December 2017

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Copywriting Success in Your Future - For 50% Off!

Take it from Katie Yeakle - learning the skill of copywriting can enhance your success and give you a better future. And for a limited time, our flagship Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is available for a 50% discount with our Holiday Sale. Go here for all the details and get started now!

Pick a Niche Find Your Perfect Copywriting Jobs

It’s the perfect opportunity to explore the copywriting niches out there … and pick the one that works for you. It’s a path to high paying copywriting jobs.

5 Freelance Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Launching your freelance writing business is a big step. And, there are a few things it’s easy to get wrong. Avoid these common freelance writing mistakes.

The Most Efficient Way to Earn a Great Living as a Freelance Writer

There’s a fast way to build a writing business instead of hunting for new clients. Steve Coombes outlines five stages of a great client relationship.

PWA Names Four Spec Challenge Winners For 2017

The Professional Writers' Alliance announced the winners of their 2017 Spec Challenge. Go here to find out more about the four writers who will be published in PWA's Guest Writer series next year!

Save $700 on New “Getting Clients” Program

If one of your goals for the new year is getting clients then you're in luck. Our new No-Stress Method for Getting Clients program is available for its lowest price ever - during AWAI's Holiday Sale. Go here for all the exciting details and sign up today!

Let Copywriting Masters Lead You to Copywriter Success

Expert level programs are available now at deep discounts. Get the skills you need to achieve copywriter success.

How a Burned-Out Teacher Earned Money Writing from a Parisian Cafe

You can build your dream writer’s life. Rachael Kraft shares 5 lessons she’s learned as a self-employed writer so you know how to grow your business too.

Switching Your Niche Could Be the Key to Your Copywriting Success

AWAI Member Rachel Frederick was unfulfilled as a freelancer for a long time. It was only when she switched her niche to a topic she was passionate about that she had highly-paid copywriter success.

Four Unusual Steps to Overcome Writing Paralysis and Kick Your Career Into High Gear

With so many opportunities to choose from, aspiring writers often get paralysis by analysis. Mindy McHorse shares four steps you can take to move forward.

How to Correct the Common Mistake Up-and-Coming Writers Often Make

This common mistake most up-and-coming writers make could be the reason why readers are deleting your sales letter.

AWAI Member Takes Care of the “Business Side” of Copywriting with Ease

Having templates ready to go saves you time, hassle, and stress, leaving you to do what you do best: write winning copy. For freelance copywriter Elizabeth Blessing, Essential Templates for Your Copywriting Business has been an important part of growing her writing business. Now through April 4, the program is available for a $50 discount.

Wealthy Web Writer Reality Blogger Challenge: Who Will Be the New Reality Blogger in 2018?

As 2018 approaches, Wealth Web Writer has started the search for their next Reality Blogger. Check out this year's finalists right here!

Five Ways to Make $1,000 - in Just a Weekend!

Looking to boost your copywriting success in the upcoming year? Here are five AWAI programs Rebecca Matter has in mind for you. But don't wait too long to check them out - for a limited time they're all available for 50% off!

‘Tis the Season to Save BIG ... Up to 75%!!

AWAI's holiday wish for YOU is for 2018 to be your breakthrough year. And for a limited time, you can save up to 75% on all the programs and resources to make that happen. Click here for more exciting details on our Holiday sale - but hurry - it ends on December 14th at midnight PT.

A Career Transformation and First Copywriting Job at the Web Copywriting Intensive

For Michele Peterson, attending the Web Copywriting Intensive inspired a major mindset shift in her freelance career – and she landed her first copywriting job.

Find Copywriter Success at the 2018 Web Copywriting Intensive

With these six experts revealing their most powerful web copywriting secrets, the Intensive will be the place to find your copywriting success in 2018.

How to Make a Live Event Your Own Catalyst for Change

There’s magic in live events. You can be energized with new ideas, skills, connections, and a new sense of purpose. Learn about these catalysts for change.

Any Questions for Me About Web Intensive?

Get all the answers to any of your lingering questions and then sign up for 2018 Web Intensive. But hurry - the early-bird discount ends December 8th, AND there's just a few seats left!

A Simple Way to Prospect with Cold Calls

Even the most introverted freelance copywriter can easily prospect with cold calls by using this simple method.

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Save up to 75% on the Programs You Need to Set Yourself Up for Greater Success… Offers End Thursday, December 14th at Midnight!