Over the next year, 29 million workers plan to change jobs.

They’re nervous — anxious about the whole process — and desperate to find someone to give them a hand.

As a writer, you can help them.

And how many you’d like to help is up to you …

Dear Writer,

For most people, job hunting is stressful.

Yet at any given moment, nearly one in five working adults is either planning or right in the middle of a job hunt.

And chances are, they’re nervous. Anxious. Maybe even a little bit scared.

Though it doesn’t seem obvious at first, job hunting means writing. You need to build out a resume … draft cover letters … update your social media profiles and professional bios … and write up thank you notes to send to companies after interviews.

Now, as a writer, you might be thinking, “No big deal.” With your skills, you could probably create polished, professional-looking versions of all of those things in a single afternoon. Maybe a day, tops.

But most people aren’t writers. It’s not something they like doing … or even something they’re confident they could do well. When they sit down to write, they’re filled with doubt … not a good frame of mind to be in when you want to put your best foot forward as a potential new hire!

So they’ll type a line … delete it … type something else … delete it … type some more … print it … hate it … trash it … start over … type a line …

Before they even get a first draft done ... if they ever get a first draft done … that job will be filled by someone else.

Small wonder, then, that 79% of job seekers — nearly 23 million people! — report that they’d like to hire a professional to help them (or, ideally, just do it all for them).

In less than 24 hours of study, you could be their professional helper.

You simply need to channel the writing skills you already have into creating the specific documents job hunters need.

And AWAI has a proven system to show you exactly how to do it …

Fun, Easy to Master, and Yes … It’s Lucrative!

Now, there are some writing projects out there that are hard. You’ve got to do tons of research, fight to get information out of your client, struggle to find a good hook for the piece, work through multiple drafts … agonize over the final layout.

This is nothing like that.

Most people who come to you for help are going to give you everything you need to do a great job for them. They are highly motivated to provide you with whatever you ask for — work history, personal stories, interview insights — because they want you to make them look good.

And making your clients look good is easy.

Resumes, cover letters … even successful social media pages … have a specific format. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel for each client. You simply select the best format for the situation and follow the format to create a polished final product.

And the more you do, the easier it gets to do an amazing job, right from the first draft.

So the clients are nice … the work is simple … how much can this possibly pay?

A lot more than you might think!

  • A basic resume is worth $150 to $300. For complex or executive-level resumes, the fees are higher … $450 to $1,000 (or more).
  • Cover letters … and most job hunters will need multiple cover letters … range from $45 to $75+ a piece.
  • Social media makeovers — a hot item in this market right now — can bring in $200 for a review and rewrite of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles.
  • Ongoing support packages — where you might tweak a resume for specific job opportunities as they come up, create fresh cover letters, email follow-ups, and thank you notes — range from $450 for basic job hunts to $1,000 or more for executive job support packages.

Yet before you go thinking those fees are steep, consider it from the perspective of a job hunter …

Perhaps they’re unemployed at the moment, and they’ve been hunting for work on their own for a while, without much luck. They pay you $300 for a great resume and $75 for a strong, polished cover letter. As a result, they immediately land an interview and end up with a job offer for a position with a $45,000/year salary and a full benefits package.

Or maybe they have a job — the same one they’ve had for years. The new boss is a drag and the commute is getting old. So they pay you $600 to partner up with them and create a fresh resume — it’s been 11 years since they did their last one — and spruce up their LinkedIn profile. Recruiters start calling … the escape hatch opens … and within two months, they’re happily settled into a higher paying job closer to home.

Do you think they see your services as expensive?

Not at all! As far as they’re concerned, it’s the best money they ever spent!

In fact, don’t be surprised if your fees for doing this kind of work are sometimes enclosed in thank-you notes.

You are rescuing people from unemployment or being stuck in a job they hate. What you do can help them transform their lives by connecting them with promotions, bigger salaries, and better working conditions.

That makes it all incredibly fun and fulfilling work … and yet, even as you help others, you’ll earn a great wage yourself.

How good can it get? I’ll let a few of your peers tell you:

“Just in the last two months alone, I've generated over $1,000 from resume services plus my first job with an Executive search firm!”

— Denise Renee
Atlanta, GA

“Through Elance, I completed 25 jobs, received excellent testimonials and earned a 98% recommendation rate.”

— Gail Kaufman
New Milford, CT

“In my first year, I made close to $50,000. And I only spent 20 hours a week doing it.”

— Michele Angello
Aurora, CO

And then there’s Karen McCauley and her daughter, Beth Pearce. Their first year in business, they made over $70,000 … and their new goal is a minimum of $200,000 a year for their business, Juno Career Services.

The Easy Way to Follow in Their Footsteps

Denise, Gail, Michele, Karen, and Beth all used the same system to get started — the system they learned in AWAI’s exclusive The Pro Resume Writer program.

It’s a system that’s been around for more than a decade now — one of the first how-to programs AWAI launched after The Accelerated Program.

But this isn’t just a proven winner …

It’s also one of AWAI’s “Living Programs” … continually updated and improved.

And earlier this year, we hired a team of experts to go through it line-by-line, adding in the latest best practices and tools for creating effective, job-winning documents on behalf of your clients.

So when you work through the program, you’ll be getting everything that’s already proven to work … plus all the fresh insights you need to help your clients capitalize on the newest trends, set up a business fast, and market yourself to attract as much of this kind of work as you want.

Cover-to-cover, you can expect to spend around 24 hours studying the materials. In that time, you’ll learn:

  • How to interview clients so they reveal all their top skills and relevant job experiences. (You can make this super easy by using the questionnaire in Part 1 of the program.)
  • What to put in each part of a resume so your clients look like attractive, job-ready candidates. (There’s tons of examples to study — you’ll never have doubts how to do this!)
  • How to deal with employment gaps … lack of experience … or even a need to switch industries. (Whatever comes your way, you’ll find templates and guidance for handling it.)
  • All the ins and outs of cover letters, thank you notes, and social media profiles. (These “bonus” projects are simple and they’ll dramatically boost your resume writing fees, too.)
  • How to launch your new business in a way that makes bringing new customers through the door FAST. (I hope you’re ready to get to work right away — because the detailed Action Plan included with this section is proven to bring in clients.)
  • Everything you need to know about running this kind of business profitably. (If you want to make sure you’re earning at least $100 an hour at this, you’ll want to use everything you find in this section!)

You’ll also receive four laser-focused bonus resources:

  • Bonus #1: LinkedIn Profile: The Next Big Thing for Resume Writers, by 10-time “Toast of the Resume Industry” award-winner, Donald Burns.
  • Bonus #2: Specialize in Federal Resumes: A report by Robin Schlinger of Robin’s Resumes®.
  • Bonus #3: The Fulfillment Process: Essential Steps from First Contact to Getting Paid — perfect for helping you as a new freelancer (or a great refresher, if you’re experienced).
  • Bonus #4: Deciding If and When it’s Time to Expand — Should you turn your one-person business into a potentially more profitable group effort? This will help guide your choice.

Taken together, the program and the bonuses give you all the tools you need to start — and succeed — as a professional helper to job hunters.

And to celebrate how incredibly useful the freshly revamped The Pro Resume Writer program is going to be to writers, I want to make sure everyone has a chance to try it out.

After all, learning to excel at this kind of work can provide you with the perfect fill-in project to round out your regular writing schedule … or be a way for you to start a brand-new (and very lucrative) chapter of your writing career.

So I don’t want you to feel there’s anything holding you back from getting started …

Not even the price.

Starting Right Away Has Never Been So Affordable …

I want you to look back on your order of the 2015 edition of The Pro Resume Writer program as one of the smartest investments of your writing career.

So I’m going to make it ridiculously easy for you to come out ahead on this …

When you place your order right now, you’ll pay just $197.

That way, when you use what you’ve learned in the program to complete your very first couple basic resumes for clients, you’ll immediately earn back what you invested to get going.

Each additional project you do? Pure profit in your pocket — with the added bonus of feeling great about all the people you’re helping get hired as a result of your skills.

In short, it’s a win on all fronts.

The only way you can lose is if you choose not to take me up on this offer right now.

Don’t hesitate.

Order Today!

To your success,

Katie Yeakle
Executive Director, AWAI

P.S. I can’t emphasize enough how simple and fun it can be to learn to write resumes — and earn a great new income helping job hunters. And your fellow AWAI members agree  …

“I’ve been extremely surprised at how easy and fun setting up my resume business has been. I placed one ad … and I’ve gotten more calls than I ever expected to get.”

— Sharon O.
Oakland, CA

“The program was thorough, but it was easy to learn. It gave me the info and resources I needed to be writing resumes professionally within one week. I used the powerful ads and immediately started bringing in clients. One ad brought in an average of four clients a week for over a year — three months past the time the ad ran out!

“This is a low-overhead business, so I make good profits. It really is a ‘business-in-a-box’ and I had everything I needed to get. The program makes writing a resume whip-quick! It helps me get resumes cranked out at least 50% faster. I’ve recommended it to a couple of friends who are thinking of starting a home business.”

— Kammy T.
Laurel, MT

“This program gave me everything I needed to get my resume business up and running fast. I appreciate the keywords and action phrases … big help when I’m creating a resume and not quite sure what the job is all about. It’s a great job for stay-at-home moms and dads … or anyone who wants a real money-making home business with flexibility. This is the real McCoy!”

— Ralph C.
Ft. Wayne, IN


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