September 2017

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Financial Publisher Offers Copywriting Jobs at Job Fair

Major financial publisher to attend Job Fair, ready to hire attendees for copywriting jobs.

Fastest Way to Learn Copywriting and Land Copywriting Jobs

Hands-on practice and feedback in AWAI’s Copywriters Initiative ensures you get the skills you need to get copywriting jobs.

Land Top Health Copywriting Jobs at Job Fair

At Job Fair during this year’s Bootcamp, top health and wellness companies will be seeking AWAI-trained copywriters for a range of copywriting jobs.

A Rare Chance to Train With a Legend…

When it comes to copywriting success, there's no one better to have as your mentor than AWAI's Copy Chief Sandy Franks - and she's looking for 40 new writers to take under her wing...get all the exciting details and sign up here!

The Shortcut Way to Become a Better (and Richer) Copywriter

If you want to be a better and richer copywriter — and in the shortest time possible — one person can help you. Plus, get a checklist to improve your copy.

Countdown to Copywriting Bootcamp 2017: Just 29 Days!

Welcome to the Mid September issue of Bootcamp Buzz! We’re counting down the final days to our big event. Inside you can find out the types of industries that will be at Job Fair, AND get your name on the wait list if you haven’t signed up yet.

Last Chance: Claim Your On Demand Access

Don't miss out - some of the top experts in the industry are ready to help you get your freelance business up and running in less than 30 days, virtually...from the comfort of home! Get more details and sign up today to save.

3 Key Lessons I Learned Going From Zero to $103,000 in 11 Months as a Writer (Part 3)

Good paying clients who value good copy — and writers — are all looking for one thing. Joshua Boswell reveals what it is, and how to ensure you have it.

How to Evaluate a Potential Copywriting Niche

Which copywriting niche is best for you? Use these four criteria to evaluate the copywriting niches you’re considering in order to find the best one to pursue.

7 Steps to Quickly Get Your Goals Back on Track

At this time of year, if fallen behind in your goals, you’re probably wondering, “How can I still achieve my goals?” Here’s an easy action plan.

Last And Only Chance to Get The Virtual Business Building Intensive on Demand

If you're looking for freelance business success, you don't want to miss out on The Virtual Business Building Intensive on Demand. This program is not sold in AWAI's product catalog so you'll want to take advantage of this as soon as possible. Get all the details and sign up today!

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Sean D’Souza

Widely admired copywriter Sean D’Souza sheds light on the power of kindness and discipline in writing

3 Key Lessons I Learned Going From Zero to $103,000 in 11 Months as a Writer (Part 2)

Marketers are notoriously busy creatures. Joshua Boswell shares the key to get them to respond and give you more projects.

Don’t Let These 3 Niche Misconceptions Hold You Back

Christina Gillick thought being a generalist copywriter was the best choice… until she realized she had three big misconceptions about choosing a niche.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Les Worley

Les Worley went from full-time IT employee to consultant, but an email from AWAI – and a trip to Bootcamp – set him on a entirely new career path.

3 Key Lessons I Learned Going From Zero to $103,000 in 11 Months as a Writer (Part 1)

Accelerate how fast you land clients for your new writing business with this game-changing strategy. It may seem simple… but it works!

Copywriting Jobs from Financial Publisher at Job Fair

Financial publisher Weiss Research confirms they’ll be at Job Fair, offering copywriting jobs.

Attract High-Value Clients and Assignments

It can take as little as 30 days to build a business as a successful freelancer. And imagine being able to have all the skills you need for this virtually - without leaving home...find out how you can learn from the experts and save when you sign up today!

These Three Things Will Get You More Paid Copywriting Projects

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been chugging along but not making major strides in your career, one choice can help you land more projects.

3 Ways to Add Some Extra Bite and Value to Your Freelance Copywriting Brand

To catch the attention of prospective clients, you need to stand out from the crowd. Nick Usborne reveals 3 ways with extra bite to differentiate yourself.

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