Chad Cannella

Chad Cannella
Freehold Area, NJ


Fundraising, Self-Help

Winning Copy | Proven Marketing Strategies
THE Specialist for the Nonprofit Industry

My diverse background includes a successful career in B2B/In-Home Sales, Sales Training/Management. It's afforded me an unparalleled understanding of buying triggers, "hot buttons" and has provided key insight into achieving high, sustainable levels of loyalty.

When combined with AWAI's Copywriting AND Fundraising courses, I now offer the ultimate vehicle with which to leverage responses ... maximize ROI ... and garner raving fans and lifelong supporters.

Lastly, my passion for your cause is “real.” This authenticity is readily apparent to your readers. As you know, they can ALWAYS tell the difference, as is reflected in the response rates.

So, please -- contact me today!

We'll discuss your upcoming projects and see if there's a fit. I'm confident my reliable, easy-to-work-with approach will effectively take you off the market when it comes to your copywriting and marketing needs...for good!

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