AWAI Success Stories

Looking for a little inspiration? Read some of our most recent success stories below.

And if you want to meet some of the AWAI Members who are now living “the writer’s life” thanks to their hard work and dedicated persistence, be sure and visit our Wall of Fame.

Smart Networking Lands AWAI Member Her First Big Project

Substitute teacher networks with family and friends to find her way to confidence and a successful freelance career.

AWAI Member Finds Her Ideal Client, Lands Her First Major Project

AWAI member gets confidence from Accelerated Copywriting Program and Bootcamp. Find out how she lands her first client, blogging job, and retainer contact.

Networking with Confidence Pays Off with Two New Clients for the AWAI Member

AWAI member finds that believing in herself, combined with networking, makes her dream of becoming a copywriter come true.

Innovative Self-Marketing Tactic Pays Off for this AWAI Member

July's Barefoot Writer cover image winner, Elizabeth Blessing, submitted an article about the cover and her copywriting career to her local newspaper, which has resulted in freelance work. Read the whole story here.

Short Copy Projects Open the Door to Thriving Freelance Career

When this AWAI member discovered and pursued the email-writing niche, she got enough clients coming in on a regular basis to fill her schedule for years to come.

From “Volunteer” Copywriter to Paid Projects

This AWAI member had been voluntarily copywriting for years, but she's now on the road to earning an income for her freelance work — her volunteer experience paving the way.

Member’s Professional Freelance Website Pays Off with a New Client and Some Serious Glicken

This AWAI member didn’t just get paid for her second-ever copy project … she also got an invitation to Southeast Asia from her grateful client! Check out the story here.

Effective Self-Marketing Gives an Early Boost to this AWAI Member’s Freelance Career

With the skills acquired through The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting The Pro Resume Writer Program, this AWAI member landed herself speaking gigs and has brought in extra income. Read her story here!

Effective Self-Marketing, a “Go-For-It” Attitude, and Hard-Earned Copy Skills Helped this New Copywriter Get a Great Start to His Copywriting Career

In his first six months of copywriting, this member landed three big clients that have given him a great income and an even greater sense of accomplishment.

AWAI Member Takes Home $300 for Spec Assignment

Not only are spec assignments a great way to practice writing, they can also land you a paid assignment! This AWAI member earned $300 for her Web Copywriting 2.0 spec.

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