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Direct Mail, Email, and Social — in One Easy-to-Use Platform

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As a copywriter, you need to know what sales letters are working right now including:

  • Which headline archetypes are working today?
  • Which lead types get blockbuster results?
  • Which copy format works best?

The answers change all the time. And they’re different for print, web, and social media campaigns.

Now there’s a new tool for your copywriter’s toolbox, one that ratchets you up from “good” to “marketing genius” in your clients’ eyes. AWAI’s partnership with Who’s Mailing What! brings you a simple-to-use, searchable database of every noteworthy direct mail campaign over the last 30 years — with performance statistics on each! Plus, it tracks up-to-the-minute trends in all copy formats — direct mail, email, web, and social media.

AWAI Copy Chief Sandy Franks says, “This is a must-have resource for all copywriters. It’s the absolute best way to keep up to date on current copy techniques, tactics, and formats.“

To be sure, Who’s Mailing What! is a massive database of direct marketing intelligence. But with its simple setup, you’ll have your personalized dashboard and custom trend charts up and running in just minutes.

Find inspiration in the creative approaches of other successful copywriters, with …

  • The world’s most complete library of direct mail samples
  • Over 20,000 new email promos every month
  • Metrics and activities from social media campaigns

The best part? It's always — always — up-to-date so you’ll always know what’s working right now.

And we’ve made it even easier for you to keep up your newfound marketing genius. As a member of AWAI, you’ll pay $350 less than the annual subscription rate other marketing professionals pay. The boost in fees you can charge for one writing project alone could dwarf the entire yearly rate!

Get unlimited access to the most complete library of direct mail, email, and social media campaigns ever assembled — all wrapped in an incredibly easy-to–use control panel.

AWAI Who’s Mailing What!: $595.00

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