Julie Gubler

Julie Gubler
St. George, UT


B-to-B, Health, Self-Help, Web/Internet


You deal with lots of villains in your business – your competition, payroll, the changing market place, and even sometimes your own sales & marketing teams.

You need a hero. Someone who understands copywriting. Someone who is curious and passionate about marketing. Someone who gets things done on time, keeps on top of trends, and is a team player.

I have written:
*autoresponder and marketing emails for business leadership and prepper clients
*case studies for business leadership clients
*business profiles
*special reports for a company specializing in prepper supplies
*white papers for a non-profit
*web-site content for many different companies
*Slideshare content for a M&A company

I can be your hero. Contact me by email (julie@infowest.com) or telephone (435-229-2218) and let me by your writing sidekick.

~Julie Gubler

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