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How Binge-Watching Netflix Shows Can Help You Capture Your Prospect’s Undivided Attention

If you’ve ever binge-watched Netflix, you know how much time you can spend watching TV. Use that same concept to get prospects to binge-read your letter.

Discover - Risk Free - if Copywriting is For You!

The first step in finding out if copywriting is for you is by going through our Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting...and right now you can test-drive the entire program for just $29 - get all the details and sign up here!

4 Reasons Clients Look for a Freelance Copywriter

Steve Slaunwhite reveals the four reasons clients look for a freelance copywriter and how you can use this information to land more clients.

12 Ways to Work a Room and Land More Writing Assignments

You’ve heard it before, you can get clients by attending networking events. And if you use these 12 tips for working the room, you’ll make it worthwhile.

Makepeace Mastermind Alliance: How to Write No-Nonsense “Tough Guy Copy”

There’s a no-nonsense approach to copywriting that’s not often used. Clayton calls it “tough guy copy” … gritty but not insulting. Learn more …

Get Hired for Copywriting Jobs at Bootcamp

Bob Bly is back at Bootcamp, ready to pass on his most effective copywriting strategies and maybe even hire you for one of his copywriting jobs.

3 Pieces of Advice from Jen Adams’s Excellent Copywriting Adventure

Jen Adams didn’t always dream of being a copywriter, but it’s been an adventure. Now Managing Editor of The Professional Writers’ Alliance, she helps others on their journey.

Know Your Audience and You’ll Nail the Right Headline

When you know your audience, you can craft eye-catching headlines that work. Learn the NEW way to write winning headlines and game-changing subject lines.

June Issue: All High-Earning Writers Do THIS…

The June Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

How to Make a Great Living as a Writer Without Any Clients

If you’d like to create revenue streams from your writing that aren’t tied to anyone else, Rebecca Matter outlines 3 ways you can enjoy client-free living.

How You Answer This Question Determines the Fate of Your Big Idea

Writing a sales letter is easy. The difficult part is coming up with the Big Idea. Answering this question will determine the strength of your Big Idea.

Free Webinar and Q&A: The No-Client Way to Make a Living as a Writer

Wondering if there’s a way to enjoy copywriting success that doesn’t involve getting clients? Join Katie and Rebecca for this FREE webinar about making money as a writer – without a single client!

These Alternative Health Copywriting Secrets Can Double or Triple Your Success Regardless of Your Niche

When Will Newman started writing in the health niche, he didn't grasp how to handle the emotion of fear in his copy, until he learned two important secrets.

Five Writing Projects that Pay $1,000 or More… And Can Be Completed in Just One Weekend!

Short on time? Rebecca Matter shares five in-demand projects that make it easy for you to turn your weekend or spare time into paid writing income.

15-Minute Exercise Helps Seven-Figure Copywriter Write 4 Promos a Month

Joshua Boswell tells the secret of a successful copywriter who can barely speak English, yet blows away the competition thanks to a 15-minute exercise!

How the Sweet Spot of Email Marketing Will Make You More Money

The sweet spot of email marketing is about frequency. The more your client emails customers, the more sales they’ll make and the more money you’ll earn.

B2B Writing Success Releases the B2B Success Path Roadmap

The B2B Success Path Roadmap guides you through every stage of your journey as a B2B copywriter or content writer.

How Writing in Someone Else’s Voice Lets You Discover Your Own

Copywriting tip: this 3-step process will help you get to the heart of a client whose writing voice you need to model. By AWAI member Cara Flett.

Mark Ford’s Secret: Why These Extra Words Mean the Difference between Copy that Succeeds or Fails

Use Mark Ford’s solution to avoid the common mistake copywriters make that prevents your prospect from reading your promotion.

Mark Ford’s Secret for Making Your Headlines Better Than 95% of all Headlines Written Today

Mark Ford tells us captivating headlines must promise a future benefit to succeed. He also tells us they must express this other type of benefit too.

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