The 72-Hour Copywriting Career

It’s never been easier to launch your writing career, thanks to this year’s $134-BILLION trend …

That’s why I’d like you to meet me and my web-writer friends in Austin, where we’ll help you cash in on it by turning you into a Web Copy Specialist — in just 72 hours.

(PLUS — I’ll give you a live,
PAID project to get you started!)

Dear Reader,
Rebecca Matter

Hi, Rebecca Matter here …

I’d like to personally invite you to join me in Austin, Texas … where three of the country’s TOP web-writing pros are going to help you gain the skills you need to launch your copywriting career in only 72 hours.

Sounds a little crazy, I know.

But I’m so confident in the caliber of the training you’ll receive, I’m putting my money where my mouth is:

I GUARANTEE you’ll have a live, PAID assignment from me before you leave!

I’ll tell you more about that in just a moment …

First, let me explain why this $134-BILLION trend is creating such a HUGE financial windfall for web copywriters in 2014 …

… and why your opportunity to make six-figures as a copywriter … to write your own paychecks … and to live life on your terms … is greater than it’s ever been before.

The Writer Every Company Needs

So what is this huge trend that’s created so much opportunity for you as a writer? Two words: Content marketing.

Let me explain …

The days of having a web designer slap a few words on a web page to fill up space are gone.

That’s because web visitors are hungry for useful, quality content.

It’s why most businesses today have things like a blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account. People want to connect and engage with the companies they do business with. They want to know what’s going on. They want useful information to improve their lives.

This, combined with Google’s demand for quality content — a BIG factor in ranking well in the search results — has created the perfect storm for web writers.

As a result, every company with an online presence these days needs web writers.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small mom-and-pop shop down the street or a multinational Fortune 500 behemoth.

If they’re on the Web and their goal is to get more customers, they need content and marketing copy! What’s more, they need it on a regular basis. This is why, according to eMarketer, businesses will spend an estimated $134 BILLION on it THIS YEAR!

Think about it: Web visitors hunger for fresh, relevant content. They don’t want to see a site that hasn’t been updated in a year. This means businesses need to create content at a blistering pace. They need things like articles, emails, blog posts, home pages, sales pages, landing pages, and more.

This trend towards online content is only going to get bigger, and many businesses are having trouble keeping up with the never-ending demand.

Even here at AWAI, it’s no different. I just took a glance at my marketing calendar, and I counted 16 projects I need to assign to qualified web writers.

The only problem is, I don’t know who else I can hire. I’ve hired just about everyone I know. The fact is, at any given time, I work with a dozen or more talented writers. And still, I have a HUGE backlog of projects!

Can you see why writing for the Web could easily give you a huge boost in income?

Remember, as a web writer, you are a VERY valuable asset. A company’s livelihood, in large part, depends on you!

Get Paid Handsomely

This is why it’s not unreasonable to reach a six-figure income.


Many companies will gladly pay you up to $1,500 to rewrite their home page. That’s because the home page is the first thing a visitor sees. If it doesn’t “speak” to them, they’ll click away in a heartbeat. This is why companies are willing to pay so much, for so few words (most home pages are only 500-1,500 words!).

Others will happily pay anywhere from $75-$250 to have you write a fun, 500-750 word article or blog post for their site. Again, this could be on any topic you are passionate about. You could write an article for a local vet’s blog on dog training. Or you could write an article on motivation for a sales training company. The possibilities are endless!

Yet others will pay you $150-$350 for a single email in a heartbeat. Again, the copy here is short and sweet. And the need spans the entire spectrum of markets and niches out there.

EVERY company needs to stay in touch with its prospects and customers via email. So it’s just a matter of finding a company that deals in an area you love.

And here’s the thing —

Once you know the subject matter and company you’re writing for, these projects can be a breeze to get done. Spend a few hours in the morning writing an email and rewriting a home page, and you could make $700-$1,250 or more.

At that point, you can just call it a day and goof off the rest of the afternoon or spend your time with your kids or friends. Either way, it’s not hard to see why achieving six-figures is a realistic goal as a web writer.

Not Just Lucrative, But FUN!

Now there’s something else you should know.

Not only is writing for the Web profitable … it can be a lot of FUN.

Businesses of all kinds use the Web to make sales and attract customers.

That means you can pick and choose to help companies that only deal with things you’re passionate about.

Love golf? There are PLENTY of golf-related companies that need web writers.

Maybe you’re into music. Again, there are a ton of companies (ranging from publishers to instrument manufacturers, and more) that need your help.

Perhaps you love gardening, or even aviation. Do you think there are companies that deal with these things too? OF COURSE!

What’s more, a lot of the copy you’ll be writing doesn’t “hard sell.” Most of the projects are short, sweet, and to the point.

There’s no doubt about it. The Internet has completely transformed the business landscape. And web writers benefit.

In fact, that’s why I’m writing you today. I’d like to invite you to join me in downtown Austin for AWAI’s Web Copywriting Intensive.

YOU: A Paid Web Writer In 3 Days

It’s taking place February 9-12, 2014 at the Hyatt Place hotel.

I’ve invited three of the country’s TOP web copywriters — Brian Clark, Nick Usborne, and Jay White — to come and teach you what they know. Each one is an expert at one of the three hottest areas of web writing right now.

And over the course of three days, our goal is to transform you into a bona fide professional web copywriter.

"Attending AWAI's Web Copywriting Intensive was the catapult I needed for my freelance career as a web writer and social media consultant. The speakers were incredible! Each one of them provided valuable information and tools I was able to take home and apply to my business immediately. In fact, I made more money in the months following the Web Intensive than I had in my entire freelance career up to that point.

“A big highlight for me was getting to actually meet some of the Internet and social media gurus (the ones I follow religiously). To actually get to sit down over lunch, or dinner, or drinks and get to know them brought a whole new level to reading their newsletters and blogs. And, every one of them was very willing to offer advice to help grow my business.

“The entire event was filled with amazing people, even other attendees were willing to share their knowledge and experiences and learn from each other. I have some very good friends whom I might not have met if I hadn't attended. And the best part? They're walking a similar path to my own.

“I've come far with my freelance career in the past year and it all came together when I attended AWAI's Web Copywriting Intensive. It was the best investment I could have made."

An ambitious goal, to be sure. But we’ve seen it happen, for the past six years we’ve held this event. Like Bob Edelstein, for instance.

After winning rave reviews (and a healthy-sized check) for copy he wrote at a Web Copywriting Intensive — he gained the much-needed confidence to shift his freelance business into high gear. Within weeks, he had three more assignments from contacts he made there.

Two years ago, he returned to the Web Intensive to tell us he had failed to meet his goal of replacing his full-time job salary with his web-writing income …

Instead, he had made three times as much money.

Henry Bingaman is another great Web Intensive story …

“It Gave Me Enormous Confidence”

Henry was a 23-year-old flight attendant when he came to his very first Web Intensive back in 2009. He was so inspired by what he learned that he quit his flight attendant job when he returned home and started working as a web writer.

“It gave me enormous confidence,” he told us by email later. "I flew one more trip, they called me to fly to Munich, and I realized I could make more money if I stayed home and wrote two emails … So I turned down the trip and quit."

Today he’s earning a healthy six-figure income — and tells us he’s well on the path to becoming a seven-figure copywriter by the time he’s 30!

And you might know Mindy Tyson McHorse’s story by now …

Before sitting down with us at our February 2010 Web Intensive, she was making $24,000 per year as a part-time writer. By the end of that very same year, she reached her goal of breaking the $100K mark … by earning $100,598 as a copywriter. (And she’s broken the six-figure barrier every year since!)

Bottom line: In just 72 hours, copywriters from all walks of life launch their successful web-writing careers!

And to help you with that goal (and because I have so many projects that need to be completed!), I will give you your first LIVE PAID ASSIGNMENT.

That means you’ll walk away with your first paid project as a professional web writer.

Now, to make sure we give you everything we can to help you succeed, we’re doing something this year we’ve never done before …

The Fastest Way to Succeed, Period.

“Terrific, well-balanced collection of focused training in all the important aspects of web copywriting. Love the contrast between presenters’ personas.”

— Rick Robinette

This year, you get a full day with each expert. That way, along with the skills you need, you’ll get PLENTY of writing time, and PLENTY of feedback.

For example, you’ll spend an entire day learning how to write the various kinds of emails businesses want and need. And you’ll learn how you can complete each email in under an hour.

You’ll do plenty of writing assignments with each of our instructors that will ensure you’ve mastered the skills and can churn out the projects fast for your clients.

And because you’re spending a whole day on each skill set, you’ll be able to get feedback on what you’ve written and adjust accordingly, to ensure you have the confidence you need to get out there and start working for clients the minute you get home.

This kind of hands-on process is the fastest way to learn anything. We’ve just condensed each specialty into a single day. This way, after just three days, you’ll emerge a competent, well-rounded web writer, ready to start landing paid gigs.

I did it!

I’m proud to say that I’m currently a full-time, freelance web copywriter. I took the leap and quit my salaried JOB, and now I’m thoroughly enjoying my writer’s life.

And I trace my success directly back to the 2012 Web Intensive.

I was just launching my business, just getting my web copywriting feet wet, when I attended the 2012 Web Intensive. I considered my investment in the Web Intensive to be an investment in my business, in myself … in my future. It did not disappoint.

After participating in the sessions and interacting one-to-one with the expert speakers, I walked away from the Web Intensive knowing without a doubt that web copywriting is how I will make a living doing what I love — writing. I walked away with the confidence to claim my status as a Web Copy Specialist and with the absolute certainty that I could make my dream of the writer’s life a reality.

In fact, with that confidence, I was able to accelerate my business plan. Instead of the year that I conservatively planned for, I completely replaced my JOB salary with copywriting income within six short months. I’m not looking back and not going back … ever.

The 2012 Web Copy Intensive truly launched my freelance web copywriting career. I consider it to be the very foundation of my successful new writer’s life. Thank you, AWAI!

– Michele Peterson

What’s more, we’ve arranged for you to have personal one-on-one time with our very own web-writing experts. Ask them anything you want. Or get more feedback on your copy.

By giving you this level of “accelerated learning,” you’ll be more than confident in tackling the live paid project I have in store for you.

Meet Your Coaches

You’ll be learning from the best of the best. And as I mentioned earlier, we’re covering the three hottest areas of web writing today.

And one of the first things you’ll learn at this year’s Web Copywriting Intensive is what I consider the “bread-and-butter” of web writing — stuff that all companies need. I’m talking about home pages, landing pages, sales pages, and every other kind of web page under the sun.

That’s where Nick Usborne comes in.

He’s been a copywriter for 30 years now, 15 of which he’s dedicated solely to online copywriting. He’s worked with, and has been a web-copy consultant to, companies like Microsoft, Yahoo!, Disney, America Online, and The New York Times.

With his direction, you’re going to get your hands dirty and discover how to:

Wow! What’s greater than a teacher with a great sense of humor and words that have incredible substance? The answer: Nick Usborne, a totally inspirational, educational experience. Thanks a million, Nick!”

— Margot Teleki

I left Nick’s seminar and emailed one of my clients with some ‘think about this’ insights into eye-tracking and the golden triangle of website scanning. We’ll be working on their site next month. Total elapsed time from seminar’s end to new project: 20 minutes.”

— Jay van Wagenen

“We have a serious need for ongoing education and AWAI fills the bill brilliantly as Nick explained in his three pillars …”

— Paula Williams

Just armed with this info alone, you could easily earn a six-figure income.

This is what Nick focuses on exclusively, after all. And consistently, he earns a healthy six-figure income doing it.

You’ll know exactly how four pages of copy can nab you a cool $1,500.

How’s it possible?

Remember how I told you most web assignments have a quick turnaround?

Well, let’s do some easy, quick “math.”

Let’s say you're writing a landing page. The average pay is $1,500. And truth be told, you’ll probably end up writing no more than 1,000 words, which is about average for a standard landing page.

Tell me this. How fast could you write 1,000 words and earn a cool $1,500?

Just two or three of these projects a month can easily give you a full-time income, while barely “working.”

 Some of the Easiest Copy
You’ll Ever Write

Next up, you’ll be learning how to write all the different kinds of emails businesses want and need.

Now here’s a little “secret” you should know about writing this kind of copy …

It will be some of the easiest copy you’ll ever write!

That’s because you write emails all the time. Knowing how to write them for clients is just a matter of learning a few new “rules” and structures.

You see, just as you use email to stay in touch with friends and family, or update your boss on what you’ve been working on, businesses use email in a very similar way with their prospects and customers.

For example, a business may send out an email to share a new tip or insight. They may send out an email telling folks about a new product or service.

Or they may send a series of emails to greet a new prospect and allow them to get to know the business a little bit better.

Plus, for web writers, offering emails to clients makes smart business sense.

Here’s why:

Another neat perk about writing email copy is that once you get your foot in the door with a client, it can easily lead to more and bigger paying projects.

Email is a cheap way for a client to test your copy. So they really have nothing to lose. The client’s risk is minimal, meaning you have a very good chance to “wow” them.

And to show you how to write email copy that “wows” your clients, I’ve brought in Jay White.

Jay makes a very nice six-figure income from his home, writing short emails for his clients. And he’s one of the best there is at it.

Jay’s created a proven formula for writing emails. This is the same formula he uses for his own clients. He can usually write one email in as little as 15-30 minutes. And his fee? Up to $1,000 PER EMAIL!

You’ll spend an entire day with him, soaking up everything he has to offer. Expect to WRITE … a lot!

“Copy that blows their minds!”

“Talk about excited! Thanks to Jay, I've already produced autoresponder copy for clients that blows their minds!”

— Dot Pecson

“Jay can walk the walk.”

“Not all hot-hand writers can teach, but Jay can walk the walk and talk/teach, too … with enthusiasm, clarity, and grace.”

— Curtis Tuck

You’ll try your hand at writing emails with Jay in the room. And, you’ll get plenty of opportunity to get feedback and see where you need to improve.

This alone will slash the normal time it takes to learn how to write these emails. And by the time you’re done, you’ll have the foundation you need to start charging $100 or more per email.

Plus — Jay is going to make sure you leave the Web Copywriting Intensive with actual working samples for your portfolio.

Armed with this powerful information from Jay and Nick alone, you could easily meet your copywriting income goals in the next 12 months …

But that’s not all we’ll be teaching you during this career-transforming, three-day intense event.

Why You Matter — A LOT

Remember at the very beginning of this letter, I told you how companies all over the country are planning to spend a combined $134 BILLION on content?

That’s because times have changed — considerably. Gone are the days where you could “hard sell” someone into buying.

Instead, content marketing is a subtle, no-pressure way of selling online.

Companies create the best content they know how — things like blog posts, articles, reports, e-newsletters, etc. — in hopes that prospects read it and like it. Then, at some point when a prospect is ready to buy, they’ll go with the company that’s been giving them such great, free information.

Put simply, content is what brings prospects to your client’s website, engages them, and then builds a relationship — ultimately pushing them closer and closer to a sale. Used to be companies didn’t pay too much attention to this. They’d hire “cheap writers,” figuring as long as it’s legible and gets the message across, it’s good enough.

Those days are over, thank goodness.

I had hemmed and hawed over going to the Web Intensive for a long time … and it wasn't so much the money or the time or the travel … 

It was that I knew going to the Intensive would mean finally jumping off the cliff and getting started as a copywriter. That both scared and thrilled me. 

Would it be everything I had hoped? Did the people who I read about for so long really exist … and can you really make that kind of money? 

When I shared a van ride to the hotel with Pam Foster, I knew this was the real deal and I’d made the right decision. 

I had finally arrived in the real world, where real copywriters really make six-figures doing what they love. 

The very first night. I met Joshua Boswell (my longtime hero) and Rebecca Matter (my longtime heroine) and thought, "This alone was worth the fee!"

Especially since that one conversation with Rebecca led to my leaving the Web Intensive with a $1,000 check! 

During the first presentation (Nick Usborne on Web Copy 2.0), I vividly remember thinking, "Okay, THIS alone was worth the fee!" 

In fact, I remember thinking that after every presentation. It was all there. How to write killer emails. How to snag a customer with a solid landing page. Everything I wanted to know (and tons more!) was at my fingertips. 

The accessibility of the speakers and the AWAI staff is a resource you won't get anywhere else. And I don't think you can find a happier group of people that will go out of their way to make sure you are confident and successful. The atmosphere and the confidence alone is priceless. 

You can count on Rebecca and her team to put on the most relevant and useful information that will get you working easier and faster than any other program. 

You have to go to the Web Intensive. You just have to. 

– Rae Robinson

Now, because content is such a crucial part of online marketing — whether it’s to rank well in the search engines, or to keep people updated via social media — companies need a lot of it on a very regular basis.

This is why you, as a web writer, matter a lot.

You hold the key to a company’s success! Write great content for them, and both of you win. As soon as a company stops producing great content, their “following” dwindles and lackluster sales soon follow.

So in order to round out your web-writing education, we’ve brought in the undisputed “king” of content creation and marketing.

Meet the 7-Million-Dollar Man

His name is Brian Clark.

He’s one of the most trusted and respected leaders in online marketing, running a dozen successful businesses.

His flagship business, Copyblogger Media, has grown from nothing when it launched in 2006 to making over $7 million a year today.

He’s shifted from being an anonymous nobody to Performancing’s “Most Influential Blogger of 2007” ... #3 on Invesp’s 100 Most Influential Online Marketers of 2009 ... and Dun & Bradstreet’s “Most Influential Person to Follow on Twitter” for small businesses in 2012.

What it all means is very simple: Brian is a recognized and celebrated master of Internet and website content.

“Amazing. Brilliant. Useful. Inspiring. These ‘keywords’ describe Brian Clark.”

— Rhoann Ponset

“Wow — Brian’s presentation had so much meat it will take me months to work down to the bone. So pleased to have heard him and looking forward to getting more out of my career thanks to his material!”

— Jen Adams

And because of AWAI’s unique and highly-favorable relationship with him, Brian’s agreed to meet up with us in Austin to spend an entire day showing you how to write A-level website content that attracts … engages … and helps move your readers closer to the sale…

 … all so the “sales copy” that’s on the site doesn’t have to work so hard!

He’ll walk you through his process for content creation … and how you can leverage that into getting paid very well.

You’ll find that most content marketing work is short and sweet. Much of it isn’t hype-y or sales-y at all. And once you get good, you always have the option of taking on more of a consultant role with your clients, and this is where the really big money lies.

Partnering with just one or two businesses in exchange for managing their content marketing could put you on the fast track to BIG income and wealth.

“Will have to watch this again and again. Really juicy content.”

— Mary Wright

As a successful website content writer, you’ll be bringing a huge skill to the table that literally millions of businesses around the globe need.

But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

You could just as easily focus on solely producing the content for multiple clients, one project at a time. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities for ongoing monthly retainer work, so you can count on a steady monthly income.

Armed with the knowledge you’ll have from Brian, Jay, and Nick, you could easily go out there and succeed as a web writer. I know, because I’ve seen so many of your colleagues do it.

But we’re not stopping there. I want to do everything I can to help you succeed.

Everything You Need to Land Clients

In addition to giving you three solid days of training with TOP experts, I want to make sure you know how to leverage your newfound skills and catapult your income.

So to do that, I’m making sure you leave with a plan for getting clients. We’ll even review your plan, and if you have a website, we’ll review that too.

You’ll know what you should change, and why. And you’ll know how to optimize your plan and marketing materials for maximum results.

Oh — and I’ve even arranged to have a professional photographer at the event to take your headshot! I can’t tell you how many web writers fail to work on their “image.” A great headshot is the easiest thing you can do to project a professional image that impresses clients from the get-go.

So if you want it — feel free to take advantage of this extra little “perk” I’ve arranged for you. Just one more way to show you I’m serious about helping you take your web-writing career to a new level.

And finally, don’t forget that at the completion of your web copywriting training …

I’m Going to Give You a
Paid Assignment — Guaranteed!

I’ve told you that you’ll be given a paid assignment.

I’m dead serious.

By the time you’ve gone through the presentations with these gurus … finished with the “hands-on” labs we have planned for you … and had all your questions answered by these top web writers …

There is no question in my mind that you’ll be MORE than ready to write for me.

And if by any chance it takes you more than one pass to complete your assignment and get it to where we need it to be, don’t worry. AWAI’s marketing team will personally work with you until it’s great.

That’s my promise to you.

What’s more, do an exceptional job, and you may get a call from me once you’re back home. If that’s the case, you can be sure I’ve got more web assignments I want you to complete.

AWAI has tons of web writing that needs to be done. Somebody is going to write it. And who better to go to than an expert we’ve helped train … who knows our business best?

That person is YOU!

And my goal is to help you have a great LEAP in income.

We’ll Stick With You —
Long After You’ve Left Austin

There’s one other thing I really want to make perfectly clear.

I’m not expecting you to leave the Web Intensive an A+ web copywriter. It’s important for you to know that your “web-writing education” doesn’t end on the last day of the Web Intensive. Not by a long shot …

That’s because we’ll be available throughout the course of the year … to answer your questions … look over your copy … offer you suggestions … keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings with the ever-changing Web … help you land the clients you want … and motivate and encourage you every step of the way.

In other words, we’re not going to just put together a plan for you and give you the skills you need — we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure you perfect your skills, take action, and reach your goals!

There’s Never Been a Better Time

Look, the Web has completely revolutionized how business is done. Content is king. Gone are the days of the “hard sell.”

Only companies that know how to deliver quality content on their web pages, blog posts, emails, newsletters, social media, and more, will survive.

Companies that slap words on a page that are just “good enough” will slowly lose ground, until they do something about it or perish.

This is why content marketing is growing more than ever before. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are expected to spend $134 BILLION in 2014 on content marketing.

And guess who they pay to create that content? Web writers like you!

Writing for the Web is one of the fastest ways to live the writer’s life. And, I plan to get you going in just 72 hours.

Remember, you’re getting three FULL days, with three experts. One day with each. You’ll have plenty of writing exercises. You’ll get plenty of feedback, so you can adjust and learn as you go.

You’ll even get one-on-one time with successful Web Copy Specialists to discuss your own web copy business. I can’t even begin to tell you how priceless that is. You get a top pro — who’s earning six-figures or better — to give you advice specific to YOUR situation.

Ask them anything you want that will help you further your copywriting income goals. They’ll be more than happy to answer.

And let’s not forget you’re getting your first paid assignment from yours truly. This is a real project I need completed to make sure I stick to my marketing calendar. This is representative of the kinds of copy and content you’ll be writing for other clients as well.

In all, you’ll be arming yourself with the skills you need to take full advantage of this lucrative marketing trend … and as a result, create a giant leap in income for yourself.

The Power to Change Your Life

What coming to the 2014 Web Intensive will do for you, there’s no telling. But I can guarantee you this:

I’ve done EVERYTHING I can to set you up for success ...

I’ve arranged for the very best coaches (web experts Nick Usborne, Jay White, and Brian Clark).

I’ve made sure you have enough writing time with them and feedback to help you nail these skills.

And the team and I are willing to review your website and marketing materials, offer suggestions, and even give you a professionally-done headshot by the photographer we’ve hired to be on-call during the event.

All that’s left is you — and your commitment to succeed.

If you’re ready for your copywriting career to take a quantum leap, here’s the nitty-gritty:

Where: Austin, Texas

When: February 9-12, 2014 at the Hyatt Place Austin Downtown. We’ve arranged a special rate with the hotel, so make sure to mention AWAI. Also, if you need help at all with flight or hotel reservations, give Member Services a call at 1-866-879-2924 and they’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction.

The cost to attend is $4,995.

Considering how much you stand to make once you’re a bona fide web copywriting professional, this is a small price to pay.

It’s ultimately an investment in your future … and in an improved quality of life for you and your loved ones.

When you also consider I’m giving you a live, PAID assignment, chances are you may end up paying a lot less to attend a training event that could put you on the fast track to success.

We’ll Make it All Work For You …

Still, I know this kind of money can be a stretch, so I’ve arranged a payment plan option if you need it. (Contact Member Services toll-free at 1-866-879-2924 for more details.)

And remember …

You don’t have to pay that full amount today. And you still have time to cancel and get every penny back if you discover over the coming weeks that you can’t make it. (You’ll find all the key dates and refund information on the reservation form here.)

The important thing is that we hear from you today — so we can secure your spot.

This is a very good deal … and a very good opportunity for your career.

Remember, after learning the ins and outs of web copywriting with Nick Usborne, you can charge up to $1,500 per page of web copy.

With Jay, you’ll learn everything about writing email copy, where clients will happily pay upwards of $3,500 for a single email campaign (and you can use the same basic formula for client after client!).

The kind of content writing Brian Clark will show you can not only pay you thousands of dollars per project (depending on how many web pages you’re asked to write), but can result in long-term and retainer income from many clients as more new content is needed and added.

Now, there’s one more thing you should know …

Strictly Limited to 60 Lucky Copywriters

Every year we’ve held the Web Copywriting Intensive, it’s sold out.

And every year, I’ve been able to “sneak” a few extra people in, without the hotel giving me too much trouble about it.

“I learned something valuable in every category.”

— Victor Leppky

But this year is different. Because the Hyatt is located right in the heart of downtown Austin, they have a firm policy on space. They won’t let me go over the strict 60-person limit.

So …

Judging by how quickly past events have sold out, you’ll want to act quickly if this is something you really want to do.

I don’t know how quickly spaces will go, but unfortunately, once they’re gone, they’re REALLY gone.

I wish I could squeeze in an extra person or two, but again, this year my hands are tied.

The good news is, however, that because this will be strictly limited to 60 people, you will get a chance to interact with the masters and get feedback on your work.

And, because of the small group size, you will get one-on-one time with an expert.


I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I appreciated the time and energy that everyone at AWAI put into the Web Intensive. I can honestly say that I got a lot out of it. I came away with new ideas on how to locate and obtain clients. The short meeting we had helped me to see outside the box when it came to searching online for new clients. Nick’s and Brian’s classes gave me some great ideas on research that I can do to help land the clients I find. And last but not least, everything together has given me the confidence to move forward. Many thanks!


Ray Weeks
Lead Copywriter
North Mountain Associates LLC

My Promise to You

I’ve promised you a paid web-writing assignment.

There’s another promise I’d like to make:

Register today for the 2014 Web Copywriting Intensive.

Meet us in Austin in February. Then, come to the first session.

If, for any reason, you don’t feel you’re learning secrets that can put you on the fast track to earning big money for writing short bits of copy, let me know by the end of the first day of the Web Copywriting Intensive.

I’ll arrange for you to receive a prompt and courteous refund (less a small processing fee to cover some hard costs), no questions asked.

You’ve got nothing to lose by attending this event. And everything — and I really mean EVERYTHING — to gain.

 “All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy”

One last thing!

Just because this is going to be an intense, hands-on three days doesn’t mean it won’t be fun.

In fact, we’ve got other exciting things planned, too. (Denise, our Conference Director, is always brimming with fun ideas for us to do.)

At the Web Writing Intensive in San Diego, we enjoyed an authentic luau one night, enjoyed a barbeque on the beach another day, and took a dip in Mission Bay AND the Pacific Ocean.

In Las Vegas, we celebrated our get-together at one of Vegas’s most famous restaurants … then some folks went casino hopping …

And other times, we’ve had a web writers’ “dance off” — there’s nothing else quite like seeing Pam Foster do a cartwheel across the ballroom floor!

I can’t wait to host you in my town again this year. Now that I’ve been here over seven years, I know all the best eating spots — and all the best places to hear the kind of music Austin is famous for — from contemporary rock to jazz to down-home country.

But as fun as I’m sure the “nightlife” will be, our first goal is to help you succeed as quickly and efficiently as possible … to help you sharpen your skills in the most lucrative areas of web copywriting.

So be prepared to work!

A Truly Life-Changing Opportunity

Writing for the Web is where the future is headed. There’s no escaping it.

Eventually, copywriters who don’t know how to write for the Web will be at a severe disadvantage.

My hope for you is that you’re serious about being able to make a commitment to your success … and that you’ll attend this once-in-a-lifetime event.

For those who will be there, I know it will be a career-transforming experience.

Looking forward to seeing you in Austin!


Rebecca Matter
Co-Managing Partner
American Writers & Artists Inc.

Register Now!

P.S. I almost forgot to mention one more thing we’re going to do BEFORE you even get to Austin!!

We’ll be holding a virtual “getting web clients” event. This will give you the marketing know-how to attract, land, and serve great-paying clients. We’ll cover everything from what you should have on your website, to the kinds of activities you should be doing every single day to ensure you hit your copywriting income goals.

We’ll also help you set clear goals and tell you how to get the most out of your Web Copywriting Intensive training.

Also, we can answer any questions you have about the event itself or making your travel arrangements. Our goal is to make this as easy and “seamless” as possible for you … and do everything we can to ensure your success.

Just sign up for the event … book your room and flight (we can even help you there) — and we’ll take care of everything else. But again, time is of the essence. You want to be on board before the “Sold Out” sign goes up! Secure your spot here now.

Register Now!

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