and meaning.

How to Land Clients Willing to Pay You for Video Scripts

If you want to get in on one of the most lucrative writing opportunities ever, start by reading this list about how to land clients who will pay you for writing videos

2 Self-Promotional Video Formats That Help You Get Hired for Your Writing Services Fast

Discover the two main formats—both of which are easy to do—for producing a video that promotes your writing services (and gets you hired fast!).

What to Include When You Write Your Own Client-Attracting Video Sales Script

Looking for an easy way to let clients know about your writing services? Check out these eight elements to include in your own video sales script.

Discover the Eight Most Vital Elements to Include in Any Video Message You Write

Find out which eight essential elements of video sales message writing you should always include if you want your prospect’s nod of approval.

The Next Great Writing Opportunity: Video Scripts and Video Sales Letters (and Why They Bring Mammoth Returns!)

Discover why writing video scripts and video sales letters is such a lucrative opportunity for freelance writers.

Six Reasons Creating An Info-Product Will Grow Your Writing Business

Discover six reasons why creating your own info-product is one of the best ways to grow your writing business.

Where To Find Info-Marketing Clients… Even If You’re A Complete Newbie

Discover three simple ways to find info-marketing clients even if you are just getting started as a copywriter.

How to Cash in by Providing a Turn-key Solution for Info-marketing Clients

Find out why info-marketing clients need so much copy and how to provide a turn-key solution that will keep writing assignments flowing your way.

Three Questions You Must Answer Before Creating an Info-Product

Create info-products that generate the maximum amount of income by researching these three questions before you create the info-product.

Discover A Lucrative, In-Demand Writing Opportunity Hidden In Plain Sight

Discover one of the best, most lucrative writing opportunities available today for beginners and pros alike that has an insatiable appetite for copy.

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