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What You Can Discover from Bob Bly's “Very Expensive Education” [audio]

Check out this exclusive interview with Bob Bly to hear about his extensive copywriting career and the key lessons he's taken away from his freelancing experience.

Why You Should Choose a Niche

Not sure if you should choose a niche? Click through to learn about three big benefits of choosing a niche for your web-writing business.

The Secret to Writing for Your Dream Clients

Discover how you can take control of your writing career by identifying your dream clients and generating ideas to pitch to them.

An Elementary School Trick to Set You Apart

Understanding what makes great content gives you an advantage working with clients. The freelancer who can reliably create quality content gets the most work.

Your Favorite Hobby Could Bring You Success as a Writer

As long as you have an interest in a topic, there’s a market for you to start your freelance writing business. Robert Rice shows how easy it is to get started.

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