AWAI “Advanced Training” Exclusive


The “$13 Million Secret” that Can Earn Copywriters as Much as $650,000… From Just One Marketing Campaign!

Learn it here — exclusively — along with EVERY OTHER copywriting project today’s direct marketing clients want you to know.

Hi, Katie Yeakle here.

Katie Yeakle

Here at AWAI, we have an obligation to keep you up-to-date on the latest copy and marketing techniques that are transforming the industry.

It’s something we take very seriously…

Which is why you need to pay close attention to this letter.

Right now, only a handful of working copywriters know a newly-perfected strategy that can transform ordinary sales letters…

Into multimillion-dollar events.

But today, you can become one of them.

Any client, any business that sells anything online can benefit from this new strategy.

And copywriters who can bring it to their clients will be hailed as “heroes.”

But here’s the best part…

The money you can make once you know this secret — it’s practically obscene.

We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. (I’ll show you why and how in a minute.)

We’re detailing this strategy for the first time ever as a brand-new learning module we’re adding to our already jam-packed Advanced Training program.

But this strategy is such an important breakthrough in the history of online marketing that I wanted to make sure you knew about it today.

So here’s the backstory…

Marketing History…

At a time when any marketer would be thrilled to make $1 million in sales in a single day…

This division of Agora Publishing generated over $11 million in a day… and went on to make over $13 million before they had to shut down the offer because the demand became overwhelming.

Of course, everyone in the business wanted to know how they did it.

But thanks to our connections to Agora and the publisher who ran the ad…

We were among the first to learn what made this campaign such a huge success.

Which is why I can share the details with you today.

And here’s what’s exciting for you…

Not only were we able to call up the mastermind behind this launch and get a full step-by-step rundown of how this historic campaign was executed…

We also convinced him to join our Advanced Training team and teach you the entire strategy in person!

We’re calling it the “Ultimate Hotlist” strategy…

And if you decide to come onboard as a new lifetime Advanced Training member today — you’ll be among the first in the entire world to learn this powerful marketing strategy.

Important to note, he’s used this strategy 20 times now. In 19 out of those 20 times, it’s generated in excess of a million dollars in sales — so last month’s $13 million campaign was no fluke. It works and the clients you share it with will be forever indebted to you.

Think about it…

A copywriter who can create a campaign that generates over $13 million in sales has an opportunity to pocket as much as $650,000 in royalties…

Master this technique and quarterback a campaign this successful just three times over the course of a single year…

And you have an opportunity to earn nearly $2 million in royalties alone!

Crazy, I know.

But that’s how “electric” the world of Internet marketing is right now when you know and use the right strategies.

When you know what attracts new buyers…

What excites them…

What gets them to take immediate action.

That’s what you’ll learn today.

In a minute, I’ll introduce you to Aaron DeHoog, the master marketer behind the strategy…

And I’ll show you all the elements that went into this remarkable campaign.

If you’re serious about making your mark in the world of copywriting and marketing — you do not want to miss this.


And when you combine this skill with every other skill you’ll master, well… there’s no telling how far you can go in today’s direct response world.

So just what is Advanced Training?

It’s AWAI’s “soup-to-nuts” learning program where you master every single element of any modern-day marketing campaign you’ll ever be asked to write as a copywriter…

From simple space ads and email campaigns — to full-blown sales letters and video promotions…

And everything in between.

Since we introduced it a few months ago, AWAI’s Advanced Training has become the most important and “market relevant” educational program a new copywriter will find anywhere.

Once a member of Advanced Training and its lifetime access — there’s absolutely no project you won’t be able to write for any client anywhere.

Advanced Training is constantly evolving to include new strategies working in the marketplace right now.

And because AWAI’s experts and partners are actively involved as writers and consultants for some of the biggest and most successful direct marketers in the world… we’re on the cutting-edge of what’s working in our industry.

That’s how we’re able to bring you the breakthrough marketing secret I’ll be sharing with you in a moment, literally days after it unfolded…

With ongoing access to all the up-to-the-minute skills Advanced Training gives you, you’ll bring value to your client that will make you indispensable.

You’ll make more in writing fees…

More in royalties…

And you’ll be able to choose whom you want to write for and the kind of projects that interest you most.

This is a Game Changer

In other words, Advanced Training is a bona fide game changer in the career of any copywriter… whether you’re brand-new… just starting out… or you’ve been writing for several years.

In a moment, I’ll take you through all the copy elements you’ll master through this very intense, highly interactive program…

Including, of course, the brand-new “Ultimate Hotlist” strategy being unveiled here… to you… for the first time today…

You’ll meet the renowned copywriters and expert marketers who will be your instructors… many of whom are actively looking for new writers to join their teams…

And I’ll introduce you to Sandy Franks, who’ll be your guide and “Copy Chief” for all the sessions.

Over her 28-year career in direct response, Sandy has mentored dozens of new copywriters and spearheaded too many multimillion-dollar marketing campaigns to count.

But first, do you really have to master all these skills to be a successful copywriter?

Frankly, no.

Like any profession, there will always be those who are content to be “B” players… and there will always be spots within the direct-response industry for those folks.

But just to be clear…

Advanced Training is not for those people.

This is a program designed to set you apart from everyone else.

When you join Advanced Training, not only will you be learning and mastering all aspects of copywriting and marketing…

You’ll also be working closely with some of the best copywriters and marketing firms in the country.

A Learning Concept 20 Years in the Making

You see, over the years, we’ve built up great relationships with some of the top direct marketers and information publishers in the world.

Groups like Agora Financial Publishing, Stansberry Research, Weiss Publishing, The Oxford Club, Money Map Press, NewMarket Health, International Living, Digital Marketer, BottomLine, Newsmax, and many more…

These marketers have come to count on AWAI for the steady stream of good writers they need…

Which is why we created a program like Advanced Training

Because it gives copywriters who are serious about becoming “A-level” a place where they can step up… master the skills… and let it be known to top people in the industry that they are here to succeed.

So what will you learn?

Make no mistake:

The traditional sales letter we teach you how to write through our flagship “Accelerated Program” is still central to everything…

That’ll never change.

But these days, it’s just one piece of the marketing puzzle.

For instance, did you know that Google, Facebook, and the Ad Networks account for the vast majority of direct marketing done online today? And that there are techniques proven to work and rules ad writers must follow to use them?

Or that a simple, well-written, and well-conceived “space ad” or Insert Ad campaign can generate millions of dollars in sales overnight?

Or the role “content” marketing and “advertorial” writing play in the support of a direct-response campaign today…

Or the importance of tone and message in customer-centric email campaigns…

Or that the messages you send in the moments after the sale can boost sales even further… help with customer retention… and earn you even more money?

Or the extra money you, as a copywriter, can generate with a well-conceived email “gauntlet” series…

Or that a certain landing page that engages and sets the right tone for your reader can have a huge impact on the success of your sales message?

Or that turning a written sales letter into a Video Sales Letter (VSL) can bolster your response rate by as much as 500%?

Then, of course, there are new “breakthrough” strategies that come along and give you entirely new opportunities to make money and impress your clients…

Like the exciting “Ultimate Hotlist” strategy I’ll be telling you about.

These are all things that can have a profound impact on your income and success as a 21st century copywriter…

And each of them requires a “special knowledge” that was not needed one, two, or three years ago.

So you see…

It’s not as simple as writing a single sales letter anymore… dropping it in the mail or posting it online… and waiting for the money to come in.

Today, the universe is so much bigger.

While “in the old days,” the size of our market was limited to the number of people on the mailing lists we were using…

These days, everyone with access to the Internet is a potential customer.

And for you, the copywriter, it means unlimited opportunity…

I can tell you…

I’ve been a marketer for 34 years, and have been with AWAI since the very beginning…

And I’ve never seen more copywriters earning half a million dollars a year or more, than I am today!

And it’s all because the number of people you can sell to — and the ways you can reach them — has exploded exponentially.

But it also means that, if you’re going to be an elite performer in our business…

You have to be more knowledgeable… and prepared to write all the elements required for a variety of marketing channels.

Now, there’s a lot of ground to cover…

But before I get down to the nitty-gritty, let me say one more thing…

Advanced Training is not something I’m going to spend a lot of time “convincing” you to take.

As you can probably tell by now, this is a serious learning opportunity for people who are serious about working as a professional copywriter in today’s marketplace.


My guess is, frankly, that you already know if this is for you or not.

If it’s not, perhaps someday it will be.

If it is now, then you’d better be ready for a real “roll-up-your-sleeves, get-down-to-business” kind of experience…

That’s because every day you’ll be doing something to move your education forward.

Some days, you’ll want to spend an hour or so on your writing samples… other days 15 minutes.

Every day you’ll be writing…

But the real secret to the Advanced Training program structure is that you’re constantly building on the skill you learned yesterday today.

So whatever you do…

Don't spend good money to take this program if your interest in copywriting is just a passing fancy or anything but serious.

It’ll only be a waste of your time and money (Advanced Training isn't cheap, as you can imagine)…

And, given the limited space in this groundbreaking learning environment, you could be taking up the spot of someone who’s already set on a six-figure copywriting career and who’s serious about mastering all these crucial elements.

If you are serious and you do come in today, you’ll quickly realize this is unlike any other learning program you’ve ever seen.

What makes it so different?

You’ll Work with Master Copywriters

First, each session is about mastering one highly specific project assignment…

In each session, you’ll be working directly with actual marketers from top direct-response firms who have offered up these assignments because they’re looking for new writers to hire.

The second Advanced Training advantage is you’ll be learning from actual copywriters and marketers — people like Clayton Makepeace, Bob Bly, Carline Anglade-Cole, Ben Settle, Dan Kennedy, our own Rebecca Matter, Agora master writer John Forde… and now Aaron DeHoog, the former Newsmax marketing whiz behind the new “Ultimate Hotlist” strategy module I’ll be telling you about.

You’ll meet these folks in a second… and learn exactly what they’ll be showing you.

Keep in mind, these aren't “academics” or paid instructors.

These are actual industry professionals who earn hundreds of thousands — sometimes millions — of dollars a year plying their craft.

And they’re participating in Advanced Training because they have a vested interest in bringing new copywriters into the business. And there’s no better way to do that than by working on the “front lines” with people who they know are serious about learning.

So that’s a BIG part of the Advanced Training experience…

Getting to know and work with these folks… and them getting to know you through the writing you submit.

“Guided Ascension”

Something else that makes Advanced Training so effective is a learning technique we call “guided ascension,” where you begin with mastering the smaller, simpler projects… and build upon those skills week by week, project by project.

It’s a technique that effectively “flattens” the learning curve so every new skill feels like a logical progression from the one you just learned.

In fact, we modeled this training after the way top information publishers we know — multimillion-dollar companies like Agora, Weiss, and others — are now grooming their new writers…

Which is “learning by doing” in bite-sized pieces under the watchful eye of a senior copywriter whose job it is to guide the new writer and help them elevate their skill level each and every day.

Which leads me to another HUGE difference with AWAI’s Advanced Training program…

Your Own “Copy Chief”

That’s because unlike any other program, you’ll be working under the guidance and direction of a de facto “Copy Chief” who will be in ongoing communication with you…

Her name is Sandy Franks… and let me just say…

You could not ask for a better or more qualified copy and marketing professional to guide you through this Advanced Training process.

Sandy Franks

Sandy has been involved in promotional writing for 28 years.

For 26 of those years, she worked for Agora Publishing — the largest publisher of financial and health newsletters in the world… as well as books, guides, special reports, conferences…

The list goes on and on.

As a Copy Chief and Marketing Director, Sandy has seen the evolution of direct response from the early days of mailed letters to the birth and maturity of the Internet marketing era.

Over the years, she’s worked with hundreds of copywriters, and is well-known in our industry for turning “green” new writers into seasoned, control-busting “A-level” copywriters.

Many of those writers are still working today, generating millions of dollars with a single sales letter. (And, by the way… she learned copywriting from two of the best-known writers in the world: Bill Bonner, Founder of Agora, Inc., and Mark Ford, the inspiration behind AWAI.)

She’s launched and marketed dozens of products in the health, financial, business opportunity, and travel sectors. She’s worked with The Oxford Club, Agora Financial, Health Sciences Institute, and Dr. Atkins’ Health Newsletter, to name a few.

As the publisher of The Taipan Publishing Group, she not only grew that division from zero profits to $5 million in a year, she was among the first to market high-priced ($1,000-plus) back-end services… pioneered the online ordering process… and was the first to experiment with online video marketing.

As a writer, she’s written sales copy that’s generated as much as $1.5 million in a single campaign… authored two financial books… and has had dozens of articles published in USA Today, Huffington Post, and The Street.

With so much experience on both the writing AND the marketing side, Sandy understands the challenges new copywriters face… which makes her ideally qualified to be your Copy Chief throughout the Advanced Training process.

Her role?

To share her invaluable insights and proven experience as they relate to each of the assignments you’ll be working on…

To serve as your link to the marketers and companies whose assignments you’ll be tackling.

To be in touch with you via our Advanced Training Member Page and by email with tips, techniques, and advice for making your copy stronger… helping you overcome obstacles and challenges that may slow you down.

And to help motivate you throughout the 13 (and growing) Advanced Training modules.

In fact, so you can get to know Sandy right from the start, she’ll be your first instructor in the very first “learning module” that’ll kick off your Advanced Training experience.

But before we get to that — and all the skills you’ll be learning — here’s another vital part of the Advanced Training experience:

Real Clients, Real Assignments

This is an aspect of the program that’s always evolving… always growing.

We started out with a handful of clients interested in working with Advanced Training members on real-life assignments…

There was The Oxford Club — one of the largest and most successful financial newsletter publishers in the world.

We added NewMarket Health — the hugely successful Agora Publishing franchise that focuses on offering natural cures and cutting-edge natural health solutions.

Of course, AWAI is always looking for new writers too, so we’ll be offering you a chance to write for our “Barefoot Writer” franchise, which is our lifestyle newsletter/magazine that introduces new readers to the world of making money with persuasive writing.

Recently, International Living came on board, for writers interested in writing about lifestyle, travel, and living abroad.

Also, another financial publisher eager to find new writers is now an Advanced Training client — Dent Research… which uses demographics in combination with other statistics to predict the direction of the stock market.

And just days ago — Aaron DeHoog’s Banyan Hill Publishing, the Agora division that specializes in investing and personal privacy… and the group that had the enormous $13 million success recently using the “Ultimate Hotlist” strategy I’ll talk about in a moment.

So, between these franchises, you’ll have an opportunity to delve into what we like to call “the Big 4” niches: self-improvement/business opportunity… financial newsletter writing… health writing… and travel.

You’ll get insights into what makes these niches tick… and learn the subtle differences in writing to each audience.

Before you dive into the learning modules, you’ll see a video presentation from each of your clients with details about their franchise… their products… their prospects… their marketing strategies…

As well as the kind of reading and research you should be doing to become knowledgeable about their niche.

Then, your project learning modules begin… complete with client assignments based on what you’ve just learned.

That’s when the rubber meets the road, so to speak…

And you start down the fun and challenging path of “guided ascension.”

You’ll Be Writing Everyday

Of course, the only way to become a great writer is to write.

That’s why you’ll be writing — in every module. And we encourage you to do it every day.

But that’s not all.

Regular Copy Reviews

We’ll also hold regular “copy review” sessions where Sandy, your Copy Chief and other copywriters give great and useful feedback on copy Advanced Training members have written and submitted.

Nothing critical…

Just professional copywriters pointing out where the copy does work… and some constructive advice on how to improve it where it doesn't.

It could be copy you submit (although you’re not obligated… and if you do, no names are used… )

Or it could be someone else’s work.

My point is, you’ll learn a lot by “sitting in” on these sessions and hearing what professional copywriters and marketers have to say.

It’s the same technique copy teams at Agora and other top direct marketing firms use…

In fact, many Advanced Training members tell us this is one of the most powerful benefits of the entire program.

Like Pam Shannon who told us:

“David's review of my copy was exactly the wake-up call I needed. It was one of the best experiences I've had in all the AWAI courses I've taken.”

Are you beginning to see how Advanced Training is shaping up like a high-level, in-house copywriting training program?

With real assignments for real products… real deadlines… and a Copy Chief you can turn to for guidance, support, and direction.

With that in mind… let’s get to the details of what you’ll be learning.

Module 1 — Revenue-Boosting Insert Ad

In Module 1, you’ll learn the techniques for writing revenue-boosting Insert Ads which are published in free email letters.

Here’s an example AWAI uses to promote interest in Barefoot Writer, one of the clients you’ll be writing for throughout your Advanced Training sessions.

Quit your job, write, travel, and relax!

Barefoot Writers have more fun, more money, and more freedom. Their secret? A special club bringing them the top opportunities for income and writers-only freebies each and every month. And, it’s not just a one-way information flow. Barefoot Writer Club Members also have one of Facebook’s most positive and supportive private communities to keep them on track to having the good life — fast.

Looks pretty simple, right?

I mean — what could be easier than getting people to click for more information?

Well, the truth is, there are some time-tested “rules” for writing an effective Insert Ad that not only generates a lot of clicks, but also a lot of orders. Those orders help boost the overall success of a marketing campaign.

And as a copywriter, it’s absolutely crucial that you learn them.


Insert Ads, like the example shown, are vital to the success of any online direct-response information marketing business.

Because not only do they “kick-start” relationships by turning a percentage of readers into potential new customers… they’re also a great way to test new headline ideas… get a sense of what motivates your reader… and learn what new ideas the market is responding to.

Insert Ads are also a great training ground for writing Pay-Per-Click ads, website banner ads… even Facebook and Twitter posts. These types of ads are short, usually around 150 words, which means you have to know how to get the reader’s attention with very few words.

So in this regard, learning how to write these quick little Insert Ads is vitally important. They lay the foundation for almost everything else you’ll do as a copywriter.

In fact, there are several copywriters I know making a very good six-figure living today who specialize in writing only these short little ads!

That’s why we’ll be spending several hours making sure you understand the rules and techniques for writing a very strong, very effective Insert Ad for AWAI’s Barefoot Writer…

Or The Oxford Club’s Insider Alert…

Or NewMarket Health’s HSI E-Alert

Or for International Living’s “Postcards” e-letter

Or for the New “Sovereign” e-letter…

Or for the Dent franchise’s free e-letter…

Or all six, if you like!

It’ll begin with a webinar from Sandy, who’ll be your Copy Chief and expert for the Insert Ad assignment.

She’ll give you an overview of that module’s assignment and what your learning objective is…

You’ll get insights into the kind of readers the different clients are trying to attract — who they want to have ask for the free report and who they don’t.

You’ll see examples of Insert Ads that have worked — and others that haven’t been so successful — along with the subtle reasons why one was so much more effective than the other.

You’ll get a universal “best practices” rundown for writing successful Insert Ads for any niche you come across…

But your “webinar lesson” is just one aspect.

In addition to giving you access to all the resources you’ll need to gain a solid understanding of the product the Insert Ad is tied to…

We’ll refer you to your Bonus Study Pack… a curated “resource list” that will help reinforce the high-level secrets relevant to the assignment you’ll be working on.

For instance…

Insert Ads are all about knowing your reader and writing compelling “attention-grabbing” headlines…

So we have links to advanced articles you can read to help you, like The Master Key to Successful Promotion: How to Build a 3D Image of Your Prospect… and Creating Irresistible Copy: The Secret of The Core Buying Emotion.

You’ll also get a complete Assignment Pack with guidelines, instructions and examples from your six potential clients.

So you see…

Even for an assignment as seemingly benign as a simple Insert Ad, there will be lots of ground to cover…

And remember…

There’s nothing random about the way we’ve structured these assignments…

They’re based on the very training programs some of the most successful marketers in the world use to engrain these important writing skills into all their new copywriters…

Through a structured regiment of live webinars, regular feedback from pros, recorded instructions, relevant reading, and, of course, lots of writing.

That’s how these important skills get mastered…

Then, for one week every month throughout your Advanced Training program…

You’re free to submit your best writing from any of the assignments you’ve done throughout the program…

Efforts that you’d like us or our participating clients to see…

We’ll review all the writing that comes in and pass it along to the growing list of marketers participating as clients…

If they see that “spark” of promise they’re looking for…

There’s a very good chance you’ll get a call from them saying: “We’re impressed with your writing — let’s talk about what you can start writing for us!”

So, that’s the process…

Lots of learning… lots of writing… lots of high-level insights… feedback from pros… and, if you want it, lots of opportunity to get your work seen by top people in the industry.

Of course, Insert Ads are just one of the elements you’ll master.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything else you’ll learn…

Module 2 — Mastering the “Lost Art” of Deep Research

It's the “unwritten rule” of copywriting — that all sales messages — whether a 150-word space ad or a 12,000-word sales letter — are anchored on one big, strong, compelling idea…

And the only way to find that “Big Idea” is through smart research. In fact, ask any A-level copywriter about the importance of research and he or she will tell you they don't even begin to write copy until they've done thorough research.

Like Mike Palmer of Stansberry Research and Associates. He wrote the famous “Outlawed for 40 Years” financial sales letter about investing in gold, which brought on over 200,000 subscribers. He'll tell you he read several books on gold coins before coming up with the core Big Idea for his sales letter.

Or top-gun financial copywriter Blair Morse, who read dozens and dozens of articles on social security and retirement before he wrote his control-busting sales letter, “The End of Social Security.”

Or legendary copywriter Gary Bencivenga (who also studied under David Ogilvy, the Father of Advertising), who said: “The best copywriters are the most tenacious researchers. Like miners, they dig, drill, dynamite, and chip until they have carloads of valuable ore."

And copy legend John Caples told copywriters to gather seven times more interesting information than you can possibly use because research is the infallible cure for writer's block.

Research is so important to your success as a copywriter, that’s why in Module 2, your focus will be entirely on “the art of research” — and the techniques top copywriters use to unearth new, compelling ideas — what books to read… what websites to use… where to find the statistics you need for any kind of proof… and more.

Your expert for this session is John Forde, a longtime Agora copywriter who was mentored by, and worked alongside, none other than Agora Publishing founder Bill Bonner.

John Forde

John’s a great teacher, a lifelong student of the art of copywriting, and Founder of Copywriting Roundtable… a site created for the exchange of insightful thoughts and ideas about copywriting and the direct-response business.

Few copywriters take the job of research more seriously than John. And because his sales letters are so dense with proof and interesting facts, his letters are consistently successful and often remain the control for years.

No question, powerful research skills will give you a decided edge over 99% of the copywriters working today…

Which is why we made it one of the first Advanced Training skills you’ll master.

Module 3 — The Skill-Building Power of Writing Simple Eye-Catching News Items

Okay, now it’s time to start putting your new foundational skills to work.

Research… that leads to the Big Idea… and your newfound skill for writing a compelling headline and body copy for your Insert Ad…

And one of the best ways to practice executing all of these is through a news item, a marketer’s holy grail of getting prospects interested in their products and services.

In short, a news item is a lot like a sales letter, only instead of a product, you’re selling an idea… But doing it in a very special way.

And your objective is much the same…

Get a passive reader — who may not have any predisposed interest in reading your story — to read it.

Of course, that’s where a very good headline comes in… anchored by a compelling newsworthy topic or idea.

And from there, it’s all about expressing that compelling idea in a clear and interesting way that draws readers in and “captivates” them…

So they continue reading until they get to the all-important call-to-action, which could be as simple as “click here for more information” or signing up to receive a free e-letter.

This is a skill that will serve you in many ways — whether it’s writing copy for a client… or writing a letter to a friend… even posting content to your website (if you have one).

And that’s the skill you’ll learn in this module.

Now, maybe you're thinking: “Wait, I’m a copywriter. My job is to persuade… Why would I ever need to write a news item?”

Very simple…

As an expert on the topic of what you're selling, sometimes you’ll be asked to write a supporting news article in advance — or in support — of a marketing campaign…

Or maybe a part of a marketing effort involves using press releases as a way to get free publicity.

In both cases, this “news item” format is used.

We publish hundreds of news items every year here at AWAI.

Rebecca Matter

Those news items draw traffic to our website.

And the goal of all that traffic is to convert “readers” to “buyers.”

In this module, AWAI President Rebecca Matter will be the expert teaching you how it’s done.

And given she’s practically invented the art of writing news items, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Module 4 — The “Highly-Coveted” Newsletter Article

Again, Module 4 is all about building on what you learned in Modules 1, 2, and 3.

Whereas a news item is a short piece about a relevant “topic of interest,” a newsletter article is a longer, more research- and proof-intense piece of writing, and “sells” a more sophisticated idea…

A promising stock that investors should consider buying, for example…

Or a new exercise technique that people who want to lose weight should try…

Or in the case of AWAI, a new writing technique that can boost your response rate and make you more money.

You need a headline that grabs your reader’s attention…

You need to make a strong promise in the lead of your story…

Lay out all the benefits of taking the action you’re suggesting…

And deliver undeniable proof that what you’re promising can actually happen.

This is a powerful skill.

Newsletters that have a large circulation of readers and high retention rates are a publishing company’s bread-and-butter. But not everyone can write benefit-driven newsletter articles.

Steve Sjuggerud of Stansberry Research… Alex Green of The Oxford Club… Tom Dyson of The Palm Beach Letter… they’re all masters of the craft of newsletter writing…

And in Module 4, you’ll study all of the advanced techniques they use to absolutely convince you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the stock they’re talking about is the absolute best you can buy right now.

Your expert for this session is one of the very best in the business, Steve Sjuggerud.

Steve Sjuggerud

Steve is a legendary newsletter writer whose distinctive and engaging voice — along with his ability to communicate complex ideas effortlessly — has made him one of the most popular and best-read newsletter writers in the financial world.

But maybe you’re wondering: Why teach a copywriter how to write a newsletter article?

In my view, a great article is one step removed from a sales letter.

It has much of the structure and selling elements of a traditional sales letter… but instead of asking the newsletter reader to buy a product or service, the writer creates a bond… trust… with the reader.

Module 5 — The Important “First Touch” of the Welcome Letter

A Welcome Letter — also known as a “stick” letter — is another key copywriting skill.

You’ve likely seen these.

They’re the email message you get shortly after you buy something… and in the world of information publishing especially they’re a crucial element to the sale.

Here’s why:

You’ve written a sales letter. You’ve done a masterful job of convincing someone to buy a product or take some kind of action they never set out to buy or do — until they saw your letter.

Excited, they go to the order form… enter their credit card information… and click “Buy.”

That’s when the potential for “buyer’s remorse” comes in.

And the last thing you want is for the reader to change his or her mind and want a refund — because, as a general rule, copywriters don't get paid royalties on refunded products!

And that’s why you need to send a Welcome Letter that reinforces all the reasons they wanted to buy the product in the first place… the Big Idea, the main promise, all the benefits, and so on.

In many ways, the Welcome Letter is a mini “nutshell” version of the sales letter you just wrote…

So in Module 5, you’ll spend time mastering the art of a highly effective Welcome Letter.

Your expert for this session? None other than million-dollar-per-year copywriter Dan Kennedy.

Dan Kennedy

We asked Dan to lend his expertise to writing a great Welcome Letter because few in our business have the innate ability to engage readers like Dan — which is precisely what every Welcome Letter you write needs to do.

Now, you might be wondering… how can I write a Welcome Letter for a promotion I haven't written yet?

The solution is simple. Once you’ve studied the technique, we’re going to have you write Welcome Letters for very successful existing controls… including ones from real clients participating in our Advanced Training program.

So not only do you benefit from the “bonus” of learning to identify and write about the main selling points of a very successful letter…

The Welcome Letter you write and send in could be chosen and tested as a Welcome Letter for a “live” product!

Module 6 — The Advertorial Article (and the Enormous Impact It Can Have on Your Sales)


Modules 1 through 5 are designed to get your writing muscle flexed and help you understand all the different forms of writing that lead up to an actual full-fledged sales letter.

But Module 6 is your first real foray into the world of “selling.”

And there’s no better place to start learning about selling than writing an advertorial.

An advertorial is really a sales letter disguised as an article.

That’s not to say it doesn't deliver useful and interesting content like a good article or news story does…

It very much does.

But its main job is to “move your thinking” towards an idea, promise, or benefits you really want to drive home in a sales promotion — and to get you to click over to that sales promotion at the end of the article.

In other words, it’s a “soft” sell.

A good advertorial should be informative… it should be convincing… and it should come with an implied promise or benefit…

Meaning that it should be clear at first glance that if your reader reads the piece, he or she will benefit in some way.

But it should not telecast in any way that this is a sales letter.

Advertorials are important in today’s marketing world because places like Facebook and many news sites do not want their readers clicking on an Internet Ad and arriving at a “screaming” advertisement.

It makes sense. If everyone knows there’s going to be a hard-sell promotion on the other side of those little ads, people will stop clicking them.

But they do allow advertorials — so long as the reader is able to glean some useful content from it that’s relevant to the ad they just clicked.

Advertorials are also used on the big advertising exchange networks such as Outbrain and Trulia. They look like mini news articles with an image, caption, and body content.

All kinds of marketers use them from publishers to information-based product producers. They can have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line.

Needless to say, there’s an art to writing an effective advertorial that gets viewed by millions of people…

And as a copywriter who’ll be marketing through the Internet, the ability to write an effective advertorial that gets more people to make that “extra click” to your promotion is yet another very powerful skill to have.

Sandy’s back to lead you through how to write the most effective advertorials possible.

Module 7 — Response-Generating Sales Emails

This is a big one.

So big, in fact, that we enlisted one of the best sales email writers in the business to be your expert for this module.

Ben Settle has turned writing one email a day into a lucrative six-figure income… And his insights in Module 7 will help you write sales emails that blow your competition away.

So just what are “Sales Emails?”

Also called “lift” emails — they’re short “teaser” emails, typically sent to your client’s in-house list of customers.

But don’t be fooled by the word “teaser.” There’s more to them than teasing. And they’re important because their real job is:

To get the reader interested enough to click on a link that will take them to a sales letter.

Seems simple enough…

But when you consider that the typical reader sees dozens, sometimes hundreds of these emails a day…

And that in most cases, they’ve been trained to know they’ll be taken directly to a sales message…

Well then, that’s when writing an email lift note that “breaks through” takes a very special skill.

And make no mistake…

It’s a crucial part of your sales campaign.

A lousy lift note means few people will see your sales letter…

But a great lift note will ensure more people see your sales letter — and sales will skyrocket.

Ben Settle

In fact, lift notes are such an important part of the marketing campaign that if sales are faltering… the first statistic marketers look at is how many people “clicked through” to the promo.

And in virtually every case, a bad response to a sales letter can be directly attributed to a weak sales or “lift” email.

Ben will guide you in the art of writing effective lift emails. His own emails are funny… engaging… and enlightening all at the same time. It’s no wonder he makes a great living writing them.

Module 8 — Customer-Driven Autoresponder/Gauntlet Series

Rebecca’s back to lead Module 8…

As a copywriter, understanding the role autoresponders can play in a marketing campaign — and how to write them — is yet another way for you to add value for your client…

And for you to make more money…

A lot more.

You see, autoresponders are a series of pre-written emails that automatically continue the dialog with your customer…

By offering value and useful content on subjects you know they’re interested in.

Now, three out of four in a typical autoresponder series sell nothing. Instead, they build up trust and goodwill…

So when you do come along with an offer they’re interested in, they’re more likely to buy because of the relationship you’ve built up with them.

And if that offer happens to be connected to a sales letter you’ve written…

Well then, that’s just added royalties and income for you, the copywriter.

And the great thing about a well-written autoresponder series is they’re “evergreen”…

Which means they can be sent out time after time to all new customers without being edited.

Autoresponders work day and night for you, continually reaching out to your customers with valuable trust-building content — and relative sales offers.

They also help reduce refunds. One thing all marketers hate is high refund rates. Refunds take away from the company’s overall profits. Plus, as a copywriter, they can impact the royalties you earn. So a copywriter who knows how to write autoresponders and gauntlets that keep customers happy and reduce refund rates is a godsend.

Rebecca’s going to help you become that hero to your clients.

Module 9 — Keep Sales Rolling: Revising a Control

The ability to refresh an existing control is another income-boosting skill every copywriter should have.

The reason is simple.

It can take anywhere from six to eight weeks to put together a new marketing campaign — coming up with a new idea, doing the research, writing the letter, lift notes, and so on.

But take an existing control and “freshen it up,” and you can have a brand-new, high-performing sales package in just a few days.

That not only keeps royalties flowing for you… it means your client can be marketing new and relevant copy rather than having to wait for new sales packages to be written.

So what’s it take to “freshen” a control?

Very often, it’s just about finding a new way to say what the current control is already saying.

Other times, it’s just a matter of adding a new headline and lead — and tying it into the rest of the existing package…

Regardless, simply by using this veteran copywriters’ trick, you can potentially keep a control running two, three, even five years.

My colleague Paul Hollingshead has done this numerous times — freshening packages once thought to be dead — to the point where they’re generating tens of thousands of dollars in “extra” royalties for him each and every year…

And it doesn't even have to be your sales package that you “freshen”…

Marcella Allison

Very often, your client will have older sales letters that have performed well in the past that, using a few simple tricks you’ll learn in Module 9, you can revise in a matter of a few days…

And generate added income through a split royalty arrangement with the original writer.

“A-level” copywriter Marcella Allison will be your expert for this module. Marcella has written controls for clients including BottomLine, Soundview, Healthy Directions, Motley Fool, Weiss Research, and more. And, as good of a writer as she is… Marcella’s an even better teacher!

Module 10 — Captivating Landing Pages

Okay, we’re building up to the big guns here…

The landing page is the place to which all your ads… all your email lifts… all your gauntlet letters drive your potential buyer… it’s also the place you send the prospect to sign up for a free report or free e-letter.

And it’s got to be great!

In an instant, your prospect has to see the immediate benefit of staying on that page and settling in to read that long-form sales letter of yours… or watch your sales video… or give their name and email address to receive something of value or at no cost.

That’s where design and copy must come together to create a unique and powerful experience for your reader/viewer.

It must be compelling…

It must be something new…

There must be an implied benefit or value in sticking around…

It can’t “scream” sales message…

There has to be urgency…

And it has to convey a sense of “usefulness” to the reader.

In other words, whether your sales message is in the form of a written letter or a VSL, the landing page can “make or break” your copy’s success.

Now, a lot of junior copywriters treat the landing page as an afterthought. Or else they leave it up to marketers or their clients to create.

That’s a big mistake and it can cost you dearly — not only in money but in reputation too.

That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire module to making sure you have the skills needed to write and design a landing page that will instantly engage your reader and keep him or her on your sales promotion.

And we’ve brought in one of the best online marketers in the business to be your expert for this module — Nick Usborne.

Nick Usborne

Nick’s client list reads like a who’s who of the business world: Citibank, Apple, Disney, Chrysler, TV Guide, Diner’s Club, New York Times, Franklin Mint, WebEx, and countless others.

And since 1998, all his efforts have been focused “online.”

And when he’s not writing for major clients, he’s generating his own streams of income using the skills he’ll be teaching you.

For instance, Nick’s a huge coffee lover, so he built a website dedicated to it.

Since launching that site, he's earned an extra $250,000 of income. He even gets coffee machines, coffee beans, and other related coffee items for free from manufacturers who want him to write a product review.

He writes all of the content and landing pages. He's tested hundreds of landing pages and knows which ones work best.

Nick will walk you through successful designs… effective visuals… how much copy is too much and how much is too little…

He’ll even take it right down to the kind of typeface that’s proven to work best.

But most important, it’s all about having a message that connects with your reader in a powerful way.

By the time you’re done with this module, you’ll know so many secrets to writing landing pages and other important online copy components that you’ll be able to write them as if you’ve been doing it for years.

You’ll even be able to offer your clients proven landing page moneymaking tips.

Module 11 — The Pinnacle of Your Career: The Sales Letter

This is the big one…

So big, in fact, we’ve divided the “Sales Letter” module into two parts:

The first section is “Headline and Lead,” followed by the second, “Body and Close.”

Now, as you know, there are a lot of moving pieces that must go into every successful sales promotion… but no two elements are as important as the headline and lead.

A good headline captures the reader's attention and the lead draws him into your letter. The body expands on the lead. And then, most importantly, it offers proof that supports your claims and promises. And then the close is where you ask the reader to buy the product or service.

Of course, it’s impossible to talk about all the nuances of a sales letter you’ll be learning in this module. Suffice to say, it will be a crucial one — one where you’ll have a lot of proven strategies coming your way… and a lot of writing to do.

But here’s the thing…

Thanks to all the skills you’ve mastered leading up to this key module — you’ll be in the best possible position to write a masterful sales letter than trying to write one without these essential skills.

By that I mean:

You’ll have a far better understanding of your client…

Your core writing skills will have reached a much higher level…

You’ll be writing tighter, leaner, more concise copy…

Given your new mastery of research techniques, you’ll be expressing bigger, stronger ideas much more clearly and confidently…

And perhaps most importantly…

Your newfound “big picture” view of the marketing process means you’ll know the exact path your reader has taken to get to the point where he or she is reading your letter…

So your connection with your reader will be much more authentic… much more honest… and much more intimate.

Carline Anglade-Cole

Helping you put it all together in Module 11 will be two of the top copywriters working today.

Carline Anglade-Cole, who’s written some of the most successful and memorable controls for the health field, will be your expert for the “Headline and Lead” portion…

And for the “Body and Close” section? None other than legendary copywriter and longtime friend of so many AWAI members, Bob Bly.

Bob Bly

Talk about a dynamic duo for getting the most out of this all-important Advanced Training module!

Carline trained under legend Clayton Makepeace and has made millions for her clients. She’s also won numerous awards, thanks in large part to her edgy, attention-grabbing headlines and engaging leads…

She's worked with up-and-coming health and supplement companies and established several that dominate the industry. Here's what a few of those clients said about her:

“Carline Anglade-Cole is without a doubt one of the finest copywriters I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She’s extremely talented, fast, and has an amazing number of controls to her name. I’ve personally witnessed another well-respected business owner grovel and beg for a slot on her busy schedule. If you are ever fortunate enough to sign Carline up, you’ll understand why. Definitely one of my favorite people to work with.”

Layne Lowery, President, Health Resources

"Her copy is so hot, thank goodness she's married to a fireman! It's not often a new writer is added to our ‘go-to’ arsenal, particularly as quickly as Carline was. We still miss having her as an employee, but the controls she's given us as a copywriter help temper our grief. We would hire her to write for us even if we didn't love her as much as we do."

Erica Bullard, Chief Marketing Officer, Healthy Directions

Of course, your other expert partner for this module is no slouch either!

After all, nobody in the business has written more copy or knows more about how to structure a successful sales letter than Bob Bly.

He so highly sought after, he makes $500,000 a year writing sales letters — and turns down far more jobs than he takes on.

He's written a slew of books on copywriting including: Getting Started as a Freelance Writer, Bob Bly's Guide to Freelance Writing Success, The Secrets of a Freelance Writer, The Copywriter's Handbook, and How to Get Your Book Published: Inside Secrets of a Successful Author.

When he shares a secret for writing body copy and the close, everyone (especially “A-list” writers) pays close attention, hanging on his every word.

As I said…

In many ways, writing the sales letter is just a matter of “putting together” all the skills and techniques you’ve learned over your previous modules…

And don't forget too…

ALL your learning will happen under the steady, guiding hand of a Copy Chief who has successfully executed hundreds of real-life marketing campaigns over the years…

And with the powerful advice of actual working copywriters and marketers whose only objective is to see that you’re writing at the highest level possible…

Because remember…

There’s one reason these folks are doing this…

They’re doing it because they want to be right there, at the “front of the line” when it comes to finding their next copywriting superstar.

Now, there’s another piece to the puzzle any modern-day copywriter is going to need to master:

Module 12 — Ultimate Moneymaker: The Video Sales Letter

It’s very simple:

Skillfully converting your sales letter to a successful Video Sales Letter (VSL) can double, even triple your sales promotion’s response.

And for you, the copywriter who gets paid royalties… it can mean hundreds of thousands more in income each and every year.

VSLs are so powerful because they have the potential to engage your reader on a much higher level.

With a VSL, you can look your reader in the eye…

You can easily demonstrate concepts that are difficult to convey with the written word…

Add all kinds of visual support material: charts, graphs, pictures, videos — at the precise time they’re most effective.

Video Sales Letters let you dictate the tone of the letter — whether it be a fast-paced “breathless” ad that conveys urgency and excitement…

Or a more serious delivery, where you want credibility and authority to be paramount.

You can add “live” video footage or audio endorsements and testimonials from users and experts — a technique that, executed properly, can be much more powerful than a simple written testimonial.

And then there’s this…

Creating a VSL can be more fun!

It lets you be extra creative… break new ground… and explore new marketing techniques that can refresh “old, worn out” copy and earn you thousands of extra dollars.


There are certain rules to follow when adapting your sales letter to a VSL.

First and foremost, the copy, or “script” has to be highly readable and flow properly.

There’s a certain tempo to a successful VSL — and a balance you must strike between the words spoken, the visual message, and all the images that support your promises and claims.

There’s length to consider. Promotions for some products can be longer than others.

There are tricks to a good landing page.

All these — and more — are what this Advanced Training module will cover…

Your expert for this session will be the gentleman many regard as the pioneer in mastering the VSL format…

Copywriting legend Clayton Makepeace.

Clayton Makepeace

Clayton has made billions (over $1.5 billion, to be exact) for his clients writing high-performance VSLs and routinely enjoys “million-dollar years” as a high-level copywriter…

His copy works. Period. A promotion he wrote for Weiss Research brought in $15 million in just a few months in 2015. And then he started 2016 with a bang… with another sales letter he wrote that generated $1 million per week.

He earns royalty income of up to $3.6 million a year.

Even with all his success, nobody’s more generous in sharing his knowledge with AWAI members eager to learn than Clayton.

He’s an elite talent, and through Advanced Training, you will have an opportunity to work with him.


You’ve seen the “learning path” Advance Training takes you along…

From simple space ad — to sophisticated VSL. With top copywriters guiding you… real-time “live” assignments to inspire you… monthly feedback on your writing if you’d like it… and, of course, your Copy Chief to help you every step of the way.

Now it’s time to share with you details on the special “bonus” session you’ll be among the first to see.

It's the marketing strategy Aaron DeHoog and his team used to generate over $11 million in sales over a 24-hour period.

That’s staggering.

Aaron DeHoog

To put it into some perspective, even the most successful sales letter and VSL campaigns that proceeded it were considered a HUGE success if they made $1 million in a day.

This blew that right out of the water.

So how did he do it?

And more importantly, how can you bring this strategy to your clients?

Here are the details on what we’re calling…

“Bonus” Module — The “Ultimate Hotlist” Market Campaign

The good news is…

All the writing components that made this campaign a multimillion-dollar success are skills you will have already learned in Advanced Training — with just the odd little twist here and there.

Let me explain.

Like all marketing efforts, this campaign culminates with a “sales promotion” — the very kind of sales letter you’ve been learning to write since you came to AWAI.

It can be a long-form written letter (like this one)…

It can be a PowerPoint-style “talking” promotion, where someone “reads” the letter to you, while the words appear on the screen…

It can be an interactive webinar, where valuable content is shared that leads to a sale…

Or it can be an actual live video — where someone can be seen “on camera,” talking to you about all the benefits of the product he or her is selling.

For you, the copywriter, it makes no difference if it’s a written letter or a VSL.

Whatever format your sales letter takes, you’re still following the same basic sales letter formula AWAI has been teaching: Strong headline to grab interest… compelling lead to make your readers want to learn more… powerful promise… lots of proof your product can deliver… and an irresistible close that makes buying the product a no-brainer.

So, like a million campaigns before it — this wildly successful marketing effort culminates with a sales letter. In this case, in the form of an on-camera interview between the newsletter guru and a host.

But what made this effort different — and so successful — was what lead up to the sales letter.

It used something called “a hotlist.”

Now, a hotlist is very simple. Its sole purpose is to get highly qualified prospects to sign up to see the promotion.

But this campaign took the idea of a hotlist several steps further…

Not only did it get qualified people to sign up to watch the webinar promotion through a series of emails…

It got them so excited about the webinar and so excited about what they were going to learn — that they were already predisposed to buying the product before the webinar even began!

So what was the secret?


First, the copywriter wrote a series of very compelling emails to get people to sign on to a free webinar where, in this specific case, they were going to be taught a proven secret for learning about certain stocks in the stock market that go up as much as 10-fold.

And as an Advanced Training member, Aaron will show you how to write those. He’ll even give you examples of the ones he used for the campaign so you can see firsthand how they were written and why they worked so well.

But the real secret to the success of this campaign was the high level “contact” the group made with hotlist people after they had signed up…

It was like a second “mini campaign” consisting of seven “content rich” touches to them leading up to the webinar event — one each day…

That not only ratcheted up excitement for the webinar event… but made the reader become highly engaged as well.

For example…

The instant you signed up, you got a very heartwarming message from the “star” of the webinar thanking you for taking part in the event.

Of course, that in and of itself isn't unusual. But what he does at the end of this short, one-minute video is…

He introduces a special technique very few marketers use effectively — one that makes the reader feel emotionally and intellectually invested in the event…

And makes doubly sure your reader won’t skip the webinar.

Aaron will show you exactly what they did.

But the engagement process didn't stop there.

Every day, hotlist members got a very special message meant to build up excitement for the main event.

This is where the campaign really took flight. And this is where, as an Advanced Training member, you’ll learn the deeper secrets to a highly sophisticated marketing campaign very few copywriters in the universe know.

Each day consisted of a unique message designed to target a specific emotion.

  • Day One — was another appeal to “greed” — with special focus on one of the “big ideas” from the promo.
  • Day Two — you got to see the guru in action… analyzing a stock… and you learn how one of those stocks just recently went up 1,000%.
  • Day Three — was all about building up credibility. It detailed all the stock market predictions the guru had made in the past that came true — and even showed video clips of him as a “guest expert” on various financial TV shows.
  • Day Four — he revealed one of the secrets to his strategy in detail — a very compelling one. And he reminded the viewer they’d see plenty more come the live “webinar day.”
  • Day Five — they made use of some of those “engagement” messages by revealing them in a video montage.
  • Day Six — was the introduction of a unique guarantee — with overwhelming proof why they’re so comfortable and confident making it.
  • And Day Seven — was a simple message from the host reminding the viewer of everything that was going to happen… the “gravity” of the event… and how as an investor, it could change their lives forever.

Now, just to be clear…

We’ll show you the actual content Aaron and his team used to build excitement for this particular hotlist.

But more importantly, we’ll show you how to structure a new campaign for any product… for any client…

You’ll learn how to execute every aspect of the campaign.

From the very first email that invites people to join the hotlist… to the landing pages the reader sees… to all the “excitement” emails… to the sales promotion that served as the webinar event.

But that’s not all…

You’ll also learn about all the follow-up emails and mini-letters that went after the campaign… urging people who didn't sign up during the webinar to get in while they still can.

That, after all, was an important part of the campaign. Because remember…

While more than 2,750 people paid right around $4,000 to sign up during the actual broadcast of the webinar…

Another $3 million was generated in the 48 hours that followed…

And they might have made another $3 million had they not had to close the offer due to the overwhelming demand.

Of course, I’m just giving you a taste of the strategy and what you’ll learn here.

Right now, Aaron, his team, and the AWAI team are putting the final touches on this first-ever Advanced Training webinar that will reveal everything

And by signing up for it today, you’ll be one of the first to experience it.

And don't forget.

Aaron is in the same boat as most marketers in our industry…

Hotlist campaigns like this one are massive efforts. They take a lot of copy, often from multiple copywriters.

If he’s going to have more successes like this one, he’s going to constantly be adding new copywriters to his team who know how to execute these high-level campaigns.

That’s why he’ll be offering specific writing assignments relevant to the kind of “hotlist marketing” he’ll be teaching you.

As a copywriter, you can’t afford to miss out on this knowledge…

Or this extraordinary opportunity.

And while we’re on the topic of assignments…

Let me talk a little about how those work.

Then I’ll tell you about the very special arrangement we’ve made to let a handful of AWAI members take part in this newest incarnation of Advanced Training.

Getting Marketers’ Attention


Perhaps you’re wondering how your work in the Advanced Training sessions can lead to important connections with top marketers in our industry?

There are no guarantees, of course.

But here’s the understanding:

The marketers and copywriters we work with are extremely busy.

They have endless letters to write, deadlines to meet, and campaigns to run.

And yet they’ve set aside valuable time — without compensation — to help us create a learning experience for you that replicates the way they work with their own new writers.

Now, as good as our relationship with these folks is… they’re not doing it just to be kind.

In the end, they want new writers.

So there’s an understood agreement:

“We’ll collaborate with you on Advanced Training, so long as you monitor the writing being done for us and send us the best efforts you see.”

That’s why, every month throughout your entire time in Advanced Training

You are encouraged to submit your best assignments to us. (Reminders and submission instructions will be on your Member Page.)

We’ll review every assignment received — and honor our commitment to send the best examples to the marketers who have asked for them.

Now, I won't pull any punches with you.

Not everything you submit is likely to make the grade first go-round.

And even though the copy doesn't have to be perfect… what marketers are looking for in new writers is a “spark of potential.”

That can mean a good example of a compelling idea presented in a clear and engaging fashion…

It can be a knack for writing personally engaging emails…

Maybe you have that rare ability to write highly-compelling space ads — the kind a reader simply can’t help by click on…

Or perhaps you really “click” with Aaron’s “hotlist” lesson and you write an engagement message to a hotlist member that demonstrates that “you get it.”

That’s what marketers are constantly on the lookout for…

That “spark” that sets your writing apart from all the other writing they see.

But I hope you can appreciate that this chance to make an impression — and get your work seen by top marketers — is a terrific “bonus” opportunity for you.

And Advanced Training provides you with another valuable “bonus”…

Because each session doesn't end until you have a good, clean written sample of the project being studied, you wind up with a very comprehensive portfolio of writing samples…

Samples of the latest techniques being used by marketers today…

Something you can post on your website or show prospective clients at any time.

And remember, most of the assignments you’ll be working on are for real products from real clients who are known and respected in our industry…

So any client looking at your samples will be able to get a very clear indication of your abilities as a writer.

The bottom line here is this…

Advanced Training is the first program we’ve ever created where you’re taught by industry experts in 13 of the most important disciplines in copywriting today. (And, as new techniques and project types emerge like “Hotlist Marketing,” you’ll learn those too.)

It’s a serious program for those who are serious about gaining the skills necessary for a high-level career in copywriting…

It’s for those who appreciate that there are no shortcuts to success and that it’s foolish to think you can learn just “some” of the elements you’ll be asked to write.

It’s also for those who, quite frankly, are willing to make an honest effort…

As I mentioned before, we’re giving you enough here that you’ll need to dedicate at least some of your time to research and writing almost every day.

As you can imagine, given the intensity of this learning experience… the interactive nature of it… the experts you’ll be exposed to… the regular opportunity for feedback… the chance to submit your work to clients who are desperate for new writers…

Advanced Training is not cheap.

Remember, this is a commitment from us and top professionals in our industry to give you at least twelve months of intense, expert-based training…

Plus, all the time you need after that to go back and “hone up” on modules you’re not clear on or feel you need to give extra focus.

And remember, we’ll be adding new modules as we see new marketing techniques producing the kind of results we saw with Aaron’s hotlist effort.

In other words…

Your access to Advanced Training never ends.

It’s for life.

Once you pay the fee to get in, you can retake the learning as many times as it takes for you to master the material…

And that includes access to any NEW modules we may add in the future as marketing techniques continue to evolve and to new clients who may ask to participate in the future.

Now, before I tell you how to sign up for this groundbreaking training program…

Let me try and answer some lingering questions you might have:

When Will the Webinars Take Place?

The first nine are ready for you now and accessible through your “MyAWAI” Member page.

As new modules are added in the coming months, we’ll let you know via email.

How long will Advanced Training take me to complete?

We recommend you do one module each month.

Remember, the focus here is not on speed… it’s making sure these very core ideas are engrained in you, so you're ready to take on any challenge any marketer hands you… and do it effectively and professionally.

Where will I find all my materials — learning modules, recommended reading, Assignment Packs, assignment submission instructions, and so on?

Everything you’ll need can be found conveniently on your Members-Only Advanced Training Member Page.

That includes ALL the material and resources you’ll ever need.

For example, one of the books we highly recommend you read is the classic “My Life in Advertising” and “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins.

Not only do we have an e-version of the books available for free to Advanced Training members, but we have an audio-video slide show of a fantastic Great Books Club discussion on these Hopkins’ classics.

In my view, this is one of the huge benefits of Advanced Training lifetime membership.

We not only know what great research material you should be seeing… but we put it all conveniently in one place for you to find on your Advanced Training Member Page.

What does Advanced Training cost?

Advanced Training is a serious program for people who are serious about building up their writing skills to an “A-level.”

The cost to become a lifetime Advanced Training member is now $2,900.

We’ve enhanced and built up the program with new features and new modules — added benefits you will always have access to when you join today.

As it stands, $2,900 is an out-and-out bargain.

If you’re serious about mastering all the marketing elements you’ll ever be asked to write as a professional copywriter…

This is a no-brainer.

When you break it down, it’s less than $250 per module… for a “complete and thorough” education in an aspect of copywriting that can have an enormous impact on your copywriting career.

Think about it…

A well-written 150-word Insert Ad you write can bring in hundreds of buyers each and every day.

If you write a series of “upsell” emails to those new people… that lead to a sales letter you wrote… that sells a $49 subscription…

The skills you learn through Advanced Training could result in more than $5 million in “new customer” sales over the course of a year…

And potentially reward you with over $200,000 at the royalty rate companies like AWAI pay established copywriters.

That’s not including any royalties you generate writing “back-end” sales copy using many of the same techniques!

And if you put the kind of “hotlist” marketing effort in play for the right client — well, as the lead copywriter on the project, it’s very possible to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties… every time you do it!

Given this potential, don’t you agree $2,900 is a bargain?

Now, to be clear, that price gives you everything I’ve talked about here — and more — including:

  • Full access to all learning modules for life… including the brand new “bonus Hotlist” session I’ve told you about today.
  • The opportunity to participate in monthly live “copy critique” hot seats by working pros
  • All the support materials you’ll need…
  • All research material, placed on your exclusive site, for easy access…
  • Access to the Members-Only Advanced Training Member Page…
  • And much, much more.

Given we’ve just added perhaps our most detailed and intensive module yet…

And we’re constantly bringing on new clients, new instructors, and new learning material…

There’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to keep it at this low price.

That’s why if you want to get in and take advantage of this — you should do it TODAY.

Because next time, the price could be higher.

That said, we want you to be sure Advanced Training is definitely for you… so we’re offering this fantastic, no-nonsense “satisfaction guarantee”…

If, after 60 days, you’re not thrilled with the learning experience you’re having through Advanced Training…

Simply call us or drop us an email and we’ll excuse you from the program and process a refund for you.

It’s that simple.

Either you’re happy with the learning experience…

Or you get every penny of your money back.

So if you’re ready to take an enormous step in your copywriting career…

If you’re eager to work with real marketers…

If you’re excited about writing under “real industry” conditions with an experienced Copy Chief guiding you every step of the way…

If you're ready to master all the copy assignments you’ll ever be asked to write…

If you’re ready to learn the latest uber-successful marketing strategies before anyone else in the world

Sign up for Advanced Training right away.

Remember, the skills you’ll learn here not only bring real value to your future clients — they’ll give you the knowledge to create full marketing campaigns that can multiply your income exponentially.

You can get started by going here now.

You’ll have a chance to review everything once more, including a convenient payment plan option, before you sign up…

Just remember…

This is a rare opportunity to be trained by some of the most accomplished and talented people in our industry…

Through a never-before-offered “mentored ascension” program that teaches you everything you’ll ever be asked to write in this “new era” of Internet-driven marketing.

If you’re serious about your success, the time to act is now.

And you can take comfort in knowing that you’re entitled to a full refund if you change your mind within 60 days of purchasing the program.

Again, click here to get started…

Or, if you have questions, or you would like to sign up over the phone with one of our knowledgeable Member Services folks, please call toll-free 866-879-2924 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time).

To your success,

Katie Yeakle
Co-Founder and Executive Director, AWAI

P.S. If you have even the slightest interest in Advanced Training, I recommend you secure your spot now. With this invitation being sent out to all AWAI copywriters — along with the fact we’re revealing Aaron’s “$13 Million Hotlist Marketing Secret” for the very first time — I suspect it won’t take long for the limited number of open membership spots to sell out.

Don't wait. Secure your spot. Go here now.

And remember, if you get in and decide it’s not for you, you can always ask for a refund.

P.P.S. One other important detail… as an Advanced Training member, each month you’ll be able to have your writing critiqued by Sandy Franks, along with one of her respected working colleagues, in a fun and lively live copy review hot seat.

They’ll give you insights, tips, and ideas to improve your work so you can feel more confident that your writing is the best it possibly could be before you submit it to one of the six clients.

This alone is a major component and benefit of Advanced Training. To have pros of Sandy’s caliber giving you feedback is worth thousands of dollars alone.

Yet it’s only one small benefit of Advanced Training

Remember, we’re committed to your ascension to “A-level” copywriter and we want to see you succeed. So we’re pulling out all the stops. Reserve your spot now. Advanced Training enrollment is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Go here now to sign up.

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