AWAI Success Stories

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Copywriter Success Story: How Bootcamp Changed Everything for this Writer

Chris Allsop attended her first Bootcamp in 2006 and has since been working in the financial and info marketing niche. Read this copywriter success story to find out how this event changed her career in an interview with Wealthy Web Writer editor, Heather Robson.

Copywriting Keeps this Circle of Success Member and Bootcamp Alum Near the Ocean

Freelance copywriting provides the ultimate freedom, as this Circle of Success member has discovered.

Job Fair Changed This AWAI Member’s Career — and Continues to Do So Today

Gary Mull went to Bootcamp knowing exactly what he wanted - to work with Marketing Consultant Jesse Moskel. Gary went beyond his comfort zone, completed a spec assignment, and has been working with Jesse ever since!

New Online Networking Tool Provides a Flood of Clients for this AWAI Member

After fixing up her LinkedIn profile, COS member Sherri Caldwell was able to show off her freelance skills and copywriting experience to land clients and get more projects. You can read her story here.

Free Call: The Best (and Fastest) Way to Get Your “Stuck” Copy Career Moving

If you're feeling stuck in your copywriting career, sign up for this free open house call on Wednesday, May 11 at 12 PM EST, and find out more about COS and how these AWAI members got unstuck and fast-tracked their success!

A Constant Stream of New Copywriting Clients From Around the World for this AWAI Member

B2B writer Steve Maurer is a client-getting magnet. And he recently added two more new copywriting clients to his roster.

Getting an Unexpected Education in Copywriting Pays Off for this AWAI Member

AWAI member Logan Goodrich was able to take what she learned at the Web Copywriting Intensive to turn a current social media client into her first freelance web writing project. Find out more here!

Free Travel Around the Country … as Part of a Very Fulfilling New Job … Has this COS Member Saying “It Feels Great!”

This Circle of Success member recently landed his dream job - teaching copywriting to those in the corporate world. Not only does he love that he gets to teach, he gets to travel around the country to do it. Read his story here.

One Site Audit Turns into $8,000 Worth of Work for this AWAI Member

Offering site audits is a great way for web copywriters to apply their skills while bringing in additional income. Find out how this member turned one project into $8,000.

How to Create a Solid Plan for Success

Following in the footsteps of someone who has gone before you and learning from their experience, can make all the difference in your success. Find out how Joshua Boswell and his Launch Tour made that difference last year for freelance copywriter and AWAI member George Ortega.

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