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How an Effective LinkedIn Profile Will Help You Achieve Copywriting Success

COS member Steve Maurer passes on secrets for using LinkedIn effectively… secrets he learned directly from LinkedIn.

New Copywriter Job — on Retainer — for AWAI Member

Sherri Caldwell has just landed her dream copywriter job with her dream client and used an AWAI contract template to seal the deal.

Smart Networking Brings in 4-Figure Copywriting Job

This AWAI member has a system for bringing in clients automatically – and it’s brought him his ideal copywriting job.

The US Economy Only Grew 2% But the Freelance Economy is Booming

With our economy's recent increase of freelance opportunities comes the need for these independent workers to be knowledgeable in effectively pricing their services. Read on for more information about The State of the Industry Report and AWAI's 2017 Copywriting Pricing Guide.

Final Call for AWAI’s Brand-New Business Building Intensive

If you haven't hear by now, there's a new way to launch your freelance writing business - virtually - in less than 30 days with AWAI's top team of experts. But because of the feedback and hands-on training, space is limited and seats are filling quick! So sign up now...and save $1000 on registration.

Simple Steps to Boost Your Marketing Confidence

If you want a steady stream of writing gigs, you have to market yourself. Use this 3-step process to boost your marketing confidence.

The Day I Lost $5,000 is the Day My Success Finally Began…

Does rejection drive you into depression and non-action? Or can you turn it into opportunity like Joshua Boswell did?

Master the Business of Freelancing and Achieve Copywriter Success

To have six-figure copywriter success, you must learn how to attract clients, set the fees you deserve, pick a profitable niche, and more.

How a “Dream Team” Made Me the Copywriter I Am Today

Isolated. Frustrated. Unsuccessful. This is how I felt in my early copywriting career. That is, until I met my "Dream Team."

Launch Your Writing Business in Less Than a Month With AWAI’s First-Ever Virtual Business Building Intensive

AWAI is excited to officially announce the brand-new, completely virtual event called the “Virtual Business Building Intensive.”

Don’t Stifle Your Success Making the Mistake I Made

There are times when "less is more." That's seldom true, though, when it comes to having clients. Here’s how one copywriter learned the hard way.

Landing a Copywriting Job with Smart Self-Marketing

This Circle of Success member has secured an ongoing copywriting job, plus several freelance projects, by marketing her copywriting services effectively.

VIDEO: How to Launch a Successful Writing Business in Just 30 Days!

Rebecca Matter has come up with a way to get you everything you need in under 30 days. Check out her video to learn more.

How to Raise Your Rates with Existing Clients

Many beginning copywriters start their careers asking for bargain rates. But what can you do when it’s time to ask for what you’re worth?

AWAI Member Lands His First Copywriting Job and it Turned Into a Retainer Contract

Venkat Raman was able to turn a simple one-time copywriting job into a long-term relationship using a key client communication strategy he learned from AWAI.

Free Webinar and Q&A: Make More Money as a Writer

Join Katie and Rebecca this Friday for a FREE webinar about how you can make more money as a writer each year, no matter what niche you choose or where you're currently at in your path to the writer's life. Get all the details and sign up here!

How to Use Your Website to Grow Your List

Your professional freelance writing website is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. Learn how to use it to grow your list of clients.

Smart Self-Marketing Brings in Copywriting Jobs

This Circle of Success member uses effective client feeder system to bring copywriting jobs.

Freelancer Takes on Multiple Careers in Writing for Income and Personal Fulfillment

Copywriting, publishing, and book writing are the careers in writing this freelancer loves.

How to Evaluate Your Business for Bigger Freelance Profits

It’s important to periodically evaluate your business to see where you can do better. It will increase your freelance earnings and lower your stress.

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