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Survey Says? B2B Email Copywriting is Booming!

B2B companies are investing big-time in this marketing specialty because they can see the results. That makes the demand for good copywriters even higher.

A Handy Site Audit Checklist for SEO and Content Writing that Works — And Leads to More Projects

A paid website audit is a gateway to new writing projects. Use this checklist to identify weaknesses on your client’s website. Then, get paid to fix them.

A Perfectly Scripted Conversation for Your Role as a Highly Paid Web Content Detective

You can follow this script from Pam Foster to land both a Site Audit project and more paid work afterward. She walks you through how it works here.

Get Paid $2,500 for Writing a Proposal… And Open the Door to Endless Moneymaking Opportunities with Clients

Get paid to write a proposal?! Pam Foster shows you how to do it… and then get paid again to do the writing work too.

A Freelance Writing Client Just Found Your Website — Now What?

New copywriters often freeze when a potential client reaches out. Pam Foster explains how you handle the inquiry, and turn a prospect into a paying client.

Six Ways to Get Your Ideal Clients to Your Website

Increase traffic to your writer’s website and you can increase your business. John Wood shares six ways to grab the attention of your ideal clients.

7 Things You Must Have on Your Website (But Only If You Want Clients…)

You need a website for your freelance business. And for it to attract clients, there are seven must-have elements. Joshua Boswell reveals what they are.

How I Stumbled Into a Market with Unlimited Earning Potential and What It Means for Your Writing Success

Heather Robson shares the details about an industry where clients offer writing project after project after project.

There’s Always a ‘What’s Next?’ for the Information-Marketing Client

Dan Kennedy outlines why the information-marketing industry offers an endless series of well-paid assignments — more work than a copywriter can handle.

Facebook Says Writing Is Dead. I Call B.S.

Is writing dead? A key Facebook employee says it is. Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs, offers her own view of what’s happening.

Are You an Impostor? Take the Quiz

Do you ever feel like an imposter? Many writers do. Internationally recognized expert Valerie Young reveals three action steps you can take to overcome it.

How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Your Copywriting Training (and Help You Transition Out of Your 9-to-5 Job)

The safest way to transition from a full-time job to the writer’s life is to get your boss to pay for your training. Here’s how to do it so it’s a win-win.

The Best Copywriting Clients — and the Worst

Bob Bly explains what to expect when working with a variety of companies that hire copywriters, plus how to determine which are the right clients for you.

Where Are You Pulling Your Motivation From? And, Is It Working?

Many aspiring writers let fears hold them back from the writer’s life. Ted Capshaw shows how to use them as a source of motivation to achieve your goals.

The Power of Research: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Being a great copywriter means being a great researcher. Some research involves talking to others and asking the right questions to get the right answers.

Why Copywriting Beats Every Job on This List

Most careers have a high barrier to entry, like Glassdoor’s 20 most in-demand jobs that pay over $100,000. But copywriting is a totally different story.

Press This to Be a More Prolific, Productive, Profitable Writer

Mindy McHorse discovered an easy method to improve productivity and increase profitability. She’s also writing better than ever. She shares her secret now.

Working with a Legendary Copy Chief

When you’re starting out as a copywriter, one person can make a big difference in how quickly you catch on. When the student is ready, a teacher appears...

Six Steps to Becoming a Great Copywriter

The best way to make a living as a writer is to become a great copywriter. Here’s how to do it in six steps.

The Shortcut Way to Become a Better (and Richer) Copywriter

If you want to be a better and richer copywriter — and in the shortest time possible — one person can help you. Plus, get a checklist to improve your copy.

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