Got an Hour a Week?

Then Let Email Legend Ben Settle Help You Create Your Very Own Six-Figure Writing Business…

Without EVER Having to Land a Single Client…

Writing Just 10 Minutes a Day, About Stuff You Love!

Dear Fellow Writer,

Hi, I’m Paul Hollingshead.

I’m one of the Co-Founders of AWAI… but I make my living as a copywriter.

I first heard about “email king” Ben Settle about three years ago…

When a client I know hired him to spend a few days teaching their in-house copywriters how to write stronger emails…

And they’ve been raving about him ever since.

All the greats admire Ben’s amazing email skills…

Including Brian Kurtz, Target Marketing’s “Marketer of the Year” and the man who helped build Boardroom Publishing…

And Agora’s Joe Schriefer, who credits Ben with helping grow his group’s revenues four-fold — transforming it into one of the biggest financial publishers in the world.

I finally got to meet Ben at one of AWAI’s Bootcamps.

And he told me something I had a very hard time believing at first…

1 Email/Day = $500K/Year

He told me about a “home writing business” he started up…

That lets him generate a half-million-dollar per year income…

Writing a simple one-page email, every day…

With ZERO clients…

Naturally — I was intrigued.

And, of course, just a little skeptical.

So, I bought him a drink and asked him to explain how the whole thing works…

How his “copywriting business model” allows him to work so little — and make so much money!

How does he do it?

He didn’t hold back. He told me every detail.

And very quickly, it all made sense to me.

I could immediately see how anyone who’s passionate about writing and helping people could do what Ben does.

All you have to do is set up the same kind of writing model Ben uses…

And do it yourself!

And that’s what I’m going to walk you through here, right now.

I’m going to tell you precisely how Ben Settle makes nearly a half-million dollars a year… writing short emails…

In LESS time than it takes to get a pizza delivered to your house!

And more importantly…

How you can do it too — writing about almost anything that interests and excites you.

I’ll explain everything you need to know.

We’ve even arranged a kind of “partnership” where, if you’d like Ben’s help setting up a writing business like his — he’ll help you out.

But before I get to that…

There are a couple of things I learned about Ben that you should know.

One very important thing to know is — he is definitely not one of those work-a-holic, go-getter types you’d expect to be running such a profitable freelance business.

In fact, the opposite is true.

He’s actually a slacker.

Now, those are Ben’s words, not mine.

And he makes no apologies.

He told me flat-out — the less work he can get away with doing, the better for him.

“If I can make six-figures working an hour a day — tops — I’m happy,” he said.

So that’s “number one” about Ben.

The second thing that’s important to know is — he’s not your typical business owner.

He’s something of a “loner”… an introvert.

And he’s certainly not politically correct or “polished.”

Same goes for his writing.

Not everyone likes what he writes or agrees with what he has to say.

And that’s just fine with him…

In fact, as you’ll see in a minute… it’s one of the secrets to his success… which is why I’m making a point to tell you about it now.

Jobless and Aimless

The other part of Ben’s story is something I can relate to…

He graduated college with no real career in mind.

He didn't fit the mold of corporate ladder climber. He knew from the get-go he was virtually “unemployable.”

He bounced from job to job. He tried door-to-door sales and multi-level marketing, only to go $50,000 in debt buying leads and products he couldn't sell.

As he told me:

“I was a terrible face-to-face salesman. The minute I’d try to talk to someone about buying my stuff… I’d be at a loss for words. I dreaded it. I hated it. It just wasn’t for me and I was miserable at it.”

Ben was so down on his luck at one point that he had to sleep in a tiny office he rented for $250 a month because it was “cheaper than a real apartment.”

Every morning, he had to be out of the place by 5 a.m., fearful that the landlord would discover he was “living” there illegally…

So every day, he’d wake up by 4 a.m.… pack up his bag of belongings… go to the local gym… take a shower… then walk the streets — until it was the appropriate time to “show up” at the office building.

But it was during these “dark times” that the seeds for his current success were sown. (Take it from me — sometimes you need to hit “rock bottom” to really change your life!)

A Writing Revelation

He started reading about businesses he could start on his own… and he came across a book by self-help and copywriting expert Joe Vitale called, 7 Lost Secrets of Success.

It was in Joe’s book that he learned about copywriting for the first time ever.

It was a revelation to him because it dawned on him that — as a copywriter — you can make great money selling to customers — without ever having to see or even meet them!

So he bought books and collected articles by all the masters — Bob Bly, Gary Halbert, Gene Schwartz… and read each of them more than 10 times!

And, just like you are now, he learned to write copy.

He’d found his calling — and he became very good!

So good that very soon “A-list” clients were lining up to hire him to write copy selling everything from golf gadgets to self-defense.

It was all wonderful…

He was making a six-figure income writing multimillion-dollar ad campaigns.

He was getting “fan mail” from top copywriters and marketers like David Deutsch, Brian Kurtz, Richard Armstrong, Russell Brunson, and others…

He was paid handsomely to fly in and help multimillion-dollar companies develop their copy and marketing strategies.

In fact, he was so good at it that he started writing little “marketing tips” based on his own experience and everything he’d read over the years from all those direct marketing and copywriting legends…

Little emails he’d send out to his growing list of online “fans.”

And it was all good — but hard work.

But remember what Ben told me about himself?

It Was “All Too Much”

When all is said and done — he’s lazy!

And after a while, the deadlines… the demands from clients… all the reading and research… the 20-hour days from taking on too many projects…

Well — he’d had enough.

So he stopped. Just like that.

But, of course, he’d grown quite accustomed to his very comfortable six-figure lifestyle. He certainly didn't want to regress to living out of a dingy office, showering in the local gym every day.

So he asked himself a question:

With everything I know now about marketing and copywriting — how can I make good money without having to deal with clients, or work nearly as hard?

And that’s when it dawned on him:

Those emails he was writing every day.

People loved the marketing insights he was writing every day.

They were fun.

They were informative.

They were edgy.

And most of all, he enjoyed writing them!

What if he kept writing those emails — only instead of doing it as a “hobby” really… he sell something useful to his readers each day.

Didn’t have to be something huge.

Maybe just a $39 marketing report that his audience, marketers, would buy. He was a writer after all, so it would be easy to write.

So he did the math…

If just 10 people out of thousands were to buy that report every day… for, say, $39… a price his readers could afford…

That’s $390 a day…

$142,350 per year.

Better still, what if he could also create a monthly subscription product, like a simple newsletter he could write in a day… that sold for $39 per month

If just 2 people each day bought it… he could be generating an additional $341,000 per year.

And what if he can include a more expensive, say $795 “backend” type of product that just three people a week ended up buying…

That’s another $124,000…

Well, you get the idea.

Suddenly you have the potential for a business with over $465,000 in sales!

And you’re still making money writing. Just no clients… no deadlines to deal with.

And here’s the beautiful part:

Once you “create” your products — all you have to do to generate that income is write a simple email to your “fans” once a day!

That’s why I’m so excited to be talking to you today.

Ben’s 10-Minute Workday email writing business is tailor-made for anyone interested in writing for a living.

It’s a fun way to make a great living with a fraction of the effort traditional copywriters (like me) have to put in.

Fact is, there are thousands of people doing it…

“Introverts” like Ben who prefer not to “meet” with customers… deal with clients… sit in a cubicle… work to a schedule… be overwhelmed with deadlines.

People who, quite frankly, really don't like to work!

They’d rather be doing other things… like training for a marathon, playing golf, traveling the world, writing poetry, sailing a boat to some sun-soaked island far away…

And the exciting thing is, AWAI and Ben Settle have now joined forces to show you step-by-step how you can create an email business of your own…

It’s a program modeled after Ben’s very successful business. You’ll learn everything you need to know…

You’ll even learn how to structure your “10-Minute Email” business in a way that has money “flowing” to your bank account automatically…

So all you have to do is wake up each morning… log into your account… and see how much money has been deposited over the past 24 hours!

Quite frankly, we’ve never done anything like this.

The Biggest “Worry” New Copywriters Have

It’s a terrific alternative for AWAI members who like to write — but don't especially “love” the idea of working for someone else or being a “gun for hire” copywriter.

Because here’s what we hear from a lot of aspiring copywriters who come to AWAI in search of the writer’s life.

You tell us you love to write…

You love the idea of being able to make six-figures writing about fun and interesting subjects…

And, of course, you love the freedom — being able to write from anywhere in the world, whenever you choose.

But there’s one thing that scares the livin’ heck out of many writers:

Finding clients.

And I get it.

Landing that first paying client — the pressure of pleasing him or her — it’s a big deal… and a lot of pressure for any new writer.

But that’s the great thing about Ben’s “10-Minute Email” business strategy:

You don’t need clients…


You never have to pick up the phone to talk to a prospective client.

You never have to negotiate writing fees or royalties.

You never have to worry “I’m not good enough” or deal with rejection.

And you never have to worry about where your next writing project is coming from.

All those worries disappear.

Because YOU are in total control.

Your “10-Minute” Day…

So imagine your day as the proud owner of an email writing business like Ben’s…

You get up…

You pour a cup of coffee…

You sit down at your computer…

You open a fresh, blank page in Word…

Write your quick 300 to 400-word email for the day…

Hit “Send”…

And that’s it!

In 10 minutes, your workday is done!

If you’re like Ben, you might take your dog for a five-mile walk along the Pacific Ocean, minutes from his beachside home in Oregon…

Or get a good start on your seventh “monster-themed” novel…

Take a road trip to Umpqua or Napa Valley for a wine tasting…

Play a round of golf on one of the “top 10” courses in the country…

Or drive an hour and a half to the little town of Roseburg, Oregon for Wing Chun Kung Fu lessons…

Anything you like!

Now, of course — your day doesn't have to be all fun and games.

Maybe you’re feeling especially ambitious and you decide to gather some information for another special report you can write up and sell to your readers…

Point is — it’s up to you!

You can use the time to build up your business… or just enjoy your life!

Okay… I think we can agree…

This is a great business model for any copywriter.

“Ben has changed how I view my life and business…

“Since 2014, my girlfriend and I (both entrepreneurs) have gone from barely being able to get a mortgage for a home for our six kids…

“We now make $180K per year together… but it’s hard to keep track, since it goes up steadily.

“And most of it is thanks to the inspiration from Ben!”

Morten S.
Vejle, Denmark

It lets you use your writing skills to create a comfortable six-figure income…

And once you have everything set up — it only takes 10 minutes a day!

Next question is: “How can I get going on it?”

That’s what I’m going to show you now.

How Ben and AWAI Are Going to Help You Build Your Very Own Six-Figure “Email Business”

Now, before I get to the nitty-gritty, let me be completely transparent here.

Your 10-Minute Workday doesn’t happen right from the get-go. You’re going to have to spend some time getting started — and that includes:

But don’t worry. Ben (and AWAI) will help you every step of the way.

You see, that’s what makes this such a great collaboration.

Both Ben and AWAI love to teach people how to succeed…

Once Ben had such huge success writing simple emails, it wasn’t long before other people were asking him how can they could do it too. So he’d write some newsletter articles about it… teach a select few in person, and as you can imagine, charge a lot of money for his time.

But it was a lot of work for Ben and it took up a lot of his precious time.

And since AWAI is in business to teach people — and we know a lot of our members would be interested in this “easy” form of copywriting — it seemed natural to team up.

So for the last several months, we’ve been collecting and recording all of Ben’s hard-learned secrets and strategies…

And between the two of us, we’ve assembled something you won't find anywhere:

A comprehensive “work at your own pace” program that lets you replicate Ben’s amazingly successful “email copywriting business” strategy in as little as 30 days!

We call it the “10-Minute Workday” program…

And this I promise you…

It’ll be fun…

It’ll be rewarding…

And you’ll learn a ton about writing, marketing, and online business-building.

And remember…

The closer you follow Ben’s strategy — especially in the early planning stages — the easier it will be to grow and “scale” your email business later on…

And the MORE MONEY you’ll make when you are at the stage where you’re able to write one simple email… and “slack off” for the rest of the day, just like Ben does!

So let’s get down to business…

For the first time ever anywhere, here’s the real formula behind Ben’s incredible success.

It’s as simple as… Ready… Aim… Fire!

Step 1: Find Your “Starving Crowd”

First things first:

You have to find a market to write to.

This isn’t rocket science.

It’s “Marketing 101”: Identify a problem, need, or desire that a lot of people have… and then offer solutions.

That’s your “market.”

But just because it’s a simple idea doesn't mean you should treat it lightly.

Identifying your market is the first crucial step to making sure your new email writing business is built on the strongest foundation possible.

There’s an old adage from legendary copywriter Gary Halbert that Ben likes to tell…

Gary once asked a group of aspiring copywriters he was teaching:

“If you were going to start up a hamburger stand and you could have any one, single ‘advantage’ in the world starting out, what would it be?”

“The best Grade A beef,” one student replied.

Another said “a prime location.”

A few said “an irresistible secret sauce.”

“Good answers” said Gary. “But I’d put you all out of business with my choice…”

What did Gary want for his hamburger stand?

A starving crowd.

When you have tens of thousands of people starving for a solution — you’ve got a huge advantage over everyone else.

And let’s face it… there are hundreds, if not thousands, of needs and wants that beg for solutions.

People want to be richer, thinner, more attractive…

They want to look younger, feel healthier…

Athletes want to be stronger, runners want more endurance…

Golfers want longer, more accurate drives and lower scores…

Businesses want more customers, higher sales…

Baby Boomers want to travel, stay active, lead productive lives…

Collectors want to know where to find “rarities” and hidden gems…

Parents want their kids to be happy, smart, “kind” people as they grow up…

And so on…

You may have an idea already. Something you’re passionate about…

But don't worry if you don’t…

Ben will help you find the one that’s perfect for you.

In fact, he’ll show you more than a dozen methods for identifying the most pressing needs, wants, and desires in the market today…

The best free resources you can read…

Television shows you can watch that will uncover literally thousands of pressing and urgent needs you can address with your email business…

Why AM radio is one of the best sources for learning about the deeper wants of millions of Americans…

Amazon’s another great source, if you know where to look. Ben will show you.

And he’ll tell you about a well-known website where you can go, sign up for free, and gage the demand for literally thousands of “in-need” markets.

This is important research for your business. It’s important you find the one that’s right for you.

“I use email to run three small businesses — two different gyms and an online business, where I sell various fitness programs.

“Using Ben’s methods has helped me build a better relationship with my clients and potential clients — and with just one email a day, it gives me so much freedom.

“An email usually takes me 30 minutes to write and it allows me to keep everything going. It is the foundation of my business.”

Darragh H.
Monaghan, Ireland

Because remember…

Not only do you want your “starving crowd”…

You’re going to be writing about this topic every day.

So you gotta love it…

Next comes the fun part:

Step 2: Create “Solutions”

Once you’ve chosen your “starving crowd,” your job becomes very simple…

Feed them!

Give them solutions to their problems.

Help them get what they want.

Fill their needs.

In short — Be their hero!

It’s simpler than you think.

There are dozens of ways you can provide solutions — and make great money at the same time.

Let’s say you’ve decided to target the Baby Boomer fitness market. I think this is a great one. As a Baby Boomer myself, I’ve tried in vain to find an “authority” on the kind of workouts I should be doing at my age.

When I search the Internet, I get a lot of “bits and pieces” of highly conflicting information. I’ve yet to come across a single resource that specifically addresses my concerns and makes me think: “Hey… this person is an expert… understands my problem… and has a solution for me.”

I would love nothing better than to get a daily email from this person… with new information and a motivational message…

Someone I believe is 100% focused on my problem and wants to see me succeed.

But more importantly…

I’d happily pay for a well-researched, comprehensive, age-specific fitness program that will help me lose my excess “Baby Boomer flab”… make me stronger… and increase my endurance, month after month.

And if a few weeks down the road, I was offered a customized “meal plan” that gives me the nourishment older people need to maximize those workouts…

Or some “Baby Boomer specific” exercise routines tied to my sporting interests — like hockey and golf…

I’d probably be willing to buy those too!

Why? Because I’m hungry for this kind of information!

And when you have a “starving” audience that’s excited about finding a solution, they actually want to buy as many solutions that will help them as possible!

But here’s the key…

You must do your homework — and you need to set yourself apart from every other “fitness” expert out there.

Ben shows you how.

Of course, selling a monthly newsletter — where you only have to write a few pages of copy per month — is just one way to make money with your email business.

In the “Perfect Product” section of his brand-new program, Ben shows you more than 20 unique types of products you can offer your growing list of readers…

Products you only have to sell once to your buyer…

Products that keep paying you money, month after month…

Even while you sleep!

For instance, Ben will show you:

And you won’t be on your own when it comes to “sourcing” products you can offer…

In addition to giving you all these ideas about what to offer — Ben will show you the top six places you can find high quality premade products that you can fulfill at rock-bottom prices…

Plus, he’ll reveal his “15-years-in-the-making” techniques for creating your own information-based products — so that every penny of every sale you make is yours to keep!

“Through Ben’s teachings, I've doubled my product sales income by offering less for free and emailing an offer every single day.

“We've also launched using his ‘Painless Product Launch’ formula and did $15,000 in 5 days alone. Thanks Ben…”

Terry G.
Dallas, TX


You’ve identified your “starving market.”

You’ve found solutions you can offer them.

Time to start making money…

STEP 3: Write Your 2 Sales Pages

And the great thing about modeling your email copywriting business after Ben’s is:

You only need Two Web Pages!

Ben will show you how to create both of them — fast!

The first is a very simple “opt-in page” where people in your market can find you, meet you, and sign up to get your emails…

And then a very short “sales page” that promotes what you’re selling.

Both are simple to create. And you already have a great head start as an AWAI member.

Your “opt-in” page, for instance, is less than 100 words of copy and delivers three things:

You can see the simplicity of Ben’s opt-in page here:

Ben’s Opt-in Page

And Ben will show you how to create, design, and write one just like it, tailored to your market and your readers’ needs.

Next up is your sales page — the last “prep step” before you launch your email writing business.

Your sales page is the more traditional sales letter that sells the “solution” to your reader’s problem…

Whether it’s a monthly product, like a cream that erases wrinkles around your eyes — or a newsletter, like the one that shows Baby Boomers (like me) how to lose fat and build muscle.

But here’s the thing about your “Ben Settle Email Business” sales letters versus sales letters you’ll write for traditional clients…

They’re much shorter and a whole lot simpler!

And the reason for that is very simple:

When you build your email copywriting business the “Ben Settle” way, your daily “10-Minute Emails” do most of the “selling” work.

Now — I’ll tell you more about the secret to writing those emails in a minute…

But what is it about Ben’s techniques for writing a sales letter that’s different from what you’re learning now through AWAI?

In a nutshell — you don't have to write the “perfect” sales letter!


It’s because — given the relationship you have with your readers… the trust you’ve built by being completely transparent… and the credibility you establish with your daily email communications…

Your readers are ready to buy. All you have to do is reaffirm their need for a solution — and deliver the goods!

That’s why Ben’s exclusive “Slacker Proof Sales Letters” session is such a valuable part of our exciting brand-new program, the 10-Minute Workday program.

In five simple steps, he shows you how to write a highly effective sales letter that’s “as good as it needs to be…”

A simple sales page that will turn your growing list of hungry buyers into a “perpetual money machine” capable of generating hundreds, even thousands of dollars in sales every day!

And the best part is — it won’t take weeks and months to write it…

With Ben’s “Drill-it-down, 5-step Slacker Guide to Writing ‘Good Enough’ Sales Letters,” you’ll learn how to write a highly effective sales page for any product in a single day or two!

It all starts with proven techniques for creating a “Reaffirming” Headline that reminds your reader why he or she absolutely 100% needs the solution you’re offering…

One that, as Ben puts it: “Makes your reader want to reach through their computer screens… grab you by the lapels… drag you into their home… and make you tell them EVERYTHING about your product…”

From there, it’s on to writing an Opening Paragraph…

Where Ben shows you seven easy-to-adapt opening paragraph ideas based on some of the great classic copywriters, like Gary Halbert, Gene Schwartz, and more…

Formulas you can take and use to create your own lead in to the body of your sales letter.

Next, he’ll share his all-powerful secret of “non-selling” your reader by selling with stories…


Another device Ben uses to keep his sales letters short, taut, and focused on selling are “bullets” — those short “fascinations” that build desire and people love to read.

One of the best bullet writers in the business, Ben reveals all his tried-and-true bullet-writing tricks, like:

Next, you simply ask for the sale!

With Ben’s tips for the Perfect Close, you’ll be able to write powerful closes that get your reader to take action now:

That’s it!

Ben’s “five-part formula” for highly effective sales letters: A gripping headline… enticing lead… a “story”… benefit-oriented bullets… and a powerful close…

And you’re done!

Six-to-eight typewritten pages of laser-like “Settle-style” persuasive copy…

You’ll have a blast writing them!

Plus, as part of this AWAI program, Ben has assembled a Swipe File of over 100 ads he’s either written or have greatly influenced his ad writing over the years…

Plus, an in-depth video analysis of seven of his own ads, so you can know the thought process behind every line of copy.

It’s one of many special perks and bonuses you’ll only get through with Ben’s and AWAI’s 10-Minute Workday program as you’ll see in a moment.



Up and Running in as Few as 30 Days!

You’ve got all crucial components of your email business written, ready, and in place…

All in as little as a month’s time!

Of course, there’s one more thing Ben needs to show you… the one thing that’s central to his amazing 10-Minute Workday email business…

And that’s how to Write and Structure Your Daily Emails in 10 minutes or less.

But before I get to that, there’s a question that may have crossed your mind by now…

To whom am I sending these emails and sales letters? I don't have a list of “names” to send any email to!

Will Ben help me there too?

Simple answer: Absolutely.

In fact, “building your list” is a crucial component of Ben’s 10-Minute Workday program.

Why? Because a constantly-growing list of “hungry” buyers allows you to scale your business in a way that lets you make more and more money — without any added effort.

In other words…

Whether you have 300 people paying $39 a month for your product… or 1,500 people paying $39 — you don’t have to “work” any more or any harder…

Yet it’s the difference between $140,400 a year — and $702,000!

That’s why this program goes to great lengths to show you how to constantly be adding new potential buyers to your list… 24/7 — day in and day out.

So how do you get your list started… and then grow it exponentially?

STEP 4: Start (and Grow) Your List

There are dozens of ways — and Ben will share them all with you.

For instance…

Remember, these are techniques Ben has learned through 15 years of growing and mastering his email writing business each and every day.

Most of them requiring no extra effort or writing than you’ve already done!

Because remember what I told you about Ben…

YES, he wants you to be successful… just like he is.

YES, he wants the emails and the products you create to be of the highest quality and very useful to your “hungry crowd”… just like his are.

And YES, he wants you to do whatever it takes to not only be an expert in your market — but a leader too…

Just like he is…

But at the end of the day…

Ben’s a slacker!

He doesn't want to work any harder than he has to. And he doesn't think you should work any harder than you have to as well.

Ben’s goal in life to get up every morning… write his “10-Minute Email” — and spend the rest of the day as he pleases: working on his business if he feels like it… or more likely, taking off to golf with friends for the day!

“The genius of my system,” he told me… “Is in its simplicity.”

And while there’s some initial work you’ll have to do… just as you’d expect when it comes to starting any six-figure or million-dollar business…

There’s no easier way to earn so much money as a writer than sending out a simple little email every day… that people look forward to seeing… that you were able to write in 10 minutes (or less).

How to Write “Ben-Proof” Emails

You’re seeing how this is all coming together, right?

Your “opt-in” page is up and you’re building up your list… your products are ready… your sales page is written.

With Ben guiding you through every step — everything’s in place…

Now’s the fun (and easiest) part!

Writing your “10-Minute Email.”

Of course, Ben will show you how… everything from the subject line… to the sign off just a few hundred words later.

And fast…

In this detailed, targeted 107-minute tutorial, “The Email Player’s Crash Course,” you’ll be primed and ready to start mastering the Ben Settle email writing methodology.

Rule #1 when it comes to writing emails “Ben-style?”

Write emails your readers can’t wait to get, open, and READ every day!

And after 15 years and over 100,000 emails under his belt, nobody’s better at it than Ben Settle…

And he’ll show you step-by-step how to write them… along with a Swipe File of more than 20 of his most successful emails… and five templates you can use… plus an in-depth “video analysis” of a trio of his all-time best.

Every successful email begins with…

Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines — those all-powerful email “headlines” that guarantee with near 100% certainty that your readers will open your email and read it from top to bottom.

Some of the “Settle Subject Line” techniques you’ll learn:

Fact is, when you write “engaging” subject lines like Ben does, that one little line at the top of your email will do 80% of the work for you…

Which makes writing the actual “10-Minute Email” a breeze… and a lot of fun too.

You’ll learn:

He’ll also share with you some counterintuitive secrets he’s learned over the years for boosting readership, response, and strengthening the relationship with your reader, like:

And not to be ignored:

Ben’s five “Email Player Commandments” — never-to-be-broken “golden rules” that will ensure your readers know you, like you, trust you, and can’t wait to hear from you.

Fact is, when you see all the massive amount of pinpoint content Ben has assembled for this AWAI-members only 10-Minute Workday program, you’ll be amazed…

And you might be tempted to feel overwhelmed.

But please don’t…

Because remember: Ben and his business model is all about simplicity.

And you do it one element at a time, with Ben guiding you every step of the way.

Remember: this is a serious writing business where you never have to find or deal with clients…

You’ll be helping people better their lives by offering real and useful solutions to people with needs and desires they want filled…

It’s a writing business that’s “scalable.”

Think about it:

As a copywriter working for clients, you can only take on so many projects before you just can’t take on any more…

With the 10-Minute Workday program, Ben will show you how to grow your mailing list exponentially every day… and make more and more sales every day… without any extra writing or added effort!

And the money — let’s talk about that one more time.

With Ben’s help, you will create a continuity product that can (and should) bring in anywhere from $29… to the $97 a month Ben charges for one of his marketing newsletters.

So let’s take the low end of that scale…

Let’s say in your first six months of sending out daily emails, you’re able to attract 100 subscribers at $29 per month…

Right off the bat — you’re earning a very respectable $34,800.

Now, let’s say you’re growing your list and you’re able to add just one new subscriber with every “10-Minute Email” you write…

One year later, you have 465 subscribers paying you $29 per month.

That’s $161,820 per year!

Add just 2 subscribers a day and you have a $288,840 business…

Add 3 subscribers a day and you have a $415,860 business…

Grow your list to the point where you’re able to add 5 new subscribers a day — and you’re earning a whopping $669,900 per year!

And remember — that’s charging just $29 a month…

If you’re able to charge more for your continuity product — say in the $49 per month range — those numbers skyrocket even higher…

To over $1,131,900 a year!

All from writing a single “10-Minute Email” a day — and spending a few hours a week to grow your list!

And I’m not even talking about higher-priced “backend” products you can sell to your best readers — yet another strategy Ben will help you with later on in his exciting new 10-Minute Workday program.

In fact, this past January, Ben created and launched a new program he was selling for $350. He had 30 sets printed up…

But after just a weekend of sending his patented “launch emails” — which he’ll teach you how to write… he sold 170 copies!

That’s nearly $60,000 in sales… in a single weekend.

And here’s the kicker…

A lot of people who bought told him they didn't even bother to read the sales page…

They were sold by Ben’s “10-Minute Emails” alone — and the tremendous “bond” Ben built up with his readers through his daily communication with them!

Same is true for a new book he was selling recently…

In one weekend, he sold over 500 copies — just from emails. No sales page!

Getting to know the secret behind successes like these is why I’m so excited that Ben is willing to reveal all his secrets to you today.

Unlimited “Scale” and Income Potential

Now, naturally, I can’t guarantee you’ll make this kind of money from the start.

It’ll all depend on the market you choose… the size of your “hungry crowd”… the product (or products) you offer… and how seriously you apply Ben’s strategies…

But I’m showing you these numbers to illustrate just how much upside there can be to this opportunity…

And how when you have a writing business that can grow month by month with very little added effort — there’s no limit to the money you can make!

In a minute, I’ll tell you how to be among the very first to own Ben’s brand-new 10-Minute Workday program at the very special, very low introductory price — a price that will only available for a matter of days.

But first, let me quickly recap everything you’ll get with this program…

Now I’ll warn you… the list below? It’s a lot of stuff.

But remember…

You focus on the “core program” elements initially. That’s where you put all the pieces of your business in place, start growing your list… and learn to write “10-Minute Emails.”

Everything else is material that can help you grow your business over time and broaden your understanding of the business…

Resources you can use while your “10-Minute Email” writing business is “up and running” and earning you money.

Everything You Get

So here’s everything you get:

The “Core” Program — What You Need to Start Your 10-Minute Workday Business

This is the meat of it right here…

12 “deep dive” instructional webinar courses from Ben on all the aspects of setting up and launching your 10-Minute Workday “no-client” email business.

Session 1 — “Like A Bum Who Gets Paid” — Ben’s introduction to the program and the “10-Minute” lifestyle… and why anyone who loves to write can have an email business like Ben’s…

Session 2 — “Be A Master Of Markets” — Ben’s step-by-step instructions for this crucial step: identifying the ideal “starving market” for you to write about…

Session 3 — “The Perfect Product” — Every “10-Minute Email” you write will sell a product that’s valuable to your market. That’s your income stream. Ben will help you find or create it — a product you can sell once and have it pay you forever… that’s scalable… and that your market craves…

Session 4 — “The Stupid Simple Funnel” — The great thing about the 10-Minute Workday program is its simplicity: People find you, they opt in, you send them an email every day that links to a sales page, they buy, and you make money. The Stupid Simple Funnel shows you how it all works…

Session 5 — “The Optimum Opt-In Page” — Again, a model of simplicity: one page, a strong promise, some lines of credibility, and an ethical “bribe.” Ben shows you how to put it all together — in a day or less.

Session 6 — “Slacker Proof Sales Letters” — Ben’s very own, highly tested, extremely effective method of writing “not-so-perfect” sales letters broken down into five easy steps.

Session 7 — The Email Players Crash Course — The three-part, in-depth training session that teaches you how to write edgy, engaging, memorable, and highly effective daily emails just like Ben — plus an invaluable 30-day “Get Great at Email” Game Plan.

Session 8 — List-Building Lovin’ — Growing your list of readers is crucial to the success and growth of your 10-Minute Workday business. In this session, Ben shows you over 50 ways to drive thousands of eager, starving buyers to your opt-in page each and every day…

Session 9 — The Painless Product Launch — The more products you have, the more things you can sell, and the more money you have flowing to you. Ben is a master at the “new product launch” and reveals his surefire four-step process for making sure every new product launch is a huge success…

Session 10 — “Unbaffling The Backend” — Your best buyers are people who have bought from you before. They love you and want to buy more. Ben will show you how to turn this “love affair” into a source of even bigger income…

Session 11 — Obey Operation Money-Suck — Ben’s #1 business strategy of only focusing things that make you money — and leaving all the other stuff (fulfillment, product delivery, payment processing, web design, web hosting, and other “administrative” tasks) to others…

Session 12 — Wrapping It All Up — Ben’s tips for “getting it done”… how to stay on track… and ways to make sure you’re optimizing every aspect of the 10-Minute Workday program so you can start enjoying the “10-Minute Workday” life as quickly as possible.

So you see — it’s all here.

A “soup-to-nuts” strategy on how to build and launch your very own six-figure email copywriting business — modeled after Ben’s very own.

And to make sure you don't miss one single word of it — you’ll not only get access to each full webinar… but also an audio version… a transcript of all the sessions and printable versions of every webinar slide for easy “anytime” viewing.

But that’s not all you’ll get…

There’s also:

Your Complete Library of Business-Building “Power Bonuses”

Naturally, Ben and AWAI want to give you everything you need to succeed — and then some.

So we’ve assembled a very long line of special bonuses — interviews, essays, reports, and special learning tools designed to broaden your knowledge of the business and “drive home” the basic strategies you’ll need to know to be successful.

Here’s just some of the special “added perks” you’ll get:


Four of the Most “Pertinent-to-You” Issues of Ben’s Industry Renowned “Email Players” and “Crypto Marketing” Newsletters — printed and mailed to you in a custom folder:


Three powerful and useful videos where he breaks down and analyzes in incredible detail three of his most successful “10-Minute Emails”:


The Ultimate Ben Settle Email “Inspiration” File — 20 of Ben’s most successful “10-Minute Emails” that you can read, study, dissect, and use as inspiration when you start writing your own emails…

And that’s not all…

As part of this “email bonus package,” Ben includes five (5) copyright-free email templates you can use and adapt for your own email business… however you choose!


“The Lost Tapes” — Backroom Interviews with three of the legends of copywriting. The sound’s not so great… but the content? It’s not to be missed. (We’ve included a transcript so you catch every single word):


Ben’s Classic Ads Swipe File — 101 “Copy Slacker” style ads that influenced Ben’s ad writing career… Classic newspaper ads and letters by the likes of Gary Halbert and John Carlton.

Plus — and this is HUGE and valuable added bonus…

In-depth video analysis on seven (7) of the most successful ads Ben’s ever written!

There’s no better way to master Ben’s “Copy Slacker” ad writing techniques — learn the “method” in the course… and see it applied in black and white in this eye-opening expose!


The Ultimate Ben Settle “Bullet Template” Guide — One of the “Ben Rules” for writing fast and effective sales pages promoting your product is extensive use of bullets. Because they’re crucial to the success of your sales promotions — those bullets must be great. To help you, Ben is sharing over 350 of his best “bullet templates” — actual copy you can modify and adapt to your own promotions.


Ben’s Guide to “Letting Other People Handle the Boring Stuff” — as a “10- Minute Email” writer, your focus should be on two things: growing your list and selling through your emails.

The last thing you want to be worried about is processing payments, sending out products, setting up websites, and any of the other “pedestrian” chores involved with the operational side of running a business.

In this invaluable guide, Ben and AWAI show you how to “offload” all that stuff to other people — at a remarkably low cost. That way, all you’ll have to do is log onto a single website to see how many sales you’ve made — and rest comfortably knowing that when you make a sale, the product’s being sent to your buyer quickly and seamlessly.

Everything You Could Possibly Need (and More) to Launch and Grow Your Business in 30 Days!

As you can see, this comprehensive program comes jam-packed with a ton of amazing information…

But it’s also been designed so you can absorb and “digest” everything quickly — all in your own time and at own pace.

There’s nothing “academic” about it.

Ben has a real knack for “visceral teaching” — where you experience “deep learning” through stories and anecdotes. It’s an amazing talent.

It’s also the kind of “step-by-step” program where you’re encouraged to get down to business right away.

For instance, if you don't already have a market in mind, Ben will show how to find one on the very first day!

Within a week, you’ll be writing your sales and opt-in pages and sourcing and creating products you can sell.

All while gaining a deeper understanding of the business than you ever thought you could have in such a short time.

And with Ben’s help… you’ll know exactly what to do at every moment.

What’s It Cost?

Now, as you can imagine, the price of Ben’s program is not cheap.

After all, for the very first time anywhere, Ben is revealing his entire “10-Minute Email” strategy — something that’s taken him nearly 20 years to perfect… and the better part of a full year to assemble.

And when you factor in the six-figure income your successful “10-Minute Email” copywriting business can pay you year after year — well, the value of this information becomes immeasurable.

What’s more — it’s a business that costs you virtually nothing but your time and energy to start up…

That’s why at $2,500 — I think Ben’s program is one of the best business investments you will ever make.

Just your first 8 buyers of a low-priced $29 continuity product will cover that cost in the first year…

And that’s not even taking into account the value of learning a business strategy that can put half-a-million dollars in your pocket… for the rest of your life!

“Since using Ben’s email techniques, I’ve increased ROI 500% and doubled my income — not counting working way less!

“I am now making $30,000 per month selling products via email consistently.

“It takes me about 1 hour a day to run my business. If I am launching a new product, I may take 2-3 hours per day.

“In my time off, I study, write, and travel. I have the ability to run our business as we travel — which we do once a month minimum.

“Last month, we took a 28-day vacation that we took our kids on. During that month, I made $28,000, worked less than 25 hours — about an hour a day — and played on the beach the entire vacation.”

Terry G.
Dallas, TX

It’s an extraordinary offer — especially when you consider you’ll have full access to Ben for the rest of the year, to ask him any questions you want about setting up your email business.

Now, something to remember…

There are no refunds offered on Ben’s “10-Minute Email” business. And the reason is simple…

This program represents Ben’s life work. It contains EVERY secret and technique Ben’s learned through over 15 years of testing, trial and error, and even costly mistakes.

Ben feels — and I agree wholeheartedly — that it’s not fair to an independent operator like him to have someone buy in — gather up all his hard work — then ask for a refund. (Believe it or not, there are people who do this!)

Another reason for no refunds is something Ben has discovered working with others over the years:

It better assures your success.

That’s because you’re far more committed to the program and making it work — and Ben’s even more excited to work with you because if you come into the program knowing there no refunds, it’s very clear you’re serious about succeeding!

And I know from working with Ben and watching this program develop — it’s worth every penny of the price and more.

Because even if you decide not to build a six-figure email writing business… the lessons you learn about effective emails and persuasive communication from this “master of the art” will serve you in all aspects of your life — forever!

So my advice: Don’t agree to this partnership with Ben unless you’re serious about using and applying the amazing skills you’re about to learn.

So, Are You Ready for This?

Frankly, I’ve never been more excited about the limitless possibilities of a brand-new program since I helped start AWAI 20 years ago now…

It’s not like any other writing program we offer…

It’s perfect for people who love to write but don't want to be bothered or don’t feel comfortable finding or working with clients…

Unlike freelance copywriting, it’s a chance to own a serious business you can really sink your teeth into… rather than moving from one project to another as a hired-gun copywriter…

It’s a way to help people who are “hungry” for answers and solutions to real problems in their lives…

But here’s the most exciting benefit:

Few writing businesses are this scalable — which means, once you get the ball rolling, there’s no limit to how big it can grow or how much money you can make…

And last but not least, you couldn’t have a better, more qualified, more sincere, more “eager to help you” expert helping you every step of the way than Ben Settle…

Ben is clearly one of the “pioneering legends” of the email business world. And through this brand-new program, he’s offering to reveal all his secrets to you.

To get started, please click here.

It’ll take you to a page where you can review everything you get one more time before you place your order.

You’ll get access to the full program within a few minutes of placing your order — so you can literally get started right away.

To your success,

Paul Hollingshead
Co-Founder, AWAI


Still have some questions?

Here are a few common ones Ben says he gets all the time:

Q: 10 Minutes a day? Is it really possible?

After you’ve followed Ben’s step-by-step instructions for setting up your “10-Minute Workday” business — absolutely!

Remember: Ben’s entire business strategy is like the Nike slogan says: Just Do It.

Don’t labor over every word.

No need to be “perfect” or “pretty.”

Just come up with your message and write it up.

And remember, Ben’s emails are short. We’re talking a few hundred words — about a page of copy… in your own style… and a message that speaks to your reader.

Want proof?

Here’s an email Ben recently sent not too long ago promoting his newsletter. It’s all of 364 words — a little over a page in Microsoft Word.

It focuses on a single idea that’s a benefit to a “hungry” market — with the goal of selling a subscription to his newsletter.

Here it is in its entirety:

Once upon a time (circa 2004 — back when Fred Flintstone roamed the earth), I was reading an issue of Dan Kennedy’s old “NO BS” marketing letter (back when he wrote the whole issue) and I distinctly remember him saying something that has stuck with me ever since.

Something I have used in many ads.

In many of my emails.

And, yes, even in many of my content pieces (articles, books, info products, whatever), when it made sense.

And that something is:

Invalidating the competition.

If you invalidate the competition, you make it much easier for your prospect to buy, much easier for you to get the sale, and much easier for you to write your copy, emails, pitches, etc.

But, here’s the problem:

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

A lot of people do it the wrong way.

(They sound butt hurt, bitter, desperate, or needy as a result.)

But, if you do it the right way, there is no feeling towards you except, “I need to buy THIS person’s product, I sure am glad I found it before spending money on that other thing!”

The point?

I recently saw an example of how to do it that is second to none.

A true masterpiece of persuasion.

It’s also something I’ve heard the world’s most feared negotiator (the late Jim Camp) do, and it’s one of those under-the-radar things you hardly see anyone do, probably because it takes balls to do it and, well, most people lost theirs in their safe places a long time ago. Funny thing is, people have been doing this for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. But, I figure it's not secksy enough for the Internet marketing fanboys today who get hot and bothered by nonsense.

Anyway, here’s the thing:

I show you this example in the November “Email Players” issue.

It’s a jim-dandy, too.

Something I’ve been studying over and over for months.

And, yes, have used many times.

To read about it, turn to Page 5 of the November “Email Players” issue (which goes to the printer soon) and you can bask in its awe.

Here’s where to subscribe:

{Link to Ben’s Ad}

Ben Settle

That’s it! No Pulitzer here.

But his readers love it — and it sells newsletters.

Q: I’m excited to do this, but can’t think of a market or a product. Is that a problem?

Not to worry.

Ben’s 10-Minute Workday program spends a lot of its focus on just that — steering you towards the perfect market suited to your interests, your experience, and your talents. As you’ll fast discover, there are literally thousands of markets to choose from. So many in fact, your biggest challenge will be choosing the best one!

Same with products…

There is no shortage of products to offer any “starving market.” Products you can create yourself… products you can source and sell for high margins… products you can “joint venture” with others. Ben will show you where to find them… how to create them, and/or how to set up deals where you get paid on everything you sell (and never have to buy, store, ship, or even touch the product!).

Q: I’m not a copywriter. I haven’t even bought or finished the AWAI Copywriting Program yet. Can I still do this?


The great thing about Ben’s course — besides “mapping out” his very lucrative 10-Minute Workday strategy — is he teaches you how to write copy “Ben Style” through his very own “Copywriting Crash Course,” which is included in your program.

And the great thing about “Ben Style” copy is — it’s very simple… very basic.

No 20- and 30-page letters (More like six-to-eight pages — max!)…

No back-and-forth with clients…

No struggling over “Big Ideas” or having to beat long-standing controls.

No need to be “perfect.”

And the reason is simple:

When you set up your business the “Ben Settle Way,” your readers know you. They like you. They see your daily emails… and they’re “pre-disposed” to buying the solutions you’re selling.

So all you need to do is tell them what you have… how it will benefit them… show the value… and ask for the sale — all of which Ben shows you how to do in five easy steps.

Q: What about the “technical” stuff — website hosting, accepting payments, sending out email? I have no idea how to do any of it.

Frankly, neither does Ben!

“Nobody’s more computer-illiterate than I am,” he told me.

That’s why he lets simple shopping cart programs, fulfillment software, and hosting companies handle all that stuff — either at no cost at all or for a very small fee, depending on the market you choose and the products you sell.

And we’ve included a very special bonus that shows you how to take care of all that stuff… once and for all with a simple phone call or by going online.

That way, the only “contact” you’ll have with that part of the business is to log onto your account each day to see how much money came in!

Of course, you can handle all the technical stuff if you know how and if you want to. But why? The whole idea of your 10-Minute Workday program is to write a simple email and have the rest of the day to yourself!

Q: Can I do this and keep my job… or do “regular” copywriting?

Of course!

In fact, the “10-Minute Workday” is the ideal part-time business for anyone who loves to write — but doesn't want to have to deal with finding or working with clients.

Q: I already have a business where I sell products. Can I apply Ben’s strategy and create a new revenue stream?


If you sell a product that appeals to a specific market, whether it be gardening enthusiasts, automobile collectors — or anything else where your customers can benefit from daily tips and insights, the “10-Minute Workday” business model is perfect for you.

And, if you have a business that sells products to “multiple markets” — there’s no reason why you can’t send daily emails to each one!

Q: Do I need employees? Will I ever need them?

Absolutely not.

Ben is a “one-man show” and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Q: Must I write an email every day?

Nope. You can write as often as you like. Ben writes every day (sometimes two, three, and four times when he has a new product launch) because he loves doing it and it makes him more money.

But you can take a few days off, if you like…

That said, Ben recommends at least four emails a week — so you stay “front of mind” with your readers.

Q: What if I’m traveling… or away for the weekend?

No problem. Laptop… tablet…

At the last Bootcamp, Ben told me he’d written many an email right from his cell phone!

Q: How fast can I get started?

In a word: Immediately.

You’ll have access to the full program within a few minutes of placing your order.

All you have to do is click on the link we’ll send you in the “Confirmation Email” we’ll send you the moment we process your payment.

Then, you’ll be able to access the full program on your myAWAI Member Page anytime you want. (Full instructions for accessing your page will also come to you by email.)

Meanwhile — why not start thinking about the ideal market for you right now… and let Ben take you the rest of the way the instant you access your program!


Any Other Questions?

Be sure to call the AWAI Member Services team at toll-free:

(between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Time).

They know the program well and can answer any questions you might have… even take your order over the phone if you prefer.


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