George Austin

George Austin
Cocoa, FL

Copywriter, SEO Expert, Desktop Marketer

Christian, Fundraising, Web/Internet

So why choose me?

Because I’m not just a copywriter, I’m a salesman in print.

When I work for you, you get a copywriter with skills forged in the fires of financial direct sales and marketing to both individual and corporate clients. My writing stems from real world experience of how to generate your reader's interest and desire to take action. That required transforming complex and boring subjects into clear and compelling offers both verbally and on paper.

Not only that, but through American Writers and Artists (AWAI) I've mastered the insider secrets from the top 1.0% of all direct response copywriters in the entire world. The list includes legends such as Bob Bly, Michael Masterson, Clayton Makepeace, and more.

In other words, my writing reflects the ideas of best minds any where in the world with regard to communicating your message with power.

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