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Video: How AWAI's $10K Challenge Winner Got Hired with No Experience,Portfolio, or Connections

Despite lack of experience ... or even a portfolio, Jake Hoffberg is AWAI's 2017 10K Challenge Winner. Find out what he credits to his success, and his advice for other copywriters!

Become a Highly-Paid Copywriter Quicker than You Thought Possible with Help from the Pros

The Master's Program goes way above the basics. Find out how several AWAI members have learned the expert secrets to go beyond that six-figure income...and how you too can get the Master's Program, now for 75% off!

Finding Financial Freedom and Copywriting Success in the Financial Niche

As a financial copywriter working for the top companies in this niche, Julie Hassett has earned her breakthrough copywriting success.

Last Chance: 26 Ways to Get Clients

There's no need to stress OR be someone you're not - get the 26 strategies YOU need for getting clients. Get all the details here and sign up by midnight tonight to save 80%.

Strategies to Help Anyone Find Copywriting Jobs

Don’t let being an introvert stop you from going after top-notch clients and copywriting jobs. Self-marketing strategies for everyone.

Need Clients? Here You Go!

Don't let worrying about getting clients keep you from enjoying your freelance writing career. We have the techniques that work - whether you're an introvert or extrovert, experienced copywriter or new to the industry - we have 26 Market-Tested “Getting Client” Strategies that can work for you!

Deadline for Infinity is TODAY

If you've yet to take advantage of the best value offer on every AWAI resource ... what are you waiting for?! Enrollment for Infinity closes tonight at midnight, so make sure you get all the info you need to sign up - before it's too late!

New on B2B Writing Success — Video Quick Tips by Ed Gandia

The B2B Writing Success Site is packed with useful resources for its members. Its newest one features business building coach Ed Gandia - with a new video tip each month. Get more details here. And if you're not already a B2B Writing Success member, find out how you can try it today for just one dollar!

Find Copywriter Success with the Infinity Program

Get access to every AWAI resource for a fraction of the price to accelerate your copywriter success.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Chris Marlow

Chris Marlow explains how the skill of writing can direct your career for the rest of your life.

The Secret About Confidence

Check out what Ilise Benun had to say about confidence at this year's FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair, and find out how you can learn more secrets from her and Wealthy Web Writer's Heather Robson with AWAI's new program!

Finding a Copywriting Job in Your Neighborhood

Jeff Kontur wasn’t looking for a client when he visited a local coffee shop. But he landed a copywriting job.

Podcasting Provides Breakthrough for Money-Making Website

Irene Gabelnick has been promoting her money-making website in various ways … and it’s paid off.

Our Most Controversial Offering Just Got MORE Controversial

As you journey to the writer's life, it's likely that you'll find your needs growing and changing .... and trying to keep up with that can get expensive! Find out how you can access all AWAI resources - both now AND for the rest of your life - at the best possible value. Get all the details and sign up today, risk free!

A Bangor Police Department Master Class in Social Media Copywriting

Our Director of Copywriting Training Pam Foster recently sat down with Lt. Tim Cotton. Tim works for the Bangor Maine Police Department AND writer of their very popular Facebook page. Catch the full interview here and find out how it became something even bigger than he expected.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Annette Annechild

Best-selling author Annette Annechild explains how to nurture yourself and your writing dream

Finding Success in Copywriting Jobs Combining Wine and Social Media

Ange Payton is working copywriting jobs in the wine industry and getting big results for her clients … and she’s loving it.

VIDEO: What is Content Really?

You've probably heard the term "content marketing". And you may already know how useful it is in B2B. But find out what it REALLY is in this video with Gordon Graham - and take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime today, for a $200 discount!

Liz Farr Has Multiple Copywriting Jobs Working on Retainer

This AWAI member has used her expertise and knowledge in a specific niche to land copywriting jobs and grow her writing business.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: John Carlton

John Carlton reveals how he built a legendary copywriting career from scratch … and went on to become one of the most respected writers in the business.

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