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How to Grow Your Writing Income by 20% Almost Overnight

Are you underpricing yourself out of achieving the writer's life? Master Copywriter and coach Ed Gandia has an easy solution for you.

“I’ll Have Copywriting Skills It Would’ve Taken a Decade to Develop on My Own”

AWAI member Cara Flett discovered a resource that teaches copywriting skills she says “it would’ve taken a decade to develop on my own.”

These 12 Copywriting Projects Can Make You the Most Money - Part 2

Advance your copywriting career and income by knowing how to write the 12 most in-demand copywriting projects. These six can make you incredibly rich.

These 12 Copywriting Projects Can Make You the Most Money - Part 1

When you know how to write the 12 most in-demand copywriting projects, your income can rapidly soar. Here’s a look at the first six foundational projects.

How a “Second Pair of Eyes” Can Increase Your Freelance Writing Income

One of the greatest joys of freelance writing is being able to "do it on your own." It's also one of its greatest pitfalls. Here's an easy solution.

How to Gain the Competitive Edge that Brings The Writer's Life Faster

What’s the competitive edge for athletes, performers, artists, and copywriters? It's easy to embrace. And will help you achieve the writer's life faster.

How to Leapfrog to Financial Freedom with This Success Strategy

Lifelong learning is crucial to success in any endeavor. AWAI member Faye Walker has a secret shortcut to achieve that success.

The “Secret Sauce” to Automated Client Flow... Even as a Newbie Copywriter

Finding clients (especially great ones) can be challenging for new writers. But not if you know Joshua Boswell’s “secret sauce” for automated client flow.

The Top 5 (And Most Expensive) Rookie Mistakes

When you’re ready to launch your copywriting career, and aren’t sure how to get started, you may be making these 5 rookie mistakes. Here’s what not to do.

Is My Copywriting Good Enough for a Six-Figure Income?

You’re just starting as a freelance writer. No portfolio and few skills. Are you good enough to grab a six-figure income? Expert Joshua Boswell says, YES!

Four Paths to Great Ideas for E-book Success

Writing your own e-book is an easy way to achieve the writer's life. But the question remains “What can I write about?” Bob Bly has 4 recommendations.

Make $10,000 a Month Selling E-books

Interested in making up to $10,000 a month by writing e-books? Master Copywriter Bob Bly tells us this is much easier than you might think.

How My Obsession Can Bring You Writing Success Faster

Writing and publishing your own e-book is an easy way to capitalize on the public's obsession with reading.

Get Repeat Writing Income Month After Month by Giving Your Client a BIG Idea

The best way to earn repeat income month after month is knowing this one thing that all “A-list” copywriters do for their clients.

How to Guarantee Bigger Paydays from Your Copywriting Clients

Savvy copywriters know that big paydays don’t come from the first contract… but from the ones that follow.

Unlock the Deeper Mysteries of Your Freelance Writing Client’s Mindset

A major trend has surfaced on job boards that adds deep insight into the mindset of potential copywriting clients. What is it? Pam Foster reveals all.

Get Inside the Mindset of 5 Types of Freelance Writing Clients

The “1st Commandment” of copywriting is “know your prospect.” This is every bit as crucial when your prospect is a freelance writing client.

A Special Gateway to Knowledge and Financial Success

Success comes from knowledge and applying that knowledge. But knowledge can come from many different places… including remotely.

Email Newsletter Clients Never Run Out of Content

Writing newsletters is a source of rich retainer deals. But in writing them, won’t you quickly run out of ideas for content? Michael Katz says, “NO!”

Retainer Clients Take Timing Out of the Equation

Finding clients over and over is challenging for any copywriter. Imagine how much easier your life would be if you could avoid this repeated cycle?

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