An Important Message Exclusively for Business Professionals Currently Working, Between Jobs, or Retired …

Use the business knowledge and experience you already have
to help companies prosper in this tough economy …

And earn $44,980 a year (or more) in the process …

Dear Reader,

I have a special proposal that may interest you …

One that's especially for business people of your caliber.

It's a way for you to help thousands of businesses everywhere better promote their products and services in this difficult economy.

And be very well-paid for your efforts.

The fact that you're reading this letter suggests that you have the skills necessary.

In which case, I'll show you how you can help – and turn a few hours of your "off" time into as much as $865 per week.

That's an extra $44,980 per year, for as long as you need or want it.

But …

If you happen to be a business professional who's been laid off and are looking for work …

Or you're between jobs …

Or you'd like to leave your current job for good – and have a "retired" lifestyle sooner rather than later …

You could make much more …

Up to $3,350 per week, working normal business hours from your own home.

I'll tell you how you can have instant access to a very special briefing that will give you all the details in a moment.

But first, there are a few things I need to go over with you.

Of course, not everyone is qualified to collect this money. There are a few prerequisites you need to meet.

The first one is, you must have some business experience.

What kind of business experience?

Well, you likely won't qualify for this money if you're a mail clerk or you worked in data entry, for example. (Though that doesn't disqualify you completely, as you'll see in a moment … )

The Skills You Have Are In High Demand

It's important that you know something about how businesses work – how a typical company is structured, from top to bottom …

It might also help to know something about the sales process … and some basic concepts concerning marketing and product development.

If you happen to be on the "cost" side of the business ledger – like purchasing or human resources, for instance – that works in your favor, too.

As you'll see, any position involving buying, selling, and hiring is a good fit for this.

Keep in mind that you don't have to be an "expert" in any of these areas.

The bottom line is, if you're working (or have worked) for a company that makes and/or sells a product or service – and you've been paying attention to how the business works – it's very likely you qualify for this level of income.

Now, there's one additional thing you'll need … something I want you to feel comfortable with before you consider this opportunity.

But, before I tell you what it is, let me explain why I wrote the briefing I'd like you to have – and why I'm sending you this message today.

My name is Ed Gandia.

Like you, I'm from the business world.

In my case, I spent 11 years as a salesman, most recently with a company that sold business-oriented software solutions.

In 2004, after a lot of hard work, I was at the top of my field, earning a pretty nice six-figure income.

Now, I'm not one of those guys who hated my job, or my employer, or anything else. In fact, I enjoyed pretty much everything about it, except one thing …

The inevitable travel.

You see, the better you do in sales, the more you have to travel. I had been able to avoid a lot of it up until that point. But my employer was pressuring me to take on a bigger territory and to start selling a higher-end product.

It was a career path that would have put me on the road every other week.

Looking for another job wasn't the answer. At my income and experience level, most good software sales jobs involve a ton of travel. There was no way around it.

As a new dad, I didn't want to be away from home just to earn a higher income. Plus, by then, I was getting tired of the stress that came with continually-rising quotas – an inevitable reality when you're in sales.

Eleven years of chasing numbers had worn me out.

"Now's the Time to Think and Act Entrepreneurially … "
CNNMoney, June 2009

More and more workers are leaving the rat race to work from home. And both business and freelancers love it …

It's a growing trend …

More and more workers are leaving their jobs – whether forced to or not – to work from home as freelancers …

And more and more companies are very happy to hire them, rather than take on new (and costly) employees.

According to CNNMoney, about 30% of the U.S. job market – roughly 42 million workers – is made up of independent contractors, temporary workers, and the self-employed. By the end of the decade, that number's expected to rise to 40%.

Of those, The Economist says roughly 12 million were freelancers working from home last year and that there will be 14 million by 2015.

The reason for this explosion in independent contractors?

Full-time employees are costly to businesses. Some estimates have the real cost of keeping an employee on full-time, what with training, benefits, travel, and "workplace accommodations" at twice a given employee's annual salary.

Which is why more and more businesses are turning to contract, or "freelance," experts.

But workers are welcoming the change, too.

Early this year, The Economist said: "Experts reckon this number will keep rising for several reasons, including a sluggish job market and workers' growing desire for the flexibility to be able to look after parents or children.

CNNMoney quotes one human resource expert predicting, “Full-time employees could become the minority of the nation's workforce within 20 to 30 years."

"There's no use trying to avoid the inevitable, so get ahead of this curve," recommended CNNMoney in a 2009 article. "Now's the time to think and act entrepreneurially when it comes to your career."

If You're Ready for a Change

I was ready for a change. Yet, I didn't want to sacrifice my high income and my family's financial future.

After all, I was my family's sole breadwinner.

That's when I discovered the little "income generator" I'm talking to you about today.

What surprised me about this opportunity was just how big it is …

And, just how "in demand" people with my business knowledge are, ESPECIALLY in this tricky economy.

What's more … I never dreamed businesses would be willing to pay so much money for what can come pretty naturally to people like us … that is, people with business experience.

Needless to say, I jumped right in.

For a while, I did it while I kept my job.

I used to "practice" doing it in the evenings … a few hours on Saturday morning before my son woke up.

Before long, I was making a nice extra income from it. (It was somewhere between $500 and $800 a week, because I remember thinking, "Gee, I'm already making enough money to cover the monthly mortgage.")

Then one day, it dawned on me.

I thought to myself, I love doing this so much …

It pays very well …

I can do it from anywhere …

Even from home!

And, based on the money I was able to make part-time, I could easily replace my six-figure income just by spending a few more hours a week at it.

Without having to be away from my family. Or, dealing with the hassle of constant travel!

So, for the first time in my adult life, I thought about doing what every working stiff has dreamed of doing …

I thought about quitting my job!

Believe me, the decision to leave my job and my six-figure income wasn't an easy one.

I waffled back and forth and nearly chickened out a bunch of times.

But one day, I did it.

I told my boss, "nothing personal" … but I've had enough of the grind.

No more quotas to hit. No more dangling carrots. No more nerve-wracking deal-making at the end of the quarter just to make my ever-rising "numbers."

And, you know what?

Over $3,140 Per Week - From Home!

In my first year doing this full-time, I generated over $3,140 per week from a little desk I set up in a spare room for myself.

That's over $163,480 per year. A few thousand more than I was making working full-time. Without anywhere near the stress, pressure, or expectations I had when I was in sales.

Plus, I have a level of freedom and flexibility most people envy.

I set my own hours.

Create my own schedule.

Run my own show.

I cook for my family every day (cooking is one of my passions!) and have an enjoyable sit-down dinner, all of us together.

I make all of my son's baseball practices and games. Get to watch all of his karate lessons …

We travel. Take nice vacations. Spend time with friends and family. And, we're able to send our son to a great private school – something that's important to us.

Today, I wouldn't trade places with anyone. I'm as happy as I've ever been.

That's my story …

Yours could be very similar.

Maybe there's something about your job that's wearing you down. Maybe you're ready for a change.

Or maybe you're one of the many where the "change" has been made for you …

This economy has not been kind to a lot of good, hard-working folks, through no fault of their own.

Use the Business Skills You Have to Make
as Much Money as You Need or Want!

But, here's the thing …

The last thing in the world you need (or want) to do is throw away all the experience you've gained during your career and have to start over.

And, that's the great thing about the opportunity I'm talking to you about today.

You can use what you already know – the skills you already have – to make as much money as you need or want …

Maybe it's a few hundred a week to cover a car payment … or to put into one of those college savings accounts for your kids …

Or maybe you want a dramatic change in your life where you can parlay your business experience into a solid six-figure income … that you can earn well into your retirement years, if you want to …

Working from your home (or from anywhere) … a few hours a day.

And only on those days and times you choose.

If that's the case, I really hope you stay with me for the next few minutes.

Because I'm going to tell you all about what transformed my life so dramatically.

And, I'm pretty sure if I can do it, you can, too.

Like I said before, as long as you have some business experience behind you – and you're willing to put it to work for you …

Earning several hundred dollars a week part-time … or a six-figure income if you decide to do this as a career …

Is very possible.

Now, let me make one thing very clear right from the get-go.

I didn't leave my job to start up some complicated business of my own.

This has nothing to do with crazy schemes like multi-level marketing or opening an online business of some sort.

You don't need a lot of technical savvy …

You don't need to rent big fancy office space or a storefront or have the headache of hiring and keeping employees.

You're not "selling" anything to anyone.

Nor do you need to invest in any inventory, expensive equipment, or even much in the way of office supplies.

Nothing to Buy … No Office to Rent … No Employees to Hire

All you need to do this successfully is a decent laptop or desktop computer, an Internet connection, and a comfortable workspace away from too many distractions …

… and the basic business experience you already have under your belt.

There's just one more thing …

One more little piece to the puzzle I alluded to earlier:

It's important you enjoy writing.

Now when I say "writing," I don't mean you need to be an Ernest Hemingway or John Updike.

You won't be writing the next Great American Novel – or even some "how-to" book related to the business you're in.


I'm talking about being comfortable doing the kind of writing you've likely been doing throughout your business career: correspondence letters, emails, reports, business presentations, and so on.

In fact, the "writing ability" is the least important of the skills you'll need, since I can show you everything you'll need to know about that part …

(I certainly wasn't a great writer when I started. In fact, I struggled in high school and throughout college with my writing.)

The important thing that will put you in high demand and allow you to command top dollar for your expertise is the business experience, knowledge, and instincts you've accumulated throughout your years in business.

That's the part that's priceless – and the thing that will put you head and shoulders above the rest in this business.

I know it for a fact. Because I was in your shoes when I started doing this. And now, just a few years later, I'm able to practically name my price for any project I choose to do …

So, what's the opportunity I'm talking about?

How can you make hundreds of extra dollars a week while still working at your current job?

Or, have a nice, solid six-figure income should you decide to do what I did and make this your new, work-at-home career?

So, Just What Is "Business-to-Business" Marketing?

Where can you find over 8 million businesses that could use your business experience and your writing expertise?

I'm talking about writing for the Business-to-Business market.

Maybe you've heard of it. But, just in case you haven't, let me give you a quick overview of what "Business-to-Business" is … what you'll be doing … and why it can pay so incredibly well.

First off, Business-to-Business promotion or "advertising" refers to businesses that sell products and services to other businesses.

That's not the same as "Business-to-Consumer" advertising where, say, Mercedes is trying to sell you one of their cars.

That type of work is typically left to the big advertising agencies. And quite frankly, despite all the glamour, it's a low-paying, meat-grinder, pressure-cooker kind of business that eats people up and spits them out in hurry.

Business-to-Business (B2B) advertising, on the other hand, refers to all those companies selling the "parts and pieces" to Mercedes that lets them build the car: carpeting for the interior, for instance … sheet metal … headlights … windshield wipers … dial knobs … time clocks for the factory workers … and on and on.

Or, it could refer to the business I was in, where the company I worked for sold software programs that helped other businesses improve productivity and lower their risk exposure by managing their business documentation more efficiently.

The difference is that businesses typically don't sell products to other businesses the way they sell to consumers, through glitzy magazine ads or flashy television commercials …

B2B is much more direct … much more targeted … and much more professional.

And, that's where you and I come in …

Over 8 Million Businesses Could Use Your
Business Instincts and Common Sense

You see, businesses that market to other businesses need the "business sense" that you and I have developed over the years …

That innate (yet hard to define) understanding of what businesses are looking for when it comes to making them more efficient and more successful.

Let me get specific.

Suppose I had a company that made and sold coat hangers. And one of the things I needed for my business was a machine that could bend wire into the shape of a coat hanger.

Would I respond to some glitzy ad showing a bunch of attractive models dancing around some shiny machine rising from the mist?

Probably not …

Instead, I want a business professional who's taken the time to understand my business enough to show me exactly how this machine will bend wire into coat hangers better, faster, and cheaper than any other – and how it will impact my profits.

Someone who can explain this clearly and succinctly through some very simple and well-written marketing materials.

It's as simple as that.

That's the kind of "advertising" I do …

And it's what you could do, too … simply using the good business "sense" you have, and by learning a few very simple "B2B" secrets my colleagues and I can show you in a very special report we've just written.

And here's the best part …

Once you know the formula for getting business owners the information they need on any product …

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to make very good living writing very simple, very straightforward Business-to-Business marketing materials for any business …

How fun and invigorating the work can be …

And, just how in demand you will be once word gets out that you can leverage your business background and experience to write clear and compelling marketing materials.

Here's why …

According to the Business Marketing Association (BMA), there are over 8 million B2B companies throughout Canada and the U.S. Of those, about 240,000 of the larger companies will spend roughly $89 billion marketing products and services to other businesses this year alone.

That's a lot of potential clients – especially when you'll likely only need four-to-six of them to make a solid six-figure income. (I'll explain why in a moment.)

But, here's the thing about the Business-to-Business market …

Our very own "little secret" about this business …

B2B: The "Secret" Six-Figure Profession

There's a severe shortage of people offering professional B2B marketing services!

Why is that the case?

Well, for one thing, it's a very "quiet" and specialized niche of the advertising world. No schools or universities I know of have B2B marketing programs, or even teach any courses on the subject.

Which means that up until now, you either had to be mentored by someone who's doing it … or you learned the craft by trial and error.

Another reason is that a lot of people who become ad writers either don't know about the money freelancers can make writing B2B marketing materials, or they're attracted to the glitz and potential glory of the Madison Avenue advertising world.

Others still who migrate to ad writing just aren't thrilled with the idea of writing about the kind of things businesses sell to each other.

Hey, I'm the first one to admit I never thought I'd get excited about selling warehouse management software to retailers. Or medical equipment to hospitals. Or audit and assurance services to manufacturers.

Yet, when you see just how easy and straightforward the process is … and that they're willing to pay you over $5,000 for, say, an 8-page report …

It gets more and more exciting each and every time I take on one of these "boring" clients!

Plus, so little real competition means that, once you have a reputation as a good B2B writer, the word tends to spread. You'll not only have all the clients you'll ever need – but you can pick and choose them as well …

Beginning with companies you may already know in your line of business …

Talk about a great head start to your brand new career!

But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let's back up a quick moment.

In a minute, I'll tell you how you can break into this exciting and lucrative field … earn a very respectable six-figure income in the $100K to $200K range …

And still have all the time and freedom to live your life they way you want to live it.

But first, you may be wondering …

What is it these businesses are going to want from me – and how can you help me learn the tricks and techniques for writing professional B2B copy?

I'll get to the specifics in a second …

But being a successful Business-to-Business copywriter boils down to one thing:

Helping your clients say the things that need to be said – clearly and persuasively.

Simply Say Why Your "Product" Is Better

Remember, good Business-to-Business advertising usually boils down to telling why your product does what it does better and more cost-effectively than the competition's product does. And, how that adds tangible business value to the customer.

No smoke and mirrors. No song and dance. Just a clear presentation of the facts, delivered in a persuasive way.

It's a simple as that.

And, once you get good at this, it's not hard at all.

But, here's the thing that's great and so rewarding:

Your clients will love you. Many will think you're "gifted." And, most will see you as a trusted advisor, a valuable member of their marketing team, an expert.

Because if you're writing ads and other marketing materials for a small or even midsize business, you're helping to drive up sales …

And, even if you're working with middle managers within a bigger company, you're not only helping to grow the business … you're helping your client look good to his or her bosses, too!

It's the ultimate win-win situation!

So, just what is it these folks will need from you?

I know I'm sounding like a broken record here, but that's another great thing about this business …

There are so many marketing tools Business-to-Business companies need on a near daily basis – you'll never run out of projects!

Just Some of the Fun Projects You'll Be Asked to Do …

For example, all B2B companies need:

Lead Generators – little ads, postcards, emails, or letters businesses send out to prospects.

Just as the name implies, they're meant to generate interest in a specific product or service by offering a free sample, informative report, teleconference, or presentation package. An experienced B2B copywriter can write these in a day or two … and charge between $1,500 and $3,000.

Websites and Landing Pages - good, strong, persuasively written messages meant to keep eyes on the company's website and, if possible, "capture" the prospect's name with an offer for a free business report or a subscription to a useful e-letter.

Again, once you learn the secrets and get a few projects under your belt, the average going rate per page can be anywhere from $400 to $1,000 for a day's work.

Print Ads for Industry Publications – a blast to write, these are used to create awareness or to generate sales leads, and can range from a small quarter page to a full two-page spread. Typically they feature a benefit-oriented headline, some kind of product visual, and some body copy.

In a nutshell, a good B2B print ad should gain your prospect's attention with an arresting headline, identify a problem the business has, present the solution, and offer either a way to contact the company or access to some useful information.

Experienced B2B writers can charge between $1,000 and $3,000 for one of these, depending on the size. And, once you have your "idea" for the ad, these can take you as little as a day to write.

Company Brochures – just what you're probably picturing … glossy and colorful two- and four-page pieces that typically have the features and benefits of various products the company offers.

Typically these are put in information packages, handed out at trade shows … or posted on the company's website. Established B2B writers typically charge $500 to $750 per page and, once you've done a few of them, a page of copy can take a matter of a few hours.

Keep in mind that you don't do any of the graphic design work for any of these pieces. Someone else handles that. You only write the text!

Email Notes – you've written thousands of these I'm sure – and B2B writers use them all the time to send out special offers, newsletters, announcements, catalog updates, service bulletins, seminar invitations, the works. They look like any typical email and feature an attention-getting subject line:

This is one of the fastest-growing segments of B2B marketing because it's such a personal and effective way to offer prospects something of value. And, once you know the simple 11-step formula for a successful B2B email campaign, you can knock these off in half a day … and charge anywhere from $250 to $1,000 (depending on the length and scope).

$1,250 – $2,000 … for a Day of Writing!

Case Studies – are one of the most popular B2B sales tools. They're detailed "success stories" written in an editorial style similar to a business magazine article. Typically, they tell the tale of "product meets customer" and how the product transformed some aspect of the company's business in a positive way.

Case studies are generally two-to-four pages long and read like a magazine article. They begin by explaining the problem some company had then continue with the journey it took to solve it. (Which, of course, involved your client's product.) Again, once you know the seven elements of a successful case study, you can write one in a day or two and charge between $1,250 and $2,000.

White Paper Reports – are longer-copy "how to" guides many Business-to-Business companies offer their prospective clients. These educational pieces essentially show the reader how to do something that's innovative, why they should do it, what technology to use (typically your client's technology), how to evaluate it, what new methodology to incorporate, how to handle critical issues, and how to solve key problems.

Companies use white papers to position themselves as leading experts, impress their prospects and customers, and to generate sales leads. It's not uncommon for lead-generating promotions such as banner ads, emails, postcards, and phone scripts to feature a new white paper report as the offer.

So, you may be hired to write both the white paper AND the email, ad, or letter that promotes it! And, depending on the scope of the project, you can charge anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 to write them – for about 20-40 hours worth of work.

These are just a few of the literally dozens of projects awaiting freelance B2B writers.

As an experienced business professional, you have some very powerful and financially-valuable skills in your possession.

Skills that are a result of years of work and dedication to your field.

Now, most people who acquire these skills will never do anything with them. In fact, many spend their entire life not realizing just how valuable this knowledge is outside of their regular jobs.

But, in truth, Business-to-Business companies are aching for people with your business skills!

They desperately need business professionals who can help communicate the value of their products and services … and why they're different and better than their competitors' solutions.

You Understand Their Business …

Business-to-Business companies are not just looking for anyone who can write (general writers are easy to find). What they really need are writers who truly understand their business and their industry … and the customers they're selling to.

They need seasoned professionals who "get it," who've been there in the business world and can grasp business concepts and industry terminology easily without a lot of hand-holding.

And guess what? Because of the shaky economy, they don't want to hire employees to get this done. They don't want that kind of overhead.

Instead, they want access to business professionals like you or me who are willing to work on a project-by-project basis … as freelancers.

And, get paid handsomely for it.

That's why I'm so excited to introduce you to this amazing little career …

A "second" career you can do in your extra time if you like – and collect a few hundred dollars a week helping companies in your own industry promote their excellent products and services …

Or, this is something you can do full-time and, like I do, earn a solid six-figure income working from the comfort of home.

Meet Your "Teachers"

The Ultimate "Retirement" Career …

You've worked hard all your life …

It's time to relax … travel … take up a hobby … play some golf.

You deserve it after all during your retirement.

And, you may love this lifestyle forever.

But, many don't …

They miss the business world, having their "head in the game" each and every day. Even if it's just for a few hours a day.

If this is you, then no question Business-to-Business writing is perfect for you.

You have all this amazing knowledge … an extremely rare "instinct" for what businesses are looking for when it comes to communicating the many benefits of their products and services to other businesses.

And, there's no better way to use this knowledge to supplement your retirement income.

Even with one client and a couple of projects, you could add between $1,500 and $3,000 to your bank account each and every month!

All because you decided not to let the valuable business knowledge you have go to waste!

That's why if you're retired – or you're close – pick up "Introduction to the B2B Market: How to Use The Business Skills You Already Have to Earn a Six-Figure Income" today – and learn how you can use what you already know to pocket tens of thousands of dollars during your retirement years!

The detailed guide my good friends and top B2B writers in their own right – Steve Slaunwhite and Pete Savage – and I have put together for you will give you everything you need to launch your exciting new B2B career.

Steve Slaunwhite, for instance, is one of the most successful Business-to-Business copywriters in the country. He's written B2B sales material for such companies as UPS, Hewlett-Packard, Sprint, and Forbes.

These days, Steve focuses on helping smaller B2B businesses thrive in this difficult economy. That’s smart because small businesses are the ones who need freelance B2B writers the most since they typically can't afford their own in-house team!

Steve's also written all kinds of books on copywriting and has had his marketing techniques featured in over 20 more. Plus, he's a prolific speaker who's always on the road, either showing companies how to improve their B2B sales efforts … or showing new B2B copywriters the ropes.

And then there's Pete Savage … a B2B writer who's worked for dozens of companies large and small, including RIM (makers of the BlackBerry), NCR, 3M, Motorola, Delta, and more.

Pete's also an avid blogger, generously sharing his knowledge of some very highly-successful business marketing tactics on a near daily basis.

And, I've told you my story. how I made the transition from overworked, over-stressed sales professional to a happy and active stay-at-home working father and husband …

Landing such clients as Autodesk, the people behind "AutoCAD" and one of the largest construction software companies in the world …

Aldata Solution, a European technology company that develops and markets software systems for grocery stores.

Ross Systems, which markets software and technology solutions for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries – and more than 20 other companies!

Everything You Need to Launch Your Part-Time
Or Full-Time B2B Writing Career

The three of us – with the help of the people at American Writers & Artists Inc. (who for the past 14 years have been helping folks break free of the rat race and find fun and rewarding careers writing from their homes) – spent a full year putting together this comprehensive guide for you.

Our goal was simple:

Give you everything you needed to decide if B2B writing is for you – and to quickly learn the skills you need to launch your career if you want to give it a try. (And, if you don't? Not a problem. There's no financial risk to you, as I'll show you in a moment … )

With "Introduction to the B2B Market: How to Use the Business Skills You Already Have to Earn a Six-Figure Income," you'll learn all there is to know about the enormous opportunity that awaits you and how you can tailor this profession to the amount of time you have … and to how much you want to earn.

If you want to pick up a couple hundred dollars a week to cover some bills, no problem. All you need to write are a few emails or maybe one brochure a month.

If you want an extra thousand or two a month – think about specializing in case studies, articles, and white paper reports and make a plan to write just one of those a month …

Or, if you want to dedicate five-to-six hours a day writing (plus a couple more hours a day doing some research, reading, and a bit of marketing to promote your services to other clients), you can become full-time like me … offer B2B companies a full range of writing services … and pocket $100,000 to $150,000 a year, or even more …

That's the great thing about being a freelance B2B writer: You can "tailor" your career to whatever your financial and "freedom" needs are!

With "Introduction to the B2B Market: How to Use the Business Skills You Already Have to Earn a Six-Figure Income," you'll get a quick immersion course in the B2B industry. You'll master the art of "persuasive" writing … learn how to tailor your writing to the business audience … write strong, arresting, benefit-oriented headlines, and motivating calls-to-action.

Don't Worry If You Don't Think
You Can Write – That's the Easy Part!

If you don't think writing is your strong point, don't worry one bit.

As I mentioned earlier, I never thought I was a natural or great writer. For years, I struggled even with the simplest one-page essays (oh, boy … I could tell you some embarrassing stories!). But trust me, if you got to where you are in business today, you have more than enough of the basic writing and communications skills needed to be successful in B2B.

You have the foundation. And most importantly, you have the business sense and industry knowledge and experience. That's actually the hardest part to teach people who enter our business!

The rest you can easily learn.

And in this program, we will teach you what you need to know – including the secrets of writing in a good "business conversation" style. (Here's a hint – it's not that much different than how you "talk" in the corporate world!)

And what about clients …

More than half of this program is dedicated to finding them – including techniques for landing your very first clients … even when you have absolutely zero B2B writing experience behind you.

And don't forget …

Because there are so many marketing methods B2B companies use – including dozens I haven't covered in this letter – that are steady and ongoing …

You could find yourself four-to-six decent-size clients and have a steady stream of income from those clients for years!

Listen …

I'm very excited to be able to bring this opportunity to you … and that you've taken the time to look it over.

I'm also thrilled to be able to offer you this incredibly valuable program – a program that could very well transform your life from this day forward.

After all, that's what B2B writing has done for me.

Making the Transition to "Work-From-Home"
(Without Losing a Dime of Income)

Have you ever been so frustrated at your job that you just wanted to walk into your boss's office and say "I've had it! I'm outta here!"?

Don't do it!

There's a better way …

Like I told you in my letter, I was never the disgruntled employee looking for a way out. I liked my job and the people I worked with. I just didn't like the ever-rising sales quotas, the prospect of having to travel more, and the stress (and silly politics!) that come from working in a corporate environment.

In other words, I wasn't looking for an exit plan … an exit plan found me!

Of course, you can write B2B copy in your spare time, just like I did at first. That way, you keep the job you have, make a nice side income … and if anything happens, you have a great-paying skill to fall back on.

But, you may just find you love it so much – and that there's so much opportunity – that you may decide to leave your job.

But, here's the thing …

You don't want to burn bridges. (Your current employer may just become your best client.)

You don't want to lose any sleep.

And certainly not a dime of income. (In fact, I made a couple thousand more in my very first year of writing B2B material!)

Here's how I successfully made the transition … without losing a dime of income:

  1. I learned about B2B writing because I had actually been writing most of my own sales and marketing materials (my last two employers didn’t have the resources or the know-how to put together powerful materials … so I took matters into my own hands!)
  2. My writing was just OK. It did the job, but I knew I needed to improve. So I read every book I could find on the subject and I even took a course on commercial writing. Then, I practiced a little every day during my spare time (early mornings or evenings). I even set aside Saturday mornings to practice more (again, I was very motivated!)
  3. I took a few weeks to "practice" my writing – early weekend mornings before everyone was up … at airports … while waiting for meetings.
  4. I started with companies I knew. I also reached out to friends and colleagues, asking if I could get introductions to people in their marketing departments (or if they knew of other companies I should approach). That led to a couple of projects.
  5. My first couple of clients were thrilled with my work. And before I knew it, the projects quickly piled up.
  6. When I started turning down new projects, I knew I had a decision to make. But by that point, the decision was easy. I was ready to go out on my own! I had some savings stashed away. And I had a few steady clients and enough work to keep me busy for a while (I was running a 6 – 8 week backlog at the time!).
  7. That's when I gave my notice, left my job … and never looked back!

The bottom-line secret: Learn the craft. Get some projects under your belt. Have three or four good steady clients. And keep your name out there by doing a little networking or promoting your services every month.

Given the demand – and how few experienced business people there are offering B2B writing services – you'll be amazed at just how easily this can all fall into place.

But, it all starts with the program. Order your copy of "Introduction to the B2B Market: How to Use the Business Skills You Already Have to Earn a Six-Figure Income" today!

B2B Has Transformed My Life – It Can Transform Yours, Too

Are You a "Road Warrior"
Like Me?

If you're a salesperson, we probably have a lot in common.

I was the classic road warrior – out there every day, pounding the pavement, pressing for orders, struggling to meet ever-rising quotas.

Don't get me wrong – I loved it. It's in my blood. And, maybe the same goes for you.

But, let's face it. It's a tough way to live. Hard work. Lots of travel. Daily stress. And at times, "thankless" work. It felt like I was penalized for my success. Every time I hit my quota – my quota went up the next quarter … making it harder and harder to meet the numbers I was expected to meet!

I'm sure I don't have to tell you. You know the drill.

Still, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Why?

Because my sales experience gave me all the tools I needed to be a very successful B2B writer.

Now, let me be clear …

You don't need sales experience to write good B2B copy. In fact, one of the things I had to learn in this business is to leave the "hard sell" at the curb. Good B2B writing is about presenting the facts … clearly … and in a persuasive way.

And, if you're a salesperson like me, you know that comes very naturally to us.

So, if you're in sales – or if you're just feeling burned out from the corporate grind – I promise you, B2B writing could be the perfect cure.

You work from home …

Make your own hours …

Have plenty of time for yourself …

The opportunity to earn a good six-figure income …

And without question, a heck of a lot less stress.

Order "Introduction to the B2B Market: How to Use The Business Skills You Already Have to Earn a Six-Figure Income" risk-free today.

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Who knows what my life would be like had I not discovered this exciting, rewarding, and lucrative career.

Instead of talking to you here today, I might be rushing to another airplane … to do another client presentation, before I'd have to rush back to catch a flight … and hopefully arrive home early enough to kiss my son goodnight.

These days, I'm never far from home. I get everything I need from my clients by phone and email. I wake up early. My son and I have breakfast. And, I drive him to the bus stop.

When I get back home, I head to my home office – and spend a few hours writing fun and challenging marketing materials for clients who truly appreciate the work I do for them.

And the pay?

Well, sometimes I can't believe the amount of money I get paid for the work I do and how after mastering even the most basic of B2B writing skills – and some good old-fashioned "stick-to-itiveness" – I was able to lock down a solid six-figure income helping my clients say what they want to say more clearly and persuasively.

And there are the other things, too …

My wife and I can afford to send our son to one of the best schools in our area. Plus, I'm here every night with them for a sit-down dinner, just like I remember when I was a kid.

I can make every baseball game and practice … every Cub Scout meeting … every camping trip. Every karate class. This stuff is important to me because I decided long ago that I wanted to be the best father I can possibly be. And this career – unlike my last – is ideal for that.

Plus, my new B2B career helped my wife do something she's long wanted to do: go back to school to pursue a nursing career.

It would have been nearly impossible for her to do this had I stayed on my previous career path. My travel schedule and crazy hours would have gotten in the way.

But, thanks to my freelance she could – and she has! I'm proud to say that after four years of taking classes part-time, she graduated from nursing school and is now working as registered nurse.

And, because I make my own hours, I can work around her schedule. I can pick up our son from school. Help him with his homework and help out around the house.

I know it sounds too "ideal" to believe …

But, I promise you, it is real for me and it can be for you, too.

Because if you're willing to learn some basic B2B writing skills, I know you have the business knowledge and instincts to be a successful and very happy B2B writer.

We've Made Ordering this
Program a No-Brainer …

The first step, of course, is ordering the exciting "Getting Started" program Steve, Pete and I have put together for you …

The cost is just $49 – so that shouldn't be an issue at all.

And, if you get everything and at any point over the next year you decide, hey, this isn't for me – no problem. Just let us know and we'll refund your $49 immediately – no questions asked. That’s a full 365-day guarantee.

I think you'll agree, it all adds up to a pretty amazing value for just a small, no-risk $49 investment …

After all, this is a fun and rewarding career that can pay you hundreds each week part-time (upwards of $44,980 per year) – and a solid six-figures if you decide to make it your full-time career.

Using the business instincts you already have – and the B2B skills and writing formulas we can teach you.

Click here now to order and within a few minutes you'll receive a "welcome" email from Steve, Pete, and I which will also give you immediate access to "Introduction to the B2B Market: How to Use the Business Skills You Already Have to Earn a Six-Figure Income" …

The Time to Act On This is Now!

Remember, there's no risk here.

If you decide you're not interested, just let us know, and we'll return your $49 program fee.

I promise you, if you're anything like me …

You could be looking back on this day as the day that changed your life forever.

As far as I'm concerned, there's no better way to escape the daily grind … the rat race.

And, no better way to put the business skills you have to good use than by becoming a highly-paid and in-demand B2B writer – and enjoying the freedom, income, and quality of life that being a B2B writer can bring.

Thank you for your valuable time today …

And please, click on the "Order Now" for full and instant access to the entire program.


Ed Gandia
B2B Copywriter

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