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Getting Your First ClientYou already know the many advantages of the freelance copywriting life … financial security, self-employment, working from home, no commuting, flexible hours … But now imagine getting your first paycheck before you’ve even officially launched your business.

There’s a "shortcut" to achieving your goal of becoming a professional copywriter. A shortcut that can leapfrog you years ahead of the competition. And it's not hard to learn.

This shortcut has worked so well for so many of our members, we've asked our experts to put all the details together for you in a single, easy-to-follow program. A simple program that can cut months – even years – off your rise to the top.

Getting Your First Client gives you the inside scoop on how this shortcut works. You’ll hear from people just like you who've used it to build a successful copywriting career. This isn't classroom theory. It's the real deal: a hands-on "how-to" from people who've been right where you are today. You'll hear the stories of real AWAI members who started out right where you are now. You'll learn exactly what they did to win their first clients – straight from the source.

Here's just a taste of the secrets you'll discover:

  • How to use this technique's almost irresistible appeal to approach the clients you really want to work for.
  • How to earn up to $10,000 on your first letter!
  • How to supercharge all your copy by mastering these 6 simple elements.
  • The "secret bonus" that this technique often yields.

Plus, you also find out how to:

  • Turn a trip to your mailbox into cash.
  • Uncover three nearly limitless sources of prospects right in your home!
  • Use three huge FREE sources of national prospects.
  • Master Bob Bly's proven "stealth approach" for landing assignments.
  • Win paying clients … with no expense whatsoever.

Imagine the jump you'll get on your new career with all these tricks in your toolbox!

Don't wait to start making money. Begin living the copywriter's lifestyle sooner. Order your copy of Getting Your First Client right now … and put your new career into high gear.

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