Yes! You Can Master Today’s Seven Hottest Web-Writing Projects in Only Three Days

But, that’s only the beginning

You’ll also get expert training on how all the pieces fit together… so you become the most valuable player on any writing team.

Then, after you return home, your immersive experience will continue…

  • You’ll go behind-the-scenes of a real-life AWAI web copy project so you’ll know what to expect when you work with clients
  • Get advice and guidance from our expert team so you can practice, write, and perfect the seven hottest web copy project types
  • Create impressive web-writing samples, build a portfolio to convince clients to hire you, and get personalized feedback along the way
  • Work virtually with our team of web writers and marketing experts to develop your entire freelance business (step-by-step)
  • Start getting paid using your new skills
  • And much more

Introducing the All-New Web Copy Intensive… Better, Stronger, and More Immersive Than Ever

Here’s what we have planned for you…

Dear Writer,

Rebecca Matter

I’m Rebecca Matter, President of AWAI.

When I sit down with my team to create the agenda for Web Copy Intensive, we focus on one thing: the most in-demand types of web copy.

Our goal is to make sure you have the skills needed to land the best-paying web copy projects in today’s marketplace.

So, everything you learn must be up-to-date and focused on what’s working now…

This year, that means transforming you into a “Web Copy Specialist.”

Let me explain…

Web copy is about more than just the ads you see online…

Web copy is all the words published online.

You can get paid to write a company’s lead-gen copy… or its blog posts. You can also get paid to write its video scripts or emails… or even landing pages and social media posts.

But, think about a construction site… with day laborers and a general contractor working together to build something.

The general contractor understands the big picture and every step in the building process — and they plan and oversee all the individual jobs that need to get done. That’s why they make a six-figure salary (compared to the day laborer’s $15/hour).

The same holds true with online copywriters and Web Copy Specialists…

Once you understand the big picture, and how all the web copy pieces work together to bring in readers and paying customers, your value — and therefore your fees — substantially increases.

You become more than a “web writer for hire.”

Instead, your clients see you (and pay you) as an adviser. You’re now a trusted consultant… an expert hired to plan and oversee their web copy strategies.

Fortunately, it's not difficult to reach that status…

You just need the right group of experts training you and a bit of hands-on experience.

And that’s what we’ve put together this year…

Create Massive Demand for Your Services (and Charge Higher Rates) By Becoming a Web Copy Specialist

At 2018 Web Copy Intensive, you’ll learn how to become the most valuable web writer on any client’s team

After just three days with my team of experts, you’ll understand the big picture of online marketing.

You’ll be an “integration specialist” when it comes to web copy. Someone who can help clients integrate all the pieces of their web copy and get big results.

Just imagine… directly improving your client’s bottom line and helping them grow their business…

You’ll be their hero!

Which will be reflected in your own income too.

Just like Lisa Christoffel. She recently wrote in to update me on her progress since attending the Web Copy Intensive last February. She said:

“I had set a goal in 2017 to double my 2016 income from copywriting. I did that by the end of March. The income I've been able to earn as a direct result of the Web Copy Intensive alone has been more than quadruple my 2016 income.”

She went on to say:

“I've got two boys who have completed college and one more who starts college next year, so my copywriting income has been going to tuition and student loans so far!

“My forecast, based on the trajectory of my income increase in 2017, is that I should become a six-figure copywriter by the end of 2018.”

Way to go, Lisa!

I have more stories like this — and I’ll share some in a moment — but first I want to talk about you…

Because I want to receive an update, like Lisa’s, from YOU!

It all starts with learning the most popular, most-requested types of web copy. Projects that clients regularly use in their marketing and ones that pay really well…

First up… before you write a single word… you’ll discover the art and the science behind figuring out EXACTLY what your prospects want…

Discover What Your Prospects Really Want

Just like traditional direct-response copy, web copy is all about continuing the conversation going on in your prospect’s head…

Take Search Engine Optimization (SEO), for instance. By using the right keywords in your web copy and content, you can attract someone who is already looking to buy what your client is selling.

By helping them find your client’s website, blog post, online video, etc., their chances of buying from your client greatly increase.

Social media is similar… content that gets attention is the content that makes a connection

But, learning how a prospect thinks… what they wonder about… and what they’re looking for… is an art and a science.

Ryan Levesque

One that Ryan Levesque (the founder of the ASK Method) has perfected. Ryan has built a slightly counterintuitive formula to uncover exactly what customers want to buy… which will take any business you write for to the next level.

So, I was ecstatic when he agreed to teach you how to use his wildly popular method to customize your web copy to match what prospects really want, and greatly increase conversion rates.

Ryan has been cited as a marketing expert in countless media including CNBC, Yahoo Finance, The Miami Herald, The San Francisco Chronicle, Mass Market Retailer, and many others.

And using his method, Ryan has generated over $120 million in revenue and 52,000 Email Subscribers per day in 23 different markets (and counting).

After this single session, your value to clients will skyrocket…

Because you’ll be able to uncover exactly what their prospects want, and write copy that speaks directly to them.

But that’s only the beginning of your Web Copy Specialist training!

And this next workshop will make you an instant hero to any company…

How to Improve a Website So It Attracts More Prospects and Results in More Sales

Clients know they need a website.

The only problem?

They don’t understand how to properly use it to attract potential customers and close the deal.

This is one area — with just a little training and a checklist of quick fixes — where you can quickly prove your worth.

Pam Foster

As a Web Copy Specialist, you’ll advise your clients on the best game plan for their website, by showing them how it fits into the entire web copy strategy…

And that’s where Pam Foster comes in.

During her workshop, you’ll learn how to improve the results of any website. She’ll show you how to position yourself as a major hero by:

This advisory role will be your stepping-stone to re-writing the client’s web pages, perhaps a few or even dozens of pages.

Pam is a Certified SEO Copywriter and web content consultant for multi-page sites and online promotions (emails and landing pages).

She’s also the founder of ContentClear Marketing and, and author of three AWAI programs: How to Choose Your Writing Niche, Site Audits Made Simple, and The Web Copywriter’s Clear Path to Profits.

Her diverse 30+ years in Marketing Communications include work for dozens of B2C and B2B clients, like: L.L. Bean,, DirectVet Marketing, Lifelearn, and AWAI — just to name a few.

And she’s one of the highest rated speakers at any AWAI event.

Like I said before, every company knows they need a website…

And with Pam’s help, you’ll be able to make sure that website does its job.

Once you’re confident your client’s website is “up to snuff,” it’s time to attract people to it…

Be a “Rainmaker” By Attracting Potential Customers to Your Clients

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of optimizing web copy so people searching for solutions can find your website.

In other words, YOU help potential customers find your client’s website!

With just this one skill, you can make a lot more money from every writing project you take on, and land a lot more jobs.

That’s why I invited my friend and colleague, Heather Lloyd-Martin, to this year’s Web Copy Intensive. SEO isn’t an “optional” skill anymore… it’s a requirement…

In fact, a study by Conductor earlier this year revealed that 1 out of 2 content writing jobs now require knowledge of SEO.

Heather Lloyd-Martin

And Heather is the only person I know who can give you an advanced education in SEO in just a few hours…

You’ll learn the same strategies Heather uses to get her own clients on the first page of Google and other search engines, including:

You’ll even get Heather’s SEO Copywriting examples — like homepages, services pages, and product pages — that show exactly what should be included on each of the most common web pages.

Heather has been a leader in the SEO industry since before Google was even Google…

For 20 years now, she's been helping companies achieve greater visibility for their web pages, so they can reach more potential customers.

She's also an enthusiastic speaker and teacher. She helps copywriters understand how SEO works so they can incorporate it into their copy and content.

When Heather is finished, you’ll understand her SEO copywriting methods and how to apply them to your client’s projects.

The result: You’ll be able to land more writing assignments, and make more money from every project you take on.

Get this! Even beginning writers who learn SEO copywriting can earn $350 to $750 per page.

But just wait until you combine that with everything else you’ll learn…

Get on the Cutting-Edge of the Web Copy Industry with UX Copywriting

When I say what you’ll learn at Web Copy Intensive is cutting-edge, I mean it.

This year, we’re getting you up to speed with the newest — and growing — web copy project, UX Copywriting. If you’re never heard of it, don’t worry…

“UX” simply means “user experience” copywriting.

For a long time, user experience was only considered at a design and technical level…

How a website looked, how a visitor navigated through it, how and when promotions appeared during their journey, etc.

Yet as copywriters, we’ve always known: words matter.

Things on a website can look great, and function well… but if the words don’t match the intended experience, the desired outcome simply won’t happen.

This concept of writing to enhance the user’s experience is just now “blowing up” online.

It’s causing a tidal wave of demand for web writers who can write clearly and craft web copy that takes into account the user’s experience, along with the desired outcome.

And Heather Robson will train you how to do it so you end up with yet another edge on your competition. She’ll show you how to…

Heather Robson

Heather joined AWAI back in 1999, and is now a veteran copywriter for the health and preparedness niches.

As the Managing Editor of Wealthy Web Writer, she keeps members on the cutting-edge of online copywriting.

With her help, you’ll be able to move more prospects to take the desired outcome, and ensure buyers don’t abandon purchases and seek out an alternative solution.

6 Million Clients are Looking for Web Writers with This KEY Skill…

Social media has been a major marketing channel for companies for some time now…

It’s where their prospects and customers research options, make buying decisions, and even purchase products and services.

Right now, in 2017, there are 2.46 billion social media users in the world (according to Statista).

And that number is expected to jump up to 3.02 billion by 2021.

But here’s what’s exciting to you… the Web Copy Specialist…

Facebook alone has more than 6 million advertisers as of November 2017 (according to Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg).

That’s 6 million potential clients who are actively advertising.

Not to mention the millions of other potential clients advertising on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.!

And that’s just the beginning…

Any of these six million potential clients need a never-ending source of quality web copy and content. They need web writers for ads, landing pages, articles, emails, video scripts, and more.

Not to mention they need someone to manage it all and advise them on how it all works together…

Nick Usborne

So, to make sure you’ve got the social media portion of the web copy strategy covered — and understand how it ties in to everything else you’ve learned — I’m bringing in one of the most successful web copywriters on the entire planet…

Nick Usborne!

Since 1997, Nick has focused on marketing online and is internationally recognized as a leading expert on the subject of writing for the Web. His online copy clients include Disney, Wells Fargo Bank, the U.S. Navy, Encyclopedia Britannica, The New York Times, and many others.

Nick will expertly show you everything you need to know to master social media, including how to:

After Nick’s training session, he’ll lead you through creating social media content of your own. By the time he’s finished, you’ll not only feel 100% confident in your skills as a web writer, but also as a social media writer.

Get Ready!
48% of Marketers Plan to Add Video to Their Strategy This Year

Four times as many customers say they would prefer watching a video about a product rather than reading about it (according to Animoto).

Maybe that’s why companies are so eager to use video in their marketing. In fact, 48% of marketers report planning to add YouTube video into their marketing mix this year (according to HubSpot).

So, if a client hasn’t asked you to write a video script yet, they will soon.

And I want you to be able to say, “Yes! I can write that for you. No problem.”

That’s why you’ll deep dive into writing video scripts with Tim Washer. You’ll discover how to:

Like Ryan Levesque, this is Tim Washer’s first Web Intensive… and I’m thrilled to bring him to you…

Tim Washer

He’s “the guy” when it comes to writing video scripts that get results.

And, I know he’s going to make it fun and entertaining…

That’s because Tim is a stand-up comedian, a video producer, and corporate humorist. His award-winning corporate work has been featured in The New York Times, WSJ, Ad Age, ADWEEK, and Fast Company. He has presented at Content Marketing World Sydney, SXSW, and Forrester’s CMO Council.

He says comedy creates a positive feeling in prospective customers when used in Business-to-Business content marketing, and has emceed events featuring Pixar CEO John Lasseter, Emmy-Winner Tony Hale, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu.

Discover a Web Copy Project Worth $250-$1,500 Each… and Clients Can’t Get Enough of Them

Emails are still the most effective ways for businesses to stay in contact with existing and prospective buyers…

As a result, marketers regularly pay $250-$1,000 per email, and $800-$1,500 for e-newsletters and e-zines.

And, they don’t just need one email.

Many marketers send multiple emails each week to stay in touch with prospects and customers. Plus, they need emails to share information, follow up after purchases, and launch new products.

This massive demand is why we’re bringing in Ryan Deiss (a marketer who has sent well over a BILLION permission-based emails) to show you how to replicate his best methods for your clients.

Ryan Deiss

Ryan is the Co-Founder of Idea Incubator LP and CEO of After starting his first online business in 1999 (so he could make extra cash to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend… now wife), Ryan went on to become a leader in the digital marketing space as well as a prominent niche media publisher.

Over the last 36 months, Ryan and his team have:

Before you’re finished with Ryan’s power-packed session, you’ll understand how to:

I’m confident that when Ryan reveals his email writing methods, you’ll know, without a doubt, that you have what it takes to write effective emails for clients… and charge professional rates like the ones I mentioned earlier.

Limited: Only 60 Seats Available

I mentioned the size of this event earlier, but I really want to drive home this important point:

Web Copy Intensive is not a big event where you’ll get lost in the shuffle. We only allow a small group of 60 writers to attend.

Our 6:1 attendee-to-expert ratio ensures we can give you the attention you need to learn all seven projects (and how they can all work together) in a short amount of time.

One past attendee (turned successful web writer), Steve Maurer, put it perfectly. He said:

“For me, it's even more intensive because of the intimacy.

“With only 59 fellow attendees, it's a completely different atmosphere. There's more one-on-one time with the speakers as they teach us the nuances of web writing and Internet marketing.

“You listen to them… but they listen to you as well. Every year I’ve been there, I've personally talked to my online writing heroes.”

What Steve says is true. In fact, he’s been so happy with his experiences at Web Copy Intensive that he was the first one to sign up to come back this year!

The small group size also lets us spend quality time experiencing Austin together like sampling Texas BBQ, listening to live music, or taking in the sights of our growing downtown.

While I haven’t nailed down the “social activities” for us just yet, I can tell you two things…

  1. It will be a Texas experience
  2. We’re going to have a great time!

FYI, our hotel is in Downtown Austin, giving you many unique food options for your other meals. With so many local restaurants within walking distance, it’s not at all uncommon for attendees to meet for a cup of coffee or walk to lunch with one of their favorite experts.

By the time our three days together ends, you’ll be part of a tribe of like-minded writers. And based on results from the past 10 Web Intensives, I know you will succeed.

But this year, I’m adding two more elements to your training plan to see to it that you do…

Go Behind Closed Doors… Get Hands-On Training… Work on a Real-Life Web Copy Project

Judging by the success of past Intensives, I feel confident that you’ll be able to grab web-writing gigs right out of the gate. Just like Mindy McHorse did.

In 2010, Mindy made the game-changing decision to attend Web Copy Intensive and become a Web Copy Strategist…

By the end of that year, she broke the “six-figure mark”… and earned $100,598 as a copywriter. (She’s gone on to consistently break the six-figure barrier every year!)

And there’s Henry Bingaman.

Only one month after attending the 2009 Web Copy Intensive (with only two clients under his belt), he left his full-time job as a flight attendant to become a freelance copywriter.

Here’s what he had to say:

“When I first started copywriting, I left a $21,000-a-year job with the big dream of someday earning $100,000 a year. Now I get paid more than $100,000 from a single good project.”

I know if they did it — and hundreds of other writers did too — so can you.

But, I want to be absolutely certain.

That’s why I’m not going to teach you about web copy and leave you on your own to run out and figure out how to work with clients (unless you want to).

I’ve mentored enough writers to know that it’s one thing to learn how to write, it’s quite another to have hands-on experience writing the most in-demand types of web copy…

I get it. Landing good clients and building a business is where most web writers have trouble. So, I’ll do everything I can to ensure you take what you learn and apply it.

I want to receive an excited message from you… one that says you’re using your new web-writing skills to get paying clients!

That’s why, after you return home, we’ll continue your training virtually by applying all that you’ve learned to a real project.

First, I’ll take you behind-the-scenes of AWAI (something we’ve never done before). You’ll get a complete project — including all the web copy types from Web Copy Intensive — just like you’d receive if we were your client.

In fact, we’ll structure everything like we do with our freelancers, so you can experience what it’s actually like to work with a real client.

You’ll even have a Kickoff Call with me and my marketing team. You’ll learn all about the project. Then, you’ll have a chance to ask any questions that might help you perform your role as “Web Copy Specialist.”

Next, you’ll work on your writing samples. Apply everything you’ve learned throughout the Web Copy Intensive and our Kickoff Call.

When you’re ready, submit your project (just like you’d do with a real client).

Our team will review your work and provide you with any feedback to make it stronger. You’ll know where and how to improve.

Plus, you can turn your completed pieces into writing samples and use them to land well-paying assignments.

By the time we’re finished working together, you’ll have the specialized skills, confidence, and professional samples you need to proudly call yourself a Web Copy Specialist.

You’ll just need paying clients…

Build your Business and Land High-Quality Clients With Our Expert Step-By-Step Guidance…

It’s one thing to have the skills. It’s a whole other thing to have clients who will happily pay you big fees for those skills.

And since this event is about making great money as a Web Copy Specialist, I want to ensure you’re able to land great clients.

I want to ensure you get a huge return on your investment…

That’s why, you’ll also get exclusive access to our Virtual Business Building Intensive that takes place after you return home.

It’s an all-virtual event so there’s no need to travel again. With the help of EIGHT incredible business-building experts (many who actually “wrote the book” on their respective subjects), you’ll develop every piece of your business.

All from the comfort of your own home.

And, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have (or don’t have)…

With this step-by-step series, you can launch your own client-attracting freelance writing business in less than 30 days, including…

Step 1: Choose Your Niche

The options aren’t limited when it comes to choosing a niche within the web-writing industry. So, Pam Foster will help you identify and select your perfect niche. With her guidance, you’ll consider and combine your passions, background, and income goals to make a niche decision once and for all.

As I mentioned earlier, Pam is a Certified SEO Copywriter and web content consultant. She has over 30 years of experience in Marketing Communications. She’s also the author of AWAI’s program: How to Choose Your Writing Niche.

Step 2: Write Your Marketing Message

Next, you’ll work with Nick again. Nick will show you how to create a marketing message that gives you a clear direction, sets you apart from other writers, and increases your value. You’ll love his method because it quickly erases any pressure of “selling yourself.”

As a reminder, Nick is an online copywriter and site optimization expert. He has more than 20 years of experience online. He’s also the author of AWAI’s course, Love Your Marketing. Believe me, you’re in great hands.

Step 3: Create Your Professional LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is mainly used for professional networking so it’s the perfect tool for bringing clients to you. That’s why this step of your successful freelance web-writing business is creating your LinkedIn profile.

Ilise Benun, Founder of, will show you exactly how to build a professional online presence with LinkedIn. When you follow her advice, you’ll have a powerful client-attracting magnet that brings potential clients to you 24/7.

Step 4: Develop Your Copywriting Information Kit

Up next, Bob Bly… yes, THE Bob Bly, will lead you page-by-page through developing your own “Copywriting Information Kit.” He’ll show you how this essential document brings you more leads and does the “selling” for you. In most cases, your “info kit” will convince potential clients to hire you… before you even speak with them.

If you’re not familiar with Bob, he’s an independent copywriter and consultant with more than 35 years of experience. He also has 89 published books, including The Copywriter’s Handbook.

You might say, “He’s a big deal.”

Step 5: Launch a Professional Website (That Attracts Clients TO You)

Another important piece of your freelance business is your website. It’s your online portfolio, a sample of your writing, and the perfect way to get “found” online. It also gives potential clients a low-pressure way to learn more about and contact you.

That’s why you’ll work with me to create your freelance website. When we’re done, your website will enhance your credibility, improve the quality of the clients who contact you, and help you increase the rates you earn…

We’ll begin with the copy on your website. I’ll reveal all your content options, explain how to create relevant content for your website, and much more.

Step 6: Attract a Steady Stream of Paying Clients

Now, it’s time to let clients know you’re open for business! In this session, Ed Gandia will give you his exact process for landing a steady stream of paying clients. (Rest assured, this method works even if you’re shy or feeling a bit reluctant.)

Ed will also give you his very own real-world templates. And, make no mistake, Ed knows what he’s doing. He blew past six-figures, grossing exactly $163,181 in his very first year as a full-time copywriter.

These days, Ed is a sought-after B2B copywriter, speaker, and coach, and is the author of several popular AWAI programs.

Step 7: Close Clients with Proven Scripts

Once clients show interest in your web-writing services — and they will — you’ll need to know exactly what to say. That’s where Joshua Boswell comes in. He’s a successful copywriter, speaker, consultant, and the author of AWAI’s Getting Clients Roadmap.

Joshua will lead you through the exact strategy he used to pay off $200,000 of debt and achieve a six-figure writer’s life in only 11 short months.

Then, to make every client conversation as easy and profitable as possible, he’ll give you his proven word-for-word closing and negotiating scripts. Whether connecting by phone, email, or in person, you’ll know how to land paid work right away and keep your clients coming back for more.

Step 8: Establish Your Rates

Finally, Ilise Benun will join you again. This time to help establish your fee schedule. She’ll explain how to figure out what you need to charge and determine what your prospects can pay.

If you have ever struggled to get your pricing right, those times are over!

With Ilise’s step-by-step guidance, you’ll mark this essential piece of your business setup off your list. And, you’ll know exactly what to say next time a potential client asks, “What do you charge?”

And, that’s it!

Setting your rates with Ilise is the final step of building your business.

Now, before I move on, I want to point something out…

We’re not going to just give you a list of things to do and say, “Go for it!”

Instead, each of these eight ultra-specific video sessions (with our handpicked experts) will walk you step-by-step through every single piece of your freelance writing business…

So, you’ll never wonder, “What’s next?”

And you’ll get feedback every step of the way, so you KNOW you’re making good decisions and presenting yourself properly to prospective clients.

Imagine Yourself as a Web Copy Specialist… with Impressive Skills and a Profitable Freelance Business

The steps you’ll take in Web Copy Intensive aren’t hard. In fact, the whole system works best if you don’t try to “reinvent the wheel.”

That means simply following along as we walk you through every step.

All I need from you is a commitment to complete these important steps.

For my part, I’ll do anything I can to make sure you stay motivated along the way and are never left wondering, “Now what?”

Remember, in only three days, you can develop the knowledge you need to become a Web Copy Specialist…

Then, when you get home, we’ll work together virtually on a real AWAI project. You’ll create a variety of web-writing samples to show clients.

This process will also help you fully grasp the concepts from Web Copy Intensive and give you the experience of working with a real client.

Finally, you’ll have an expert guide you through every step of building your business.

Imagine… in only a few short months, you could be up and running as a very well-paid Web Copy Specialist.

Are you ready? Will you join us in Austin, Texas this coming February?

Of course, it’s your decision to make… but…

This is an Investment that Will Continue to Pay for Itself Year-After-Year

What you’ll learn at Web Copy Intensive — and develop with our team after — is a real business.

Make no mistake. It has a tangible value in the real world. And, if you set it up like we show you, it can repeatedly bring you projects worth thousands of dollars every single month.

In fact, a six-figure annual income isn’t unrealistic for a Web Copy Specialist trained by our experts. Especially when you consider the experience you’ll gain going behind-the-scenes of an AWAI project with me.

Keeping that in mind, you might think 10% of that amount — $10,000 — is reasonable for everything I’m promising to do for you…

But your investment won’t be anywhere near $10,000.

In fact, your investment won’t even be half that…

A regularly-priced ticket to 2018 Web Copy Intensive is $4,995…

(If you register now, you can take advantage of a special payment plan. Spread your investment out into equal monthly payments… Click here or give Member Services a toll-free call at 866-879-2924.)

Register Now

Also, as I mentioned earlier, there are only 60 seats available at 2018 Web Copy Intensive.

When the remaining seats are gone, they’re gone — so if you know you’d like to attend, be sure to register today.

After being immersed in web writing — with the chance to focus on the concepts, ask the experts questions, and truly understand — you’ll leave with the skills to write each of these projects. Plus, you’ll have the knowledge you need to advise clients on their web copy strategies.

How can I be so sure?

Well, I’ve seen it happen over and over again…

Writers who come to Web Copy Intensive knowing very little — sometimes, nothing — about web writing. Yet, by the time they leave, they can write entire web copy projects and impress clients with their cutting-edge web-writing skills…

Just like Myrna Begnel.

She attended Web Copy Intensive last year and picked up the skills she needed to become a Web Copy Specialist.

Right away — while she was still in Austin! — her advanced training and effort paid off. She landed a new client who signed a $30,000 contract for her services.

Now, she’s using the skills she developed at Web Copy Intensive to oversee her client’s web copy strategy. Plus, she’s writing their various web copy pieces, email copy, and other content marketing components.

Way to go, Myrna!

There’s also Les Worley. Les came to Austin with a specific goal: to double his writing income in 90 days. As he explained it, he would succeed if he raised his rates or doubled the number of projects he landed…

Well, we showed him how to do both.

So, as you can imagine, we were especially excited to hear from him just a few months later:

“I’m happy to say I hit my goal. My billables for May 2016 were 215% of those I billed in February. That makes May my best month ever, by a big margin,” Les said.

His story went on… he had also signed a new $5,000 a month retainer deal. (That’s guaranteed, recurring incoming he can count on — every month.)

In only 20 hours each week (writing web copy part-time), he’ll make $60,000 a year.


And Rae Robinson.

She was a college student pursuing a degree in English… yet her career options as a writer were disheartening. In her first year as a freelance writer, she earned only $12,000.

The next year — after attending Web Copy Intensive in 2012 — Rae’s income more than doubled, to $25,000.

The following year her income jumped again… this time to $61,000 and again the next year to $82,000!

Another example is Michele Peterson. After attending Web Copy Intensive, she sent me this note:

“I did it!

“I’m proud to say that I’m currently a full-time, freelance web copywriter. I took the leap and quit my salaried JOB, and now I’m thoroughly enjoying my writer’s life.

“And I trace my success directly back to the Web Copy Intensive.

“I was just launching my business, just getting my web-writing feet wet, when I attended. I considered my investment in the Web Copy Intensive to be an investment in my business, in myself… in my future. It did not disappoint.

“After participating in the sessions and interacting one-to-one with the expert speakers, I walked away from the Web Copy Intensive knowing without a doubt that web copywriting is how I will make a living doing what I love — writing. I walked away with confidence and the absolute certainty I could make my dream of the writer’s life a reality.

“In fact, with that confidence, I was able to accelerate my business plan…

“Instead of the year that I conservatively planned for, I completely replaced my JOB salary with copywriting income within six short months. I’m not looking back… ever.

“The truly launched my freelance web copywriting career. I consider it to be the very foundation of my successful new writer’s life.”

Stories like this are why I’m so sure Web Copy Intensive will work for you, too!

But, in case you’re still uncertain, I want to make this a no-risk decision for you…

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And you can keep everything you received until that point.

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Are You Ready to Become a Highly Paid, In-Demand Web Copy Specialist?

If you’re still reading, I can only assume you want to become a highly paid, in-demand Web Copy Specialist.

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So, you have a choice here today…

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Will it take work?

Sure. All good things do.

But when you’re finished, you’ll have a real, profitable web-writing business. One that you can count on for full-time income for years… decades… or even, the rest of your life.

And, I’ll be right there to help you build the entire thing… along with all the experts I mentioned earlier, and the community you’ll develop with our AWAI team and 59 fellow Web Copy Intensive attendees…

We’ll all be part of your tribe, making sure you achieve your goals.

So, if you’re ready — and willing — to make this happen for yourself, and you’re excited to follow a proven path developed and perfected over the past 11 years, then give me three days in Austin this coming February.

You’ll emerge from 2018 Web Copy Intensive as a knowledgeable and confident Web Copy Specialist. Then we’ll work together to practice your skills, develop your samples, and launch your business.

Where else can you find a program like this… with complete step-by-step guidance every single step of the way?

Truly, this kind of thing doesn’t come along often…

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So hurry, the 60 spots are disappearing fast!

I look forward to seeing you February 18-21, 2018 in Austin, Texas.

I can’t wait to be there as your web-writing skills develop, and your business takes shape!

Then, I’ll be watching my inbox for an excited update from you. I can’t wait to hear your story… about how you came to 2018 Web Copy Intensive and finally made your writing dreams come true.

To your success,

Rebecca Matter
President, AWAI
Founder, Wealthy Web Writer

P.S. Web Copy Intensive sells out every year. With this year’s powerful follow-up and business-building training, the demand will surely increase.

Web writing supports the $228.44 billion Internet advertising industry. So, naturally writers are eager to figure out how to get their piece of that.

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