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The Pro Resume Writer ProgramThe Pro Resume Writer Program gives you everything you need to start and run a successful spare-time resume preparation service. The program quickly takes you from dreaming about starting your own business to doing it.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • How to write a resume that gets results.
  • Your exclusive client questionnaire—this can save you hours of work every week.
  • A complete guide to marketing your new business.
  • Sample ads you can use to get clients immediately.
  • Step-by-step information on starting and running your own business.
  • Successful techniques to expand your business

With our detailed guidelines, writing resumes is fun, quick, and easy. You can complete most assignments in 45 minutes to an hour. If you charge a client just $100 to prepare his resume and it takes you an hour, you’re earning $100 an hour. Best of all, you can literally start the same day you download your materials.

There will never be a better opportunity to have the kind of part-time income you’ve always dreamed about. There are thousands of people in your area that need a resume — to get their first job … to get a better job … to make more money … or to get that dream job.

The Pro Resume Writer Program: $99.00

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