Caroline Bailey

Caroline Bailey
Woodbridge, VA


B-to-B, Self-Help, Web/Internet

I'm bringing my extensive technical background and writing skills to a new field -- copywriting.


Because I want to help YOU.

A critical part of copywriting is getting the reader to understand what you're offering. That's where my ability to "explain like I'm five" comes in. I've written user guides that walked complete laymen through complex procedures, no questions needed; imagine how that can help your customers understand what you're offering!

Another part is to convince the reader that they want, really want or even NEED, what you're offering. And that, well, it depends on the "voice" you want to use; you tell me how you want to come across, and I tailor my copy to fit that in a way that intrigues, entices, lures...

I mean, you could go with someone else. That's always an option. Your results might not be as good; it might take longer to get the results you want, and the copy might be a little flat.

Or you could contact me and get something absolutely amazing.

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