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Understanding These 4 Types of Writing Will Lead You to the Fastest Route to The Writer's Life

Many copywriters believe only one type of writing will bring them the writer's life. Master Copywriter Gordon Graham has a different perspective.

Going from “You’ll Never Be a Successful Writer” to The Writer's Life

Many of us have dreamt of being a professional writer only to have our dreams crushed. AWAI member overcame obstacles to achieve the writer's life.

You Know That Cliché “You Can’t Teach an Old Dog?” T’aint True!

It’s easy to get stuck in doing things the way we’ve always done them. Like learning the secrets of copywriting. But often, a new approach is needed.

Stalled. Discouraged. Stopped. Until I Discovered the Support I Needed

Tackling tasks you must accomplish to grab the writer's life can feel lonely and discouraging. Support from people who care makes all the difference.

How a Failed Red Velvet Cake is Leading Me to The Writer's Life

What does a failed attempt at baking a red velvet cake have to do with the pursuit of the writer's life? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

4 Simple Strategies to Make You a More Successful Copywriter

Who would go on a long journey without planning? But too many of us approach learning without planning the best ways to accomplish our goals.

Finding a Knowledgeable Companion to Lead You to Copywriting Success

Learning the copywriting secrets crucial for success can be daunting and slow. A knowledgeable companion can speed up the process — a lot.

How to Conquer Your Greatest Creativity-Killer

What’s your biggest creativity-killer? Clayton Makepeace gives insight on overcoming it before it zaps your career.

Three More Advanced Techniques from Clayton to Persuade Prospects to Buy

Clayton Makepeace’s strategies for convincing prospects to buy have made him a millionaire many times over. What can they do for you?

An Invitation to Steal Clayton Makepeace’s Advanced Copywriting Techniques Persuading Prospects to Buy

Few copywriters have had more success persuading prospects to buy than Clayton Makepeace. Here are three (of six) of his surefire winning strategies.

Arnold Palmer's Secret to Copywriting Success

2016 saw the passing of golf course great Arnold Palmer. Surprisingly, he left a legacy for you as a copywriter.

A Master Copywriter’s Shortcut to Being Believed

The secret to successful copywriting is being believed. But your reader won’t believe your charts, diagrams, and data without this crucial component.

60 Writers Make a Quantum Leap to Success. Will You Be One?

How much could you benefit if you had individual attention from a copywriting mentor guiding your writing? Member Steve Maurer tells how he’s benefited.

Why I Keep Coming Back Every Year. And Why You Should Join Me.

Just a few years ago, Steve Maurer dreamt of becoming a successful web copywriter. He has a secret that allowed him to reach his dream.

4 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Freelance Business with Twitter — Right Now

Is Twitter just a “fun thing” to let people know about your last meal? Or is it a useful marketing tool? AWAI member Henry Bingaman gives the answer.

How Not to Bury Your Copywriting Success

Many copywriters bury their copy’s success under useless fluff. Mark Ford’s “Rule of Thumb” solves this problem.

What Got You Here, Will Not Get You Where You Want to Be

Are you ready to make your New Year’s Resolution to do whatever it takes to achieve the writer's life? Success coach Ted Capshaw says you shouldn’t.

Am I Good Enough to Make My Dreams Come True?

Is fear of not being “good enough” holding you back from the writer's life? It did for one AWAI member until a Bootcamp session inspired her.

How I Rediscovered One of My Greatest Loves at Copywriting Bootcamp

Member Candice Lazar learned one of the most important copywriting secrets at this year’s Bootcamp. And it wasn’t even about writing.

How Determination and Persistence Led This Copywriter to $10,000

AWAI member Jon Stoltzfus had his hopes set on winning at least one Bootcamp Spec Challenge in 2014. He came away empty-handed. But he didn’t give up.

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