From the desk of Rebecca Matter, President of AWAI

Revealed: How 7 Highly Sought-After Web Experts Will Transform You into an In-Demand Web Writer… In Just 3 Days

Immerse yourself in a game-changing, hands-on workshop and learn to skillfully write the 7 most lucrative projects of 2017 (and beyond).

By the time you’re finished, you’ll outperform — and out profit — 99% of other writers on the planet…

Even if you have no web copy experience — yet.

(Our 10-year track record proves this won’t be the first time a “newbie” dramatically changed their life after only 3 days!)

Dear Writer,

When Les Worley, a man with a passion for writing, walked through the doors of the meeting room on February 28, 2016, he had no idea just how much his life would change in the months to follow…

You see, he came with one goal in mind: to double his writing income in 90 days.

He planned to either replace half of his agency projects with non-agency work (and higher rates), or double the number of projects he landed…

As it turns out, he did both.

“I’m happy to say I hit my goal. My billables for May 2016 were 215% of those I billed in February. That makes May my best month ever, by a big margin,” Les said.

And, it gets even better…

Les also signed a new $5,000-a-month retainer deal, for only 20 hours of work per week. That works out to $60,000 a year working part time… more than most people make working full time! And if he works more than the agreed-upon 20 hours? He gets paid even more money!

Best of all: He’ll be doing work he loves — writing case studies, articles, e-books, and more — all from the comfort of his home. Plus, because it’s only “half time,” he’ll be able to pick up other writing jobs, too.

“Besides hitting my ‘double’ goal, I’ll have a recurring income as long as I keep them happy — and I will,” says Les.

Just imagine! $60,000 a year… writing just 20 hours per week.

For many aspiring writers, that’s a dream come true.

But, for those lucky enough to train with the most sought-after web-writing experts in the world, this dream has become quite common…

So, how is all of this possible?

How are normal people — flight attendants, students, and even stay-at-home moms — going from nothing to six-figures… or even much more in just a few years?

Most of them well on their way to achieving their goals within a few MONTHS

I’ll tell you.

In fact, I’m about to reveal everything — including the types of clients they write for, the projects they take on, and even what they get paid.

You’ll also discover how you can follow in these writers’ footsteps… not only learning from today’s top web experts, but actually writing with them to get the hands-on experience you need to outperform 99% of other writers on the planet.

All in just 3 days.

But, first — I want to assure you — if these writers can do it, so can you.

You see, none of the writers we highlighted above had a background in persuasive writing… most of them had never written a word or landed a single client… and some of them didn’t believe they could even be paid writers.

Yet, using our proven and tested methods, along with hands-on guidance from seven of the industry’s experts, we were able to systematically transform them — and hundreds of other writers over the past decade — into highly-paid, in-demand Web Copy Specialists.

Now it’s your turn…

Experience the Industry’s Only Hands-On Workshop PROVEN to Clear the Clutter and Transform You into a Confident, Paid Web Copywriter in Just 3 Days

Rebecca Matter

I’m Rebecca Matter. As President of AWAI, I often hear from aspiring writers who would love to not only learn how to write web copy… but actually get hands-on experience writing the most lucrative and in-demand types of web copy…

That’s why every February for the past 10 years, I’ve invited no more than 60 aspiring web copywriters to join me in Austin…

It’s certainly a small, exclusive group, but for a very good reason: to make sure each and every person gets the one-on-one attention, feedback, and access to experts they need to become better web writers than 99% of the people out there.

We call it “Web Copy Intensive.”

And the next one is scheduled for February 26-March 1, 2017 in Austin, Texas.

Now, I know the promise is a big one…

After just three days of total immersion in the lucrative world of web copy, you’ll walk away — no, you’ll stroll away with a saunter in your step — completely confident in your newfound ability to write effective copy for actual web clients. (And, you’ll know how and where to find clients eager to pay handsomely for your new skills.)

Yet, every year, we hear from writers who attended Web Copy Intensive and did just that.

That’s why it’s no surprise that year-after-year all 60 seats are snatched up — often before most people even hear that registration for Web Copy Intensive is open.

This year will be no different. In fact, as I write this letter, I fully expect a rush on our registration system just days from now — both online and over the phone.


Because as we celebrate our 10th anniversary of hosting this event, we’re pulling out all the stops to make this year the biggest and best year ever…

You see, our goal is not just to teach you about web copy, but to actually immerse you in it for three full days so by the time you leave, you'll have all the skills necessary to become an in-demand web writer, charging the highest fees possible.

Now — you might be thinking, “Will three days really be enough time for me to gain the confidence and skills I need to succeed as a web copywriter?”

In a word: Absolutely! Take Michele Peterson, for example:

“I did it!

“I’m proud to say that I’m currently a full-time, freelance web copywriter. I took the leap and quit my salaried JOB, and now I’m thoroughly enjoying my writer’s life.

“And I trace my success directly back to the 2012 Web Intensive.

“I was just launching my business, just getting my web-writing feet wet, when I attended. I considered my investment in the Web Intensive to be an investment in my business, in myself… in my future. It did not disappoint.

“After participating in the sessions and interacting one-to-one with the expert speakers, I walked away from the Web Intensive knowing without a doubt that web copywriting is how I will make a living doing what I love — writing. I walked away with confidence and the absolute certainty I could make my dream of the writer’s life a reality.

“In fact, with that confidence, I was able to accelerate my business plan…

“Instead of the year that I conservatively planned for, I completely replaced my JOB salary with copywriting income within six short months. I’m not looking back… ever. I will make six-figures in 2013. (Note that this is an ‘I will,’ not an ‘I hope to’!)

“The 2012 Web Copy Intensive truly launched my freelance web copywriting career. I consider it to be the very foundation of my successful new writer’s life.”

What helped Michele go from “just getting her feet wet” to completely confident in just three days?

For one, the workshop-style environment gave her real experience writing web copy…

But also, Michele succeeded because she took our advice to focus on profitable, in-demand projects…

Discover the Lucrative World of Web Copywriting… Where the Money Can Be Found (Literally) Everywhere

In case you’re unfamiliar, web copy — or web copywriting — encompasses every word on the Internet. The letter you’re reading now is a perfect example of web copy.

Basically, if you read it online, it’s web copy. Articles, emails, paid ads, social media posts, blogs, and so on…

Web copy is all around you. Literally everywhere. The companies you do business with — and all the ones you buy from — use web copy to communicate and sell to you (and all their other customers).

All this demand means web copy will be worth an astounding $82.86 billion in 2017 (according to And, that’s just in the U.S.!

Global digital ad spending is expected to reach $191.85 billion in 2017.

What’s more — the demand just keeps growing… expects that marketers in the U.S. will spend more than $113 billion in 2020. And, Juniper Research predicts global ad spending will reach $285 billion per year by 2020.

What’s contributing to this massive growth?

In two words: Online shopping.

Get this: the number of consumers browsing and buying online is estimated to hit an unprecedented 270 million by 2020 (according to Forrester Research).

And, online sales? In the U.S. alone, they’re expected to reach $523 billion in the next five years. (That’s up a whopping 56% from $335 billion in 2015.)

To capture all these shoppers — and the hundreds of billions they’re already spending online — businesses around the world are scrambling to find skilled web copywriters who can write and update their content to enhance their online presence.

And, they’re happy to pay for it. As Bill Bonner, President of Agora Publishing, puts it:

“This past year alone, my company paid out over $5 million in writing fees and royalties to a handful of copywriters. And you know what? I’m happy to do it. Why? Because a good letter is the ‘engine’ of my business.”

When Henry Bingaman, whom I mentioned earlier, attended his first Web Copy Intensive, he quickly discovered that Bill Bonner isn’t the only one who feels that way:

“While I was at AWAI’s Web Writing Intensive, my father mentioned to his chiropractor that I was at an event where I was learning how to write website copy.

“This chiropractor said he could really use someone who knew what they were doing for his website. What he had wasn’t generating any sales or leads.

“By the time I got home from the Web Intensive, I had a meeting set up that led to a contract for a $1,500 online sales letter… and when that went well, it led to a $5,000 contract to rewrite his entire site.

“Not bad for my first two months as a copywriter. But, it blossomed even further from there.

“It turns out this client happened to know an author and health film producer who had recently been featured in a celebrity’s book.

“This man was going to be on an episode of Larry King and he wanted to improve his website. So, from one referral, I got the contract for that work as well.

“Since then, based almost entirely on referrals, I’ve worked with, and continue to work with, some of the largest companies on the Internet today…

“Now I get paid more than $100,000 from a single good project.”

I’m telling you — businesses are absolutely desperate for skilled writers who understand the Web. These days, every business — from the most popular in the world to your favorite local hot spot — has a website (or several), social media pages, email lists, Pay-Per-Click advertising… and more.

This means they need a constant stream of high-quality web copy.

As AWAI’s State of the Industry, Copywriting Pricing Guide points out, many of these businesses don’t have the in-house resources to handle all that copy:

“Yes, many companies have in-house creative teams, but the teams might be stretched beyond their capacities. They don’t have enough bandwidth to handle the ongoing need for marketing materials or specialized types of copywriting required today. That’s why they bring in specialized freelancers like you to provide SEO copywriting, email autoresponders, direct-mail expertise, and other knowledge.”

This enormous demand — in every business and industry — is why there has never been a better time to get going as a web copywriter.

So, let me show you exactly how this is going to work — and how you can truly become a working web copywriter in just three days…

Learn from the Best, Most Sought-After Web Experts in the Entire World — Period.

Our Web Copy Intensive experts are not just people who “talk the talk.” Instead, they are real, working web writers who spend the majority of their time crafting web copy for actual clients.

These folks absolutely know what’s working online today, what clients look for, and which projects are not only lucrative, but also in steady, growing demand.

They know the types of project clients are begging for — and they know how to write them.

What’s more — they’re all excellent teachers:

In short, the expert trainers at Web Copy Intensive are the best of the best.

And, I challenge them every year to bring their most cutting-edge information, the exact techniques that are working online now, and the projects that are making them the greatest amount of money.

Boy, do they deliver! Year-after-year, I’m blown away — and so are our attendees:

NOTHING is held back!

Plus, this year I’ve challenged our expert guests to focus on today’s most profitable, in-demand web copy types… AND create the specific exercises and assignments you’ll need to quickly get up-and-running as a paid web writer…

Practice Your Writing in Our Hands-On Workshops While Expert Web Writers Coach and Guide You

When it comes to truly mastering web writing, it’s not enough to simply listen to experts. Even taking lengthy notes at seminars and presentations just doesn’t cut it.

What you need is actual hands-on writing practice — plus expert feedback on your work — so we can make absolutely sure you walk away SKILLED in the most in-demand projects of the coming years.

Attendees of past Web Copy Intensive s rave about our workshop style sessions:

And they always ask for more.

That’s why this year’s jam-packed event will feature even more exercises, assignments, expert critiques, and opportunities to perfect your writing…

Learn to Write the 7 Most Lucrative Web Copy Projects… That Clients Are BEGGING to Have Written

As I mentioned earlier, this year’s focus is all about “what’s working online now.”

That means, you’ll learn how to write the fastest growing and very lucrative web copy projects that clients are most likely to need in today’s marketplace

Most Valuable Skill #1: Optimized Website Copy

One thing we’ve discovered — after hosting this event for the past 10 years — is the need to establish a firm foundation in web copy basics.

We noticed, however, that the "basics" training didn't leave enough time for our advanced training — the insider knowledge and techniques you really need to serve your clients.

That’s why — this year — we’re doing things a bit differently. To ensure you have the proper foundation in web copy right away, you’ll get immediate access to Web-Writing Fundamentals.

Nick Usborne

You’ll learn from one of the most successful web copywriters on the entire planet, Nick Usborne. Since 1998, Nick has focused exclusively on marketing online and is internationally recognized as a leading expert on the subject of writing for the Web. His online copy clients include Disney, John Deere, MSN, The Getty Trust, the U.S. Navy, The New York Times, Encyclopedia Britannica, America Online, and Intuit.

In this exclusive, foundational video and audio course, Nick will guide you through the essential differences between writing for print and writing for the Web. He’ll provide instruction in writing effective home pages, information pages, sales pages, and more.

Plus — you’ll get 22 optimization tips for website pages, emails, and e-newsletters.

When you consider all you’ll learn from Nick, this state-of-the-art course is like receiving a full extra day at Web Copy Intensive — absolutely free.

And, because you’ll get access immediately, you can get started today!

Then, when you arrive in Austin, we’ll jump right into Pam Foster’s advanced session for website copy with SEO…

“Web Copy Makeovers: 10 Ways to Save the Day” with Pam Foster

Pam Foster

As Pam tells us, “One of the most common client problems we can solve is the answer to this question, ‘Why isn’t my website working to bring in traffic or drive sales?’”

Lucky for you, the answer is often related to CONTENT QUALITY.

That’s why, during this session, Pam will show you how to…

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with Pam Foster, let me tell you — she is one of the absolute best when it comes to web copy.

Not only is Pam a Certified SEO Copywriter and web content consultant for multi-page sites and online promotions (emails and landing pages)… she’s the founder of ContentClear Marketing and, AND the author of three valuable AWAI programs: How to Choose Your Writing Niche, Site Audits Made Simple, and Working Effectively with Web Clients.

Pam’s services go well beyond web content writing. To support growth in website traffic and online sales, she guides clients through architecture and site usability, marketing strategy, content writing, campaign testing, training, project management, and web/SEO content makeovers.

Her diverse 30+ years in Marketing Communications include work for dozens of clients such as: L.L. Bean,, DirectVet Marketing, Lifelearn, BRL Sciences, and IDEXX Laboratories.

I can’t stress how valuable Pam’s session will be for you. Truly, by the time she’s finished teaching you all about web copy, you’ll feel 100% confident in your ability to write your own web copy that will blow your clients away.

And, don’t forget! When you attend Web Copy Intensive, you'll also work directly with Pam, workshop-style, to ensure you absolutely understand how to implement everything she teaches.

Most Valuable Skill #2: Blogging

Up next, you’ll learn all about blogging.

Blogging’s a BIG part of web copy… Probably because B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those that do not blog…

And, 54% of the most effective marketers publish new content daily or multiple times per week (according to

In fact, a survey from WebMarketing 123 shows that 60% of surveyed B2B brands have a blog. 49% of surveyed B2C marketers have a blog. And, 60% of both B2B and B2C marketers update their blogs at least once a week.

Additionally, HubSpot’s State of Inbound report, listed “blog content creation” in the first position on their list of “Top Inbound Marketing Projects in North America.”

That makes blogging one of the most lucrative, in-demand web copy types. Just look at these industry rates for blog writing:

All this — the demand, the pay, the wide range of possible clients — is why we’re dedicating an entire 2017 Web Copy Intensive session to blogging.

And, who better to teach you all about blogging than Jon Morrow — a writer, blogger, entrepreneur, programmer, professional speaker, marketing strategist, and social media guru…

Always Be Blogging: Companies Need This More Than Ever! with Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow served as the Associate Editor of the famous for more than four years. During that time, he helped grow Copyblogger to over 3 million page views per month, all while managing dozens of writers and contributing some of the most popular articles on the site.

Then, in December 2011, Jon decided to branch off from Copyblogger and launch his own online brand — teaching smart, hard-working writers how to get the attention they deserve by starting a blog. That site went on to become a $100,000+ (PER MONTH!) business with more than 100,000 email subscribers.

Now, if you’re at all skeptical that you can have a successful career writing web copy, let me tell you something else about Jon…

He has a fatal, neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He says, “Here I am speaking into a microphone and essentially getting paid to change the world. If my fingers worked, I’d pinch myself.”

I have no doubt that Jon Morrow is going to leave you completely inspired. Here’s what he’ll share:

By the time Jon is finished sharing his knowledge — and coaching you live in our workshop-style set-up — you’ll know more about blogging than 99% of writers out there. I guarantee it (but more on that in a moment)…

Most Valuable Skill #3: Content Marketing Beyond Blogging

Now, you’re ready to dig into content marketing beyond blogging…

The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content… attracting and retaining a clearly-defined audience… and driving profitable customer action…

Plus, did you know that 70% of B2B marketers are creating more content than they did one year ago? It’s true.

So you might be wondering: Who’s going to write all that content?

The answer is… you!

Companies are quickly realizing that skilled web writers are needed more than ever to achieve content marketing goals…

Here are some of the most popular projects you might cover as a content writer…

This year, we’re bringing in the best-of-the-best to teach you all about profitable content marketing…

Content Marketing Beyond Blogging with Brian Clark

Brian Clark

Brian Clark is a serial entrepreneur based in Boulder, Colorado. He’s the founder and CEO of Rainmaker Digital, the company behind Copyblogger, StudioPress, Rainmaker FM, and the Rainmaker Platform.

Brian began publishing online in 1998, and by 1999 he had his first entrepreneurial success — powered by what is now known as content marketing. He went on to launch two additional offline businesses using purely online marketing and infrastructure, attaining even greater success.

Rainmaker Digital has never taken venture capital, and made it to eight-figures in annual revenue without advertising. It was the Copyblogger audience that provided the catalyst for the multimillion-dollar digital commerce company he heads today. And it’s this success that’s made Brian one of the most recognized pioneers of the content marketing industry.

Brian will reveal, for the first time, his process for developing a winning content marketing strategy for any niche or industry. Rather than a passive lecture, this simple three-step process will provide you with the hands-on “who-what-how” methodology that you can use over and over for yourself and your clients.

You’ll discover:

When Brian is finished sharing his wealth of knowledge, and leading you step-by-step through writing quality content, you’ll understand exactly how to develop an effective (and valuable) content marketing strategy that positions you as a valuable ally to your clients.

Most Valuable Skill #4: Social Media

I bet you already know what social media is, so I won’t spend a lot of time on this…

But, check out what Nick Usborne (one of the most successful web writers on the entire planet, whom I introduced you to earlier) has to say:

“Compared to other online writing and copywriting gigs, social media writing is incredibly easy.

“How come?

“Because you do it already! You’re already a social media writer and marketer. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or some other social media channel, you already know how it works.”

Just look at these social media projects you might be asked to handle:

When you consider that most social media work is done on an ongoing, monthly basis, it’s easy to see how social media can bring you full-time pay for part-time work.

For instance, if you manage four social media accounts at once… maybe one Facebook account and one Twitter account for two separate clients, you’ll bring in $4,000-$8,000 per month. Just for spending a few hours each day — checking in, replying to potential customers, and sharing relevant content to followers.

Social Media Marketing and the Rise of Mobile with Nick Usborne

Nick Usborne

In this session, Nick will expertly show you everything you need to know to master social media, including…

After Nick’s training session, he’ll lead you through creating social media content of your own. By the time he’s finished, you’ll not only feel 100% confident in your skills as a web writer, but also as a social media writer.

Most Valuable Skill #5: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Pay-Per-Click (or PPC) ads are one of the most lucrative forms of web copy…

At a rate of $75-$350 per 95-character ad, it’s easy to see why. (That’s shorter than a tweet! And, if you love instant feedback and measurable results, you’ll love writing these short simple web copy projects.)

So, what are PPC ads? They’re the ads that appear right at the top of a search engine’s results page. If you do a quick search on Google, you’ll immediately see several examples. Here’s a screenshot showing PPC ads from Google, which are called, “Google AdWords”:

PPC Ads Sample

When it comes to PPC ads, your fees don’t end with $75-$350 per ad. Here are two additional ways you can profit with PPC ads:

  1. Create a Full PPC Campaign — This involves putting together all the creative for a PPC campaign, including the keyword research, 10 different ads, a landing page, the welcome page, and a welcome email. Fee: $1,000-$2,500 per campaign
  2. Manage a Pay-Per-Click Campaign — You can also manage the entire process on an ongoing basis. This includes placing, managing, and continually testing the PPC ads, and then tweaking the copy as needed. Your monthly fee will depend on how many ads your client is running but you can expect $500-$6,000 per month (or 15% of PPC ad fees spent by client).

That’s why PPC ads are a very lucrative entry point for working on all types of web copy… and why we’ve invited Brian York to lead you through this topic…

Powerful PPC, Banner, and Social Ads with Brian York

Brian York

Brian York is considered one the best marketers, teachers, and experts out there today on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads.

When not in the office, Brian enjoys all things Apple, traveling, cooking, wine, and spending time with his family.

Brian has served on the staff at Agora Publishing since 2000. He is also part of AIM — Agora Integrated Marketing. AIM is a full-service online marketing agency founded in 2015. They are dedicated to helping direct-response publishers grow their businesses with innovative, multi-channel campaigns. With over 50 years of combined experience, the AIM team is committed to being a one-stop resource for all online marketing needs, including: SEO, SEM, Social Media, Lead Generation, Paid Acquisition, Conversion Optimization, Product Testing, Training, and Marketing Analysis.

You’ll love Brian’s dynamic teaching style as you discover:

Then, Brian will walk you through a hands-on workshop where you’ll actually write your own PPC ads and have them critiqued by Brian himself.

By the time he’s finished, you’ll have a solid education in PPC ads and feel confident writing them for your clients… so you can start earning $75-$350 per ad right away.

But, that’s not all he’ll do for you…

Brian is actually going to publish several of the ads from the workshop, live on the spot. You’ll get to see the results in real-time and may even land a job!

Most Valuable Skill #6: Emails

When it comes to web copy, emails are one of the most effective ways for businesses to stay in contact with existing and prospective buyers.

In fact, 72% (7 of 10) of consumers prefer to be contacted by email!

What’s even more surprising is that 54% of personal email received is promotional and 28% is transactional, meaning consumers opted in to receive it.

Additionally, last year, email marketing was cited as the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention in the United States (according to the CMO Council).

As a result, email writing is very lucrative. Just look at the types of projects you might do:

So how can you get your hands on web copy projects like these?

We’ve brought in business email expert, Gary Hennerberg, to show you…

Email Copy That Works Today: Proven, Tested Formulas for Subject Lines and Body Text with Gary Hennerberg

Gary Hennerberg

After writing, testing, and reporting on thousands of emails for Target Marketing, Gary is widely recognized as an expert on email marketing trends that work. He’s also the author of Direct Marketing Quantified: The Knowledge is in the Numbers and Crack the Customer Mind Code: Seven Pathways from Head to Heart to Yes!

Gary is a former marketing and product manager and agency executive. Now he is an in-demand consultant, creative director, and trainer. He has reinvented his skills several times in his career, successfully transferring traditional offline marketing principles to online media. He has also created and overseen hundreds of marketing campaigns that have reached tens of millions of households and businesses around the world.

Gary has worked with all sizes of companies, in a wide variety of categories including technology, financial services, gifts, credit, insurance, publishing, membership organizations, and many more.

Here’s just some of what he’ll reveal at Web Copy Intensive:

I’m confident that after hearing Gary speak — and then working with him to craft your own emails — you’ll know, without a doubt, that you have what it takes to write effective emails for clients… and charge professional rates like the ones you saw above.

Finally, we’ll bring everything together with an advanced technique that can significantly boost your overall project fees…

Most Valuable Skill #7: Building Funnels

If you’re not quite sure what a “funnel” is, let me explain:

Basically, it’s all the pieces of web copy a prospect sees when making a buying decision — from the opt-in form all the way to the checkout page, and even the follow-up process (i.e., emails).

What this means for you, the writer, is a lot more projects… and higher overall fees. Just think about the fees we already discussed…

$75-$350 per PPC ad… $950-$3,000 per landing page… $150-$1,000 per email in a follow-up series…

With just a small funnel, you can easily charge $1,175- $4,350 each!

Can you see how quickly your fees as a web copywriter can compound when you focus on multiple types of copy that help you build the entire funnel?

And, who better to teach you about funnels than the funnel master himself: Ryan Deiss…

Creating a Copy Funnel for Your Clients: Leading Prospects to the Big Sales with Ryan Deiss

Ryan Deiss

Ryan Deiss is the founder and CEO of Digital Marketer. Over the last 36 months, Ryan and his team have invested over $15,000,000 on marketing tests, generated tens of millions of unique visitors, sent well over a BILLION emails, and run approximately 3,000 split and multi-variant tests.

Ryan is also a highly sought-after speaker and consultant whose work has impacted over 200,000 businesses in 68 different countries.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn in Ryan’s power-packed session:

Ryan will even walk you through various funnel examples, including funnels for the B2C and B2B markets. Then, you’ll get to practice as Ryan oversees your work and answers your questions.

So, no matter which type of clients you ultimately work with, you’ll know how to produce effective funnel copy that gets you hired again and again.

Get Hands-On Training and Instant Expert Feedback… Move Beyond Theory to Practical, Profitable, Real-World Copy Skills in Just 3 Days

This event isn’t going to be just an “information dump”… although when you consider the quality of the information you’re going to get; it would be well worth it…

Instead, we’re actually going to provide you with far more than simple information…

After each session, you’ll take what you learned from our invited experts and put it to use… practicing what they taught — live.

So, if you have a question, you can ask it…

If you’re unsure about a method you just learned, you can get clarification…

Best of all, you’ll get feedback on your writing every day, so you know that what you’re writing is exactly what marketers are demanding.

And, there’s more…

Meet Your Behind-the-Scenes Guide to the Lucrative World of Web Copy

Every year, attendees tell us how much they love one-on-one time with their Copy Chiefs… not only to ask questions, but to critique other projects, answer questions about what it's like to work for yourself, and even have someone to grab a bite to eat with…

Consistently, attendees have asked for even more time with their Copy Chiefs. They just can’t get enough…

That’s why this year, you’ll get to meet with your Copy Chief every single day! You can ask questions, show them your copy, even bring existing copy with you, or write extra copy between sessions…

Plus, your Copy Chief will be by your side throughout the training sessions and workshops… making sure no question or clarification goes unanswered!

If something should come up that they don’t know, they’ll track down the right person — or the right resource — to ensure your question gets answered to your satisfaction…

Introducing the Copy Chiefs Who Will Sit by Your Side, Answer Your Questions, and Help You Craft the Best Possible Web Copy Samples

Rebecca Matter

Rebecca Matter is the President of AWAI and a marketer with over 15 years of direct-response experience. She has spearheaded successful million-dollar campaigns for countless products, both online and off, and has spoken and written on topics ranging from getting and working with clients to successful web marketing strategies. Rebecca also created Wealthy Web Writer, which gives readers the tools, tips, and techniques they need to write effective web copy, identify new revenue streams for their businesses, find and work with new clients, and make money online.

Katie Yeakle

Katie Yeakle is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of AWAI. She has spent over 30 years in the world of direct marketing and publishing. Her roles have included copy editor, editorial coordinator, product manager, fulfillment supervisor, marketing manager, and publisher. Today, as Executive Director, Katie oversees AWAI’s 70+ programs designed to help people turn their passions into careers.

Sandy Franks

Sandy Franks is AWAI’s Senior Copy Chief. She has over two decades of experience in publishing, marketing, and copywriting, including 26 years spent publishing one of Agora’s flagship divisions, Taipan Publishing Group. She is also the founder of the Women’s Financial Alliance, a small publishing company she started with her husband and daughter. Several of her articles have been featured in USA Today, The Huffington Post, IndyStar, and StreetAuthority.

Christina Gillick

Christina Gillick is a freelance writer who focuses exclusively on web copy, including long-form sales promotions, emails, and landing pages. In 2013, she won the AWAI $10K Challenge and has since continued to write for AWAI. She also launched and manages a web-based business where she is her own client, providing her with extensive hands-on experience with everything from web copy and social media to PPC ads.

Jen Adams

Jen Adams has been a full-time professional copywriter since 2008 and an AWAI member for almost 14 years. She is a self-described “copy geek” who worked full-time as an in-house copywriter for AWAI. She was responsible for some of our most profitable promotions. Jen has now transitioned back to freelancing while she enjoys raising her son.

Heather Robson

Heather Robson has been an AWAI member since 1999. She is a veteran copywriter for the health and preparedness niches and a Wall of Fame member. She currently writes copy for several e-newsletters on a variety of topics. She’s also the Managing Editor of Wealthy Web Writer and an accomplished novelist.

Charlotte Hicks Crockett

Charlotte Hicks Crockett is a member of Circle of Success and an experienced web writer. She primarily writes SEO-optimized web copy, sales letters, and newsletters for the insurance and information marketing niches­. She’s also the Managing Editor of B2B Writing Success.

And more…

And, of course, I’ll be there, too — along with all the experts I’ve introduced you to today…

Remember, our number one priority is YOU — and making absolutely sure you can confidently write these web copy projects for your clients.

So, now you might be wondering… “How do I find good, high-paying clients?”

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We’re calling this second event a “Business Building Intensive.”

It’s a four-week all-virtual, no-travel event. That means you’ll be able to tune in from the comfort of your own home (after Web Copy Intensive) and develop every piece of your business, including:

Like I said — this is going to be comprehensive. And, this list still isn’t complete!

Even more experts plan to join us…

Like Clayton Makepeace. A 44-year direct-response veteran who’s written multimillion-dollar controls for the some of the biggest names in the industry. When he speaks, copywriters and marketers listen!

You’ll get his best business-building tips, like:

Now that’s certainly a big list… and I want to make sure you have time to absorb each lesson and actually create the pieces of your web-writing business as we walk you through it.

That’s why I’m spreading it out over the course of four weeks… with two sessions each week, lasting a minimum of 1.5 hours each.

And, no question will go unanswered… at the end of each session, we’ll open it up to Q&A… and stay online until every last question is answered.

To say this is a “MUST-SEE event,” is an understatement…

I’m doing all this with one goal in mind: that you literally take your web-writing education and launch it into a profitable business — including choosing your niche, writing your marketing message and information kit, building your website and LinkedIn page, and a whole lot more — in just four weeks!

Now I’ll be straight with you… as of today, I’m planning to sell access to the Business Building Intensive for $3,000… but I actually think the price could go much higher…

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Remember, this is our 10th anniversary, so we’re going all out with more exercises, more assignments, and more expert-guided writing practice — all focusing on the most lucrative types of web copy.

Our goal is to literally transform you (even if you’re a complete beginner) into a confident web writer in just three days.

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So, if you’re ready — and willing — to make this happen for yourself, and you’re excited to follow a proven path developed and perfected over the past 10 years, join me for three spectacular days in Austin, Texas this February.

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To your success,

Rebecca Matter
President, AWAI
Founder, Wealthy Web Writer

P.S. Never, in our 10-year history of hosting this event, have we offered TWO complete comprehensive Intensives for the price of one:

  1. Web Copy Intensive 2017 — After three days of total immersion in the lucrative world of web copy, you’ll leave Austin completely confident and skilled in your ability to write the seven most in-demand web copy projects…

    Then, to ensure you put what you learn to use, we’ll walk you step-by-step through building your business…

  2. Virtual Business Building Intensive — After you return home, you’ll be invited to join us for this four-week, all-virtual, no travel event. From the comfort of your home, you’ll be able to develop every piece of your business (with our experts guiding you), including your marketing message, website, prospecting emails, and everything else I told you about before.

But, keep in mind — these seats will sell out fast! We started with just 60, and already some of those are claimed.

If you’re serious about becoming a web writer, now is your time.

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