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3 Easy Conversations that Land You Copywriting Clients

No client is ever found without some sort of communication. Here are three easy conversations that land you clients from AWAI member Logan Goodrich.

AWAI Member Finds Copywriting Jobs in His Community

Mike Christie didn’t have to look far to find his first two copywriting jobs ever. These clients were in his local community and in dire need of good copywriting to jazz up their marketing.

Mentor Helps You Find Copywriting Jobs

This AWAI member was struggling with growing her freelance business. But her mentor showed her how to find copywriting jobs consistently.

3 Crucial Steps for Getting Traffic to Your Copywriting Website

With Google cluttered with websites related to writing, how do you get traffic to your freelance website? Here are three secrets to bring clients to you.

Find High-Paying Copywriting Jobs Consistently

Joshua Boswell will be your mentor as he helps you set up a system for bringing in high-paying copywriting jobs automatically.

Why You Need a Website for Your Freelance Writing Business

Jim Wright admits that confidence used to get in the way of success. That changed when he built his own copywriter’s website.

How to Leverage One Successful Web-Writing Project Into More Work

When you’ve finished a web-writing project and your client is happy, that is the perfect time to do 3 things to build your business. Find out what they are

Charlotte Launch Your Writer’s Life in a Day Event Is Sold Out!

Launch Your Writer's Life in a Day is sold out in Charlotte, NC! And our other locations other selling out fast, especially Denver and Last Vegas...but you still have a chance to get your business up and running - with Joshua Boswell as your guide. So sign up now before it's too late!

Yes, You Can Build Your Own Freelance Website

“I know I need a website… how important to success it is. But, I just don’t know how.” Jim Wright explains why this is no longer an obstacle.

You’ve Got Questions … I’ve Got Answers!

Every freelancer needs a website. But regardless of your writing experience, getting your website up and running might be that one place you need that extra push. If you're thinking of joining the Build Your Freelance Website in Four Days webinar training LIVE this year and still have some questions, check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions we’ve received about the four day website training.

Are These Three Myths Stopping You from Building Your Freelance Website?

“I don’t need a website until I get clients.” Sound familiar? This — and two other myths — can block you from achieving the writer's life.

Build Your Own Freelance Website in Just 4 Days Starting April 24th …

Putting up a website can be a huge roadblock...but copywriters need a straightforward and inexpensive way to put together a powerful freelance website to sell their services. With the Build Your Freelance Website in Four Days Webinar Series, Rebecca Matter will show you how to do that step-by-step!

Getting Clients: 5 Email Prospecting Tips

Need clients? Email prospecting is a powerful tool — when it’s done right. Here are five tips to help you be more successful when prospecting by email.

Find Copywriter Success with the Right Mentor

After coaching from Joshua Boswell, this AWAI member was well equipped to build her writing business and achieve copywriter success.

Grab One of The Remaining Seats for the Launch Your Writer’s Life in a Day Tour for Only $198!

If you've been thinking of joining Joshua Boswell for this year's Launch Your Writer's Life in a Day Tour, it's not too late - there's still a few spots open in select locations AND a convenient payment plan option for you!

Free Webinar and Q&A: 5 Ways to Get Clients to Come to You

What if - instead of worrying about getting your next assignment- you had clients trying to find YOU? Join Katie and Rebecca this Friday for a FREE webinar and Q&A, and learn five marketing techniques you can use for your writing business!

Charlotte Launch Event Almost Sold Out! Only 5 Spots Remain for Joshua Boswell’s One-Day Business-Building Workshop

While touring his Launch Your Writer's Life in a Day this year, Joshua Boswell is stopping in Charlotte - but it's almost sold out...don't miss out on your chance for live training. Get all the details and sign up NOW!

Find Copywriter Success by Joining This Pro Organization

When you join a group of like-minded professionals, you get support, mentoring, practical skills, and other benefits that help you achieve copywriter success.

Unpacking Your Fear of Saying NO

Are you afraid to turn a client down for a project? Your fear of saying NO can slow down your business growth. See how to dispel the most common fears.

How to Grow Your Writing Income by 20% Almost Overnight

Are you underpricing yourself out of achieving the writer's life? Master Copywriter and coach Ed Gandia has an easy solution for you.

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