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3 Easy Conversations that Land You Copywriting Clients

No client is ever found without some sort of communication. Here are three easy conversations that land you clients from AWAI member Logan Goodrich.

How I Gained Confidence to Say “Yes” to The Writer’s Life — and How You Can Too

With support and help from AWAI and the many resources they offer, you can turn your lack of confidence into a thriving writing career.

3 Crucial Steps for Getting Traffic to Your Copywriting Website

With Google cluttered with websites related to writing, how do you get traffic to your freelance website? Here are three secrets to bring clients to you.

Why You Need a Website for Your Freelance Writing Business

Jim Wright admits that confidence used to get in the way of success. That changed when he built his own copywriter’s website.

How B2B Writing Saved Christopher Dean from the Torture of Retail Employment

AWAI member Christopher Dean needed a change from the endless demands of retail employment. Here’s how he discovered his release.

Use Your Background to Break into B2B Copywriting

Does becoming a copywriter mean leaving behind your vast experience? Master B2B Copywriter Steve Slaunwhite has good news for you.

Do You Like to Write? Try Writing B2B Content or Copy

If you like to write almost anything, Master B2B Copywriter Gordon Graham tells how to harness your passion to achieve the writer's life awaiting you.

Why Writing B2B Content Pays (A Lot) More

If you’re not content earning $50 a shot for your writing, Steve Slaunwhite tells us how you can easily make 10 to 100 times that in this huge market.

B2B Copywriting and the $20 Million Toaster

A toaster may cost $30. But this household staple has hundreds of copywriting opportunities supporting it that can lead you quickly to the writer's life.

Yes, You Can Build Your Own Freelance Website

“I know I need a website… how important to success it is. But, I just don’t know how.” Jim Wright explains why this is no longer an obstacle.

Are These Three Myths Stopping You from Building Your Freelance Website?

“I don’t need a website until I get clients.” Sound familiar? This — and two other myths — can block you from achieving the writer's life.

This Type of Intimate Group Moves You Steadily Toward Success and Wealth

Why go it alone, when you can get other people to act as your compass to success? This is why you should consider joining a mastermind group.

Without This Essential First Step, You Can’t Reach Copywriting Success

A goal without a plan is just a wish. And if you truly want to achieve the writer’s life, you must plan by devising a good roadmap for success.

This Common Myth Will Derail Your Journey to The Writer's Life

We rely a lot on “common wisdom.” But all too often that wisdom isn’t wise. It could be a myth that will derail your journey to the writer’s life.

How a Simple Fax Led to the Info-Marketing Guru

When talk turns to learning successful direct marketing, one name always pops… Dan Kennedy. Here’s one copywriter’s story of how he changed her life.

The “Gold Rush Secret” to Making Money in Today’s Information Age

Levi Strauss didn’t make his California Gold Rush fortune panning for gold. He found the secret to real wealth is going where the money is.

4 Paths to Faster Success with Professional Writing Associations

“Go it alone.” A strong temptation when embarking on your writing career. Don’t do it! Take writer Jen Adams’ advice to buddy up with other writers.

Answers that May Lead to a More Profitable Writer's Life

Do you have questions about capturing the writer's life? Well, those questions just might be answered here.

How We (and You) Beat the Odds

AWAI’s programs and services are never one-and-done. As the industry evolves, our programs keep pace ensuring you have the latest and best information.

Why AWAI Shouldn’t Be Celebrating 20 Years of Helping Writers

Katie Yeakle shares how, against the odds, AWAI has helped launch the careers of many aspiring writers — and why the future keeps getting better.

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