July 2005

From the IFD Mailbag … Sketch First

Recommendation on graphic design resource. Hand-drawn sketches help with layout.

Quick Tip: How to Get FREE Illustration Software

Silverlight (Expression 3) is a vector-based illustration and graphics tool that provides creative capabilities for designers working in print, Web, video.

Choosing the Right Computer, Part 1: Windows or Macintosh?

Design experts give advice on what computer to buy to start design business.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Handing Out Business Cards

Scott Rempe talks about handing out business cards.

Quick Tip: Keeping Clients Happy With the Correct Paragraph Formatting

How to format your paragraphs for a professional look.

My 2 Top Rules for Discovering the "Winning Tone"

Paul Hollingshead reveals valuable strategies for finding the best tone for your next direct marketing package.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Cold-Calling

Scott Rempe gives some advice in response to a member's letter about cold-calling.

Quick Tip: Finding Places to Talk

Six places where you can give a presentation.

A Proven, Lead-Generating Idea That (Almost) Always Works

Bob Bly reveals how delivering a presentation can generate sales leads for your copywriting business.

From the IFD Mailbag … Launch Your Graphic Design Business

Promotional pieces to get your business started.

Quick Tip: Finding the Right Colors Every Time

Resource that helps you find the right colors for your design project

How to Create a Success-Centered Schedule

Kammy Thurman tells about one work habit that will help you achieve your goals quickly is establishing and following a clear, focused schedule.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Letters from Members

Members talk about their copywriting journeys.

Quick Tip: Use Google News Search to Strengthen Your Copy

Discover a great resource for improving your research.

Success Story: Janna Legg Lands Her First Job

Find out how this AWAI member landed her first copywriting job.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Freelance Copy Assignments

Scott Rempe talks about finding freelance copywriting assignments.

Quick Tip: Business Cards the Affordable Way

A low-cost way to get professional business cards.

8 Steps to Finding Your First Clients

Will Newman gives you a step-by-step guide to launching your freelance copywriting business.

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