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Four Reasons Why You NEED a Mastermind Group

Rae Robinson has four reasons why a mastermind group will help accelerate your successful copywriting career.

What The Writer’s Life Really Means…

The writer’s life has many benefits. Of course there’s the money…but some deeper benefits are flexibility, the ability to give back, and being able to travel as you please.

The Ultimate Gift You Could Give

Give yourself the ultimate gift this year, the writer’s life. The gift that so many others have already found. Do what you love, on your own terms…live the writer’s life.

Explore the World with the Writer’s Life

The writer’s life allows you to go wherever you want to go. Choose where you live, where you work, which projects you take – all while making a very comfortable living!

6 “First-Timer” Tips for a Successful Job Fair

Bootcamp 2013 is right around the corner! Are you ready? Rae Robinson has put together 6 first-timer tips for making the most out of job fair this year!

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