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Wealthy Web Writers Make a Big Splash in the Summer Content Challenge

This Summer, Wealthy Web Writer members had the opportunity to participate in a writing content challenge - with multiple prizes, including the chance to build more content their personal websites. Find out the winner and check out her site here!

How to Charge Premium Fees for All Your Online Copywriting Work

A common belief among copywriters: I need to accept the “going rate” for my fees. Expert web copywriter Nick Usborne tells why this simply is not true.

Online Copywriters Earn More Because of Their Access to So Many Different Project Types

Discover how the abundance of choice in online copy projects offers you the chance to earn more money as a writer.

How Should I Choose a Niche — By Project Type or Industry?

Are you one of the many writers who struggle with choosing a niche? If so, check out this 3-minute video by Master Copywriter Nick Usborne as he explains how to niche yourself.

Tell Me It’s Too Late to Become an Online Copywriter and I’ll Scream

Nick Usborne was a pioneer online copywriter 20 years ago. Read why he says it’s much easier to start today, with more earning potential and opportunity.

Wealthy Web Writer Members to Decide Next Step-by-Step In-Depth Training to Be Created for Site Members

Wealthy Web Writer members are not only entitled to an abundance of resources, part of this membership allows them to help determine content on the site. Find out what's being added this Summer and how you can sign up and participate if you're not yet a Platinum member!

Full Access to Wealthy Web Writer…For Just One Buck!

Thousands of freelancers are making a living writing for the web...and as a member of Wealthy Web Writer, you'll have access to valuable resources. Find out how you can try out this membership for just $1 today!

Improving Time on Site Metrics for Your Clients

Digital marketers are almost always happy about improving time on site metrics. Learn 3 ways you can deliver this result and more sign ups, too.

Use the Magic of Fairy Tales to Create Powerful Online Copy

The elements that go into creating a classic fairy tale can also help you write stronger online copy. See how when you click through.

Flash Sale: Three Valuable Resources For $1

Are you a web writer? Interested in becoming one? Even if you're uncertain, now's a great time to give it a try - until April 30th you can sign up to Test Drive a membership with the Wealthy Web Writer for just a buck...get all the details here!

Your Top Questions about Online Copywriting Answered

Interested in writing for an industry experiencing 20% growth every year? Here Rebecca Matter answers some questions you may have about becoming an online copywriter.

Find Copywriting Jobs in the Web Copy Niche

There are more web copywriting jobs out there than qualified writers to fill them. Learn how to get in on this action with Nick Usborne’s help.

Content, Search, and Social: The Team Approach to More Traffic

Content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media. When you integrate all three, you set yourself up for massive targeted traffic.

Announcement: $335 Billion Market Open to Beginning Copy and Content Writers

Tap into the perfect “beginner” writer’s market that’s set to grow to $335 billion in just three years… and could hand you an endless stream of high-paying assignments from just ONE client! With the ongoing demand at an all-time high, companies are willing to work with beginning and professional writers who can complete short, straightforward copy and content projects.

Replay Now Available for Free Online Learning Event! Learn to Write for the Web — and Begin Taking on 27 Different Types of Well-Paid and In-Demand Writing Projects

Writing for the Web provides a wealth of opportunity. If you'd like to learn more about how to break into a niche with demand at an all-time high, listen to the free playback of an online learning event featuring Rebecca Matter and web pioneer Nick Usborne.

Free Online Learning Event: Learn to Write for the Web — and Begin Taking on 27 Different Types of Well-Paid and In-Demand Writing Projects

Regardless of your niche, writing for the web provides a wealth of opportunity. If you'd like to learn more, you'll want to join Rebecca Matter and Nick Usborne this Friday at noon for a FREE webinar - get all the details and sign up here!

Learn How To Write Seven of the Most Lucrative and In-Demand Web Copy Projects From the World’s Best Web Writers… Without Ever Having To Leave Home!

If you couldn't make it to Austin last week, you don't need to feel like you missed out. Check out everything you'll get when you sign up for the Home Study and how you can become a well-paid web writer this year - and still save $700!

Last Chance: You Can Still Participate in 2017's Web Copywriting Intensive AND Get The Best Deal Ever!

Thanks to the Web Copywriting Intensive Home Study, not being able to make it to Austin doesn't have to stop you from becoming an in-demand web writer.

More Clients, More Income Thanks to the Web Intensive

Steve Maurer credits AWAI’s Web Copywriting Intensive with boosting his freelance career.

Fastest Way to Become a Well-Paid Web Writer

Writing for the web is biggest opportunities in the industry - no matter what your niche. And every year around this time, Rebecca hosts the event in her hometown of Austin. But not everyone can attend...and that's okay! Find out how you can still take advantage of everything that went on AND become a well-paid web writer NOW.

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