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Understanding These 4 Types of Writing Will Lead You to the Fastest Route to The Writer's Life

Many copywriters believe only one type of writing will bring them the writer's life. Master Copywriter Gordon Graham has a different perspective.

How to Get Copywriting Royalties on Every Copywriting Project You Land

Royalties are coveted by copywriters in all niches, yet are hard to negotiate. Roy Furr explains how to get royalties on all your work.

New Freelancer Lands High-Paying Copywriting Jobs

A few months into her new career as a copywriter, this AWAI member has landed two clients on a retainer and she’s working towards landing new copywriting jobs.

Start the Year off Right - 10 Weeks of Live Copywriting Training With Me and Rebecca

It's the last day to sign up for live training with Katie and Rebecca. Make this your year to master The Accelerated Copywriting Program and start living the writer's life as they take you by hand each week through the Companion Series!

AWAI Member Has Cracked the Code to Finding Freelance Writing Jobs Around the Globe

Thanks to copywriting and the writer’s life Mark Andrews has traveled across Asia and beyond for freelance writing jobs.

Yes You Can! Fighting for Your Copywriting Goals

Your copywriting goals are attainable but you must fight for them. Discover what you can learn from writer Steven Pressfield that can help.

Hands-on Learning for Quicker Copywriter Success

With expert help you can master the secrets of copywriting and experience your own copywriter success faster than doing it on your own.

Get Copywriting Jobs Thanks to Your Mastery of Copy Skills

After walking through AWAI’s Accelerated Program step-by-step with these “guides” you’ll be ready to tackle high-paying copywriting jobs.

The Secret of Oak Island Isn’t Buried Treasure, It’s Copywriting

The real secret of this popular television show isn't about hidden treasure — it’s about copywriting.

Become a Successful Working Copywriting in 2017 - Get ALL the Skills You Need in Just 10 Hours!

It's a new year and a great time to position yourself to make this the year you start living the writer's life. If you're ready to keep that promise to yourself to finally become a successful copywriter, discover how to get ALL the skills you need in just 10 hours!

Get Coaching from Clayton Makepeace for Copywriter Success

Clayton Makepeace will mentor you – and hire you for real freelance jobs – to help you achieve copywriter success.

Three More Advanced Techniques from Clayton to Persuade Prospects to Buy

Clayton Makepeace’s strategies for convincing prospects to buy have made him a millionaire many times over. What can they do for you?

An Invitation to Steal Clayton Makepeace’s Advanced Copywriting Techniques Persuading Prospects to Buy

Few copywriters have had more success persuading prospects to buy than Clayton Makepeace. Here are three (of six) of his surefire winning strategies.

How Great Copywriters Paint a Picture that Consumes the Prospect

The shocking truth why great copywriters never try and sell prospects with their copy… instead they paint pictures that consume them.

Arnold Palmer's Secret to Copywriting Success

2016 saw the passing of golf course great Arnold Palmer. Surprisingly, he left a legacy for you as a copywriter.

January Issue: Top Writing Opps in 2017

The January Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

A Master Copywriter’s Shortcut to Being Believed

The secret to successful copywriting is being believed. But your reader won’t believe your charts, diagrams, and data without this crucial component.

Gordon Graham: How B2B Companies Use White Papers

In this video interview, Gordon Graham talks about how B2B companies are using white papers and how you can add them into your content marketing services.

“A-List” Copywriter Nick Usborne Shares Why Copywriting is the Ideal Career Choice

Copywriting is the ideal career choice because you get freedom to live where you want, write what you want, and earn as much money as you want.

How Not to Bury Your Copywriting Success

Many copywriters bury their copy’s success under useless fluff. Mark Ford’s “Rule of Thumb” solves this problem.

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