Barbara Bryant

Barbara Bryant
Gilbert, AZ

Copywriter, Researcher

Christian, Self-Help, Web/Internet


I studied Business Management at North Texas Central College and University of Phoenix and hold a BA in psychology from Ashford University. I am a member of Alpha Sigma Lambda and Golden Key International Honor Societies and The Daughters of the American Revolution. I received Google Adwords certification and worked in the advertising department for two years. I am also a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and the author of “The Wild Kitten.” I enjoy writing, reading, gardening, and making jewelry. I have a special interest in training young minds to have a positive perspective on life and in helping parents to be positive in their parenting. I have written many parenting articles and I have a website dedicated to parents who have an interest in positive parenting. I have strong beliefs that anything is possible when the mind is in proper alignment and life is more manageable and enjoyable with a positive attitude. I’m an American with a strong allegiance to my country and the welfare of its citizens. My website is free to all worldwide.

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