You don’t need paying clients to earn a living as a writer. Just ask these folks…

Earn Thousands Each Month Writing About Things You Love…

  • Karen P. loves raising baby rabbits… in one month, she earned $3,000 writing about them.
  • Nancy H. always had a keen interest in water… now she gets paid $1,000 to $3,000 a month to write about it.
  • Birgit B. enjoys traveling; she’s making as much as $10,000 a month writing about her travel stories.
  • Kerrin K.’s work in the chiropractic market led to two exciting opportunities… and over $2,000 a month in client-free writing income.

…With Your Very Own Money-Making Website

I’m so confident I can show you how to do the same… I’ll even “pay” you $375 to get started.

Dear Reader,

I get asked all of the time, “Is it really true you can make a good living as a writer without having to find any clients?”

The answer is YES, you can.

In this letter, I’m going to share with you success stories of dozens of people who are living proof it can happen. Many of the people you’ll hear about are ordinary folks who love writing, but didn’t want to spend their time writing for other people.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that they couldn’t write for clients — it’s just a lot more fun writing for themselves.

Most of the writers you’ll meet were looking for a way to earn money writing about topics that were dear to them… hobbies they loved or subjects they were passionate about.

Rather than sit idle and give up their writing dreams, they followed my advice and started making money writing about the subjects they loved.

I’m talking about writers like Karen P., who loves raising baby rabbits. It’s something she’s enjoyed doing since a little girl. I showed her how to turn that passion into monthly income by writing about rabbits on her own Money-Making Website. She makes about $3,000 a month.

Then there’s Tomaz M., who is fascinated with vacuum cleaners. Sounds a little crazy I know, but what’s even more impressive is he now earns $1,000 a day writing about vacuum cleaners and other ways to keep your house clean on his own Money-Making Website.

Or Sara D., who likes making homemade juices with her juicing machine. She’s now making $2,000 a month sharing juice recipes on her website.

Karen, Tomaz, Sara, and the many other people I’ll introduce you to in this letter, learned the secrets to turning their hobbies into a steady stream of income by following my example.

You see, I’m also living proof that writing about subjects you love can earn you lots of money every month.

I like coffee. I love everything about coffee, from the smell of a freshly-brewed pot, to taking the very first sip, to studying the science behind how coffee beans are grown, processed, and roasted.

I wrote all kinds of articles on coffee. I even created my own website about coffee and am constantly adding new coffee-related articles to the site.

And guess what? In the few years I been writing about coffee, I’ve earned over $250,000. All of it comes from my website. No clients. No invoices. Just income flowing into my bank account every month.

And you know what else happened? Because of its success, my website attracts the attention of big coffee roasters and equipment manufacturers. They like my articles so much, they send me free samples of coffee and coffee-making equipment to review.

I haven’t had to actually buy any coffee for years and I have more coffee makers, espresso machines, and coffee grinders than I know what to do with.

Plus… and this one of the biggest benefits, since I’m writing articles on a subject I’m passionate about, the writing is easy. It doesn’t take me any more than 60 minutes a day to write a new article and post it to my coffee website.

If you’ve dreamed of being a writer earning enough money to live a very comfortable life, and want the chance to turn your hobbies into extra writing income, then this letter is for you.

Today, I’m going to show you how to create, publish, and write your own Money-Making Website on subjects you love. And it doesn’t matter your level of writing experience or the technical knowledge you have about websites.

I’m so confident this will work for you, I’m willing to “pay” you $375 to complete your own Money-Making Website.

More on that in just a minute, but first let me introduce myself.

The “Hassle-Free” Way to Earn Money Every Month

Nick Usborne

Hello. My name is Nick Usborne. You might recognize my name. I’m a writer, marketer, and published author. My book, published back in 2002, Net Words: Creating High Impact Online Copy still sells on Amazon today.

I’ve been lucky enough to write for companies like Disney, AOL, and Microsoft, to name a few. I’ve conducted writing-related training seminars for companies and organizations as diverse as Yahoo!, John Deere, Novartis Pharma, the Association of American Publishers, the National Cancer Institute, Merck & Co., Inc., the Public Radio Internet Station Alliance, and many others.

You might also recognize my name because I’ve spoken at many AWAI writing events over the past several years. AWAI is the world’s leading training company of direct-response copywriters, online and website writers, e-book writers, graphic artists, and so much more.

Since 1997, they’ve been helping ordinary folks acquire financial security, independence, and freedom through their comprehensive, easy-to-use programs.

They’ve helped thousands upon thousands of people free themselves from their rigid, 9-to-5 routines and live life on their own terms and schedule.

AWAI heard about the work I was doing… teaching people how to turn a few hours each week into a consistent steady source of income writing about subjects they love.

They asked me to share my secret with you. The great thing about the method I’ve developed is — anyone can do it. You don't need a high familiarity with computers or the Internet. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have a lot of writing experience. All you have to bring to the table is the desire and persistence to succeed.

In return, you’ll be able to create a steady stream of monthly income. I’m talking about income that flows in whether you’re working or sleeping… or just relaxing on a beach somewhere.

I call this passive income, and it's the type of income that has a way of instantly reducing life's stress level. Paying the monthly bills is no longer an anxiety-filled experience. Plus, you have increased peace of mind knowing you have a solid plan in place for retirement.

The truth is, there’s no better way to earn money as a writer than finding a way to build passive income.

But for some, finding ways to create passive income hasn’t always been easy. That’s not true anymore…

My method not only lets you create passive income, it puts you in control of your financial future.

Plus, you’ll be earning money and having fun doing it. Believe me, there’s nothing more rewarding than writing about things you love and enjoy.

Some people say my method for teaching people how to get paid to write on subjects they love and are passionate about is creating a mini-revolution… a writer’s revolution that lets you earn monthly income without clients.

I don’t care what they call it. My method works. And later in this letter, I’ll show you how to get “paid” to start your own website… as much as $375.

When you learn how easy it is to do for yourself, and see the amount of money you can earn every month, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to start your own Money-Making Website.

The good news is, it’s not too late to get your website up and running. Following the method I provide, I wouldn’t be surprised if your website was up and running 30 days from today.

Write What You Want and Get Paid to Do It

Let me back up and tell you a little more about how I developed my Money-Making Website method of getting paid to write about things you love.

It all starts of course with the Internet, which is ideal for creating passive income. After all, a website never sleeps. It has the potential to earn you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In a perfect world, it would be pretty simple, right? You'd put up a website, put a few ads and products for sale on it, and sit back and watch the money roll in…

Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that…

To be successful on the Internet, you need to get people to visit your website. Lots of them too. And to visit your site, they need to be able to find you among the millions of websites out there. Just do a quick Google search and you’ll see what I mean.

Now it's fairly simple to set up a website. People with no more computer savvy than knowing how to send an email do it every day.

But it takes a different kind of know-how to create a website that attracts enough ready-to-buy, “eager for information” visitors who, in turn, will bring you a substantial income.

A few years ago, I figured out how to build a website from the ground up that would attract thousands and thousands of visitors each month. And then I worked out a system to turn those thousands of visitors into a continuous stream of income flowing into my bank account.

Plus, and this is the best part, I did it without having to sell a single product of my own.

Anyone Can Do This, No Experience Needed…

Here’s the thing that most people mistake about creating websites. They think they have to be an experienced writer. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

If you can write a simple email to a friend, which I’m betting you’ve done before, then you can do this. All you have to do is write in a conversational, easygoing tone.

Similar to the way you’d talk to a friend over coffee at the local donut shop. You don’t have to use big, complicated words. In fact, the shorter the words you use, the better.

You don't even have to be a good speller or great at grammar — your word processor program will correct any mistakes.

The most important thing is that your passion for what you’re writing about has to come through.

It gets even better. Because with my system, you won’t have to pay a cent for advertising to bring visitors to your website. The people interested in your website topic will find your site when they search for information and it pops up on their search engine results page.

I’m not talking about hundreds of people; I’m talking about thousands of people flowing to your website every month. Website visitors that you can turn into a steady monthly income. (I will show you how.)

Why This Could Have Such a HUGE Impact on Your Income

Before I go into more detail about how you’re going to do this, I want to talk about what I consider to be the real power behind my system, which by the way, you get started in four simple steps.

The secret behind my system is repetition. You see, once you build your first site, you can simply duplicate what you just did for a different (or related) topic.

By doing so, you’ll have not just one new income stream coming into your bank account each month… you’ll have two, three, four (or more). There’s really no limit on how many websites you can create.

That’s what I’ve done… and I’m confident you can do it too. The first site I started… my main website is based on my interest in coffee.

I knew I wasn’t the only one who loves coffee. Hundreds of people who love coffee just as much as I do visit my website every day. I load it up with how-to articles, coffee drink recipes, gourmet coffee tips, product reviews, everything a coffee enthusiast wants. It takes me no more than about one hour a day to do all of this.

But I also have ads on my website — ads from people who sell coffee-related products. Any time someone clicks on one of those ads and buys one of those products — I get paid! (Keep in mind, you don’t have to sell or write these ads. You simply place them on your site! More on this in a moment…)

After I developed my coffee website, I used the exact same formula to create two other websites that bring in income each month.

The amount of websites you can create is almost endless. It really just depends on the amount of time you can devote to each one. For instance, I briefly mentioned Tomaz M., who has two different Money-Making Websites. One is on cleaning tips and the other is on tennis, his other passion. From both sites, he earns about $4,000 a month. At that rate, he’s bringing in an extra $48,000 a year. (You’ll learn more from him a little later in this letter.)

And remember, he’s making that kind of money without a single client. He doesn’t worry when his next paid project will come along. And he doesn’t spend time looking for new clients. Nope. This is money that flows into his bank account month after month.

If you’re happy with just one website, that’s okay too. You can make as much as you want with that one site. But if you’re like me and a lot of other people, you have interests in several different things, which is why you might want to create more than one site.

Heck, you could get the whole family involved. Money-Making Websites are a great family business.

A Valuable Asset That Could Pay for Itself Many Times Over

Here’s another great benefit about creating your own Money-Making Website: When you’re done with it or want to move onto something else, you could sell it for lots of money.

No doubt, you’ve heard of companies buying out other businesses. With so many consumers buying online these days, websites with established traffic are ideal candidates to be bought from their owners.

For you as the owner of a Money-Making Website, that could wind up meaning a lot of cash in your bank account. It almost happened to me.

A couple of years ago, someone approached me about buying my coffee website.

Even though I wasn't really interested in selling it (after all, why would I sell the goose that's laying golden eggs every month?), I was curious what price they were willing to pay.

We emailed back and forth, and the price they mentioned was $125,000!

In the end, I decided not to sell my website. You see, it not only earns me money every month, I use it as a learning tool to experiment with new ways of getting traffic, figuring out what types of ads work best, and which types of coffee articles people read most.

But just because I didn’t sell my website doesn’t mean you shouldn’t if the right offer comes along. The truth is, there are dozens of people just like you who started out with a small website and sold them for lots of money. Sometimes millions of dollars.

Like John Wu who started Bankaholic, a financial website aimed at providing consumers with information on credit card offers, banking services, and other personal finance matters. It was a subject he knew a lot about. So he started writing about it on his website.

He made money through referrals. Anytime someone signed up for a new credit card through his website, he was paid a handsome fee from a credit card company. His website got so popular, it attracted the attention of They liked what he was doing so much, they bought his website for $15 million.

Ever heard of the website TechCrunch? Michael Arrington started it in 2005. Michael had a deep love for anything and everything technology including new business start-ups. He wrote about technology on his website. Over the years, he gained a big following with millions of people visiting his website on a regular basis.

Ten years later, in 2015, Michael sold his website to for $30 million. I could go on and on with more stories like this. But the point is, both John and Michael were just regular people who happened to be passionate about certain subjects and began writing about them on their own Money-Making Websites.

Now to be clear, I’m not saying your Money-Making Website could be sold for millions. Each website is different. Heck, you might do the same thing I did and decide not to sell it at all. But this goes to show what I’ve been saying all along… that anyone can start a Money-Making Website. You just need an idea or subject you love and then just start writing about it on your website.

Of course, if this is all new to you, you’ll probably need a little how-to help, guidance, and tips on getting started. That’s where I come in.

I’ll show you how to start your website, including ways to get visitors to it on a regular basis, and the different ways to make money from banner ads or selling your own product like books. Remember, that’s how Karen earns a monthly $3,000 from her website. She wrote a book on raising rabbits… something she is passionate about and sold copies of it on her website.

Just keep this in mind. When you write a Money-Making Website, not only are you creating a monthly income — something that will continue pay off for you well into your retirement years…

… you're also creating a very valuable asset for yourself (and your heirs).

So, how do you create your own Money-Making Website? I’ve taken the many years of success I’ve enjoyed with my website and boiled it down to four basic steps. That’s right… just four simple steps is all it takes to create your own Money-Making Website.

I’ve put all four steps together in a special program where I walk you through each one in detail, along with in-depth training videos and real time email correspondence and support to make sure you master each step.

Let me take a few minutes now to help you get you familiar with each step.

Money-Making Website Step 1:
Life’s Key Success Ingredient

Passion really is the key to this. German poet and dramatist Christian Friedrich Hebbel once said, “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

When you combine your passion with smart online business practices, you become an unstoppable marketing force. This is especially true when you start a website around a topic that you absolutely love and are extremely passionate about. That alone helps attract a loyal audience. And that loyal audience is what helps you make money from your website.

So, to get started, the first question you have to ask is what are you passionate about?

It could be a hobby, or maybe it’s a skill you’ve picked up from working at a job.

The possibilities are pretty much unlimited. Maybe you enjoy fixing cars… baking bread… hiking… or knitting and sewing.

Perhaps you’re interested in herbal medicine… yoga… exercising. Do you love gardening? Brewing beer? Making home improvements? Restoring old photographs? Drawing and painting?

Anything you enjoy doing in your spare time is a potential candidate. It might be a subject you enjoy and have always wanted to learn more about.

More Money Than He Ever Made as an Executive

A number of years ago, Shaun Fawcett’s job with an international training company disappeared when their largest customer — the government — pulled its funding.

Unemployed and wondering what to do, he decided to strike out on his own. For a couple of years, he consulted and did some copywriting. It wasn’t long before he started to research how he could make a living online.

He soon determined the best way was to build a content-rich, theme-based website. The niche he chose was practical writing help for the average person. Specifically, helping people learn how to write college admission essays, resumes, recommendation letters, thank-you letters, etc.

The number of visitors his website now attracts is nothing short of astounding. During the week, on peak days, it’s been getting over 15,000 unique visitors. Even better is the money he’s making from it. He’s bringing in over six-figures a year, which Shaun says is more than he ever made when he worked as an executive.

$400 a Day Advising People on the Best Way to Keep Their House Clean

In November 2005, tennis coach Tomaz M. started a site about his passion, tennis. He loved that, with a website, he could share his ideas about tennis with thousands of people instead of just a few on the tennis court each day.

In July 2006, he started another site. It was about a subject that he knew little about at the time but soon became passionate about: vacuums.

Now, he’s making an incredible $1,000 a day from his vacuum site! One of his site pages brings him in affiliate income on sales of 6 to 10 vacuums a day.

His tennis site, which he says he hasn’t fully monetized yet and is more of a forum to exchange ideas on tennis, brings him about $3,000 a month.

Tomaz says, “The freedom is unbelievable. I was working for tennis clubs and academies for maybe 10 years. Sometimes I had to go to work and work with people I didn’t like to work with. Now I choose who I want to work with, when I want to work, and how much I want to work.”

On a typical day, he might go to a movie, play a bit of tennis, and then come home and write an article.

“I work 3 to 4 hours per day. It’s not like I have to work. I don’t have to work 5 minutes if I don’t want to. I just work because I like to,” he says.

You Don’t Have to Be an Expert

Now, you may be thinking to yourself:

“Yes, I’m passionate about a particular topic, but I’m no expert.”

The good news is, you don’t have to be an expert.

All you have to know at the start is just a little more than the next guy. As you research and write the content for your website, it won’t take long for you to develop a high level of expertise.

And when that happens, not only will people assume you're an expert because of your site, you'll be able to back it up with the wisdom you've gained. I wasn’t a coffee expert when I started my Money-Making Website. I just happened to love coffee and started writing about it. But now that I’ve been doing it for so many years, lots of people see me as a coffee expert. That’s why companies send me coffee products for me to review.

The same thing could happen for you as well. Once you get established in your niche or area of speciality, it won’t take long for you to build your reputation as an authority figure.

Should someone contact you about an issue or question related to your site theme that you're unfamiliar with, view it as another great opportunity to learn something new — and another potential topic for a new site page.

It’s really a win-win situation. You get to expand your knowledge about something you love — while building up a solid, consistent, passive income stream.

Finding the Ideal Topic for Your Website

How do you pick the ideal topic for your website?

It can’t be too broad, or you’ll have trouble getting noticed. The idea is to pinpoint a “niche within your niche.” So instead of a website on, say, the general topic of “gardening,” yours could be on “vegetable gardening in cold northern climates.” There’s a lot less competition out there for information that specific.

But can you make money with such a narrow topic?

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” There’s a simple process of determining whether your “niche within your niche” has the right mix of demand and interest to create a solid monthly income. (In my program, I’ll walk you through this in detail.)

This way, you’ll know right from the start that you’re on the right track. Too many people pursue business ideas that are destined to fail from the beginning. They end up frustrated after wasting months (and sometimes years). My program protects you from all that.

Money-Making Website Step 2:
Write About Your Passion

The next step is to pack your website full of information, facts, reviews, and insights that establish your credentials with your visitors — making them instantly open to doing business with you. I’ll teach you how to write relevant content that search engines (and your visitors) will love so they rank your site high on their search engine results page, making it easy for eager and interested searchers to find your site.

For instance, I will show you how to write titles for your web pages that will dramatically increase your site clicks… how to write page descriptions that entice people to your site… how to write a home page that will immediately make your visitors feel welcome.

If this sounds even the least bit "techie," don't worry — it's simple and logical stuff that I will guide you through step-by-step, giving you a thorough understanding of what you're doing and why.

I’ll also share with you eight techniques on how to keep coming up with ideas for new content… the same proven techniques that Shaun, Tomaz, and the other people in this letter used to get people to their Money-Making Websites up and running.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to write all the copy yourself. There are two ways to get your visitors to help you shape and write your site’s content. Plus, a way to use outside content that increases your website’s credibility, broadens its appeal, and has a dramatic effect on the number of visitors you attract.

Money-Making Website Step 3:
Turn Your Site Visitors Into Continuous Nonstop Income

Once you’ve created a content-rich website that has the potential to attract thousands of visitors, you’re ready to convert those visitors into $750… $1,500… $3,500 and up every month. There are many ways to do this…

One good way is to place Google AdSense ads on your site. These are the “Ads by Google” that appear on websites, blogs, and in some email programs. Every time someone visits your website and clicks on one of those ads, you make money!

Keep in mind, you don’t write these ads. They are supplied by Google. They’re written by the advertisers. All you have to do is put them on your website.

I’ll give you proven tips I’ve picked up over the years… such as the best place on your website to put these ads to make the most money, the most effective size, and so on.

Turn Your Website Visitors Into Affiliate Profits

I’ll also show you how to make money through affiliate programs. An affiliate program is where you agree to promote someone else’s product on your website in exchange for a percentage of any sales that are made.

When your visitor clicks on an affiliate link, he’s taken to another website where, if he makes a purchase, you get paid. There’s no product for you to worry about, no customer services issues to deal with — it’s pure profit.

That’s how Jon Wu of made money from his website. He earned a fee every time someone who visited his site signed up for one of the credit cards offered by an affiliate.

It’s how I make money with my website. My affiliates are thrilled when I write about their products on my coffee website because they know the people who come to that site love coffee and are eager buyers of coffee-related products.

I average almost $2,000 a month in direct payments from sales just one of my affiliate partner makes from people visiting my coffee site. Best of all, I don’t have to sell, package, ship, or inventory a single product. The affiliate does all that while I cash the checks he sends me.

You’ll learn how to choose the best affiliate programs… how to overcome weak copy on your affiliate’s sales page… how to position your affiliate links on your website, and much more.

I will also reveal one of the most important things I’ve ever learned about how to convert site visitors into profits. Do this consistently, and you’ll be ahead of 90% of the people out there who are attempting to make money from their websites.

“I Travel For a Living”

Birgit Bradtke always hated the idea of having a job. She hated the restrictions it placed on her. Having to report in at a specific time and place was not her thing. She didn’t want to live that way.

Birgit, originally from Germany, now lives in a remote and beautiful wilderness area in Australia called Kimberley. When people ask her what she does for work, she tells them that she “travels for a living.”

How did it become possible?

She wrote and published two Australian-travel-themed websites. In peak season, they bring her about $10,000 a month. (During the quietest time of the year, it drops down to about $7,000 a month.) Birgit has three other sites. Two are just hobby sites. The third one — about neem oil — brings in roughly 10% of her income.

Birgit says she has a few big projects in the pipeline, and within 12 to 24 months, expects her site income to grow to between $15,000 and $20,000 a month.

She’s free to do what she wants, when she wants, and where she wants. And she’s free six months of the year to do what she loves best: travel. She says she’d travel more, but she loves being home, working in her garden and developing her five acres of land in Kimberley.

Passion for Fitness Leads to Big Profits

After trying different things to keep in shape, Lisa Irby became somewhat of an expert when it came to exercising to keep your stomach flat.

Lisa decided to start a website to help people who were battling the same problem she once had. She was surprised by how quickly her site’s popularity grew, as she did little to promote it.

“It pretty much runs on auto-pilot. It gets about 6,500 visitors a day and brings in four-figures a month,” she says.

She makes her entire living online. In total, she has four websites that bring her an income of “well into six-figures.” She loves the freedom it gives her. And she loves that she can make a great income “without ever talking to customers or shipping products.”

Money-Making Website Step 4:
Nurture and Grow Your Site

Once you get your website to a certain point, you won’t have to spend much time on it. (I spend only about two hours a week writing new content per site.)

The really nice thing about this is that if you don’t have time to add a few pages to your website one week, it’s no big deal. There’ve been times when I have been so busy, I’ve gone weeks, even months, without updating my content. The money comes in whether I update it or not. The two hours a week is really just a target I aim for.

By the end of my program, you’ll know exactly how to create a website that attracts a constant stream of targeted, ready-to-buy traffic. Plus, because you’ll be researching and writing about something you love, it will seem more like a hobby than work.

And best of all, you’ll be paid for your efforts. It’s a fun and easy way to build up a passive income for yourself and your family that comes in like clockwork, month after month.

From Feeling Run-down and Tired to Being Full of Life

Sara Ding, who lives in Malaysia, was feeling run-down and tired all the time. She was only in her early 30s. Her doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her, so she went home and did some research on her own. She determined that she had a condition called Toxemia. Toxemia is a poisoning of the blood, which results from the excessive accumulation of toxins that result from poor food choices.

Sara knew she had to change her lifestyle. After doing some research, she learned that “juicing” was the best way to get nutrients into her body fast and effectively. So she set out to learn as much as she could about juicing. In 2005, in her spare time, she started a website about various aspects and benefits of juicing. She soon became an expert on it.

She now makes over $2,000 (in U.S. dollars) per month in Google AdSense revenues alone. She also makes a few hundred to a few thousand MYR per month from affiliate links. (MYR is Malaysian currency — 3.24 Malaysian dollars = 1 U.S. dollar.) Her site traffic and income have grown every month.

Sara no longer has to worry about her finances. She’s able to put aside a big chunk of money in her savings account every month… and every year, she goes on at least one nice vacation.

She recently quit her regular job where she worked as an office administrator for an international company to focus full-time on her website.

Turning a "Healthy" Passion into Online Income

Nancy has always had a keen interest in water — specifically in ways to combat dehydration, as well as water pollution.

It was this interest that fueled her passion and motivated her to start her "Water Benefits Health" site in January of 2010.

Her site currently brings her in anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 a month.

"It's been a source of semi-passive income with minimal ongoing effort. That's what I was looking for and that's what I found with Nick's program." she says.

What motivated her to keep moving forward with her site was Nick himself.

"I really like Nick. He's funny. He's sincere. He's honest. These are really big things. It's nice to know you have somebody trustworthy to get you going in the right direction. He was doing what I wanted to do and I was grateful that I had found a mentor through this program that was affordable for me. I probably would not have a Money-Making Website without Nick's help," she says.

Nancy spends about four to five hours a week on her site, writing at least one new article a week for it. Her goal is to consistently bring in between "$2,500 and $3,000 a month from her site."

"That would make me very happy. I do make that on occasion, however not consistently yet," she adds.

Plus, she hopes to one day play a larger role in the world's clean water challenges “through education, travel, or wherever I can make a difference."

That’s it… those are the four steps to creating your own Money-Making Website. You can get started today if you like. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve put everything together… every last detail is waiting for you in my online coaching program, How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites.

I’ll show you how to create content-rich, income-generating websites. I provide you with all the tools, techniques, and strategies you need to build up a solid, steady passive income stream for you and your family.

Here is a brief summary of just some of the topics I’ll go over with you in full detail:

  • How to reduce competition by zeroing in on one or two niches within a topic.
  • How to establish that there is true demand for information about your topic to ensure your site's profitability.
  • How to create a framework and structure for your site that will make people stay on your site longer (increasing your site's chances of generating revenue from their visit).
  • How to write great content that will make your site easy to find in the search engines and your visitors will love.
  • How to keep the number of visitors to your site consistently trending upwards month after month.
  • Strategies that will create a consistent residual income stream flowing into your bank account.

It's a guide that you'll want to keep close beside you every step of the way. You'll be referring to it over and over as the traffic to your site increases and you start to monetize and make money from your site.

Here's something else about How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites you'll be happy to hear…

It's what we call one of our "living programs." This means that any time we upgrade or add to the program, the improvements we make are yours free of charge for life.

You'll have access to every new money-making webinar hosted by yours truly. For instance, I held a bonus webinar called "More Secrets To Maximize Your Money-Making Website Visitors and Profits."

In this session, I spilled the beans on new tips and techniques I recently discovered that will make your site even more profitable.

You Can Start This No Matter How Old or Young You Are

"A marathon, not a sprint"

Which brings me to Kathy Widenhouse from Lake Wylie, South Carolina…

One afternoon, she was sitting on her patio working on her laptop. Her husband, an avid gardener, came over to her and said…

"I've got some yellow spots on my tomato leaves and I don't know what they are. I looked it up on the Internet and couldn't find out what's causing them."

It was that very second that a little bell went off in Kathy's mind.

"Tomatoes," she thought to herself, "Maybe this is the topic I've been searching for! This could be the breakthrough I've needed for my online business."

She went online to determine how many people around the world regularly search for information about tomatoes and how to grow them.

It didn't take her long to realize that while the demand was there, there wasn't a whole lot of practical "how-to" information available.

She knew she was on to something.

And because both Kathy and her husband love gardening (he does the vegetables, she does the flowers), she knew writing about how to grow tomatoes was not only something she'd enjoy doing, but it was also a subject her husband could chip in on occasionally to help her out.

In April and May of 2010, she began writing a tomato-themed website. In mid-June, she published it online. In September, the number of people who visited her site more than doubled over August. In October, she had over 4,000 unique visitors to her site.

Pretty impressive for a website that was only four and a half months old!

By December 2012, she was averaging over 2,500 to 3,000 unique visitors a day or over 80,000 visitors per month.

Kathy loves the feedback she receives about her site.

Positive comments have come in from Australia to Malaysia to San Francisco and everywhere in between.

Every month, Google AdSense makes a deposit into her bank account. She gets a check from a company because of product links she's added to her site. Kathy and her husband used the money generated to pay daughter Britta’s living expenses while she was going through her doctorate program at the Medical University of South Carolina to become a physical therapist. Once Britta graduated, they started using the income to pay their son’s living expenses while he is in law school!

Plus, every week, Kathy gets approximately 30 new site visitors signing up for her e-newsletter. She now has over 3,000 subscribers in total.

She views her e-newsletter and its growing subscriber base as an excellent way to advertise tomato and gardening-related products and to drive more traffic to her site.

And, of course, the more people who visit her site, the more potential site clicks her site will receive that put money in her pocket.

Kathy says, "It's a total blast to do this. And it's fun to have ownership of something that's completely your own."

She tries to work on her site at least one hour a day, but says, "It's not like I have to do this; I want to do this."

She's very optimistic about the money-making potential of her site. “I expect it to escalate as I add more affiliate links and pages and my traffic continues to escalate.”

She adds that she considers her Money-Making Website "a marathon, not a sprint."

"I'm not one of those people who expected instantly to be making $2,000 a month. My site is steadily growing, the number of visitors to it is escalating, and my income is growing. I'm very pleased. Plus, I'm having a great time," she says.

Buoyed by the success of, Kathy launched two more Money-Making Websites. One provides writing tips for copywriters, nonprofit leaders, and do-it-yourselfers. Her other site, The Cookie Elf, is a growing resource for cookie recipes and baking tips.

A New “Life’s Calling”

For Money-Making Website entrepreneur Karen Patry of Port Angeles, Washington, the attraction started when she was a teenager. While walking by the display window of the local pet store, she spotted three baby rabbits. They ended up changing her life. Those small bunnies led to her starting the Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch.

And now, over 30 years later, thanks to her “Raising Rabbits” Money-Making Website, the whole world has the opportunity to benefit from her passion for rabbits.

Her site currently gets about 1,700 unique visitors a day.

Every month, she gets a healthy check from Google AdSense. She's written and sells e-books from her site. E-books about building your own rabbit cages are averaging $2,500-$3,000 in sales yearly, with two more e-books soon to be published.

She also makes money from affiliate links, such as Additionally, she recommends a top-quality rabbit feed and earns commissions for every sale. She's also considering offering rabbit jewelry for sale from her site.

Plus, she uses her site to advertise rabbits that she has for sale. But her main goal is not rabbit sales; it's residual income, which Karen calls "free money."

She says she's on track to meet her financial goals and knows she'll get there due to her love for her topic and her willingness to persevere.

"The minute I saw Nick's program, I was all over it. I immediately knew this was for me. Nick showed me that it was possible. He showed me how I could make it work," Karen says.

She believes her Money-Making Website is now a "life's calling." Her goal is to replace her income to ultimately support her husband and herself through their retirement.

Karen entered into a publishing contract with Storey Publications for a book based on questions she has received through her Raising-Rabbits website.

Her book "Rabbit Raisers Problem Solver" is now available on her website. She's also started on her second Money-Making Website. It's a travel site based on the beautiful pacific northwest.

Multiple Income Streams on the Go

Della Flood, from Grand Falls Windsor, Newfoundland, works full-time for a software company doing graphic design and desktop publishing. She also works part-time as a freelance graphic designer.

However, her goal is to wake up every morning and work on what she wants to write or design. And that’s why she’s so excited about the Money-Making Website opportunity.

A couple of years ago, when she first read about the opportunity, she said, “Something just clicked right away.” She knew it could be just what she was looking for to boost the flexibility and creativity in her life.

Della had this to say about How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites program…

“It was a life-changing experience for me. I knew people would think, ‘yeah sure,’ but it truly was. Because it took what was sort of a fuzzy idea in my head and led me step-by-step through the reality of actually doing it.”

So, how close is she to her goal of actually being able to write and design what she wants every day?

Based on the pace she’s going, Della estimates that within the next 12-18 months (or three and a half years, in total), she’ll be making enough income from her Money-Making Website to give up her full-time job and dedicate more of her time to her website and her graphic design.

The topic of Della’s site? Tea. Della has a passion for it. She looks forward to the time she can spend researching new ideas for her website, The Tea Talk.

Della is enjoying the process so much she has plans to write another site focused around a health and wellness-related topic. Now, she’s even getting requests to create similar sites for others. In fact, recently a non-profit group asked if she’d be willing to create a site for them.

Della says none of this would have been possible without my guidance.

“He’s such a good presenter and instructor, and he’s so generous with his knowledge. To me, he’s the perfect person to be teaching a program like this. I would recommend it to absolutely anyone. It’s been such a good, helpful, informative experience,” she says.

Take Action and Opportunity Will Follow…

When Kerrin Kuntzman of Garland, Texas started to create her "Chiropractor Marketing Guide" website, she never would have guessed that it would spur a whole new side business for her.

But it did.

People saw her site and were so impressed, they contacted her about building a site for them.

Depending upon how much content she needs to write, she now spends between 3 and 12 hours per week creating websites for people. It's a side business that currently brings her in an extra $1,500 to $2,000 a month.

What's more, she doesn't have to make any sales call selling her services, all her business has come from her site or from word-of-mouth.

She still holds down her full-time job working in a chiropractor's office.

The only issue for her is time. She needs more of it.

Because right now she only spends three to four hours a month maintaining her chiropractor website.

But even so, she still makes a consistent income from it.

"The money I make from it doesn't give me bragging rights (she brings in $300 to $500 per month), but here's the thing… the orders keep rolling in for the two products I wrote that I sell on the site. The amazing part is they only took me a few hours to create and I've made thousands of dollars from them."

Kerrin says she's currently ranking high on page one out of 4+ million search results for one of her main keywords on Google.

"I'm right there beside some of the biggest chiropractor sites on Google," she says.

She has five new products in the works that she hopes to have ready for sale from her site next year.

Her advice to someone who aspires to build a content-based website?

Follow Nick's step-by-step template, she says. "Nick's system is a proven success model. If you follow it and stick with it, you will be successful."

Kerrin recently launched a second Money-Making Website in the natural health niche.

And, she says the Money-Making Website model is such a "wonderful means to make a ‘stay-at-home’ income" that she's currently planning a new site based on another one of her passions, quilting.

What has her site and the extra money done for her?

"It's helped me do all kinds of home improvements in the short-term and it still continues to be my plan for retirement," she says.

An Easy and Effective Way to Attract Clients to Your Business

Susanna Perkins, an American currently living in Panama and a fan of the WordPress Content Management System software, noticed a niche that wasn't being adequately serviced.

"There are many WordPress tutorial sites, but almost all of them focus on the more technical user. I decided to build a WordPress tutorial site for non-technical people," she says.

Susanna did a full-scale launch of her WordPress Building Blocks site and in just a few short months, she was up to a 1,000 unique visitors a month.

Even better, she's acquired over 15 clients who have commissioned her to build a WordPress website for them. She's also getting clients through referrals.

Plus she's steadily building up a subscription list for her e-newsletter and generating revenue from affiliate links.

Her advice to someone interested in starting a Money-Making Website?

"Pick the right niche. Make sure it’s a subject that will keep your interest and it won’t feel like work. Your niche should be located at the magic intersection where enough people are looking for what you offer but are underserved. "

Susanna's husband is also considering starting a Money-Making Website. An avid bicyclist, he's expressed interest in putting together a video-based site that would identify and review his favorite bike routes throughout Panama.

"Anyone can do this. Just find something you're passionate about and get busy. Nick lays out the steps to take to be successful," Susanna says.

Something Every Generation Can Do

Janet Grosshandler from Wall Township, New Jersey, sent in the following note to AWAI. She wrote…

"It is a very well planned out, step-by-step process that made sense after I got into the hands-on aspect. As one who came from no technical background whatsoever, Nick's program definitely gave me the confidence to do it. There's still a far way to go, but when I hit that ‘Publish’ button and my very own health website showed up online, WOW! Plus, my kids were very impressed that old Mom could make websites. So, thanks for all the continued help and inspiration."

I love reading comments like this.

I can just imagine how shocked and amazed Janet's children were that "old Mom" was operating in an arena who some think can only be mastered by members of the "younger" generation.

Start Writing Your Success Story Today

Here are some other comments we've received from people who signed on to this remarkable ground-swell movement:

From Nick Gillick of Farmersville, Texas, who started a site about emergency preparedness:

“Money-Making Websites makes the confusing world of online content simple and easy. It doesn’t take a techie or computer nerd to be successful with this program. I’ve built multiple sites now and am enjoying the writer’s life!”

From Suzanne Elliott of Santa Cruz, California, who started a site on Plein Air/Landscape Painting/Art:

"Without this program, I would never have thought about doing this website, let alone having it be as extensive as it is turning out to be. It has pushed me to learn so many new things and meet new people in the process. If you have an unexplored passion you would love to explore, this is the way to do it. An enthusiastic Thumbs Up!"

From Mike Forstner of Ridgway, Colorado, who started a site providing help and advice on how to camp:

“The Money-Making Websites program took my understanding of writing copy for the Web and social media to a whole new level. It is ever-changing, growing, and evolving like our own lives. A couple of pages of the site are now on the #1 & #2 spots on the Google search results and traffic to the site is constantly increasing. Now I’m working on monetizing the site. Overall, a very positive experience!”

From Cherryl Wistos of Penn Valley, California, who started a site about the places to go, sights to see, and fun things to do in Northern California:

“Nick Usborne’s Money-Making Websites program is GENIUS! Step-by-step, Nick walks you through a way to generate passive income. Income you’re NOT trading your time for. Why wouldn’t everyone want that? I know I do… so thanks, Nick. You’re the BEST!”

As you can imagine, it's been very heart-warming to read letters from people like Nick, Suzanne, and Beth describing the positive impact their content-rich, Money-Making Website has had on their lives.

One day soon, I'd love to hear from you about your experience.

All Your Questions Will Be Answered and We'll Keep You Up-To-Date

I don’t want you to think this is just another one of “those programs.” It’s far from it.

You see, when I first talked about the vision I had for How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites, with the folks at AWAI, we agreed we didn't want it to be, for lack of a better expression, "just a program."

We wanted this to be an interactive, motivating, and inspiring experience for you. One that you could easily use to create your own Money-Making Website.

So here is our commitment to you:

  1. All your questions will be answered — As you plan, write, publish, and monetize your site, I will be available to answer any questions that come up along the way.
  2. You'll be kept up-to-date on important developments in the marketplace — Because the Internet is ever-changing, I will update you when new developments arise that could have an impact on your Money-Making Website strategy.

I make good on these commitments by hosting a series of online "how-to" presentations so you can watch as I go step-by-step through the Money-Making Website process — from how to choose the ideal topic for your website to how to maximize the money you make from it.

I will answer any questions that come up to make sure you get your site up and running ASAP. Plus, I'll update you on the latest online innovations in the marketplace and how to use them to your advantage.

Many have told us that these webinars were the "stake in the ground" they needed to get started at this. They not only found them informative, but also extremely motivating — and one of the main reasons why they got their site up and running so fast.

Not to mention that listening to a webinar is an easy and entertaining way to absorb lots of information quickly.

The seven webinars can be viewed once a week so you can complete each step, or if you’re really enthusiastic, you can move along faster. Weeks one through five take you through the main steps of putting together a Money-Making Website.

Here is a brief overview of the first five weeks and what you'll learn:

  • Week One: How to choose the best topic for your site
  • Week Two: How to choose the best software platform and the ideal domain name
  • Week Three: How to create content that both your readers and the search engines will love
  • Week Four: How to attract a steady stream of visitors to your site
  • Week Five: How to make money from your site

In Weeks Six and Seven, we bring to you an added dimension to the money-making process:

  • Week Six: Review and Q&A — First, I’ll do a quick review of everything you've learned over the past five weeks. And I’ll answer common questions. For example, some of the questions I’ve been asked and have answered are: "What's the best way to handle the business side of your business?" "Should you put an affiliate link to a product that you gave a bad review to (and should you even post the review)?" "If you start a second Money-Making Website related in theme, is it okay to use some of the same page content on it as your first site?" Even if you don't have a question you personally need answered, you'll want to listen in because there’s sure to be a question you may not have thought of yet.
  • Week Seven: Listen and learn as I offer up ways to make your site more effective and compelling — Although I find all these sessions enjoyable, I take particular delight in Session Seven. For starters, I get to see the progress you've made. Now, while it's optional as to whether you submit your site for review, my advice is not to be shy! I will call your site up on the screen, and if there are ways I feels your site can be improved, I'll let you know (constructive feedback only, of course!). This is a great learning device because when I’m talking about ways to improve someone else's site, often you'll find it's a tip or technique you can apply to your own site.

BONUS Technical Set-Up Webinar: One thing I hear often from folks thinking about starting their own Money-Making Website is their concern with getting familiar with the technical side of things. Keep in mind, it’s easier than ever to put up a website! Sure, all websites do involve a degree of technical know-how from understanding what a theme is and how it works, coding you might need to place on your website to track visitors, and what website plugins you should consider using to keep your website current and up-to-date.

But I want to put your mind at ease because none of the technical stuff is complicated. In fact, to make sure you feel comfortable with all of it, I’ve included a special bonus webinar featuring website technical guru, Jim Wright. There’s no one more qualified and who understands all the technical aspects of a Money-Making Website than Jim Wright. In fact, he helps AWAI with their websites too. And since he’s also a copywriter with his own Money-Making Website, he understands the type of questions you might have. Jim knows how to make building your website easy to understand — even if you’ve never done anything technical before.

So in this bonus webinar, he walks you through all the steps involved in setting up your website, including picking a theme that best suits your needs, how to get your URL registered with one of the big website domain distributors, how to install your website layout within minutes, and so much more. After watching this webinar, all of your technical worries will be eliminated. That’s because you’ll see that it really is easy for non-techie type of people to put up a website and start making money with it.

From Newbie to Website Entrepreneur in No Time

The reaction we've received on past webinar series has been phenomenal. Here are just some of the comments we've received from Money-Making Website entrepreneurs…

From Harry Kroyer of Magdalena, New Mexico, who started a website about baking bread:

"Nick’s webinars have been extremely useful. I’m astounded with the quality of the support and the many ‘extras’ without additional charge."

From Rosa Chillis, Sun City West, Arizona, who started a website about self-improvement and professional development:

"… I want to thank Nick for the live free follow-up seminars. He is so generous with his time and in sharing his expertise. I have spent a great deal of money over the past three years trying to learn how to make money on the Web. Nick’s program is by far the most comprehensive (and comprehensible) I’ve used to date, and the cost is reasonable."

From Elizabeth Chavous of Jackson, Michigan, who started a website about the world of Loose Leaf Tea:

"If it wasn’t for Nick and his wonderful program, I could not have gotten this far or even started my website. What has been even more helpful is the webinars. Thanks, Nick, for writing this program and giving many of us tools to write a Money-Making Website."

From Lucy Culpepper of Encinitas, California, who started a website about meditation:

"I have really ‘clicked’ with this program; both the way it’s written and the delivery of the live webinars. The program work is clear, not too overwhelming, yet full of good solid information that I will keep referring to… This is also the first program that I have created time to listen to the entire live webinar — I didn’t want to miss any golden nuggets from Nick Usborne!"

You’ll have complete, unlimited access to all of the webinars, so you're able to listen to them when it's convenient for you, and as many times as you want.

As mentioned, everyone who participates in these webinars tells me how inspiring, helpful, and motivating they are. I'm confident you will feel that way too.

A Friendly Place For Ongoing Support and Advice

To make sure you have an ongoing place to get your questions answered, you'll also receive access to the Money-Making Website Forum.

It's one of the friendliest and most helpful forums on the Internet.

This is a great place to share ideas and get feedback from other members… and even form mutually-beneficial relationships with people who are just as dedicated to success as you are.

If you have a question you'd like me to answer or you'd like me to review your site, simply post a message on the Forum and address it to me, and I'll respond ASAP.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, my guess is that you'll soon be helping and offering tips and guidance to others as you progress on your own Money-Making Website journey.

Susan Feiertag from New Bern, North Carolina, had this to say about her experience being part of the Money-Making Website Forum…

"Not only did Nick give the program on a weekly basis, but the Forum he ran was the greatest I have ever been involved with. Everybody helped everybody! It was so wonderful to see so many people pull together. Now, we are all excited for everybody doing well with their sites. We had the weekly classes, the homework, the questions and answers. And the Forum continues, along with Nick critiquing, as the sites are up and running."

Get Paid Up to $375 to Get Your Website Up and Running

Someone once said, “The best time to launch your new website is five years ago. The second best time is now.”

Look, I’ll be frank. A lot of people contemplate starting their own Money-Making Website but talk themselves out it because they don’t believe they have the resources or knowledge to get it off the ground successfully.

It’s a shame because as I’ve shown you, anyone can start a Money-Making Website regardless of your writing experience or technical know-how. It’s simply a matter of taking a subject you are passionate about it and writing about it on your website.

And with my help and support, there’s really no reason not to get started making money from your website. And AWAI is making it easier than ever to do. With their unique Incentive Program, you could get “paid” to get your website up and going.

The Incentive Program is based on 4 levels of rewards…

Incentive Level 1 is reached when you get your Money-Making Website up and running. Just as soon as you hit the “Publish” button and your website goes live, we’ll send you a $50 AWAI Credit to put towards any AWAI product or event you wish. Maybe you want to attend a web related event such as The Web Intensive held every year in February. Or maybe you’ve been eyeing one of AWAI’s web copywriting programs, like Web Copywriting 2.0. Now you can deduct $50 off the price.

The reward at Incentive Level 2 is a $75 AWAI credit. You’ll earn this when your money-making information website reaches 20 pages of content. This is an easy one — after all, you ARE a writer so it won’t take you long at all to put 20 pages of content on your website. And when you do, we’ll give you a $75 reward for your efforts.

When you reach 1,000 unique visitors in a month, you’ve arrived at Incentive Level 3 — and a $100 AWAI Credit. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll reach this milestone, especially since we’ll promote your website to the world once it’s up and running! (More on that in a minute)

Finally, Incentive Level 4 is reached when your Money-Making Website makes you your first $1,000 and earns you a $150 AWAI Credit. Of course, the real reward for reaching this level is having your very own website that makes you money… but we want to help you celebrate this exciting milestone, too.

That’s a Total of $375 in AWAI Credits. And That’s Not All…

In addition to being eligible for the Build Your Money-Making Website Incentive Program, you’ll also be able to follow the seven-part training series Nick Usborne hosts. (Kicking off June 27th.)

In these “how-to” webinars, you’ll watch as Nick goes step-by-step through the process of setting up a Money-Making Website.

Nick virtually does it all for you. All you need to do is follow along!

Plus, you’ll have access to the Money-Making Website online discussion group. If you ever have a question or need advice, simply post it and you’ll quickly have your answer. It’s one of the friendliest communities on the Internet.

There’s no better time than right now to take advantage of the incredible power and potential of the Internet.

Every day, thousands and thousands of people who share the same passion you do search the Internet for more information about it. And every day, somebody makes money from them.

Why not you?

Take Advantage of 30 Years of Fine-tuning

Now, before I tell you how to sign up for How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites, here are some more things you’ll learn…

  • The number one mistake Web marketers make when they’re just starting out — Repeat it, and you’ll end up frustrated and wondering what went wrong. Avoid it, and you’ll be on the road to online riches.
  • A simple way to find out exactly who is using your website so you can tailor your content to them — Not many sites do this, but it’s an easy way to make sure your website conveys the right message to your visitors.
  • 9 online resources that should be on every online marketer’s “Favorites” list — Part of success online is having the best resources at your fingertips. These are nine resources no online marketer should be without.
  • 2 reasons why people will visit your website — Keep them in mind, and you’ll always have a steady stream of traffic flowing into your site.
  • 9 questions that will all but guarantee you’ll pick a winning website topic — One of the key reasons people fail… or worse, don’t even attempt to make money online… is that they don’t know how to pick the right topic for their website. This checklist will ensure your site topic will have the greatest potential for making money.
  • The one thing you must do before you start writing content for your website — Too few new marketers address this important issue.
  • 7 things you should do within 48 hours of publishing your website — Each one will get traffic flowing to your site immediately.
  • 8 powerful ways to get even more traffic flowing in to your website — Want even more traffic? Here are eight easy but powerful ways to capture more website traffic and bring in more money.
  • 9 factors to consider when coming up with the ideal domain name for your website — A poorly thought-out domain name can scare visitors away before they even visit your site. Here are nine things to consider to ensure your domain name attracts people to your website in droves.

One of the things you’ll notice about this online program I’ve put together is it’s not complicated. My program is written in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand. Everything is laid out in an easy-to-follow, logical order. And I use real-life websites (my own sites and other successful sites) as examples so you can really get a feel for what works.

Turning an Everyday Interest into a Virtual Cash Machine

I believe that along with the folks at AWAI, we’ve put together the best, most comprehensive program anyone could ever own when it comes to generating thousands of dollars a month from one simple little website.

You’re getting access to all my top secrets I’ve perfected working as a Web expert for AOL, Microsoft, and Disney.

Plus, I’ll be sharing my personal experience of taking every day, ordinary interests and turning them into virtual cash machines that are fun and easy to maintain and grow.

Remember, you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to get your website up, running, attracting visitors, and making money:

  • You’ll know the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to set up a professional-looking website.
  • You’ll know how to choose the best, most traffic-friendly topic for your site.
  • You’ll know how to pick a domain name for your website that will attract the most visitors.
  • You’ll know what each page on your site needs to do to maximize your profits.
  • You’ll know how to write copy that search engines (and your readers) love.
  • You’ll know how to write and structure a home page that grabs people’s interest and puts them in a “buying mood.”
  • You’ll know how to attract and keep “loyal customers” by keeping your website fresh and exciting.
  • You’ll know how to use internal site links to dramatically improve your search-engine rankings.
  • You’ll know where to find the best and highest-paying affiliates. (These guys are looking for websites like yours to list their ads on!)
  • You’ll know how to make even more money with Google AdSense and other forms of site advertising.
  • You’ll know the 7 things experts do within 48 hours of publishing a website to bring more visitors to the site faster.
  • You’ll know how to track your site’s performance and how to use the information to make your site better.
  • You'll know how to use social media to increase your site's exposure and maximize the number of people who visit your site each month.
  • And much, much more…

Order Today!

Your Personal Web Consultant

This program is like having your own personal web consultant. If you were to pay me to come to your office or home and show you how to do this, I’d normally charge you my regular consulting fee, which could easily run about $5,000. (In fact, people have asked me to do just that over the years.)

But there’s no reason to personally hire me, when the program we’ve put together does it all for you. And the best news is, you won’t pay $5,000 for it — or even half that.

The cost of How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites is just $497. That’s a drop in the bucket when you consider the amount of money you can earn writing on subjects you love.

However, through this limited-time offer, you'll save $150 on your copy of the program. That means your investment is only $347. But here’s where things get really exciting.

Factor in the $375 in AWAI Credit Rewards I showed you earlier, and you will have earned back MORE than your total investment when all is said and done.

In fact, if you do the math, you’ll find AWAI will wind up paying you $28!

I’d call this a no-brainer, wouldn’t you?

Order Today!

Every Detail is Covered

Remember, Karen P. got paid $3,000 to write about rabbits… Tomaz M. gets paid $1,000 a day to write about vacuum cleaners… Birgit B. makes as much as $10,000 a month writing about travel… and Sara D. earns $2,000 writing about juices.

Imagine what you could make writing on a subject you love!

Your earning potential is almost unlimited. My program covers all the details and comes with everything you need to succeed including:

  • How To Write Your Own Money-Making Websites program — You’ll have access to my step-by-step system for creating a solid, steady passive income stream for you and your family. As mentioned, it's a “living program,” which means all improvements and updates are yours free for life.
  • Access to my 7-part webinar series — With these informative and motivating webinars, it will seem like I’m right there beside you guiding you on to success. They are a great way to make sure you stick to a schedule for your site so you get it up and running and producing revenue ASAP.
  • Access to the "best of" webinar archive — You'll also get access to 14 webinars I’ve held, that focus on various aspects of the Money-Making Website process including seven site review webinars. This is where I look at real-life Money-Making Websites and point out how they could be made more effective (which means more money).
  • Ongoing motivation and support — You'll have instant access to one of the friendliest and most helpful forums on the Internet. Go here to get answers and advice and network with other success-minded people. Here, you can ask other members (and myself) questions and get additional support and guidance as you progress along your Money-Making Website journey.
  • “A Newbie’s Guide to Quickly, Easily, and Inexpensively Getting Your Money-Making Website Built and Online” — This special report shows you the easiest, fastest, most economical way to get a professional-looking website up and running.
  • 90-day plan for success — To ensure you get your Money-Making Website up and running quickly, you’ll have a schedule to follow with specific benchmarks and timeframes to keep you on track and making consistent progress.
  • “Goal-Setting Rituals” Guide — This guide is specifically designed to help freelance writers achieve their goals faster and easier…
  • Bonus Technical Webinar with Jim Wright — With Jim’s help, you’ll be able to conquer anything technical related to your website. He’ll walk you through what to do when setting up your website with confidence and ease. Any time you come across a problem, just replay the webinar and watch as Jim walks you through the steps in getting your webinar up so you can start making money. Jim’s also really great about answering questions, so you’ll have one more person to support you.

One more thing…

I want you to be completely thrilled with this program. So I’m going to do more than offer you AWAI’s standard 30-day guarantee. By that I mean, if within 365 days — a full year — you aren’t making money using my step-by-step Money-Making Website formula, just let AWAI know and you may return the program for a full refund of your purchase price — no questions asked.

All we ask is that you follow the steps I’ve laid out for you. Spend a few hours a week doing this, and you will be successful.

So what do you say?

This is the best program that has ever been created for turning your simple interests into potentially thousands of dollars in passive income, month after month — numerous helpful bonuses to make your Money-Making Website journey easier, more enjoyable, and more financially beneficial…

Plus, AWAI’s 365-day guarantee that if you don’t absolutely love doing this and you’re not starting to see a solid income within the first year, you can request every penny you paid for the program to be sent back to you.

Are you pumped and excited about making a good living writing about things you love?

I know you’re eager to get started. I know you want your website to be generating cash as quickly as possible…

This is a great opportunity to pad your bank account with extra cash month after month…

Plus, you can get started using my secrets quickly by ordering today.

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Once you have your website up, running, and loaded with great content… send AWAI a note and a link to your site. If they like what they see, they’ll issue a news release about you and your website, and give you a permanent link directly from the AWAI website. So not only will your website be exposed to all of AWAI’s visitors, Google and the other major search engines will know you exist too.

That’s free traffic to your website once you get it running!

So… why wait another day when the sooner you start — the sooner your website can be up, running, and making money?

Call the Member Services Team at 1-866-879-2924 or order online.


Nick Usborne
Expert on getting paid to write on things you love

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