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Get B2B Copywriting Jobs

Hot trends in B2B marketing means plenty of opportunity for freelancers to land copywriting jobs in this niche.

Copywriting Jobs in B2B Available

The B2B market is growing. And there are many copywriting jobs on offer for qualified writers.

When to Use B2B Long Form Copy

While much of B2B copywriting involves short copy, there are times you’ll want to use B2B long form copy. Here are seven examples.

Last Chance: Your B2B Discount Expires TONIGHT

Don't miss your chance to have expert Steve Slaunwhite show you everything you need about the B2B market - including how to launch your business AND get clients. Get all the details and sign up today to save $150!

Where’s the Fun in B2B Copywriting? (Hint: Almost Everywhere)

B2B isn’t only a great path for writers because of the money, variety, and demand. Steve Slaunwhite says B2B writing projects can also be a lot of fun!

High Paying B2B Copywriting Jobs

$500 per project and up for these easy-to-do copywriting jobs in the B2B niche.

7 “Elevator Questions” about B2B Copywriting

Expert Steve Slaunwhite gets a lot of questions about the opportunity for B2B copywriters. He offers his best, concise answers to the top 7 questions.

Huge Opportunity for Writers Featuring Short, Easy Projects that Pay Well

Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B Copy is one of the most comprehensive, yet easy to understand, B2B program available today. Find out the impact Steve's program had on these AWAI members!

B2B Writing Success Announces Spec Challenge Winners

The B2B Writing Success recently announced new Spec Challenge winners, and their articles will be published on the Site! Find out more about these winners and how you can try a membership with B2B Writing Success - for just $1 when you join today.

Member Finds B2B Copywriter Success Helping Client with New Project

Bonnie Schooler wowed a new client with her copywriting skills. And they want to keep working with her. She’s found her path to copywriter success.

Start Your B2B Writing Career for Just $97.50…

The B2B niche is one of the best industries for getting clients. Start today for just $97.50, and let Master B2B Copywriter Steve Slaunwhite teach you everything you need to know. And this offer won't last forever, so get all the details and sign up now - before it's too late.

How to Get the Most Important Client Testimonial

Having solid client testimonials about your writing skills will help you land more clients. But here’s another testimonial you need to have.

How to Land High-Paying Copywriting Jobs

Gary Mull has been landing high-paid copywriting jobs without much professional experience. Find out how he does it.

Creating a Buyer Persona for Your B2B Client

Creating the perfect persona helps you write great copy for your client, faster and more easily. Expert B2B copywriter Steve Slaunwhite shows you how.

Exciting News: $1 = Full Access to B2B Writing Success!

Joining the B2B Writing Success Site is your sure path to earning a living as a B2B writer - and for a limited time, you can test-drive a Platinum Membership for just a buck! But this deal won't last long AND it's the last time we'll be offering it this year ... so, get all the details and sign up today!

5 Characteristics of a High-Value B2B Copywriter

When you position yourself as a high-value B2B copywriter, you’re able to land clients who are delighted to pay you professional fees. Check out what Master B2B Copywriter Steve Slaunwhite's five points of value - and how to use them with prospective clients.

Common Questions About Writing Case Studies

Case studies are just another great form of persuasive writing. Wondering if writing case studies is for you? Here are some of the most commonly asked case study questions, along with the answers.

Practical Ways to Conquer Deadline Stress

Don't let deadline stress take the joy out of your freelance copywriting business. Here are a few simple ways to conquer your stress.

Help Landing Copywriting Jobs

Steve Slaunwhite knows B2B. And now he’s sharing all the details on a specialty in this niche that has plenty of high-paying copywriting jobs.

Can You Write B2B Emails Like These?

If you can write the most common types of emails they need, businesses will be very eager to pay you well. Steve Slaunwhite explains the top 5 types.

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