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Networking Tips That Work… Even If You Think You Hate Networking

If the idea of networking makes you want to hide, don’t give up on it just yet. Try these great networking tips for anyone who usually hates networking.

Mentors Lead to Copywriting Jobs

Nicole Piper is just starting out as a freelancer, but she’s already landed several copywriting jobs. Here’s how she did it.

Showcase Your Writing Skills with a Portfolio One Sheet

When a client asks to see your portfolio, don’t overwhelm them with samples. Give them your Portfolio One Sheet instead.

A High-Paying First Copywriting Job

Teresa Hoon just landed a copywriting job without any previous professional experience.

How to Get Speaking Opportunities

Discover how to get speaking opportunities that will put you in front of your best prospects and help you land more of them as clients.

12 In-Demand Copywriting Projects You Should Be Offering Clients Today

In this Internet-driven era, there are more opportunities for writers than ever. Here are 12 in-demand projects you could offer copy clients right away.

Wow a Client and Get the Copywriting Job you Want

A spec assignment is a great way for a new copywriter to land a copywriting job. Discover what the submission should have to get the client to take notice.

Speak Your Way to More B2B Copywriting Clients

One of the most effective ways to get B2B copywriting clients is through speaking. Read how speaking has worked for Steve Slaunwhite.

Three Ways to Use a Money-Making Website to Get Your Foot in the Door with Any Client

Next to passive income, getting clients is a huge benefit of a Money-Making Website. Learn how to use it to get your foot in the door with any client.

5 Strategic Goals for Your Email Marketing Newsletter

An email newsletter is the ideal marketing tool for copywriters. It’s a great sample of your work and keeps you top of mind with prospective clients.

Don’t Let These 3 Niche Misconceptions Hold You Back

Christina Gillick thought being a generalist copywriter was the best choice… until she realized she had three big misconceptions about choosing a niche.

6 Tips for Prospecting with Direct Mail

Land more clients when you use these six tips for prospecting with direct mail.

Does Prospecting with Direct Mail Work?

Although there are newer forms of media, there are advantages to prospecting with direct mail. Steve Slaunwhite explains when direct mail works best.

AWAI Member Lands Two Copywriting Jobs

After fine-tuning her self-marketing strategy Lisa Christoffel was able to land two new high-paying copywriting jobs.

First Copywriting Job Leads to More

After wowing his client with his copywriting job, this AWAI member was rewarded with project after project and a steady gig.

Being a Web Writer Just Gets Better and Better — For Beginners and Pros Alike

Few opportunities are more ideal for beginners (or pros) or have grown as fast as web writing. Web writing guru Heather Robson tells how you can cash in.

AWAI Member Lands $30,000 Copywriting Job

B2B copywriter Myrna Begnel just landed a very high-paying copywriting job. It’s a major project for a big-time client that she worked hard to get.

Income Doubles Thanks to Copywriting Jobs and Other Projects

After going through The Accelerated Program, Mark Sandoval was able to take on new copywriting jobs and re-do the copy for his business — and double his income.

What B2B Copywriting Prospects Want

B2B copywriting prospects want a freelance writer who is easy to do business with. Here are seven strategies you can use to turn more prospects into clients.

Five Quick Ways to Attract Your Ideal Clients Using LinkedIn

One copywriter thought success came from working harder. He was wrong. Now he focuses on high-leverage activities that take less time to yield big results.

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